July 29, 2016


Lavender Dreams

They sure love that wonderful climate. We've had some beneficial rains these past few days but our flower pots still look a little done in! Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

Reader Wil

Thank you for sharing your day and pleasant walk! Very beautiful!

David Gascoigne

Kudos, kudos and more kudos to the City of Eugene for implementing environmentally friendly measures to replace noxious pesticides. It is sad that it took us so long to get to this stage.

Stewart M

I do like the addition of that flower to the statue!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wonderful shots and I agree we all need a little flower.


I hope the helper bugs don't become a problem! Such beautiful colors.


Love all the color in your summer town. And really love the idea of using ladybugs instead of pesticides.


Hi Sallie... Yes to using natural methods as in insects to keep things in control.... Lovely flowers.. I am out every day watering here in rotation in this drought and it is very tiring for me...


awwww, the beautiful colors of summer and what a great quote!!!


I so agree with your quote...we all NEED a little flower!!!



Your street in Eugene looks very colourful and well-cared for. Lovely floral arrangements.

Patrick Tillett

Hi Sallie! Very pretty flowers and great photos of them.
I am not a fan of the Praying Mantis. Did you know that they kill small birds? Mostly Humming Birds...

Sharon Wagner

I bought myself some flowers. Sunflowers. My husband sure doesn't give me any!


More flowers, please! :D


A lovely happy post. Pretty as well as good news about not using pesticides.


so so pretty..I have been a bit under the weather and a friend brought me a pot of tiny yellow roses that just made me so happy...i'll show them to you in a post in a few days..xoxo

Villroses hage

Don't we?
A beautiful city :)


Very nice! It is time to stop and enjoy the flowers! Have a great week.


that little bear is totally cute. great idea on using insects to control the pests.

Reader Wil

Such pretty flowers make the day wonderfully happy ! Thank you.


Positive thoughts especially coming from a flying insect.


Lovely shots, Sallie.

Good to hear about them cutting down on pesticides, too.


Boom! A beautiful bounty. Love the butterfly quote too. After four days at Floydfest the weeds in my garden arfe bountiful too!


very beautiful. I too am lucky to live in a town that cares about flowers and have a lot everywhere. :)


What beautiful blooms. How wonderful that the city is using natural "pesticides".

Frank (UK)

Super selection of colourful flowers to cheer everyone up including the bees and butterflies. Delighted to hear that natural predators are being used so extensively.


Dear Sallie,
Flowers are one of the best parts of summer. They brighten up everything - even otters! I really like the trend for cities to move to natural predators and non-chemical pest control.

Photo Cache

Love the hanging flower pots in public places.


Beautiful colourful post Sallie.It's a great idea to introduce predators,that way everyone benefits....except the prey of course!
Love the stripy petunias. Have a wonderful week!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage

It's nice to see lush and colourful baskets in a downtown area and the statue with his own flower is sweet.

Jesh StG

The black Susan with the bear statue makes me smile! What a great idea to use ladybugs, green lace wings and praying mantis as a "pesticide" I didn't know they were "for hire!" Thank you so much for sharing this with SEASONS! An I would like to live in your street with beautiful blooming baskets! Have a great week, Sallie and enjoy your time in Oregon:)


Yes, beautiful flowers and colors always welcome. Love what Eugene is doing regarding pesticide. I wish all the cities and towns across the USA start doing this. Not only the city of Eugene but all the gardeners around the city will benefit from these beautiful insects as they fly all around and take refuge everywhere and will bring up their kids everywhere and in every garden around Eugene.

Loved all the pictures and that statue with the flower is one of the best to me :-).

riitta k

So beautiful summer flowers. It's a delight to walk on such streets!


The floral displays on the streets of Eugene are a delight for the eyes, love the otter with his flower buttonhole.
Thanks for joining my first Mosaic Monday today and sharing your beautiful photographs.


Hi! The flower baskets are very beautiful. Your mosaic photo is very cool too. Thanks for sharing.


A big thank you to all the little beasts ! The flowers baskets are wonderful and the otter so cute !


Lovely hanging baskets and floral arrangements. There are less and less here, except on private land like Mercia Marina.

Lady Fi

Gorgeous drops of petalled sunshine!


