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September 11, 2016



I love these shots. They really show the topography. Thinking about you and hope you are somewhere safe from the hurricane.

Patrick Tillett

Such a gorgeous area! Fantastic photos of it also...


Oh wow, what a beautiful sight, would love to drive through these places and the info about the Palouse is so interesting. Thanks as always for sharing your great travel experiences.

Joe Todd

I'm going to have to visit the north west.. Just beautiful


Dearest Sallie; Wow, awesome place you lived and your family live♪ Especially the last picture of PALOUSE COUNTRY with the beautiful sky is eye-catching☆☆☆
Congratulations on your brother's turning 60; in Japan it is also the special year to celebrate♫♫♫ Happy for your wonderful time and drive♡♡♡
By the way, I turned 61 years old yesterday p:-) Had a little bit expensive lunch only with my husband p:-)

I think I can concentrate on visiting friends more from now. Your sweet comments made me really harpy.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


What a beautiful country ! Big land and big sky !


Love the first image especially..I am so happy that you can travel.. Car trips are hard for me now....Michelle


Amazing pictures, they look like paintings!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

What a pretty part of the world you both come from. And your photos are beautiful. Do you get the big storms there where the sky turns black over the golden wheatfields?


Hi Sallie, who drives when you visit these wonderful area of your past? I smiled when you said your youngest brother is 60, so i thought maybe there should be someone with much more stamina driving to this very far place.


this sounds like a fun road trip through beautiful countryside!! i love a good road trip, there were plenty of sights to keep that camera busy!!

i often take the ocean/beach for granted. i have lived here my entire life and can visit whenever i want to. how lucky am i??? but sometimes, i forget!!

the last image of the field and clouds is beautiful...and bless our farmers, they work hard with little reward!!! xo

Reader Wil

It's a real blessing to live in such a beautiful country! Thanks for sharing.

Kay L. Davies

How could I have lived most of my life in British Columbia, and now 15 years in Alberta, and not have heard of this beautiful area. Your photos are beautiful, Sallie. I can really relate to some of your other observations: I grew up in BC's Okanagan Valley, and took the beauty of the lake and the lovely low mountains for granted, swimming and hiking without realizing how fortunate we were to live there. And I had to laugh about your "much younger" brother turning 60. My much-younger brother was born when I was 21, and he'll be 50 sometime soon (I don't want to know, lol).
Thanks for your comment on my "Lindy pictures" — I agree with you about her hearing being sharper since she lost her eyesight. She knows exactly what is going on, even when she appears to be asleep. She might not be able to see, but she remembers that the click of the camera once meant a bright light in her eyes.
All the best from here,
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Big Sky farm and ranch country! Fall is coming there also, it looks like.



It's just amazing how similar it looks to English landscapes ! I first thought when I saw the pictures you had been in England !
Summer has returned here full force over 100 F we are melting !


lovely countryside, something I miss now I'm in the city


What a scenic rolling landscape, Sallie. I love those muted coors of the wheat fields, too. Beauty as far as the eye can see.


And that is a good thing but it's so beautiful birds or not. I wouldn't have put Washington State and wheat together. I'm glad you had a good reason to see it and take photos.


That is truly beautiful countryside - lovely photos.


This was such an interesting post. I loved reading about the area and in particular the formation of the soil. It is amazing. What a beautiful place to live as a child. I know you saws lots of old places and churned up many wonderful memories from the past. Hope all is well wth you and you are having a nice week. genie

Clair Z.

Beautiful country, wonderful photos.


It is beautiful! Isn't Wikipedia a marvel!


Absolutely stunning scenery Sallie, picture postcard perfect.


Beautiful views from the field.


What a beautiful vista! This reminds me of our trip 'home' to see the family grave. The only thing we can depend on is change!


Wow Sallie. That is such beautiful countryside. Your pictures seem to do it proud. I really hope that it isn't "wildlife disaster" but then so many places are nowadays.

I did a post for you on my blog. Off to Greece in the morning.


as an abstract the land is very beautiful with it´s shades and colors and curves. But the lack of wildlife is a disaster I believe.


What a beautiful landscape! We often take beauty for granted when it's always in front of our eyes. Glad you had a chance to go back. :)


The landscape looks so beautiful... like a painting!!


That top photo looks like a painting. So beautiful and I love your composition. Isn't it wonderful to have time to do things at leisure these days.


Beautiful Sallie

Ida P. Krause

The rolling Palouse hills are wonderful. It's been awhile since I've been through that area so I enjoyed seeing your photos of it.


Your images are like looking into the past with the rolling hills shadowed by fluffy clouds. Funny how places from the past hold more beauty now.

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful! They almost look like a painting ~ Gorgeous country!

Happy Creating ~ ^_^

Photo Cache

Wide open spaces and big sky and low clouds - what a relaxing scene.


Wow that is breathtaking.


lovely landscapes


Such beautiful scenes! Happy Monday.


Lady Fi

What gorgeous countryside!


Oh, that is beautiful country!
Have a great week!


Hello, Sallie! Gorgeous country scenes. The skies look beautiful too. Great barn find. Lovely area! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

kelleyn rothaermel

Know this area well! We would drive through this area often when we visited friends.

jandi @ohmydearests

the first image is really beautiful! like a painting! have a beautiful week!

bettyl - NZ

It was certainly named correctly. What an interesting part of the world. Thanks for all the info.

Hildred Finch

Beautiful country side, - reminds me of our Boundary country, just over the border and right above Eastern Washington. I have always loved it.


Such panoramic views and awesome beauty. Sallie, these photos are so dramatic, and that first one should be framed. When I first saw it I thought your posted a painting. Absolutely breathtaking.


I have heard about but have never been to the Palouse region.

Jesh StG

So beautiful, that first view! And interesting history. It makes sense that you are originally not from Florida.
Somehow you didn't struck me as someone from the South (hard to explain what "it" exactly is!)
Many thanks for sharing this beauty of the Idaho region with SEASONS!
By the way, don't worry if your pic by Ipad doesn't work out -I know myself it's the pits!
Hope you had a great time with your brother!

tom the backroads traveller

WOW, what countryside! And a barn here and there only makes it look better. Thanks Sallie for sharing these gorgeous sights. Please plan a visit again soon.


it's just amazing country. always enjoy blog posts from this zone.

ellen b

Beautiful! The sky and the wheat fields are so gorgeous. Our second born is hunting in this part or close to it in the great state of Washington right now.

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