July 20, 2016


Patrick Tillett

Nice photos and great information. Very interesting also!
Great post Sallie.


Reading your post makes me think of all the books I read about when the first settlers arrived and the "wild west" lol !

Eden Hills

What a great round barn! There are a few in Iowa, but they certainly are unusual.

Ida P. Krause

I have lived in the PNW all my life and have never heard of this place. Now I must look it up and see how close it is so that perhaps I too can visit. - Loved that round barn. The meadows are so pretty. Yes the West had quite a "colorful" history.


What a wonderful barn, Sallie ! I never saw such a structure. The meadow is beautiful too : I like it with all its space and its grass and flowers. It seems I breath more easily when I look at it !


The farm and the area around it are beautiful. I love places like that.


Beautiful place! And a really unfitting name!


what a great story. neat barn. there is a round barn not far from where I live.


Interesting round barn!


love this kind of barn and it is a beautiful countryside.

I´m not sure why you think I am a better photographer. I probably play around more then you do. But, you might not be aware of it, you have a great eye for composition :)



Great getting caught up on your blog and wonderful shots from your travels.

tom the backroads traveller

Thanks so much Sallie for sharing thus special barn this week. I hope that you will pass by many more barns and return again.


I love the round barn and the view of the inside roof line.
Naughty girl meadows--hahaha


lovely meadows (with an interesting history!), the round barn is very impressive


love the photos of the barn, I must get out and take some photos of barns here too.

bettyl - NZ

What a beautiful part of the country and a fun history lesson!


When the aspens grow taller, why can't we do the same.
Except Alice.


What a cute historical background. And the beauty of the nature is nicely captured in your pictures. Do you know what those yellow flowers are called?

200,000 acres!!! Wow! it's almost a small town/city.


What a great design for a barn. I wonder whether they planned it on paper first or just had a good visual idea of what the wanted. Pleased to hear the original name of the meadow has been reinstated.


So beautiful, Sallie! Thank you so much for sharing.


Wonderful post! I LOVE that barn!!!


What a pretty place. I love that barn!


That's a great story Sallie, humorous and entertaining. Seems like political correctness has always been with us?

Lady Fi

Love that round barn.


Very interesting. I love the varied and unusual you always seem to find!


Photo Cache

I cannot blog "live" at all. My posts are always about trips already taken. I hope someday I get to meet you in person; you seem to be someone who has lots of stories to tell. Enjoy the weekend.


Had the occasion many years ago to visit Eugene,Or but never saw all these neat things, Pretty country.


Wonderful shots from the barn.


What an awesome barn, Sallie!


WOW! I have never seen a round barn. It was so interesting reading about it. Looking at it makes me think of rural scenes from the British Isles. I bet it was a treat for your eyes to see inside. Great captures. Hope you have been well, my friend. genie


Beautiful shots.
Sydney – City and Suburbs


Naughty Girl Meadows, lol, I guess the BGN never saw Deadwood or Hell On Wheels.


Naughty Girl does make me laugh, though.


Great stuff! I am glad to learn the point of a round barn. There is one in Southbury, Connecticut.


Naughty Girl! Glad it was changed back - let's tell it like it was! That barn is spectacular. When you think of moving all that livestock from CA to Or, you can't believe they could do it.

Lavender Dreams

Were we all reading this carefully to find out the naughty name? I know I was! hahaha! How interesting! And it's fun to keep traveling through your photos even when you get home. It's HOT here as you might imagine! Hugs, Diane


You are showing me things that I haven't seen before and probably will never see, so that's good! Thanks! Stay safe!


My gosh - a round barn! Makes perfect sense once I read your description and I have to wonder why we don't see more of them!

Gemma Wiseman

The barn's roof is an extraordinary design. And the meadow name is hilarious.


What an interesting place! Roadtrips are a good way to see these little known places. Thanks for taking us here!


Interesting history of this pretty area. The barn was a clever idea. The original name for the meadow is much better. The other one is sexist. You can't have naughty girls without naughty boys in this case.


The round barn seems such a logically good idea I'm surprised there aren't more of them. Great story on re-naming the meadow.

ellen b

Such interesting history with this area. The round barn is very cool. Glad you are settled into your summer and fall home!


A very interesting backstory to that barn and the surrounding meadows..it is a lovely area!! I never really think of Oregon as part of the wild west but it surely was.




That barn is amazing, Sallie!


Very interesting about the round barn structure. We see them in the countryside hereabouts and I've wondered about why someone would build a round barn.
Sometimes, one just has to one at such prudishness; as if "naughty girls" is any better. :)
Beautiful photos, Sallie.

Taken For Granted

Love your round barn photos. Great story about the name of the meadow. Glad it got corrected. Sometimes Americans are just too prudish to be believed.


The round barn is marvelous. Most impressive to me is the Juniper center psst. Awesome trees out west.


naughty girl meadows? bwahahaha...

love the barn!

tom the backroads traveller

That round barn is special!

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