September 23, 2016


Patrick Tillett

You may not see a lot of wildlife, but you are a master at finding interesting objects, signs, and peculiar items. Nice pics and narrative Sallie!


I love the flickers!


Hello Sallie!:) I enjoyed seeing your Flicker images again, and think it's hilarious for a cat to go indoors to use the toilet!!:)) Sallie, I love the music trio of turtles, I have similar looking miniatures which are fun things to collects.
Have a great weekend!:)

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines

I have an indoor cat, and she would probably freak out if she had to go outside to do her business. Too funny. Love the pop of red on the birds. I don't recognize them or their name so I am sure I have not ever seen one before. Learn something new every day. Have a great weekend!

Ken Schneider

Despite the benefits of city living, I need more space and nature around me. I also despise city traffic.


David calls cats left by grown children, "cat drops" Nevermind, we have loved them all.

Connie now has many animals dropped off since she and Bill bought their farm. Bill has formed a herd of goats. Occasionally they eat some of them. Not the goats she says.

Sharon Wagner

I named my first cat chloe. I love that name. Thanks for letting me know you popped over to my creative writing blog. That means a lot. I'm nearing the end of my book. 88,000 words and counting!


Thank you for your kind comment Sallie...We are having a bathroom tiled now and helping our daughter buy a house for she and the baby...sadly...I feel like a stress ball and getting outside is my saving grace...Michelle


Those wee animals you saw on your urban walk are cute but they seem a little stiff and cold. Maybe it's just the nature of urban life? Glad you're having fun still...and I expect you'll be heading this away 'ere long. Don't hurry though, 'cause Paradise is still hotter than hell!

Ida P. Krause

Fun critter sighting, the musical turtles made me smile. Cool shots of the wood pecker and isn't Chloe adorable.


City life is not so bad I did it myself for 6 yrs and there is always something to see. Love your birds and the smart kitty!!

David Gascoigne

You must have a really old field guide, Sallie. Rufous-sided Towhee was split into two species many years ago - Spotted Towhee in the west, as in your pictures, and Eastern Towhee in my part of the world. Great bird to see, huh?


I love your urban living. It gives me a taste of a world I know nothing about.



I once had a cat who was an in and out cat. He did the same thing when needing to go potty - meowing at the door to come back in.


I would rather live in the country, it is so comforting.


Very nice critters, the photos of the real ones are the best, Thanks for visiting


yes, city wildlife is different. It is there but not so obvious. Loved your images of the rufous-sided towhee


Yes, the cat looks like it is ready to jump over something. But I believe you when you say is totally adorable. I had these dogs who used to chase cats and then came back crying 'cause the cats attacked them.


Beautiful photos !!


I am trying so hard to study the birds that I see here in my area and I've made a special journal for it. I'm glad to know another kind of bird through you. Thanks Sallie.


Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog =) I'm following yours =)
Love your posts an love this cat ;)


I have cats, too! lol
I have been trying to get a photo of the Roufus-Sided Towhees, but they are very camera-shy. Your photos encourage me to keep on trying.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Love the pewter critters! The cat picture is great.


Hello Sallie - great photos of the birds. They are hard to capture, or perhaps I'm just too impatient. Getting used to an urban lifestyle would take awhile. Glad you're enjoying it.

Photo cache

The cat is very civilized; it will only go to the litter. How funny.


I like the towhee, I don't see them here!! The flickers are regulars here and they love my suet!!


The turtle are fun and the cat looks suspect.

Jesh StG

The three stooges (for lack of a better description) are cute and funny! Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS. Also, happy you were able to spot some birds! And thank you for your kind comment:) Have a great week, Sally!


It just goes to show that we should always have a camera with us, you never know when a critter will cross your path. Thanks for sharing all yours with the Mosaic Monday crowd this week.

Penelope Puddlisms

Lol … looks like even though the whole wide world is at her disposal Chloe discovered that there’s no place like home where she has her own bed and litter box!


What a wonderful selection of feathered friends!

Reader Wil

Aren't cats interesting creatures?! Thanks for the lovely photos.


So you are in Florida now ? With your moving twice a year (I guess) it's difficult to follow. The cat is no exception, because one of my 4 cats does the same. He goes out for a walk and then through the cat flap inside for his business !

