November 20, 2016



that turkey doesn't look anything like what i ate on thanksgiving ;)

so sorry about that ugly fall!! first thing i do when i fall is check to see if anyone was watching. there's usually a crowd. oooooh sally - be careful girl - we need you here!!!

Patrick Tillett

Ouch! That sucks! Glad to hear that you weren't badly damaged. I was hiking last week and took a nasty fall onto some bedrock. Luckily, I landed on my head...


You do make fascinating walks! But please don't fall again. Last year 20 December I fell and broke my wrist and I had a huge L shaped wound. It took me 3 months to recover. It was a miracle.I hope you will soon be healed!


That so completely sucks! I've been there and falling is always on the horizon for me. You're lucky you didn't break more but I'm sorry for your pain. Urgent Care and the ER are the worse, especially on the weekend. I'm glad you have someone to help you and hope this finds you healing.


Just take it easy! We'll be here when you are back in shape!!!


I'm so sorry about your fall and am glad you were able to call your Bill for help (I'm always grateful for a cell phone and that I can call my Bill for help too which I've had to do). I love the turkey shot. As always I enjoy your words and photographs and I hope you won't be too bruised for long and that your finger and wrist will heal swiftly.


Nice pics, so sorry to hear about your fall.

Get well soon!


Oh Sallie, I.m so sorry for you ! I hope you feel better now and don't suffer too much. I hope too you spent an happy Thanksgiving with your family ! All my best thoughts to you.


Dear Sallie, yes that okra-flower is the flower from which okra grows. The flowers bloom for a day; falls off; and out of it the okra starts.

Hildred Finch

I am late in visiting this week, and am so sorry to hear of your fall, Sallie. I hope all goes well for you, and that it heals quickly. Two years ago I fell and broke my wrist, but luckily found the best surgeon in Emergency who operated that evening, inserted two supporting blades and I was back to playing the piano in a week (or maybe ten days). I hope you are so lucky!!


nice to see the wild turkey, you can see them here exploring ditches or on farmland running around, but they are a bit tough to eat.


happy thanksgiving ! i hope you feel better !!!
greetings from germany :-)

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: That was quite a fall and I am only glad that you didn't hurt yourself a whole lot more. Often the sheer instinct to try to break the fall causes more injury than if you simply accepted gravity and went down. Children are good at that. Get well soon and accept all the help you can get.I just returned from a birding trip to Cuba - arrived home at three in the morning - so I am a little tired right now. Should be back to normal tomorrow. Or should I drag this out a little, pretend, whine, sigh deeply? After all my wife is seven years younger than I am!! She would see through my ruse in about ten seconds - maybe even nine!


Happy Thanksgiving to you.
I hope you are recovering nicely - but still being waited on hand and foot by others ;)


So sorry to hear about your fall, Sallie! I broke my wrist several years ago when falling on an icy sidewalk and like you someone stopped to help me and actually drove me and my dog home! I hope you have a good Thanksgiving!


Hi Sallie. I hope by now you are feeling a little better about your finger if not your embarrasment. It does seem a little over the top method to get Bill to do all the washing dishes though!

How interesting that you suggest the "wild" Turkeys might end up on a dinner plate. If so i wonder if their urban diet might lead to a slightly different taste of turkey breast than the one we are more accustomed to? Have fun and take care.

Alexa T

Hello Sallie! It is so sad to read about your accident! Hope you're fine and you have a nice time, now and always! So, many thanks for visiting my blog posts and I wish you a very lovely time, filled with good cheer and good health, as well! Happy Thanksgiving day to you and family!

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Hello, Sallie! I too am very sorry about your accident. Hope you recover quickly! Try to let your fingers, wrists and arms rest. Especially wrists are very delicate parts of our body. (I know something about that.)
In our country we don't, unfortunately, celebrate Thanksgiving and I have heard people wishing each other Happy Thanksgiving only in American films. :) Now I'm really pleased I can wish you... Happy Thanksgiving!


oh, dear! i'm so sorry for your breaks and aches, but am grateful it was not worse!! blessings to you, dear sallie. enjoy the holidays and be safe in your falls...and winters...and springs...and summers. always.


Hello Sallie, hope you your injury will soon be healed.....but on the plus side it may be your turn to relax and enjoy help and attention! Wishing you joy and a Happy Thanksgiving....


Poor girl ! handicapped on both hands now, that's real bad ! I only had to hop around with my sprained ankle ! But you were lucky not to have broken a leg or worse. Only thing to do is rest and being patient which for me is the most difficult part !

Penelope Postcards

You are a brave blogger indeed, posting this after your fall. Hope your finger recovers without need of surgery and glad you have a husband who treats you so well. Isn’t it ironic that you should be enchanted by a falling girl only to become one yourself. One of life’s mysteries.


I forgot to tell you how lovely your town is, and what a surprise to meet a turkey where you did.

