July 25, 2016


David Gascoigne

I am really saddened by the events that took place at Malheur, but it is, as you say, indicative of a whole agenda these armed militia groups have. It is scary stuff. When I see the reaction from Donald Trump supporters at his rallies it fills me with horror. Groups of ill-informed thugs reacting to fascists like Trump have a very visceral connection to people like Mussolini, and Trump even mimics Mussolini's motions at times. When mass murders are routine events, and demagogues like Trump can get as far as he has (and he may yet make it to the White House), and even very modest restrictions on assault weapons cannot be implemented, I fear for your country, Sallie. I think it is coming apart at the seams.


The occupation was absolutely ridiculous. States have no authorization to take over federal lands owned by we the people. I haven't visited Malheur but it's obviously a gorgeous place. Really a shame "they" had to trash the place.

Patrick Tillett

Nice photos and narrative Sallie. I think the gov showed great restraint by not forcing those people out of there sooner. I have a friend who lives in the area and he told me that NONE of the occupiers were local. They were trying to pick a fight with the authorities.

kelleyn rothaermel

Gorgeous photos! Love summertime! have a great week!


Thank you!

Eden Hills

Such a shame. Beautiful lands.

Michelle ramblingwoods

I followed that closely and was so angry and yet the agenda of all these types in illegal and they all are so well armed...sigh... beautiful area too....sigh...Michelle


Hi Sallie!
This comment belongs to the post after this one, but I can't leave a comment there, for some reason.


Beautiful floral shots and clever capture of the little guy/gal :)
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

tom the backroads traveller

There sure a bunch of pretty spots out there.


wow that is crazy and yes it's very sad, public lands should be just that public lands :-(


I had never heard of this occupation. It sounds terrible trying to take away public lands,. Our conflicts are usually the other way around. People demonstrating and occupying land that miners want to mine.

Carola Bartz

I still don't get what these people don't understand about "public land". It means it belongs to all of us and not to the entitlement of a few and their questionable interests. I'm afraid with the current mood in this country and the trash and hatred talk, behavior like this will only increase and become more common. Are very scary thought.
Thank you for your post and your opinion. Bravo.

Lavender Dreams

I think you've prompted several of us to learn more about this situation. Thanks for a good post! Hugs, Diane


And it all comes back to the age old human problem of greed...
A very sad set of events and costly also when the public should be enjoying this beautiful area.


That sounds really terrible ! And "malheur" in French means misfortune ! Maybe there had been something in the past that this place was called like this !


It seems like there is enough land to go around, especially in that area of the country for everyone so none of that needed to happen. Maybe bad things just can't be avoided sometimes with the wrong attitudes.


I would so love to be there!

Ida P. Krause

Yes a true travesty of events took place here. It's sad for sure. This country needs to "wake-up" before it's to late.


I don't know if you know what "malheur" means in French : something like hardship or misfortune ! A good name for that sad story. I saw a TV report on it a few weeks ago and I'm happy to know that the occupation is over. Times are so difficult this year. The day before yesterday I learnt the terrible news on what happens in Fort-Myers, and yesterday in France the murder of this poor old priest (86 years old) whom throat was cut by a 19 years old man (?) ! More than before we need nature to nurture our soul !

Sherrie @ Food for Thought

Do these people not know what PUBLIC means. It's for everyone to enjoy.
They should be charged, convicted and in imprisoned. Thanks for
sharing this story. Have a great day.
P.S. Love all your photos.


I read all about it at the time.

Those militants lived in their own little world, and couldn't imagine that taking over a site beloved by birdwatchers would not be a popular move.


Hello, thank for sharing this post on Malheur. I was following the story on the news when the take over was happening. I am a person who enjoys all the federal wildlife refuges and parks that are available to the public. I hope they stay federal and no changes happen, it would be devastating. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Alexa T

Incredible story! So sad to read about! It must be a lovely place to visit, observe and admire nature!

Optimistic Existentialist

Living in Germany, I had not heard of this event. I just googled and read about it. So sad! Those militia groups always scare me...frightening folks with a frightening philosophy.