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Sallie!
I lived most of my life in an urban environment in Brooklyn, NY, so I can appreciate how you are living now. I miss being able to walk everywhere and take public transportation. Your "urban" wildlife made me smile! All I saw in Brooklyn were squirrels and sparrows. Chloe is also adjusting to suburban life, I see. It's funny how she still needs to use the littler box instead of the great outdoors!


loved the name of you blog,and enjoyed my visit here all your post are so beautiful


Dearest Sallie; In this post,I smiled with the three turtles and reminded me of the different version of the monkey, "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" p:-) But it's a music version and when I showed to my husband he said that it should be the alt-saxophone on the left (♡^.^♡)
Of course,the birdies 'Towhee and Flickers' are LOVELY♡♡♡
I liked the effect for the picture of Chloe, really matches the way she(maybe)looks♫♫♫

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


What a lovely selection of critters Sallie. I enjoyed the pewter ones.


Meows to be let IN to go potty, lol. Makes me miss my house guest, Dexter. Nice bird captures, that towhee has some lovely color. Love the musical turtles.

artmusedog and carol

All very creative critter shots ~ favorite is the cat ~

Have a great week ~ ^_^


Cute "city critters." :-) Love the towhee, but I was thrilled to see the flickers mating ritual on the ground. Awesome! Have a wonderful weekend!


A great mix of critters, both real and human-created.


I admire you, Sallie. You are embracing both worlds. Your new city living with your adventures and living among nature. Great photos and you can keep posting those flickers! We see them here, but, never in pairs. Enjoy your Sunday.


It's a hard life for city wild birds....too much concrete I think! Happy Sunday....enjoy your week Sallie!


Sallie, your pictures are excellent, love them.


My mother's cat does the same thing... Sometimes we are tired to have to open and close the door behind him !

Lady Fi

Oh, I would so miss the open spaces if I live in a town! I like the bird shots - and what a sweet cat.

Green Tomato

Great shots! Especially I like to see your city critters. The animals playing music made me smile!

Hildred Finch

Long time since I've lived in a city, but even town is as rather wrenching change from the country. I haven't seen an oriole since we left the farm, and certainly have to go out of town to hear the meadow lark. I know there are advantages, but ones that age has a great deal to do with and I am lucky enough to have a variety of family who take me out to the back roads....

bettyl - NZ

I always love your photos since they are so different from what I see and things I'd probably take photos of, too!


Chloe is not the only cat in the world who has to come inside to use a litter box. When I was a kid in the mountains of Utah, the cats always went outside at night, no matter the weather and we let them back in in the morning. Can't believe it now.


These are city birds.

But I do not think they enjoy night life.

ellen b

Fun critters in town and out. The cat shot is a great stalking shot even though she isn't.


Great shots! I love that kitty wants to come inside to use the facilities! ;-)

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I'm always so jealous of y'all who get to see the Towhee [of any kind]. We supposedly have 'em here...scarce tho they are and I have yet to photograph 'em. Yep, jealous.

I like living in a SMALL city 'cause there are way too many more amenities. But, I like country too, so often I drive out of town.

As always, I'm here not only to view your wonderful post, but also to send along my thanks for sharing with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend!

Lavender Dreams

I like those city turtles! heehee! And of course the birds you've seen are beautiful. The flickers have the longest beaks! It's still hot here but I've had some amazing sightings this week. Watching a large flock of ducks on the pond when an eagle flew over! I always get excited! Hugs!


Sallie, I like your city critters! I really enjoy when I'm in an urban environment. I like the architecture and people. But, since we sold our city house, we seem to be staying more in the mountains. I had to laugh at kitty liking the indoor accommodations better!


If you choose to live in a city you've chosen wisely. I had a cat like that who loved the outdoors but had to come in to use the cat box. Go figure.


Hi Sallie, I too love to get out of the city to see the wild birds.

One thing I've done in the last year is start putting out the plate of seeds in the backyard. I get sparrows and cardinals usually, sometimes blue jays and mourning doves.


too funny on the cat needing to come indoors to do her business. :) i laughed at pewter rabbit. cute!


Hello Sallie, living in the city does have some nice benefits. I like the cute frogs and rabbits. The Towhee and Flickers are great sightings and beautiful birds. Chloe is a cute kitty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your critters. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Definitely living in town, it would be the open fields I miss most though not the country odours!!
Thanks for sharing these wonderful birds - your photos are great!
Chloe is a great actor as she looks the part of a mean hunter!
Have a great day!


Great shots of critters.


Dearest Sallie,
how I've been missing you and your always so wonderful posts, thank you for sharing another amazing view of the Nature which you live in !

Hope you're having a most beautiful weekend ever, I'm sending my warmest hugs across the many miles !

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