September 19, 2016


Patrick Tillett

Really nice photos Sallie!


Beautiful country shots and as I said in the next post I love the flickers!


Superb place; superb tree; superb flora and fauna! It must be nice to have all that fresh fruit so readily available. The other day I bought "tree-ripened peaches" at Publix. They tasted like old hand grenades! Well, what I think old hand grenades might taste like!

Thanks for you nice comments, Sallie. They are much appreciated!

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

What a beautiful place your daughter and son in law have. the black walnut tree is magnificent. And what a great harvest!


Great photos of the flickers, I'd love to know exactly what was going on there...

Sharon Wagner

The flickers are enjoying great conversation. We'll be feasting on lots of apples soon.


Hello Sallie!:) A magnificent tree for sure, and I enjoyed seeing the dancing Flicker's at eye level, thank you for that!!!:) Yes, it's special eating home grown produce, and you made a lovely collage with the fruit from your son's garden.


My daughter has a nice garden and fruit trees, but the drought took its toll... Michelle


No wonder you love that beautiful country. Wow, that is a mighty walnut. And such an exciting courtship display, if that's what they were doing. Lucky you to get fresh produce watered with love.


That sounds great eating food you love produced by someone you love. Well done getting down for the bird shots.


What a great post! Rich with stories of nature.

Stewart M

We remember you!

Those Flickers are great - we have no woodpeckers of any sort in Australia - I miss them!

Nice to see these.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

bettyl - NZ

I'm quite impressed with your photograph technique of crawling--I can't say I've done it but I sure would if I had to! It sure got you some great shots. It's nice to have place where you can enjoy nature.


Nice shots of the flickers.

Maybe they were out on a date?

David Gascoigne

The tree is simply wonderful. Whenever I see a specimen like this I always wonder how old it is and what stories it could tell about all the events that have unfolded before it. When dendrochronologists simply count the rings it seems empty somehow. May that tree last another hundred years and illuminate the lives of children, young lovers and people in their dotage. It deserves our respect.


Great bird photos!
I sometimes times lay down to photograph mushrooms - it is not easy for me to get back up!


that black walnut tree is really a show stopper, i wonder how old it is?!?!

i enjoyed the flickers, i suppose than was an amicable conversation. when not, it is really obvious. perhaps they are mates, discussing dinner plans. that always takes the hubs and i forever!!!

i love apple season, eating them and baking with them, they are one of my favorites!!!!


Gosh Sallie, loved your bird photos and that gorgeous old walnut tree. The collage is lovely too.

Jesh StG

You're a trooper Sally! I finally realized now that you were laying on the ground to catch these bird's love dance:) Appreciate you going to back to my blog this week and linking up for SEASONS! Wishing you a lovely time for the rest of the week!

Kay L. Davies

The black walnut tree is magnificent, and your fruit stories bring back memories of my childhood in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, as well as the trees in my yard many years later. They, too, were small trees, and one in particular produced baskets of fruit...big, juicy, sweet peaches. They were so juicy they had to be eaten while leaning over the sink.
Here in southeastern Alberta now, we see many kinds of birds. We made the mistake, however, of putting a bird feeder just outside my husband's office window. It attracted lots of birds, which was always fun, but it also attracted mice. We had to get an exterminator in, and then move the bird feeders to the back of the property, where we don't see the birds as often.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


We don't have many birds around except magpies and pigeons, I guess it's because of my 4 cats ! You have some very healthy food to eat ! very nice !

Chris Rohrer

Sounds like a delicious way to start autumn! I love Apple Pears. I had one last week. Crunchy, juicy, delish! Love your Flickers. Looks like there were having a conversation:)


Hi! It's nice to watch the conversation between two birds. There are three kind of pear,Red type,yellow type and green type. Japanese pear'taste is very different from western pear. Thanks for sharing.

Clair Z.

This is such a glorious time of year in the garden, though touched with the slightest bit of melancholy because it will be ending soon.

Your flicker pictures, and the experience, are wonderful. What a treat to see. Thank you!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images, my favourites are the birds.

Hootin' Anni

BLACK WALNUTS!!!! Oh my....my favorite walnut of all time!!! I'd trade my ovaries for a bushel of black walnuts 'bout now.

And love the bird images Sallie! Of course, I always do.


A great looking birds! Nice photos!


yes that definitely is a big tree, how old is it do you know?


wow, love the tree and the red-shafted flickers. So fun to be able to watch such dance.Don´t happen often so you sere very lucky that day :) Great shots of the dance :)


"Our" flickers have been closer to the house this summer than any other year. Just yesterday there were three just outside the house. Wonderful birds.

