October 23, 2016



Great post

Mary Howell Cromer

I just keep loving them, really such amazing looking birds~

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

As I mentioned above earlier this week...that many waxwings in one sighting...it would be so thrilling!!!!

We birders appreciate your participation this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!


I like that truck.

Phyllis A. Oller

What a wonderful morning surprise! I wish we had markets such as you have to stroll through,lovely & wine too!!phyllis

jeanne stone

The cedar waxwings are just lovely, and also loving the old pickup stall for veggies. What fun that is. I have never seen a cedar waxwing where i live. Need to start looking though.


Hello, Sallie! I love the Cedar Waxwings. They are beautiful birds. I do not see them often. I also have never seen wine offered while you shop, that is interesting. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

bettyl - NZ

Wonderful scene of the birds in the tree! I like your fall colors, too. Offering wine while you shop sounds like a plan to sell more stuff to tipsy customers--diabolical plan!


Dearest Sallie; Wow, really amazing to see this LOVELY birdd with large number in the middle of the City♫♫♫ We haven't been able to enjoy that BEAUTIFUL Autumn red leaves yet. I understand your phrase "the waxwings hadn't pre-empted"; well, Thank you very much for reminded me the word "pre-empted" p:-) And we enjoyed your pictures of Farmer's Market as well. I wish we had here in our city. The blue old car is really attractive; my husband loved to see it♡♡♡
Oh, yes grocery shopping is sometimes a burden for us... Haha, both of us don't drink but I always wish my husband takes me to the coffee shop after shopping to rest:-)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Michelle Ramblingwoods

I have never seen waxwings Sallie...I would be thrilled.... Michelle

Hildred Finch

Lovely photos, Sallie. My daughter-in-law sells baked goods at the Farmers' Market in Penticton, and transports them in Charles' famous 1976 Ford Pick-up. It gets a lot of attention from old truck buffs. Sharon's breads are varied and delicious - I pick mine up straight from her bakery as getting to the Farmers' Market thirty miles away is difficult these days...much as I love the excitement of all the products and stalls.


I am not much of a bird person but the sight of all those cedar waxwings is remarkable. I love your farmer's markets. We have several in town. The big ones are on Saturday mornings and I have other stuff to do than go shopping for vegetables although if I could get a beer or a glass of wine that would make it more bearable. I love the photos you took of it.

I love to see you enjoying urban life.


Autumn leaves transport me to childhood too,I was always sad I couldn't keep the colour intensity - but nothing stays the same for long! It's lovely to see a flock of waxwings,they come and go so quickly....like the leaves! Beautiful post - thank you Sallie.

Gemma Wiseman

Those birds look like little prayer flags in the tree. such a wonderful sight. And adore the farmer's market. In particular, the wine sign is a creative temptation.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

What a wonderful sight of the cedar waxwings! It really looks like trees blooming. :)
I so wish I could see (and photograph) our Bohemian waxwings when they are gradually migrating southwards, but unfortunately it will not happen this autumn. It was a good year of Rowan berries, but unfortunately the thrushes have already eaten all of them.
Thank you for the delicious and beautiful photos!


I love your photos!


I had to giggle when you said the waxwings were on the edge of a busy mall...I saw the very first ones in my life in a PARKING LOT of a MALL! It was the trees in the lot they were after of course, since then I am never disappointed by these gorgeous birds..NOW I want to see the Bohemian Waxwing, just look for a orangey color under the tail instead of that creamy color, pretty easy to see since they are always up in the tops of the trees! NOW if I can just find some....

Taken For Granted

In years past I have seen the occasional Cedar Wax Wing, but never a flock such as this. Great bird shots. Also like the lovely, old GMC truck. This is a perfect use for it.


wow, I've never seen even one waxwing, let alone what seems like a flock! so beautiful. I love the leaves' colors in this season. I think I'd like to visit where you live.


I love that old blue truck! I'm sure I'd enjoy stalling around the market!
Lovely photos!

tom the backroads traveller

You can drive that GMC into my drive any day!


I haven't seen waxwings in years. They are such formal-looking birds! Love the old truck at the market!


