November 07, 2016



Exceptionally beautiful places.
Have a Happy Day, Sallie!
Peace :)

Patrick Tillett

I love those old houses, but I can't image the doing the constant upkeep. Great photos!


What a lovely place. Great set of photos

Ken Schneider

Nice variety of images. I especially like the old mansion. Down here in south Florida everything is spanking new.

Ida P. Krause

I'm "late" to the party but I do like your fence. That is a really charming looking home. - Cute Bike/Unicorn. I'm not sure though if everyone felt that same way. I'm just glad it's over now & hope people can get on with their lives and try to get along with each other.

Stewart M

I do like the bike - and I like it a great deal more than the election result!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

That fence is incredible! I love the window reflection too.


I love the fence and gardens!


Life goes on and we live through it. All will be well. If nothing else, Karma wins. Eugene is so beautiful.


The coloured houses are absolutely beautiful. I love these old wooden houses. You see them here in NZ as well, but most are not so big.
Interesting to see the shrine with so many items.


I love these! Very cool!


I like all these beautiful and colours pictures.
They make me feel lively.
I hope you still are.


That first house is beautiful and I knew right way that the second house door had a reflection of the trees. Fantastic reflection and the bike with the unicorn gave me a smile.


You live in such a beautiful and diverse place full of history and nature. But I can't imagine painting any of those houses.

We must not give up hope.


I love that house and the fence. Seven colors - wow. I wish I were brave enough to do more colors in my home. Our modern homes are so blaaa compared to that wonderful vintage home.


the homes are beautiful, like the homes in cape may...especially the colors!! i am so happy the election is over but i did not expect what's going on now, what a shame!! i thought when it was over, it would be over and everyone would put their big boy/girl pants on. it seems many people left their pants at home ;)


beautiful autumn colours and handsome houses. I like the quote about the dancing skeletons too


Dancing skeletons!

Such a Grateful Dead thing. (Where I got my name, btw.)

Wil Francois

Lovely and interesting post, Sallie ! These houses are wonderful.

David Gascoigne

Looks like a very human-friendly city, Sallie. A few years ago Miriam and I were in Ecuador during the Day of the Dead and it was amazing to see cemeteries filled with people with blankets spread on the ground, and picnics going on - all in celebration of departed loved ones. Seemed like a pretty civilized activity to me.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Lovely photos and a great quotation plus it was interesting to read in your comment that your ancestors came from Sweden. :)
Otherwise, I'm totally depressed, just reading articles about the fact that this person will now have access to the President's Daily Briefing documents. God help us all indeed!


You are coming across beautiful houses in your stroll.


love the blue building. Wouldn´t mind living in it I think :) So beautiful in both shape and color :)


Lovely scenery Sallie.

Nancy Chan

I have done painting on my own house and its really hard work. Like you, I would love to take photos of pretty houses and their garden.


Well, history was made. Just maybe not in the way we expected! Let's see what happens now. Hopefully the controls in place will keep Trump from doing all the crazy things he proposed. I feel sorry for our Angie though as I'm pretty sure she won't rate a "10" with Trump.

And thanks for the look around your town. Love the fall colors!


such a beautiful corner house !!!


The colours on your walk are beautiful. The corner house a beauty too.


It looks like a real pretty town, the bike had the wrong sign, she maybe nasty, but not a vulgar, uneducated clown !


loving the scenery and colours you have there :-)


A beautiful house.


oh, my, such lovely homes and the landscaping on the corner- wow! I too like the bike and the sign- guess that tells you how I voted.

Taken For Granted

Like the Shaw quote on the sampler. It is very Shaw like being funny and wise.


As much as In love that garden around the house - and understand their need for some privacy - I wish it were cleared so we could enjoy the house more! Such a beauty!

tom the backroads traveller

Pretty sight particularly the last one.

Photo cache

I enjoy the quote about the skeleton.

Frankly My Dear


I love that first house, Sallie! Wouldn't want to keep it up though!