Jesh StG

Whoa, that's a huge tree that give lots of shade, and always some birds congregating there:) I agree- its special to eat delicious homegrown food with people you love!
Hope to still see you at SEASONS this week:):) Have a beautiful week!


Your daughters place is beautiful! The house were I grew up had a huge backyard. It was full of fruit trees. Sometimes, we had so much fruit that we had to share with our neighboors.


That black walnut tree must be very old. We have a black walnut tree that is about 30 years old and it is not even half as large of the one you show us. We do get black walnuts but I don’t know how to crack them so the squirrels eat them. I also enjoyed looking at your birds’ courtship – nice catch.


My Uncle Frank can grow more food in his little plot enough to feed a village..So nice to share that bounty..Love those Flickers!! I was at Voyageurs NP last week and a lady came in very excited to ask the Ranger what bird is speckled, tan, and has yellow wings...the Ranger had no clue so I told her she had seen a red Shafted Northern Flicker..she was so thrilled!!


It sounds like a mating dance from your description, great find. That is a grand old tree.


Interesting shots of the Red-shafted flickers.


Very pretty - that is such a fantastic tree.


Wow, you are so healthy eating all those fruits and vegetables. Eat a few more for me and I would appreciate it.

You are dedicated to birdwatching. Laying on the ground watching birds bob at each other for 10 minutes. Nope, couldn't do it. Couldn't get up either.

That is one huge tree!!


I always marveled at our Black Walnut tree come fall---one day there was leaves on the tree...then within minutes all the leaves...every last one of them came off in one fell swoop. It was a magic to behold.



What a magnificent tree! I love the red-shafted flickers....lovely shots Sallie. Thank you - enjoy your evening....

Findlay Wilde

I am glad you did manage to get up okay and be able to share these brilliant pictures.


Oh wow! I love these photos and that tree is magnificent! Woodpeckers courting....so busy with eah other they don't notice you!


Good capture on the flickers. I was trying that with hummingbirds recently. I also love the tree shot. It makes me feel strong.


Dearest Sallie; What an amazing experience you had with two red-shafted flicker and I really admire you that you finally figure out about the scene♡♡♡ I would have been on cloud nine :-)
I admire your daughter and son-in-law growing these fruits♪ Pears we have are yellowish one and now is the season.

I do hope your new week is a wonderful one ♫♫♫
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Love the birds ;)


What an interesting encounter with the flickers!
Sounds like your daughter and SIL have a wonderful garden. Grapes and tomatoes, Yum!
Hope you have a great week!


As soon as I saw the walnut tree I thought how impressive it looked.


Wonderful shots. I like the shots of those birds.

Lady Fi

Wonderful bird shots - and that walnut tree is magnificent! Here we are enjoying plums and apples from our own trees this year.


Wow that is some huge tree. Any idea how old it is?


What a truly magnificent walnut tree!
Sallie, I admire you for getting on the ground in the first place. I would have been crawling back. haha We get flickers here, but, I haven't seen this kind of activity, which sounds like a mating ritual. How cool that you got so close.
I have tried Asian pear, from a friend's trees in Michigan, but, they were green at maturity and they were wonderfully sweet and crisp. Their trees, two of them, were full last year and were still small.
What wonderful, newsy photos and words.


that tree is awesome. so are the red-shafted flickers!

Penelope Puddlisms

Conversation or confrontation … sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference with people too. Wow … that walnut tree IS magnificent! If I understood correctly, your family lives on an acreage with lots of places to grow food and to even experiment. To have that much space is rare! Everything does taste sweeter when grown by the people you love.


Sallie, I'm chuckling at the thought of you crawling to get a good shot of the birds. I know what you mean. I used to be able to pop right back up, but now I'm creaking and groaning while lifting myself off the ground. Well - we still can do it! Lucky you to have family with a garden and fruit trees. I've had green Asian apples - they're kind of crispy and good in salads. Never the red pears though.


Great shots, especially the birds

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful nature photography ~ love the birds you captured so well.

Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

ellen b

We've enjoyed our kids bounty without weeding and watering, too. It's nice that gardening is not a lost art with a younger generation. That really is a grand big tree. The flickers are very cool.


I like the idea of sharing the fruits of your children's labours. Also make some great photo opportunities.


Hello, Sallie, awesome sighting and photos of the Flickers. They are beautiful. It is great your children have these fresh fruits growing on their property, that is special. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Photo Cache

There is indeed a ton of photo worthy scenes around us, especially this fall season.

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