Hello Sallie!:) Wow, that's a treat and a half, seeing Waxwings from your terrace. I would love to see one, let alone a tree full of them!! Lovely presentation of the autumn leaves Sallie. We are also seeing the leaves change colour, and they are so beautiful after rainfall, which seems to highlight the colours. Nice buys at the Farmers market, and I really like the idea of having a glass of wine whilst shopping, I have never seen a sign like that.

Ken Schneider

Well, I see your wish to see more Cedar Waxwings has been granted!Beautiful photos too!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Wow, that is a lot of cedar waxwings all at once, great photo.

Ida P. Krause

Sometimes those unexpected surprises are just delightful. The Waxwings are really a pretty bird. You have some pretty autumn foliage too and a Farmers Market is always fun to visit.


Great shots


What a treat, Sallie.

I've never seen a lot of them at once. They are such sharp-looking birds!

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I am very much enamoured of your response to the Cedar Waxwings. This species is truly amongst the most beautiful of our native birds. One can never get blasé about discovering them and every encounter is special. I have converted a couple of people to birding by showing them Cedar Waxwings. They must have put a smile on your face that lasted the whole day - and beyond for that matter.
Enjoy the rest of your week - with or without waxwings!

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Sweet little birds! We have autumn color too.

Eden Hills

Very impressive gathering of the waxwings. Beautiful fall colors! That market looks like a really fun place to visit.


Beautiful Autumn photos, Sallie, and what a delight to see the waxwings! :)

Findlay Wilde

Those waxwings are so handsome.


Have never seen waxwings - what a treat for you! And it looks like great supplies at the Farmers market!Many thanks for sharing these Fall delights with ALL SEASONS!
Thank you for your comment - isn't it interesting how these details of kids/grandkids'lives are so memorable (the Spaghetti factory experience)!
Have a great week, Sally!


I see Waxwings for the first time, we have some other kinds of birds in Italy, and I'm truly amazed, they're so stunning, how charming Nature is ... !

Hope you're having the best of weeks,
I'm sending hugs & love to you, dearest friend

Xx Dany


How lovely-I had never seen a Waxwing: nor heard of them!
(I just arrived home last night).


What a treat to see all those waxwings! And love the red leaves of fall. Hope you're enjoying the season. :)


Wonderful photos. I have wanted to see Cedar Waxwings all my life. Never have!


I write more poetry in autumn too. Blogging has cured me of shopping. I just take pictures of what I want! I wish I knew birds, could remember their names and have the patience to watch for them more.


Love the birds!
Pretty colored vegetables at the market
Have a great day!

Mary Howell Cromer

what lovely colours in those leaves and we have the Cedar Waxwings visiting out acreage here now...love them. Keep enjoying your fun times.


Autumn is my favourite time of year but right now it's Spring so quite the opposite :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I never saw so many wax wings! Definitely a pretty sight to see! The red maple leaves are so vibrant. Almost all the leaves are gone form my tress and many in my neighborhood even though it has been unusually warm this fall.
That does look like a nice Farmer's Market in your area, Sallie. I love the bright blue vintage truck stand.


Beautiful shots from nature. I like it.


The flock of waxwings would have been a wonderful sight! Farmer's markets are lovely places - to shop or just browse. The old truck as a stand is a great idea. Enjoy the shopping or the wine!


A wonderful surprise to see all those waxwings. I enjoyed all your photos Sallie, those fall colors on the leaves are gorgeous. The truck I'd love to drive that around. The market must be fun.


I would be hopping and cheering with glee had I viewed theses cedar waxwings, Sallie. Actually, I AM cheering with glee (I can't yet hop. haha).
The leaves are so vibrant - and taking photos is as good if not better than pressing them, though that was always a fun activity with the kids.
I LOVE the truck farm! The farmers markets are about to wind down here. I'm always sad when they close - but love the gourds and cold crops in these last few weeks.


Oh how lovely it is to see a lot of birds on leafless trees. That is a scene we don't see here.


Fantastic finding that many birds all roosting together in the one tree. The farmers market looks great and wonderful that it is so close to you. Beautiful colors in the autumn leaves. Thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous birds. I would have been beside myself taking pictures!