So nice you can walk around such a colorful place. I like to walk around the beach communities (close to where I live) since there are several beach cottages painted in bright colors. #OurWorldTuesday


Beautiful shots. You have great fall colors and I love the houses. I hope I can be positive tomorrow or even just stay awake. No way will I go to sleep until I have a clearer idea of how things are going with the election. The bike sign is great. I didn't hear her in person but Elizabeth Warren did a great rift on nasty women during a speech she gave at a traditionally woman's college in Raleigh. All I have to say is nasty women unite, ha.


Those are nice city shots. Here's hoping to a good outcome tonight!


What a great old house with gingerbread trim. It looks right out of a fairy tale. Like you though, I wouldn't want the upkeep. Looks like you're takng lots of walks. Thats what I loved about city living - visiting all the interesting neighborhoods.


Gorgeous house and landscaping. Our weather in WI continues to be mild and sunny.
Am watching the Bag of Cheeseburgers and Confederate Belt Buckles vote now and wondering who told him it was today.
Ah, the Day of the Dead, how appropriate. I thought it was some Irish thing at first which made me think I needed a shot or two of Irish Whiskey to get through today.


That first house/garden is just gorgeous! As is the second one! Hope the election goes smoothly... Have a beautiful week!


I love these older houses with all their nooks and crannies and colors, though I would not want to paint them, for sure. Hereabouts, we have them as well and call them "painted ladies". It is grand, Sallie, that you can walk in nature and then walk in city and see such amazing sights in both.

Here's to good outcomes.


Your eye for details amazes me more and more, dearest Sallie !
In Italy we also do celebrate the Day of Deads, on November 2nd, just after All Saints Day.

Enjoy your day with gladness, sweetest friend of mine,
sending big hugs across the many miles

Xx Dany


Walks are so much fun! You have lots to see and do!



Hello Sallie, the fence and houses are pretty. I like the paint colors too. I will be glad to have this election over, I hope the best person wins. God help us all. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!


That first house is an amazing structure. I would love to seek out all the nooks and crannies in that place. And I love the bike. I think we're going to be OK. Well, it's never again going to be OK...Trumpism will continue to be a scourge on the face of the earth because he represents 50% of the population (which I still can't come to grips with!)...


Dearest Sallie; OMG!!! These amazingly gorgeous houses must need lots of tending work to maintain its beauty☆☆☆
Although I understand they are special decorations for the celebration, these altars on display kind of interested me seeing the difference from ours. Thank you very much for sharing.
Oh, I'm following the news about the election, all we can do for politics is stay positive, isn't it(^^;)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*

Lady Fi

Today is THE day! Election Day... We're quaking in our boots over here that a misogynist and racist buffoon might get elected. I certainly hope not. I keep hope, like you.

In the meantime, beautiful shots!

ellen b

I am apprehensive about tomorrow. I know whatever that we will get through it...someway or another. Lovely city views.

Hildred Finch

Love your Shaw quote, Sallie. Beautiful pictures.


I don't know how one would keep track of that many colors of paint. I admire that they are keeping the house up.

I love the altars you photographed. I've really become fascinated with the Day of the Dead and the Ofrendas.

I'm so sick of this election and hoping that we get a brief respite from the nastiness once tomorrow is over.


wow, that grand well-tended, well-decorated home... too involved for me, too. :)


Those house colors are really beautiful. Amazing how you captured the tree reflection. It seems like you live in an ideal place that you can take such nice walks right out your door.


Those are absolutely happy stairs! I love the fiery tree the Day of the Dead altars. So much to see here today.

artmusedog and carol

What a delightful post and photos ~ all very intriguing and creative ~

Wishing you a lovely week ~ ^_^


Those older residences are lovely but I wouldn't like to have to do the paint up-keep. I really like the way you captured the autumn leaves with the light shining through them. Thanks for sharing.


Love your first image Sallie, especially the perspective. Beautiful colors too.


What interesting houses! Lots of color. Looks like a fun walk. Love the bike and sign!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Stay positive, Sallie! I am also hoping for the best for America!

I first saw day of the Dead altars on a visit to San Antonio, TX, in early November one year. They were fascinating to see.


So much colour in the neighbourhood. That fence in the first photo is very unusual. I think the world is holding its breath over the US election tomorrow.


Those homes are gorgeous! Im sure I'd enjoy a stroll through that neighbourhood!


Gorgeous photos, Sallie! And I love the one about teaching the skeleton in the closet to dance! :)

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