October 13, 2016



Dearest Sallie; First of all, thank you so much for the mail letting me know that you got the calendar♡♡♡ I'm happy that you can make use of it♪ Oh, account thing must be really complicated. My husband has no intention to have it, all depend on me and ask me to open the page he wishes whenever he wants(^^;)

I LOVED to see your wonderful 'Riverbank path walk' how refreshing it must be and I must be healthier if I could enjoy strolling outside in the environment like that. Beautiful roses with macro and your waterfowls are gorgeous. I enlarged the Wood Duck picture and made me smile and understand what you said 'unduly proud' (♡^.^♡) I won't be able to have that luck.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


I do like that striped rose.

Alexa T

Hello Sallie! I stopped to admire and enjoy these wonders of blooms and trees in autumn, and so sweet various gooses and ducks; the Wood Duck has absolutely fascinating colors!! Many thanks for your visit and for the lovely thoughts. Best regards and a very good new week ahead!


Love the roses, and the wood duck is a beauty!

Dudhwa National Park

What a dazzling walk!..Those roses are just gorgeous!..i like your post..


Lovely fall colors and I love the waterfowl Sallie... Michelle


Beautiful shots. Glad you weren't in FL during the hurricane and also that the part of FL you spend your winters in wasn't hit. I remember you saying you missed fall when you were in FL so good that you are getting some of it this year.

jeanne stone

Cute shots of the little "quackers"


A lovely, lovely walk, Sallie! Enjoyed seeing the Willamette Valley this time of year too! :-)

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I would LOVE to see a wood duck...the male for sure!! I'm jealous.

The last of the summer roses are super.

Thanks so much for joining in with us birders this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'....it's always a pleasure.

David Gascoigne

The Riverbank path looks like a lovely place for a walk, and fall weather is the very best for such meanderings. I chuckled to see a repeat picture of the Wood Duck. You really are proud of this one!
And so you should be!

Stewart M

Do I detect some colour in the leaves? Spring is taking a very long time to get organised here!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Lovely flowers and I like the ducks!


We walk along the Willamette when we visit Oregon for football games (and lots of other college sports). It's a beautiful river. - Margy


Roses are amazing,they keep blooming until late autumn....weather permitting! Birds make good models while waiting for easy pickings....the Wood Duck is very beautiful. Thank you Sallie and Happy Weekend to you!


Now that you have seen a wood duck you will see them everywhere, that happens to me, It took years to see my first SH Crane now I see them ever where I go. Love the roses still blooming, our dogwoods are trying to turn what leaves didnt get blown off by Matthew!


Hello Sallie, love the beautiful flowers and the waterfowl. The wood duck sighting is awesome, they are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing you post! Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!


The white and red rose is stunning ! Next evening I listen to (and read to be able to listen to'..) MIchelle Obama speach in NH ! I agree with all she said and think, I'll miss her and her husband in the future times !


The season starts to change into a shyly red colour.

That's beautiful.


Looks like a lovely place for walking ! With the skies I have troubles too, for the moment they are all grey.

Gemma Wiseman

The river looks like an atmospheric area to wander. Adore the fower macros too.


I would love to walk that river walk with you. The wood duck is beautiful and so too the roses.

Jean Marie Baney

Oh I love the late roses, especially your yellow one! comfortable musings and a beautiful place to spend some time today!

Ida P. Krause

What a pretty place. Lovely flowers, beautiful fall trees, great looking fences and birds as well to enjoy.


Where to begin? I love the roses and your capture them beautifully, Sallie. I am especially drawn to the yellow with the brilliance of fall red behind it. I would enjoy the Riverbank path, I know. You show Eugene at its finest. :)


so lovely, I bet the temperature has dropped there, right? love it when it's not too hot and not too cold.

Sharon Wagner

The last roses are just as pretty as the first!

Photo Cache

Very nice shots. Happy Friday.

Worth a Thousand Words


I really like your inbetween photo of fall and summer flowers.

riitta k

That red-white rose is spectacular.


It looks like a very good place to walk. I always like walking near the water.


a beautiful variety of images. looks like a great place to walk.

its cute that the ducks wait to get fed at the kids park.


How delightful to get fall colors and roses too. I love your new walk. And the wood duck.


It looks like a great place.


This is a lovely walk and to see the birds and especially your first wood duck. The flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with Today's Flowers Sallie, so very much appreciated.

Martha Z

What a lovely place to walk. I envy those in Eugene the green landscape. Ours is brittle and gold. I hope the promised storm makes it but I think you will bear the brunt.




I like the mix of summer and fall in your images. And the different kinds of geese. And, of course, the wood duck :)

ellen b

This really was a nice walk you took us along on. That wood duck is worth another viewing for sure. Almost looks like a nice decoy. Hope this storm isn't as bad as they are predicting. Be safe!


They are beautiful, I think thatmy favourite is the Wood Duck, it always looks so beautiful.

Peter B

Nice job dodging the rain! I really like the yellow rose shot.


I would love that riverwalk and would spend a lot of time there walking and biking and taking photos. How's the mall? The roses are gorgeous. I had one thought when I saw the last picture: You are just ducky! Heh, heh! BTW, Florida awaits!


Hi Sallie. I must answer your question about bird feeders.

First of all Linnets are not garden birds, strictly birds of wild places and I would never expect to see a Linnet in my semi-rural garden.

I found this on the internet and I agree with all of the sentiments expressed there. I do feed birds in my own garden as I think the positives outweigh any negatives.


Lady Fi

What a lovely walk!


I like when seasons turn and melt into each other. Here, the days are still feeling like fall but most of the leaves have fallen and the peaks hold snow. I also like when cities have green belts where you can escape from the sidewalk bustle into nature. Enjoy your fall, Sallie.


Love the beautiful blossoms. I never get tired of seeing them.

Mama Zen

Those roses are just gorgeous!


We did a riverwalk, too! No flowers left, though!!!!


ooooh sallie, a wood duck, how amazing...i have never seen one!!

funny how you talk about the changing seasons and mother nature overlapping. as my trees change color, my knockout roses are always blooming away and they always look so beautiful. that is it though, unless i have planted mums and pansies, otherwise the gardens are stagnant.

i am not looking forward to the gray skies of winter. i love winter, but i love it with the bright blue skies we often get after it snows!!!

the yellow roses are gorgeous!!!

nancy chan

I love walking in the park especially after the rain. Beautiful flowers and I love watching ducks too.


Hello Sallie!:) I so enjoyed this walk with you, and the pretty views, with neat fence shots, beautiful roses, and water fowl,...and thumbs up for posting the Wood Duck again.


i do like the mix of color/season in that photo. and a good fence around the garden. love that perfect rose!

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