Nice! The tree really did look as though it was blooming birds! wine while you shop? Yes please! (But I have a bad feeling that would just make me buy more)

artmusedog and carol

A Tree full of gifts ~ what a delight ~ you do live in the right places ~ neat photos ~

Wishing you a delightful week ~ ^_^

JoAnn Bayne

Wow -I've seen one or two Cedar Waxwings at a time - never the glorious amount you captured - what a treasure. All the photos are wonderful - the blue truck caught my eye for sure - and all the yummy food.

tom the backroads traveller

Do kids press leaves anymore? Can you do it with an iPad? We grew up in the best of times.

A Quiet Corner

I wonder if the Waxwings were migrating...do you know if they do and when in your area? We suddenly had a large mass of Juncos which Winter here and they hadn't been around over the hot, dry Summer at all...:)JP

ellen b

Ha! Beer and wine by the glass while you shop. That's something else. What fun to see so many of those waxwings! I like that pickup truck display...


the waxings, AMAZING!!! you were lucky to get such wonderful captures!! i like farmers markets and that blue truck, i'm in love!!!

Hootin' Anni

Wow...to see all those waxwings would be such a thrill!!!

Photo Cache

The peppers looks so fresh. I'd be taking home some if I were there.


It seems you have everything on your doorstep there. The wild life from your window, that gorgeous fresh veg and a glass of wine to savour the moment.


Hello Sallie, it is great the purchases you have made from the locals. I love the Cedar Waxwings, they are beautiful birds. Pretty fall colors and leaves. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


how wonderful with the waxwings, and in sunshine too so you could enjoy their colors. What I like the most is their sound. Every time I hear them I am happy. I have not seen them yet but I know otheres have.Thanks for sharing. :)


At the first glance I thought the tree was blooming before I realized that these were birds ! I think my mouth would have remained open ! That I have never seen ! As I don't like autumn I don't look at the leaves neither, lol ! I only buy fruits on farmer markets because I don't cook anymore since we have this special shop here which only sells frozen stuff and then I combine my menu and throw it in the micro wave ! Delicious !


lovely to see so many waxwings all together! Beautiful birds


All those cedar waxwings! What a treat to wake up to! I love Farmer's Market and really like how the farmer uses the truck. Beautiful Autumn leaves. I nodded when I read pressing the leaves between wax paper ... I remember!!!!!!! Have a great week.

nancy chan

A wonderful treat on a Saturday morning with so many waxwings on the trees. The autumn leaves are lovely. I like the farmer's truck. It is fun if it is not raining.


Hi Sallie. Out shopping and waxwings drop in. Now that's my idea of shopping. Many of our bigger supermarket locations have ornamental berries around the car parks where our wawings might appear. Our Bohemian Wazwings are close relatives of Cedar Waxwings with ours coming to the UK some winters, but not others.It depends on the weather and berry crop further north and east.

A glass of wine and shopping. Thats even better!

Stewart M

Much as I love the Waxwings - the idea of a glass of wine while shopping seems even better!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

riitta k

Oh they are birds!!! I did not at first realise. Lovely bright autumn leaves.


Morning, loved seeing how your Saturday unfolded for you, it just goes to show that you have to have your camera ready at all times!
We love farmers markets too and try to get to our local one in Le Molay Littry at least once a month.
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, happy MM


Such a special sighting of so many waxwings. Used to see them in Wenatchee, WA getting drunk on fermented apples. Your fall colors are superb. Love farmer's markets, especially if I could drink wine while shopping.

Lady Fi

Lovely shot of the tree with the birds!


What a treat to see the flock of Waxwings! I really miss farmers markets in the mountains. Are yours year-round?


Fantastic shots. I usually have flocks of cedar waxwings in my pecan tree after it loses its leaves. Your post is reminding me to watch for them.


I'll take the farmer's market and skip the yuppie stuff every time. Love those birds and that old truck!


Love the Waxwings, beautiful, and I so much like the wine, by the barrel, ha ha.


the old truck would draw me in. :) love spotting flocks of waxwings! their soft calls are wonderful.

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