October 09, 2016



Good Morning Dearest Sallie; So sorry that I couldn't comment your post yesterday. I had a sudden errand at my relatives.
When I woke up, I hit upon another idea.

Please, take a look at my Sep. 16th post; at the bottom!

I pasted the hyper-link of the word "gift calendar 2017". You can copy and paste these word in your blank WORD page. Please click it with ctrl key. It is linked to the calendar page. There might be a precaution massage, but it is safe, I tried it(^_^)v

Below is my mail to you; Hope this comment works, Dearest Friend♪

Good Morning Sallie; Oh,My!!! Thank you SO much letting me know; now I learned you haven’t had my return mail (some of my previous ones).
I WISH this one can work ♪
I have to serve breakfast to my husband p:-) I REALLY appreciate your mail, Dear friend (♡^.^♡)

*Your kind comment for me in June*
i like the dragonflies very much; I've only been able to get a picture of one once, even though I see them fairly often. They move too fast for me!
*My return mail for you* 
Thank you SO much for your thoughtful comments, Dear friend. I really AM happy for your kindness♡♡♡ I have to visit husband’s friend from now. I WILL visiting you later in the evening♪
Lots of LOVE from Japan; Miyako*

*Your kind comment for me in May*
Thank you Miyako. I'm in awe of how well you read and write English -- even the idioms and slang. You are so smart!!
*My return mail for you*
Dearest Sallie; Thank you SO much for your thoughtful return mails. I felt happy and quite honored♪ Wish to visit you soon, Dear friend. I just came back visiting my aunt at the hospital. See You Soon.
Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


I hit upon the idea using the old pc after breakfast. Looked like it has been sent, Hope so p:-)
Love from Japan , Miyako*


Good Morning, Dearest Sallie; Thank you SO much for your mail, I've sent you a mail by using your mail♪ I'll come back later after breakfast for your new posts, Dear friend.  Naughty me haven't visited friends much for several days with a bit below per condition. But getting better p:-)

Hope you could get this time, Dear friend. Love, Miyako*

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I know that you have been wanting to see this species for a long time so I am happy to participate vicariously in your elation at seeing it. He really is a handsome fellow isn't he?


Hi Sallie, you were able to link with Today's Flowers. I followed it right to your post. so sorry it has given you a problem. These things can get very frustrating. Appreciate you persevering.


the wood duck is totally gorgeous and so are the trees turning color.

Alexa T

Beautiful october, indeed! And such lovely walk in the park and delta. Those trees are gorgeous in so various colors. Also, so lovely colorful duck...
Best regards and a very good weekend!


I have never seen a wood duck. How exciting, and absolutely gorgeous with all those colors. Such a nice treat to lunch with a friend, discover a new park, and enjoy a walk home plus meeting a stranger. I am terrible about taking photos of the people I know, or meet.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Beautiful duck! I posted two other varieties today.


Aren't the wood ducks so wonderful. I got to watch one brood brought up on the pond. Love the woodies... Michelle


That's wonderful that you saw the wood duck. Enjoyed all your photos here Sallie, thank you for a fun visit.

Ken Schneider

The Wood Duck is so beautiful. Loved the fall colors!

Su-sieee! Mac

The wood duck is beautiful. I've only seen a wooden duck that colorful.

Reader Wil

Thanks for the lovely walk!


I LOVE that duck! I don't think I have ever saw a Wood Duck before. They are just gorgeous!



Congratulations on your wood duck! What a handsome bird!


Dearest Sallie; I hope my first sending what you kindly requested through return-mail reached you my friend. As your E-mail address on my second one didn't work. Please let me know if you couldn't have it, my sweet friend.

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Gemma Wiseman

Great capture of the little wood duck. What a find. And love all those beautiful autumn colours.


glad to find you on the other blog :)


What a wonderful bird ! I think he doesn't live on this side of the ocean.First snow here on the mountains, just in front of our home : landscapes'll be more and more beautiful : blue sky, golden trees and snow ...


Agree the wood duck is a beautiful bird! I have never seen one. Hope you see another one soon!

Joanne Olivieri

Wood ducks are so gorgeous and you captured the duck beautifully. Great shots and such peaceful scenery.

Brian King Images

Congratulations on the Wood Duck! One of my favorites! Beautiful!


The duck is really pretty, reminds me of some we've seen in the gardens of Schloss Charlottenburg. I also love that fall tree in your last shot!


Hello Sallie!:) I'm so glad you finally saw and photographed the beautiful Wood duck with it's almost modern art design and colours. Just loved the autumn colours of the leaves on those pretty trees.
Have a good week!:)

Findlay Wilde

Wood ducks are stunning. We are really lucky to have a pair on the river (even though they are not a native bird). There is a small private collection of ducks on some land near the river, but they escape for a swim on the river every now and then.


