July 11, 2016



I love the stark contrasts of west/wet and east/dry of the Cascades. Yet I've not seen this part of the country and the Steens Mts look like a marvelous geologic wonder. Must still be uplift to make the trails steeper. ;)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Fabulous photos, Sallie! I especially loved the one of the bluebird. The volcanic rock of this mountain was very impressive and that was a wonderful view from the top!

David Gascoigne

Every species of bluebird has a distinct beauty all of its own, but Mountain Bluebird is perhaps the most beautiful of all. One of my most vivid memories in a lifetime of birding is seeing a huge flock of them on the Ramona Grasslands in California. They were like little blue gems dancing in the sky and when they came to rest on the fences looked like wonderful little ornaments put there for me to enjoy. Others were there, but I swear the bluebirds were just for me!


Great views of the mountains. So much to see and explore :)


Such a beautiful travelogue. The scenery is awesome. How did you make yourself quit taking pictures? That is a gorgeous part of our country. Thanks for your visit and comment about the etegami. I, too, learned about it from Carol's blog, and I an having a great time TRYING to learn to do it. Have ordered a little book - very small and probably not in English - but I do not care. It will help me. The You tube videos are not worth a hoot for me. Hope all is well. genie


So much fun to see this area! Great photos. We will have to visit the area after we get moved to OR (close to Bend) which we are doing soon!


Wow! The mountain photos are very beautiful and interesting.Thanks for sharing.


Hi Sallie , this must have been an impressive trip for you!
Have a great weekend!


I would love to someday visit this area. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me your bird'e eye (and blue bird) glimpse. Your photos are amazing, Sallie.

Adam Jones

Breathtaking scenery, and a cute looking Bluebird.


What a beautiful landscape ! that would have been something for me !


So nice to discover these places thru your photos! I like the Oregon Outback nickname. It sound very wild and appealing.

Sally in WA

Looks like a place I would love to see in the future! Glad you could revisit it.


My that is stunning! In someways it looks like some of the country around Estes Park, in other ways not so much! Beautiful!


ellen b

20 years have a way of changing things for sure. Looks like a very interesting drive and climb to the summit, too. We are right there with you in that "ancient history" dilemma. :)

Lavender Dreams

What an amazing place! I didn't remember...so I did a search and read about it and then I did. You took beautiful photos my friend. It's HOT down here so don't turn around yet! haha Hugs, Diane

Findlay Wilde

What a spectacular landscape and how interesting that just a small amount of water like snow melt can transform it with the lake sometimes forming. I am glad you get to enjoy seals on the Oregon Coast by the way.

Hootin' Anni

Spectacular scenes. Oregon's outback, huh? That's new to me, I learned something.

What a grand country we live in.


So many beautiful scenes!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

What wonderful scenery you have showed us today. The Mountain Bluebird looks like a lovely bird.


oh sallie, those steel mountains are just amazing!! i love to visit any spot good for birding!!! the bluebird is beautiful!!!


Wow Sallie.....awesome landscapes! Thanks for sharing this.


basalt blocks. darn, darn, darn.


Wow, what a great post. Geology, history and contemplation. Thanks. I love geology and you description of how the bast blocks shifted over time to form the interesting structure we see today is great. We can never take our national parks for granted.


Amazing area! Great shot of the Mt. Bluebird...the South eastern area of Oregon I didn't spend anytime in, so I must come back to see this area. Seeing the vast expanse around that ranch makes me think the Ranchers are a little too conservative to be good neighbors...I recently read articles on how some of them sympathized with the hostile Bundy takeover. Keeping in mind that they are probably descendant of the same pioneers who stole the land from the tribes and claimed it as their own I guess time has not changed that mentality. SO If we did not have gov't lands set aside for
the likes of me and you we would never get to set foot on lands there or face being shot, or run off by them? I for one want more land to made Public land.

bettyl - NZ

Such fantastic scenery!! It's so interesting that your coastline reminds me of New Zealand coastlines--and I think both are just beautiful. Your other shots of the desert and the mountains just take my breath away.


The more I see of Oregon the more I want to visit.

Lady Fi

What a lovely place. The scenery is pure magic!

Photo cache

There is so many places to explore in Oregon. I should start thinking about a road trip.


I am happy to learn about places I have not been to and I don't know much about Oregon but would love to visit.... Thank you for linking in to Nature Notes Sallie... Michelle


Amazing landscapes. It sure IS different than the west coast. Wow.


As you say it is not the landscape one associates with Oregon. Well done for getting up to the summit. The scenery is interesting.

Karen, Pixel Posts

What lovely scenery! Sweet bluebird!


Beautiful shots of mountain range.


They are beautiful landscapes, showing the extent of erosion on those slopes. It would probably very harsh living on that small community in the last photo.


It is so different from the other side of Oregon, and so beautiful in its own way.

Jesh StG

Sounds like a beautiful area with not many tourists! Can't wait why it has been in the news!
The first climb is always the "easiest" because there's so much toe see:) Many thanks for sharing this part of your trip with SEASONS! "See" you back soon, Sallie - have a great week!


Wow! What a view!


it's beautiful. and homestyle eating sounds rather nice. :)


Hello, it does look very different from the lush Oregon I have seen. The mountain views are beautiful. I like the pretty Mountain Bluebird too. Great post, thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!


Magnificent mountain scenery. I had to chuckle at your description of the mountain getting higher and harder to climb since the last time you were there! It is rather encouraging to know that others have this happen - and its not just me!!

artmusedog and carol

Magnificent shots! Beautiful place ~ You are blessed you go from one beautiful place to another ~ Happy Trails to you!

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^


Thanks so much for this travelogue! I have never been in this part of Oregon (or in any part for that matter) and would not have guessed that it offers this kind of terrain. That B&B looks like a lot of fun (in the absence of other options, especially! :)) but I prefer the Marriott.

You have gone from sea level to big mountains in no time at all. It looks so wide open and rather desolate out in those parts, though. I can't imagine living there, even though it offers it's own kind of beauty.

Alexa T

Wonderful place to travel!! it must be so lovely to see and observe this area, these mountains, the huge space of desert...wow it is so impressive to have a look through these pictures captured...
many thanks for sharing them with us and have a great week!


What an interesting post! It is amazing to see the difference between eastern and western Oregon. Love the little bluebird.


The bluebird and blue skies of happiness. I love that hotel and tose small outposts.

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