This is the first time I hear this story. It is shocking because you do not think (or assume) things like this will happen in this country. Also,I am surprised of how long it took the government to end this. In my opinion, the public should pay more attention to issues like this (the protection of out natural spaces). I live in a coastal city in California and there is currently a dispute about the use of certain ocean front lands. Member of the community oppose plans to develop a mall and shopping complex there (do we really need more of that?).


No I hadn't heard about it. Just grinds my grits that lunatic morons take one of the best things the planet has to offer and turn it to sh*t.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

It was scary what happened and you've given a good message that public lands are for all to enjoy - indefinitley!

Joe Todd

Bullies with guns says it all

Penelope Postcards

I remember this happening very well … and it was a worry. How to deescalate the situation was a huge challenge for law enforcement. They showed restraint while facing difficult choices about how to deal with what boiled down to bullies with guns.


Unfortunately, ugly things creep into happy spaces.

My dad eas an ecologist who graduated from Michigan in 1940 and went to work for USDA. I am now and have always been, an environmentalist. Before I retired I was a Demographer who looked at population growth and change. What I knoq ia this, unless and until folks wise up about the environment, we are doomed.

At present the Republican Party appears to have declared war on the environment. Many of them will say and do anything to win. Donald Trump just cleared a large swath of land along the Potomac (above DC) to build another golf course. This land was set aside and reforested during the FDR years ro protect migrating birds and the water supply for areas downstream.

According to the Sierra Club, the Coch (sp) brothers want to mine in the Grand Canyon.

The coast of Florida is a mess owning to unprocessed runoff from communities and farms.
What's next.


That was such an unreal event and I so hate the damage that they did. These people all need to be prosecuted. I hope that will come to pass.


This is happening everywhere. Public land is getting occupied by people with vested interests.


Great post. I hated the occupiers and everything they stood for. They were just wanting something for nothing. A few of my Tea Party friends assure me that the mainstream media did not report the story right and blah, blah, blah.

Maybe it went on too long but I think the Feds showed great restraint.


The environment and protecting our wild lands and the animals on it are the MOST deciding factor for me in politics! WHY? Because people and social issues are important, but people die and pass on, the Earth remains for each generation...if we leave a dead environment to them then eventually there will be no need for social issues as there will be no living humans!!
I see in the headlines, many of the arrested are pleading guilty!! As part of their sentence they should be made to go and fix the damage they did to the VC while wearing their striped suits!


Hi! Many fearful things would happen all over the world. It's very sad for me too.
Thanks for sharing.


ouch, that´s bad. The occupants did not even live there. Strange!


I remember this story in the news, but it's hard to understand exactly what was going on when you're so far away from it. Thank you for the explanation and the photos.
It seems like so many things are going wrong these days. I hope the occupiers will be brought to justice and this kind of event doesn't happen again.


Dearest Sallie; Oh My!!! As I am a kind of outside person, I don't think I should say much about this. But reading what you say "the occupiers trashed the park headquarters, destroyed some Native American artifacts and other exhibits," made me feel really sad as well...
Through Blogging, I learned how precious our limited nature is, such a beautiful land. Great post Sallie.

I'm back to my muggy summer weather area p:-) Thank you SO much for your sweet words.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako


This story didn't make it to our part of the world which is a shame because we all need to be aware that this might happen elsewhere.

As your last paragraph says Sallie, this is all about greed, corruption and control, something that we all need to resist and fight against.

I'm pleased it turned out well in the end. Let's hope it stays that way and never happens elsewhere.


It looks like a gorgeous area. I think it's important to keep land public for everyone to enjoy.

jesh stg

Tragic story, but the land as you show in the last shot is beautiful! Not saying anything about their purpose, but I don't think they should not have destroyed parts of the headquarters snd land. Many thanks for bringing this interesting story to the attention of SEASONS! Have a happy week Sallie!


It was a tragic situation. I'm glad you shared it, though.
We've done so much harm settling North America.


a good summation from a public land and wildlife refuge lover. i was saddened by the destroying/looting of artifacts, regardless of what their agenda was.


