October 30, 2016



Late arriving, but happy I didn't miss this post. Great post!


Dearest Sallie; OMG, what a GREAT Halloween post☆☆☆ I LOVE the way you arranged this post and felt so sorry I haven't visited sooner. Yes, your vultures are great for the event and wow!!! made me really stunned by the so many and varieties of pumpkins. And the sign is cute,I knew catnip but never seen them before and I understood your explanation.

By the way, thank you so much for your comments and for the ’trick or treaters'♪ While my husband handing out the treats, I tried to explain about the event a little. Like old Celt believed border of this world and the other world at time of their new years eve believed to disappear.... Haha, they were not listening to me much but it sure was a fun time with them(♡^.^♡)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I am so afraid for Tuesday....very stressed


"recreational catnip" - that is a good one.

Su-sieee! Mac

I've wondered about pumpkins, too. One year, I saw a field of cows eating pumpkins. Had no idea cows liked pumpkins. Hopefully the scariness stops after next Tuesday. Knock on wood.
Sometimes I mistake vultures for eagles. Probably vice versa, too. Not that there are many eagles in our area, but now and then they do fly through on their way to else where.
The View from the Top of the Ladder

Alexa T

Hello Sallie! You have such a lovely collection of autumn aspects and related to the Halloween...(in here is not a tradition, but the event is celebrated by many). I, also, like those various pumpkins and the amazing vultures, too. Autumn looks great with those golden leaves in the trees. Thanks for sharing and a very lovely day and weekend!

David Gascoigne

When I first met Miriam just over fourteen years ago we lived two and a half hours apart and at night when I called her I would play a piece of music for her to listen to briefly and we would discuss it over the phone. Sounds pretty boring I know, but it really was fun for us and she always claims she learned to "tolerate" opera because of that. On Halloween it was always "The Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner - and she still finds it pretty spooky. If we had that Black Vulture perched on the stoop while we played it not a kind in the neighborhood would walk up the steps!


Hi Sallie. And thanks for spotting my spoof birder. Not everyone did but I could have expected you to suss it out.

Like you say, best to steer clear of politics on lighthearted but serious blogs like ours. Leave the politics to the comedians on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now I've heard of catnip of course and i thought it to be a plant to attract butterflies and lacewings, not as a substitute for a joint. We live and learn.


I bought some catnip for our cat Sox once, he was um like in another world lol. Btw is that a scarecrow on that person's front porch?

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Great colors! I like that close-up of the vulture!

Phyllis A. Oller

I LOVE vultures,thanks for sharing,phyllis


I thought the same thing the other day. Our local grocer has lots of pumpkins left. what happens to them....maybe in our area they go to a local farmer for the pigs, I don't know.

lovely images Sallie.


I chuckled at the catnip sign! Good to know that it's legal. :)

Taken For Granted

That a great catnip sign. Made me laugh.


I've seen a lot of vultures here in the city over the last 2 weeks - I think they are on their way down to Florida for the winter! You may see them there!


Wow that vulture is scary but what a great photo you took of him!
The sign made me smile - it's a fun one!

tom the backroads traveller

Cute sign.

Gayle - Ventures In Photos

Vultures and halloween - isn't it the truth.

Gemma Wiseman

Wonderful series of photos. That vulture is huge. Love all the golden colours of Autumn. And I have never seen a catnip sign before.


Hope you had a great Halloween, the pics are wonderful!


The vultures sure do look mean and scary. The Halloween colours are pretty.

bettyl - NZ

Wonderful autumn colors!I love the gathering of pumpkins. I usually only have gray ones to pick from.
I think I would be looking over my shoulder if I saw that vulture around. You never know what they are looking for!


Enjoyed seeing all the seasonal flare in your neighbourhood, Sallie! That vulture is the scariest of the bunch! What an expression in his eyes! Yikes!

Enjoy the rest of the season!



Beautiful photos, Sallie! I have never seen a vulture in Montreal but I think they are spooky enough for Halloween!


Looks like neighborhoods when all out to celebrate! That vulture is really creepy. I have seen some but I do not like when I zoom and got to see their face. #OurWorldTuesday


beautiful pics !!!


Joe sang Ghostbusters at a Karaoke night for the grandkids, and I video taped it for them. Also, let the boys smash a pumpkin to get the seeds for roasting. I totally agree with your first couple of sentences and found myself ducking a little from the web and the vulture!


Interesting shots. Wish you Happy Halloween.


Thanks for the welcome back, I have just enjoyed catching up here, not sure how often I am going to find time to post but will try and do so on a regular basis. :)


Calling by from Nature Notes, what a delightful selection of photos.

Penelope Postcards

A vulture definitely has the edgy/scary look of Halloween. I too wonder about the pumpkins and conclude they end up mushed up for delicious pie filling.

Lady Fi

Spook-tacular shots! ;-)


I love the catnip poster, so funny!


Halloween is over here and I'm just as glad. It's rather a non-event for me. Our little grandchildren come trick or treating and I love seeing their costumes, and I hand out candy to the neighbourhood children who come by, but I don't do decorations. One of those vultures perched in a tree would be sufficient for me!

peppylady (Dora)

I've seen a few vulture amazing birds. Rain most of Halloween.
My oldest son lives in southwestern part of Oregon...Close to California.
Coffee is on


Happy Halloween! It is ending now here in the Midwest, but, probably just getting started in your spooky neck of the woods. I love these Halloween decorations, Sallie, and especially your very Autumnal mosaic.
The past few years there has been an effort of many municipalities to have locations where folks can bring their pumpkins to be composted. Mostly city or park districts, where they use them in their environmental efforts.