Photo Cache

Gobble, gobble.

Happy Turkey Day.


I hope you don't need surgery. Years ago I fell over a speed bump at Lowe's because I was looking elsewhere other than where I was walking. I had just a few scrapes. A man passing by asked if I needed help, I affirmed that I did. Then he walked away!

tom the backroads traveller

Sallie, what an experience, I'm hoping that you mend quickly.Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Taken For Granted

So sorry to hear you had a nasty fall. Hope you heal quickly. Have a happy Thanksgiving.



So sorry to hear about your fall. Lucky that nothing serious happened. Falling on those pavements is a serious issue as those scraps and bruises can be painful. I hope they are not that painful with you. I hope you get well soon and a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I love all the pictures but especially that of the Turkey.


I am sorry to read you have the same issues I do with staying upright. I hope your finger heals quickly. I thought about you for several days fter reading your comment on my last post. I hope I didn't make your feelings worse. The second photo is very strange. Is the girl drowning?


Oh no! How odd you fell taking a picture of a fall! I am so sorry you are hurt...it was sweet of the man to come to your aid even though it wasn't needed. Well, I hope you have a good Thanksgiving regardless. Get mended soon!


Wishing you a speedy recovery and a joyful Thanksgiving!


Emergency health care in this country is the worse. So glad you got taken care of and hope all will be well. I had a curb trip me last year. They come out of nowhere. The urban turkey is smart. Happy Thanksgiving!

Les Fous du Cap

Happy Thanksgiving ;-)
Céline & Philippe


Oh Sally, how unlucky are you? Hope surgery is not needed and you are on your way to recovery. I enjoyed the beginning of your walk. I wonder if the turkey had escaped after looking at a calendar.


gosh, that was a bad fall. Broken fingers due to a fall, You must had a very bad angle or that. It will take some ime to heal I think.

Love your beautiful images. And, take care!


Hello Sallie!:) Oh dear!!! What a shame your day turned out the way it did. I'm so sorry you were injured in your fall and hope you are soon on the mend. Do rest, and take advantage of being looked after, so that your hand heals quicker. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful red berries and the Wild Turkey, and hope you have a wonderful Thanks Giving.:)

Michelle Ramblingwoods

Oh no..I am always fearful as I do loss my balance and I have fallen and injured various parts but not broken anything...I watch my grandson run and fall and get right up and keep going...Oh youth..I love the turkey.....Michelle


Wow! This turkey is bold!


This year I don't have to cook Thanksgiving OR CHRISTMAS day or eve! I am delighted.

I will have the News Years dinner! But that is only ONE!

Happy Thanksgiving!



Dearest Sallie; OMG!!! What an accident and injuries, I DO hope your swift and thorough recovery, Dear friend. I remember how it was when I broke my hand when I was teenager, please take a rest and forget our household chores a little☆☆☆ Yes, I certainly agree with you and happy for you that your two necessities of life were safe (for me, too :-). And the sign, I wondered how you must have felt for that....
Oh, I usually buy and have chicken on the Thanksgiving Day as we can't find turkey much in the store. And that's after I started my blog (♡^.^♡)

BEAUTIFUL Autumn Berries to thank for in your urban nature pictures; pleas have a restful Thanksgiving Day.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend in America, xoxo Miyako*


We have those urban wild turkeys where I live too. Before I moved here I had never seen a real turkey myself.


Oh no! I am so sorry about your accident. Hope you recover quickly and that you are not in much pain. That turkey is really wonderful--I would LOVE to run into one:)
PS: I finally got to see a little bit of FL this year on our trip. Although we didn't see much of it, I LOVED it and actually felt like crying when we were leaving there.


Awwww....Sallie, I am so, so sorry to hear about your fall. :( I hope that you will heal thoroughly and rapidly. Your photos are beautiful, and the turkey is delightful! Now this is something I never see in Montreal...except on a dinner table, (or in a nature park), but I really love these birds. I saw one in a nature park once and it responded to me when I tried to 'communicate' with it. :) Thank you so much for sharing your photos, and I am so glad you took the time to photograph the turkey! :)

Su-sieee! Mac

Ouch! I wonder how many people have tripped looking at that sign. Hope someone does something about it. Hope you're feeling better now and letting the healing happen. Big hugs.
The View from the Top of the Ladder


I am very sorry for you fall and hand injury. Take care - although it is a bit late to say that now! Such things happen so quickly and afterwards one wonders why? You are lucky to have a kind husband and family close enough to do the cooking for thanksgiving. I like the photo of the Turkey wandering down the ciry street. Like everyone else I enjoy your posts and comments - but please take it easy and slow down until your injuries have time to heal properly.


Oh dear, that's quite a fall. The falling girl mural must have some significance, but to me it looks odd and uncomfortable. I'm glad you are well taken care of and I hope you recover quickly.


