October 01, 2016



My husband enjoys the Fitbit my daughter gave him..

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

What a great place you live in, Sallie. It looks like you chose very well when your relocated, and that Eugene is absolutely the place for you and your husband. (I think I would be happy there too!)


Dearest Sallie; Oh, it is wonderful to read that your life in Oregon is such a convenient one with everything in reach♫♫♫ At first," no danger of going hungry" made smile a little. But it's not laughing matter, we live far from shopping place on the hill; thinking what if my husband will not be able to drive makes me feel scared(^^;)
I LOVED to read the last paragraph you wrote♡♡♡ How wonderful that the library is in such close distance. Yes, Mental Exercise and wonderful Figurative Journeys☆☆☆

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Sharon Wagner

Life is good! I hope you are out of the hurricane's path.


Hi Sallie! Thanks so much for your comments. It looks like we're going to be fine. Right now we've got rain and some wind but no big deal. And I did appreciate your comment about da Trumpf. You got it right!

Reader Wil

I am so glad that you are so happy in your new surroundings! Those shops look very inviting!


Is nice to have so many choices within walking distance. Just have to walk to and from a lot to get in your steps.

Kay Davies

What a delightful place you live in, Sallie. "My kind of town" indeed. My best friend, who has been living in a narrowboat on a canal in central England, is moving back to Canada in the new year and I just know she'll be looking for bookstores et al — and I plan to join her when the weather in Nova Scotia improves (say, midsummer).
Thanks for your comment on my rant. Good to know I'm not the only one.
Cheers from here,
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Taken For Granted

Urban downtown areas are always exciting. Great collection of signs. Glad you are enjoying being there.


Looks like you found a perfect nesting spot!


Looks like you are in the middle of everything, Sallie!


I so enjoy walking arounf Eugene with you and your step counter. What fun!


I live downtown in my city (as I did where I lived before moving here) and absolutely love being able to easily walk everywhere for some urban stimulation!


You are a real walker, lots of things to photography.


Lots of places to eat by the look of it, sizzle pie made me laugh - what a unique name :-)


I would like to try one or two of these restaurants. And, Whole Foods is dangerous! I really like the salad and prepared food they sell by weight.


So many interesting places to visit!
Hope you are having a great week!

David Gascoigne

Eugene, OR was featured on "Jeopardy" the other night. I forget the context of the question but I thought about you immediately, Sallie!


yes, downtown living can be fun - it is so pleasant to be have everything at your doorstep.


it's great to be able to walk around so much

Photo Cache

You know I have always wanted to live in the city; I did in college, but you know I knew nothing about life then. Thus I think when the hubs and I retire and we're not able to care for our home, we would be willing to move into the city and enjoy city living as much as you have.


We live in a residential area in the city and I also love it! We are just steps away from a U-Bahn stop and you can get pretty much anywhere with the U-Bahn. When the weather is nice, I like to take my bike. Glad to hear you're enjoying the "easy" life. :-)


Eugene looks like a wonderful community to be a part of, so much to see and do, lucky you!
Browsing in bookshops isn't shopping(!) it's life affirming!
Glad you joined in the MM fun again this week, I really enjoyed seeing where you live.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

That is the best thing about living in a city--one can walk to so many places! When I lived in Brooklyn I could walk my children to school, I could walk to stores, my dentist, eye doctor, medical doctor, my library and church. I hardly drove at all. I really miss that!

Patrick Tillett

I can see that things have changed in my absence. I'll be catching up right now. There is not a lot that I like about cities, but you are apparently now living in one of the good ones....


I would at least like to try urban living just for the convenience of it all. Out in suburbia we never walk anywhere. One reason is that there is no place close to walk to. It is at least a half mile just to McDonalds.
I love your active interesting neighborhood. Thanks for showing us around.


Glad you are enjoying the downtown area and are finding it a good fit.


It is a different way of life. I'm wondering how long we can live here!!!
Great post.