Beautiful seasonal color and the vulture certainly makes a statement! It looks quite scary!What a waste if the pumpkins just get thrown out! Out here we use them as vegetables plus the pies and cakes etc.


I don't see too many vultures, especially up close. (thank goodness, really)
And I am one of those who loves all things pumpkin - though I never buy any actual pumpkins.


Vultures are such scary looking birds! I hear you in the election thing - scarier than any Halloween I ever remember...


what a nice, seasonal post for halloween. we have some homes here where they go all out with their halloween decor!! it is almost 5 pm and my door bell has not rung once, i am very sad about that!!

we are able to get pot here in new jersey and it has been a huge relief for folks like myself who suffer with MS symptoms like pain and muscle spasms!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Sallie

I wish pot wasn't legal in Colorado--nothing but problems as far as I can see, especially with babies being born with it in their systems and children eating edibles that are making them very sick. 60 Minutes TV program did a special about pot and interviewed our Governor who said it has not been beneficial for our state.

I'm also having "nightmares" about a certain candidate but I was able to vote by mail so I'm trying to be optimistic about my choice. It will be an interesting 4 years no matter who wins!

Vultures are so perfect for Halloween--lol--have a fun holiday!

Hootin' Anni

Tahoe would be grateful for the catnip of course.

Beautiful autumn colors and awesome Halloween goodies!!


Happy Halloween!



I love all the fall and Halloween decorations. I hope the pumpkins are put to some kind of use. I feel sad for all those could-have-been jack o'lanterns.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

A very spooky Hallowe'en to you! I don't think I've ever seen a vulture - certainly never in the wild. I do love seeing a big pile of pumpkins at this time of year.... Won't you see them carved on people's doorsteps this evening?


I do think that sign is funny. We sure do have a lot of vultures around here too.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

What a beautiful and fun post! Vultures do look rather scary.
Nasturtiums are my favourite flowers - they look so irresistibly cheerful.
Happy Halloween!

ellen b

Great mosaics for this Monday in particular. That Catnip sign is too funny especially in light of all the "Pot" shops going up around here. Hope your week is a good one. I'm hoping I bought enough candy for the Trick or Treaters....


Cat nip is legal haha...you are so funny. Im surprised they don't try to make it illegal, Love all the Halloween shots you shared. Since we have no little ones in our family I'll just refresh the memories of taking my son out trick or treating and the costumes we made when he was a little tyke.


A fun collection of photos! I especially enjoyed the vultures. They are such great birds and such an important part of our ecological system. "Recreational catnip" is pretty funny. I think the election is going to go our way. Any other outcome is unimaginable. Stay cool and hurry back to Florida.


Happy Halloween to you! Love the fall leaves and Halloween decorations. I think your are right about the Vultures, they are scary looking. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


We have no outside decoration for Halloween ! I really pity you because of these elections. To choose only from two candidates must be terrible, we have at least 4 to choose from ! It will probably be a big show ! Difficult to understand for Europeans, because family and religion has nothing to do with politics, and we don't even know the wife of our prime minister or the others, we have never seen her. And the one before was homosexual, so he would have to marry and present his husband ??? At least Trump is not homosexual ! The poor Republicans !


Lovely images! And yes, vultures are perfect for Halloween... Have a happy week! Hope whatever is worrying you gets resolved soon.

Marleen, NL

Halloween is not as big here in the Netherlands, but I love all the photos! Your Autumn colours are also wonderful.


Great autumn colors! Love the catnip sign!


Happy halloween, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I think I would be very scared walking there :)


You don't notice a lot here of Halloween but it looks quite fun at your place. The photo of the vulture is gorgeous


Morning Sallie,
Thanks for showing me a part of your neighbourhood decorated for Halloween it's not something we see much of here in Normandy although we did have about a dozen village children here trick or treating last Thursday.
Those vultures are enough to scare the pants off anyone!
Happy Halloween!

riitta k

Halloween is not a big fiesta in Finland but I wish you great haunted Halloween. We celebrate All Saints Day the next weekend, it is here more important than Halloween. That bird is awesome!

Hildred Finch

I don't see as many wonderful Halloween decorations here in Canada, but always admired the ones we saw in Washington on our travels through. Great post, Sallie... (Have Ravens here instead of Vultures, - I don't interpret very well but guess it is "Nevermore" they are saying as they fly over!!)


Love how you've captured the season, especially the vultures. What's with the white designer pumpkins this year?


laughing at the last sign. :) and i love vultures.


Have hardly seen any displays of Halloween in Sacramento at the stores. Maybe there more in the residential neighborhoods:) To be chased by vultures must be scary!
What they need her is deer nip and squirrel nip, lol! They eat all the leaves of my plants! Great details of Fall, Sally! I pray that justice will be done with elections. The rest is out of my control:):)
Not to forgot many thanks for sharing with ALL SEASONS this week! Have a happy one.


Love all the pictures. Those vultures show up in my neighborhood every once in awhile. I even had one in my front yard one time. They are pretty ugly!

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