Beautiful! I, for one, can use some summer color and beauty any time. You live on such a well planted street, Sallie - and I love the Hans Christian Anderson quote.

Gemma Wiseman

What a stunning display of flowers. The street must look like a highway of happiness. Cute little praying mantis.

artmusedog and carol

Oh love the otter with the flower ~ beautiful photos and nature does know best ~

Happy Days to you ~ ^_^

Hildred Finch

Gorgeous baskets, - love the little praying mantis.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

If there is one thing I enjoy about summer, it is all the flowers and bird and insect life that we see, in addition to the young wild animals that make an appearance every now and then. You have captured such beautiful photos with your camera, Sallie!


Lovely flowers and the otter looks very playful!


Oh, your quotes are just wonderful! I want to borrow the one from Picture Your Parks! It was great! I'll be posting it soon! :-) Love your gorgeous flowers and the otter with his "little flower"...lovely post!


Beautiful - you get so many wonderful flowers in your part of the world.

Lavender Dreams

I like that plan too and all the pretty flowers. I think Eugene is such a beautiful city. I got to spend some time there in the Fall years ago and loved it! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend. Hugs, Diane


Dearest Sallie; Oh, how LOVELY the otter is with the yellow flower♡♡♡ And I enjoyed your "colorful summer beauty", with the hot muggy weather we don't have much these heart soothing beauty here (^^;)
I DO admire the idea that "not using pesticides and letting nature take it's own course". When I read this your friend's comment, that's what I wished to say:-) I LOVE your macro picture, Dear friend.

ps. Yes, my husband loved the butterfly pictures from Hokkaido; and we were happy to be able to identify the unknown one through mail from the natural center staff. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.
And I found information of new host of 'mosaic Monday' meme.
Take Care and Have a wonderful coming new week♪

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


You must have some very colourful streets at the moments Sallie. The local council must have some really good specialist advice to utilise 1.5 million insects like that. I'm left wondering what preys on the 1.5 million bigger insects - hopefully a few birds take their share.

By the way we don't have vultures here and even the opportunistic crows left the dead mole alone. It must have been poisoned so badly it couldn't even get from one side of the road to the other.


The little beasts seem to do a very good job ! The flowers baskets are wonderful and the little oster so cute !

Stewart M

Always in need of a bit of colour - clear blue skies here today, but still a while before we get any spring colour.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


"Just living is not enough .... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."

The butterfly is so wise.

Alice must find this butterfly and learn from it.


Enjoyed your photos Sallie and it is so good to be visiting again. Thank you for your sweet comments about my father-in-law's passing. Your kind words are very much appreciated.

Penelope Postcards

Pesticides and their side effects can be dangerous so I am delighted when methods that are more natural are used. Although I find it hard to imagine a cute Ladybug hurting any other bug, they certainly do.


These are some of the most colourful, pretty flower baskets I've seen! Well done to those in Eugene!


That is one thing I miss about living in a city...the beautifully tended gardens and flowers. Great that they are not using pesticides and letting nature take it's own course. LOVELY!


I wrote sweet scene...


Sweet sc be! And how awesome to use alternatives to pesticides!


Integrated pest management its called. Like many good things, its been around since the 1970s.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines

How neat and inventive! I think that is a wonderful idea to use bugs to control pests. The sunny flower put on the otter is too cute! Have a lovely weekend!

ellen b

A wonderful post that made me smile. Great city plan, too, for controlling pests!


Very beautiful and colourful flowers.


The butterfly was right. What a beautiful place. You've really got the best of two worlds - Ft. Myers and Eugene!


i like the flower tucked into the statue. :)


Hurrah for Mother Nature!


Hello Sallie, beautiful flowers. That is neat that the town uses insects instead of pesticides. I like the otter with the flower, very cute! Great quote! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

tom the backroads traveller

Towns in Oregon do a fabulous job with flowers.


Lovely flower photos! Have a nice weekend :)


I wished we had such a lot of flowers in our street ! But the weather was too bad and nobody could really work in the yards. So this year it's rather poor flowerwise, but the weeds are growing everywhere !


Great photos of beautiful flowers. It is really great that the city is using natural predators and no pesticides.

bettyl - NZ

Flowers always seem to cheery up a room or a face! The bear's so cute and the little visitor is quite awesome.

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