I remember when that happened. For all their talk about patriotism, they're the traitors, and should be punished according to the full penalty of the law.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I was horrified by the news that this nature refuge was taken over by militants. Public lands have been preserved for the enjoyment of all to visit and to help native animals and plants survive and flourish. I just finished watching Ken Burn's older series called "The West" and it was an education to me how our country was ravaged by early settlers and during the gold rush. Native Americans were practically "ethnically cleansed" and eradicated from their lands. Bison were almost totally exterminated. I treasure our National parks and don't understand those that would turn them into private lands

Su-sieee! Mac

Thank you for writing this post. The small-minded occupiers have no sense of respect for other people, our government, the land, and themselves. I hope they will be made to pay for the cost of the clean-up and repair of the reserve.

artmusedog and carol

Very sad story but great photos and much needed post ~ This world is in seriously trouble and not sure where or when it will end ~

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^


I think that at times we all need to protest something but protest should not lead to wanton destruction! That is always wrong! It still looks to be a beautiful area but I would hate to have to clean up the mess left around the former park headquarters.


They wanted to privatize Iraq too and now we have Isis. Vote Democrat if you don't want this kind of thing to be too easy to happen.


There can be no discussion, public land is public land. Well done for bringing it back into our consciousness again.


Excellent post and beautiful photographs. I heard a lot about this on NPR on my way to and from work but it's good to get your personalized look at where it all happened. A very sad chapter . ...

I popped back to give you my take on your comment on my post and in a way it's peripherally related to this post in terms of private interests although totally different. The sad thing about so much of the NC coastline is that they allowed development to remove so much of the maritime forest which is really critical to preserving the coast and after hurricanes so many beach houses just end up in the ocean (I hate to think about that litter). There are some natural refuge areas but not enough. What they have done is in certain places after houses were lost to hurricanes, owners weren't allowed to rebuild. There has been a concerted effort to keep people off the dunes and to get that important barrier preserved. Topsail (southern part of the island) particularly made me sad because the southern tip was an important breeding area for birds but they allowed development and the birds were displaced. Many of the condos that displaced birds ended up in the ocean. At this point though southern Topsail has a lot more beach with shifting coastline and North Topsail has more of the erosion. Topsail Beach, NC is where I took the shots in the post you were looking at.

Another beach I've spent a lot of time at (family member has a cottage there) is Atlantic Beach NC. They did beach nourishment where they hauled in tons and tons of sand and expanded the beach to protect cottages but over time the ocean is back where it started. It's not like you can really hold back the ocean. Those were state funds to haul in all that sand to protect a few expensive cottages when they had allowed a strip of very old maritime forest to be removed on the other side to build more cottages. I've always said if I had a beach cottage I'd want to be across the street from beach front because in time it would become beach front. That said, I've enjoyed having access to places to stay that are beach front.


Thank you for posting this, Sallie. I watched this story unfold, in horror.
An interesting note that I did come across and wish I had kept was an article about a birding group, who put these criminals on notice that they (the birders) had cameras on them all, taking photos of what they were and have done in the past at Malheur. These were high powered cameras/lens that they use for birding.


i do remember this, how sad!!! it is difficult, these days, to get involved and feel like our voice will be heard. these natural spots are so precious, we need the government to step up and get involved!!!


I never am in favor of destroying ANYTHING.



Hootin' Anni

Indeed...get involved with what you believe in and what is the right thing to do with these 'invaders' of land.

I feel this country has been very very lax on order and too much emphasis on being politically correct while so much of our lives and livelihood is being trashed and left for ruins.

Great post. We must speak up like this.


yes, I read about it. sad. what first attracted my attention was your tumbnail - a sign with 'Malheur' on it, ironically 'malheur' means 'unfortune' in french.


These people are criminals and need to feel the full force of the law. The land belongs to all of us and is not their private grazing land. These are very dangerous people and symbolize a greater danger that now faces our nation.

Keep up the good fight, Sallie!

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