This is so exciting and the wood duck is amazing! Beautiful photos of your wonderful fall day!


I'm pleased you caught up with Wood Duck Sallie but don't blame yourself for missing them until now. I remember from my times in Ontario how difficult they were to see despite them being (supposedly) around. It's the old story. Many ducks are intensely shy, mainly becauce us humans are predators who ususlly carry guns to blast them out of the sky. It's just the same here with many species. And I never eat duck!


The duck is a real beauty ! I love the little turtles too !
What a nice walk ! I like parks hidden in the middle of the busy city, for that we are very spoiled in Brussels, there are more parks here then in London !

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers

The colours of your Wood Duck are so perfect as to look as though he has been painted specially for your sighting! It seems there are many lovely parks within easy reach of the facilities of Eugene.


What a fortunate sighting! I'm green with envy (but happy for you). Seeing a wood duck has been on my own birding wishlist for years, Sallie. It is beautiful and goodness, how nice of the cormorant to point to the wood duck. :)
Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful day.


That last shot is so dreamy and makes me feel expansive in a deep breath way.


How wonderful that you spotted that wood duck. It's a gorgeous creature!
Have a wonderful week!

artmusedog and carol

Oh so glad you got your wish to see and photograph this beautiful bird ~ magnificent (can see why you wanted to see one) ~ Great photos and post ~ thanks.

Wishing you a special week ~ ^_^

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

The Wood Duck is amazing! What beautiful colors he has. The fall tree you took a photo of reminds me of the trees I walked under in my favorite park in Brooklyn. They always turned the most magnificent shades of orange.


That duck is so colourful it just doesn't look real.


I agree, the wood duck is very special. I have not seen it but have seen some similar duck. Gorgeous.
This seem to be a very nice park for a walk. Lots of fall colors. Ours are soon all on the ground.

Thanks for the nice comment of my latest work, but I think you might miss my more normal images. Not sure you visited my other blog?

You find my other blogs in the sidelist below NF Updated. OR go to:


Lovely Fall shots Sally! Had to laugh about the title of your post! Yes, I sure hope you keep up with your meals:) What kind of a lens do you actually need for good bird shots? The birds are all around me, but too far away to shoot with a normal lens.
Yeah, you caught the "out of my comfort zone" which has been a while ago, but good, so my painting won't get stale:) Have a great week!

Lavender Dreams

And what a wonderful photo you got of the wood duck. It's so perfect, it doesn't look real, does it? Seeing something unexpected is always such a treat! Nice weather here this week. Sweet hugs, Diane

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh

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Isn't he so gorgeous, Wood Ducks are one of the favourites.

Photo Cache

Isn't that the best thing to randomly stumble upon something you wanted to see for a long time? Glad you can finally check that off your list.


Such a pretty duck- loving the colours of the feathers :-)


Beautiful shots of the place. It is a delight to be here.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Great siting of the wood duck. We always have cameras in hand when we walk, you just never know what you will see. 'm visiting from Mosaic Monday.


Incredible beauty!


That's the most beautiful duck, I've never seen one before.


Hello, congrats on your wood duck sighting. Looks like you had pretty views on your walk home and at the pond. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


Aren't the wood ducks amazing?!!! The Delta Ponds look like a wonderful, hidden place of magic! I can't wait to see what you find on your next visit! Happy Monday!


so glad you got to see a wood duck, finally! i sort of take them for granted here now. we raised a couple of broods here this summer and we had about 40 gathered here before they took off south. but they are amazing...

love the woman and her dog. and your interaction with her. :)


Love the tree =)
Great post =)

riitta k

That duck is a fairy tale duck - for sure! Great autumn colors in the park. Enjoy.


Beautiful wood duck, spotting it was pure serendipity, that's why you must always carry your camera.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

Lady Fi

Wow - that IS a gorgeous duck! And I like the autumn colours too.


Dearest Sallie; Wow, Congratulations on the encounter with such a gorgeous wood duck♡♡♡ And happy for your wonderful day with your friend. Great walk of the beautiful October day♪
What a beautiful Autumn scene with the lady walking with her dog. I LOVE all the colors in the picture, Dear friend(♡^.^♡)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


Great sighting Sallie. I love the turtles, too. That lady and dog put thise enourmous trees in perspective. I think your fall is awesome!!

ellen b

That really is an amazing duck sighting. Such beautiful coloring. So nice that you could capture it. Hope you have a good new week.


Wow! That's some duck. We have wood ducks here but I can't recall any with those colors. Lucky you!


Don't you love it when that happens...just out of the blue a wish comes true!! AND it sure was a beauty too!!


Oh, how envious I am of your wood duck sighting!!

What a lovely day!

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