Wow - I hope you feel better soon. Let's blame it on our President-elect.


OH NO OMG!! You poor dear, I know as You know exactly how you feel as I went through this both wrists broken...AND trust me its NO FUN!! I really hope you don't need surgery but, the CAST is just as bad so surgery may be a blessing, you will keep us posted I HOPE! AND Wishing you a good report.

artmusedog and carol

Oh dear ~ glad that you have help with that dear husband of yours and fantastic photography ~ 'fallen girl' was too suggestive perhaps ~ but you are on the mend and will be with people on Thanksgiving ~

Happy Thanksgiving to you ~ ^_^


Sorry Sally, especially becuase you always take so much care with your comments. Just do it with a few words, and give your fingers some rest! Wow, that turkey looks fat and sassy:) -many thanks for sharing with ALL SEASONS anyway, and hope you're celebrating your Thanksgiving with your kids (so you won't have to cook -like I do this Thanksgiving, lol)
A happy Thanksgiving you you and your family!

Lady Fi

Oh no!! So very sorry to hear about your fall.


So sorry you had to 'take a fall' for blogdom. LOL
Truly I am sorry because you did hurt yourself but electronics survive--YAY!!
Heal fast!

Lavender Dreams

Oh Sallie, I am so sorry this happened to you. I know how it feels and how badly you can get hurt. Sidewalks are so uneven and can cause you to trip so easily. I agree...it could have been worse but you'll need to take it easy for awhile. I remember after I tripped, I hurt all over. I landed on my face which sounds crazy and I looked like I had been in a fight...and lost bigtime! Take care of yourself and just rest. Sending lots of gentle hugs to you, Diane PS We just got back to Florida...highs around 80 every day this week! YAY!


Well, what a way to spend the Thanksgiving holidays. Broken fingers and twisted wrists, etc., are not fun at all. I certainly hope you do not need surgery. Love that "urban" turkey, though. I've never heard of one of those. I've seen some, but they've always been the cooked variety.

Take good care. Perhaps thou ought to hie thyself down to Florida is a rapid manner?


So sorry that you ended up falling but relieved you are home now & being waited upon by your dear husband!
The picture of the girl falling is rather odd by itself! I enjoyed seeing your other photos & hope the turkey makes it through the week & is thankful!


Dear Sallie-
Wish you a Speedy Recovery!
I am sending you special, positive vibes for the same.

Lovely post as usual.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Peace :)


But not yourself.

I am sorry about your fall.


Ha ha...
You have seen Alice drop all the way down in the rabbit hole.

Welcome to the Wonderland.

Nancy Chan

So sorry about your fall and injured finger. Hope no surgery is needed. Take care, rest and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sorry to hear about your fall and hope you don't need surgery. I fell several years ago and really did a job on my little finger -- smashed. Amazing how much we need our hands when we can't use one. Hang in there. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.


You have captured beautiful photos on your walk.


Hello Sallie, so sorry about your fall. I hope you do not need surgery. I have had similar falls, just not paying attention where my feet are going. I hope you recover soon. Love the city turkey, I hope is stays safe. Take care and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Stewart M

Ouch! The trip does not sound good - hope you are mending rapidly.

I suspect the stars around the girl mean she is flying.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Oh Sallie, I am so sorry about your fall. A friend had a similar accident, but broke both her wrists! I hope you don't need surgery. I expect this is just before your planned winter move too.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, Sallie! I hope you will not need surgery, and that with rest you'll son be as good as new. Thank goodness you did not break your hip--something we all have to worry about as we get older. I hope you'll still be able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving Day. Feel better soon! xoxo


Dear Sallie, I knew that you had injured your hand but not the details, ouch!
The falling girl sign has a lot to answer for.
Hoping your Dr.s appointment goes well today and an operation isn't necessary so that you have even more reasons to be thankful this year.
Lovely mosaic by the way!


Oh, Sallie, I am so sorry to learn of your fall and your injury. While I know the feeling of "it couldn't been worse", it is none-the-less a very painful injury and one that keeps you from doing common motions and chores. Theses things shake us to our core, at least for a bit. I hope that you won't need surgery, but, if you do it sounds like you have the very best of care.
Here is to a good and patient husband, quick healing, and as happy of a Thanksgiving as you can possible have.

ellen b

Oh dear girl...so sorry for your fall but thankful help was close by and that no one is depending on you to cook the turkey this week. I fell down stairs one holiday season hitting my nose on each step going down. Ugh that emergency room experience was long and tedious with no good results. Glad you got into an Orthopedic clinic. Hope all will heal well. Oh my and the fact that you took that photo of the falling girl just before you fell...yikes.
Anyhoo...hugs and prayers for good healing to you! And...Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Sorry to hear about your fall - I fell outside late this summer when I was by myself - banged up a bit, nothing major. Hope you are well on the road to recovery.

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