October 16, 2016


Sharon Wagner

Raking in the love. Love it!


Cooler here finally. Leaves falling slowly. Love it!


Beautiful fall colors, Sallie.


Every time I see this post I think of "Friends" and their Central Perk Coffee Shop. So, when are you heading back south? It's 49 degrees in Ocala this morning! Yea!!!!


I love all the coloured leaves on the trees and the ground. The leaf sign is fun. Hope you don't get too much rain or storms. Stay safe.

Hildred Finch

Hello Sallie, - enjoyed your lovely post. We got the very tail end of your storm here in the Similkameen, - the trees were a long time turning, and I began to wonder if they would all just dry up and blow up, but days right now are mild and damp and a little melancholy, and the colours in the trees and shrubs so very intense.


Hello, I hope you are staying dry. I have been hearing about the storms in the PNW. The fall colors and trees are beautiful. I like both the signs, very cute. Have a happy day and weekend!

JoAnn Bayne

Great photos of the leaves and flowers - the wind does take care of the leaves - but wish it would blow them OFF our deck and not just onto. Wonder why that is. Most of the color is gone here too in Washington - they kept saying that storm was going to be one of the five worst ever in Washington - fortunately it swerved to the west as it came up the coast past Seattle and moved out to sea - leaving us with two little gusts of wind and some rain - we've had more rain since the storm than during it. Ok with us - and we definitely need the rain.


Glad your son (and you!) made it through the storm ok. Lovely fall scenes...I won't see these till next year since it will be winter by the time we get there, but I am looking forward to SEASONS so much!


I like seeing the PNW in fall colors. You have a pretty place to walk. Lately, I'm cautious when I walk. We've seen moose every day - a mama and calf just walked through our yard when we were having breakfast. Hope your fall lingers awhile.


Very pretty photos. I do like seeing all the leaves. Fall is my favorite season!


Since I won't be raking leaves for awhile, I'm thinking I might leave a leafy message. :)
Your photos are splendid, Sallie, and capture the lush color of the leaves. Rain has a way about erasing the color board - and is doing a bit of that here.


Really? That looks like confetti. I love the leaf art.

artmusedog and carol

Oh how wonderful where you are and such delightful and creative photos

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ ^_^


Sitting inside a coffee shop is one of my favorite things to do on a rainy day! The foliage is beautiful in your area!


Love looks cool.


I heard of your bad weather so hope no bad damage occurred to your building! AND the explosion in Portland that was scary!


Dearest Sallie; Oh My, what a sweet way to make people feel warm and what an idea of the owner of a gallery(♡^.^♡) I love the sign♪ In Japan,Typhoon caused some large damages... Happy for your blessed rain.
Enjoyed your GORGEOUS Autumn color so much♫♫♫

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Thanks, Sallie, for all of your very nice comments! When do you head back south? Drive safely, please! :)


Well, rain is not something we've seen much of here in southern Ontario (I did hear about your storms).
I like those leaf messages!


The sign would bring a smile to your face whilst running between the showers!
The leaves spelling LOVE is genius! Great fun!


I like the Love sign. A cool idea, Sallie!

tom the backroads traveller

Love the love!


It's been quite rainy here as well. Love all of your beautiful fall colors.

Taken For Granted

The name "Perk" is perfect for a coffee house as it is a double entendre meaning both a privilege and an old method of brewing coffee. The raked leaves to spell out words is perfect.


the leaves are beautiful even those that have dropped from the trees! October is the most lovely of the fall months because we can enjoy the rich colors of autumn. thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


So beautiful where you live. So dry everywhere else.


Love the love, what a brilliant idea for a picture


Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

I love the temporary art! What a pity the heavy rains bring down all the autumn colour in the trees. I hope your weather is looking up by now. :)


That last photo is so cool! That gallery owner is very creative. We had a bit of rain a here too. However, that was kind of a miracle in Southern California.


Well it is the PNW, land of rain. Glad the storm didn't do any more damage. Love all these colorful leaves, especially at the gallery.


How fun LOVE is, I wonder how long they last!! We have drought conditions here at the Jersey Shore, it's been a long time since we had seen any rain!!


Lovely leaf shots. I like the ones with all the colored leaves on the ground. That is what I miss about living where I do now-no color.

Kay L. Davies

Both coasts are "having weather" as someone in my family used to say, maybe my grandmother.
Your post is beautiful indeed. I miss The Wet Coast, weather and all, and especially my family in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC.
Hugs from here,


What great photos!!!!


Jersey has "your" weather today: sunshine, then sudden, sharp showers!


What a stunning post, dearest Sallie, you always put me in high spirits and I'm so very grateful to you for this, precious friend of mine !
You have to know that this season has a special place in my heart and you've caught all its charm so perfectly, thank you !!!

May the remainder of your week be as beautiful as you, sweetie,
sending blessings of joy on your days to come

Xx Dany


For once you got the rain and I the sunshine (but not for long) It really looks more fall at your place than here, because we still have green leaves ! How cute to write "love" with the dry leaves !