Sally, I know what you mean with getting used to downtown living (when we moved into the condo 7 years ago) - it is like life never stops -there's always something going on! Well, you won't be bored. Hope there's not too much noise from traffic! Thank you for sharing your experiences with SEASONS! Hope you get adjusted soon:)

artmusedog and carol

You chose well ~ your world is filled with wonderful places ~ great shots ~ thanks !

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^


It's nice to be able to walk many places. Soon you will be boating to more places.



Wonderful shots of the place. Looking forward to more adventure.


I love this post, Sallie! I like seeing the shops and stores near your new apartment. What I miss most about the city is all those conveniences nearby. What did we do before step counters?


A wonderful tour of your community...I could see myself enjoying all of these awesome places. Since I moved to my house I have only antenna TV which is like not having TV...so Im back to reading again. I've read more books since I moved than I did all of last yr!


Eugene was a cool place when I went there in the 80s despite the ex who lived there, haha. It looks as if it's really grown. That's an impressive library and of course you've got a Whole Foods. That Sizzle Pie is a great name, are they any good? We don't have many good pizza choices here. To have four live theatre venues is something for a town that size.


Your new place is in such a great location, I can understand why you love it.

Lavender Dreams

I would love to be in walking distance of a library. And this one looks beautiful! It hasn't cooled off much yet but we took a hike this morning. Felt great to get outside and see some birds! Hugs, Diane


Looks like a great pace to explore and definitely would be tempted by the places it eat. Glad you have such a convenient place to live.

ellen b

It really is an ideal place to live to be able to walk to all the services you need and many fun things you don't need but can enjoy anyway. You chose well!


thanks for letting me walk with you. :) Wonder if I can ad those steps to mine :)

Jean Marie Baney

I've always wanted to live in a downtown environment. I did live within a few blocks many years ago and I enjoyed wheeling the stroller down and window shopping. Now the children are in their 40's so you know how long ago that was!


i like that you're walking a lot. 'sizzle pie' caught my eye! whatever that is, it sounds good!

Daniela L.

Oh, how I loved this so pleasant walk, side by side with you, dearest Sallie, thank you !

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday with gladness, I'm sending blessings on your coming week ahead, thinking of you with so much love

Xx Dany


What a lovely choice you have, for eateries and fresh produce. Our local eateries are turning more and more to fast food and everything with chips, especially before evening service.

Penelope Puddlisms

Honestly, you lead the perfect retirement life in a dream of a town that could reasonably be considered the envy of the world. And no sales tax … as I recall.


It seems to be a practical and nice area where you are living now, perfect for vintage age ! I am not a great shopper either, I get quickly bored.


There is certainly no danger of going hungry and happy in this lovely place.


Hello, Eugene looks like a lovely city to live. Lots of great places to eat, shop and nice activities. The library looks nice. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!


It appears you've found a cool slice of paradise right there in Oregon. I would love to live in such a place where so many things were in reach. That's just not going to happen in most cities in Florida, though. Good news: I think our high temp will be under 90 degrees today. Yea!


You sure do have the best of both worlds, Florida and Eugene. It sounds a great place for an apartment, so close to everything no need to look for a parking spot.


I like a lot to visit with you down-town Eugene and the places you love ! It seems to be so a charming town ! I walk everyday down to our little town ( 10 minuts) and of course up to return home : a good little walk ! I try to do a longer walk several times a week : all around the lake or along the Durance river : today it'll be both ! Nice sunday to you !

Lady Fi

It does look lovely with all those wonderful places within easy reach!

Hildred Finch

This change in venue must be really interesting for you, Sallie. y third son and his wife are selling their ten acres of orchard and thirty year accumulation of 'stuff' and moving into an apartment in town (Keremeos not being like Eugene or with anything like the same facilities) - still it will be a new experience for them.


Loving this post,Sallie! Your spirit and continuing sense of adventure is impressive. I love seeing all these spots in Eugene (especially the library and 2 bookstores, you say?
It is fun counting steps (or, rather, letting our very Smart phones do it). :) I rarely get to 10,000 steps, but, I do walk more now than I used to.


Looks like a good walk - oh, don't waste your time with Jamaican spinach as it's not as good as the real stuff.


It must be nice to be able to walk to so many places. We're in the suburbs and have to drive everywhere.

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