I assume most of the leaves have fallen from the trees during the storms. Lucky to have got those beautiful photos before the weather changed. A very imaginative and creative art gallery owner.


Great shots. Especially I love last one :-)

Lady Fi

Hope the rain lets up soon. Lovely autumn colours and I like the Love sign made out of leaves.

bettyl - NZ

Such a fabulous time of year. The temporary 'art' made me smile :)

kelleyn rothaermel

Love the Love leaves! Perfect! Have a great week!


A beautiful post, Sallie. Yes, it was a wet weekend! Wonderful leaf art, and I love the sign on the coffee sheet board!


Oh I love the leaves word... still beautiful color Sallie.... Wind is coming our way now... Michelle

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Those are gorgeous colored leaves. The leaf words is a lot of fun!! Sylvia D.


The most creative pile of raked leaves I've ever seen! Your fall foliage photos are beautiful.

Photo Cache

I love all the leaves on the ground.


Great to see Fall colors, Sallie.
And, the artwork with the leaves is lovely too.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

jesh stg

Great to see people having fun with Fall and making a sign while raking leaves:) Also love the red fallen leaves! Great sharings of your Fall with ALL SEASONS, especially when you have a "dry place" to visit:)
Thanks you Sally - will get back later to your comments.


Lovely autumn colours and I like the leafy word art!


Wonderful shots of the place. You have a beautiful neighbourhood.


Hi Sallie.Thank you for visitig my blog. I haven'tposted there for months. Now tthat we are getting older, my husband will be 82 in a few weeks we don't get around like we did so no photo;s to show and no blogging for me.At least on my photoblog. Bud I do sometimes post mostly about my quilting on my craft blog,this is the link. http://mylifequiltingandstitchingagain.blogspot.nl/
I would love to see you there.

Su-sieee! Mac

Guess what I'm going to do the next time I rake leaves? :-) Thanks for sharing the fall colors up there. Several developments have gone up in places where I once saw (or could see) autumn.

ellen b

So glad the storm didn't cause as much damage as predicted. That was crazy about the tornadoes, though. Yikes. Love the idea of making signs from the fallen leaves. It will be interesting to see how many leaves have fallen at our place when we get home on Tuesday...
Have a good week Sallie!


A lovely post, Sallie...you captured the fall season with fervor and loads of color and I love these pictures. So glad that the storm didn't affect you...I had heard about it and thought about you immediately, but figured you were a distance away.

Thanks for your nice comments and I'm hoping this is a great week ahead for you!

Penelope Puddlisms

Being creative is never boring. I LOVE that last picture. I’m going to try something like that now that so many leaves have fallen after the recent storm that also shook parts of my area. We have many big trees in my neck of the woods and a young lad was killed by a fallen tree near his school. With so many not effected much by the storm, this poor boy sadly happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

riitta k

Nice autumn views. I'm sorry about the rain... It's better to stay warm and dry inside and take a cup of coffee :) Try to cope with the weather!


Love the "love" leaves! Send me some your rain, please. Beautiful Fall colors. Have a great week!


Wonderful colours! Have a beautiful week!


Hi Sallie. Of course over here we get a condensed version of how your autumn storms disrupt and damage. Inevitably I suppose they tend to focus on the immediate storms, the coast of Florida and the Caribbean islands. After a day or so the story is forgotten in favour of more domestic items like politics etc ZZZZZZ.

Those autumn colours are superb. It's been quite warm here with few signs of autumn leaves but I'm sure they are not far away.


awww. love the leaf art. thought of you when i saw the storms hitting oregon. glad you just got well-needed rain.

nancy chan

Coffee is great on cold rainy days! Love your colourful collage. Forming words with the fallen leaves bring much fun in raking the leaves. Great idea!


First, thank you for your message, Sallie ! We share the same thoughts ! The weather was the same, here next week : storm on Friday and heavy rain ... and the result the same too : old branches, leaves and flowers down ... But no poet to write "love" on the ground !

Marleen, NL

Beautiful, I just love all the colours.


we need rain, if you don´t want it send it our way. We have clouds but no rain in sight. And our ground waterlevel is way too low.
But your coffee shop seems inviting.

Glad you liked the cat posts :)


I like the look of your neighbourhood, the store owners have such a friendly way about them. Lovely autumnal mosaic of leaves, thanks for joining the MM crowd today.


Lovely coffee, love it. Trees, all colours, and the LOVE, favourite.


i too loved the word created by gallery owner .it reminded me the day may years ago when i was in school and our city got snowfall after seventy years as we heard from our grand parents and that day the boys in the town wrote in very huge pattern that ,
we love snow fall
your photos are stunning and reveals the beauty of fall


I do love how the gallery owner creates words out of his leaves. That would always bring a smile to the passer by, and you sharing it brings me a smile, as do all your other lovely photos. Thank you for your sweet comment Sallie. I am always happy to help so please never hesitate to ask. Have a great week my friend :)

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