December 18, 2016


Lavender Dreams

I'm so happy to see your beautiful photos and know you are enjoying the wonderful weather here. We've been seeing a lot of the Mergansers in the pond near us. They are gorgeous, aren't they! Welcome back to the Sunshine State! Hugs!


What a great place to spend Christmas. Have a wonderful 2017!


I'm glad that you are warm again. We are hot here and even hotter down south which is odd since we are closer to the equator but Melbourne sometimes get the hot winds blowing off the inland deserts. My daughter said it was 40°C today while we had 28°C. It must be nice to go to lunch by boat. The birds are lovely too. Happy New Year to you both.

Sharon Wagner

I'd love living barefoot 365. Or at least wearing only flip-flops. Happy New year in good old Florida! I have a whole month of photos on my blog right now.


hope you're enjoying some fine weather outside, it's been a nippy last couple of days for us strangely enough but now the heat and sun has come out.


So missing the South right now! Your pictures with all that lovely BLUE just make me smile remembering wonderful Florida😄 Enjoy!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas Sallie!


Merry Christmas dear Sallie....enjoy the beautiful blue skies....Michelle


Hello Sallie, Great shots of the egret and Hooded Mergansers. The moon capture are beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy weekend! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Wonderful shots of the beautiful birds and nature in Florida. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Penelope Puddle

Wow … I could almost jump over that moon it seems so close … and what a wonderful way to spend the winter months, cruising nature’s nooks and crannies in a well-functioning boat. Wishing you and yours all the best, Sallie, over the holidays and in the New Year!

Lady Fi

Wishing you much joy and light!

Stewart M

That weather looks like mine - none of that cold white stuff!!

Hope you have a great Christmas - Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I am always slightly surprised to see that not everyone is buried under a blanket of snow! Cheers from the north!!!


Awesome pictures..

Magical Mystical Teacher

Enjoy Florida for Christmas!

Peter B

Looks like a perfect place to spend the holidays! Have a Merry Christmas!!


my comment don´t seem to work today. :(

It´s a lovely place and I wish I could be with you.

Love the Hooded merganser :)

Alexa T

Merry Christmas, Sallie and Happy Holidays to you! It's so lovely to see such sunny aspects, blue waters, beautiful birds and a nice moon from Florida. We do not have snow, though it is winter time, now; for sure, it's pretty cold, but hopefully, who knows... perhaps we will have some snowflakes till Christmas! Best regards and lots of joys for these Christmas holidays and for the New Year, too! Alexa


I'm so happy and also a bit jealous that you are in a warm spot for Christmas. It looks absolutely wonderful.

You have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!!!!

Joe Todd

Merry Christmas Sallie.. Please send some of your sunshine and warmth to Ohio... We have some blue skies today for a change...

Gemma Wiseman

Wow. Your night view of the moon is stunning. And love all the radiant blue waters in the first series of scenes.
The very happiest Christmas to you.


Great photos, especially the Snowy Egret
Merry Christmas!

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Oh my! I'm feeling a bit jealous!


aah, heavenly photos! I'm not quite green wih envy.


A complete change of climate for you and wonderful photos of the area and the birds!
Enjoy your time there with a very merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Hi, an extra visit to return you Xmas wishes. I hope you have a good holiday season! I hope too that your Florida temperatures don't peak to the levels ours here do! No wonder all the beach photos are filled with people - the only really comfortable place is in the water. Happy holidays to you!

tom the backroads traveller

Ah, so boring, only blue water and sky and sunshine...Merry Christmas.


Looks lovely! The male hooded merganser is very handsome!


Well you warned me, hahaha. What is that Egret saying I wonder. You cray cray, girlfriend, get on a Greyhound and take it all the way south. Love the moon photos, mine turn out so weird.
I hope you've healed up and are enjoying every bit of your time down there.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Hi Sallie!

I've been very busy preparing for Christmas. I'm glad you are in balmy Florida for the holiday and enjoying the water, birds and warm weather. Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy happy new year! xoxo


Lucky you :-D. Enjoy the gorgeous weather there and a very Happy Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. I am hearing about the Mergansers for the first time -- looks really interesting. And the snowy Egret was gorgeous.


Great photos.

jesh stg

Have a very special Christmas (do you travel or the kids?) to you and your family Sally. Guess it can be a pain when you don't have a good repair man for your boat!
Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comments, as well as sharing your posts with ALL SEASONS. before we know it, it will be the next year:):)


Oh I just adore the ducks. We have some "not so smart" mergansers that have come here for winter. Lucky me, not so lucky them!!! I'm not sure what they are thinking!!!

We did the boat thing years ago and were happy to sell it, we learned that we are not boat people!

Your images are beautiful, enjoy your warm Christmas!


Wow, what a nice life ! It should be like that when you are retired ! If only my man would move, lol !


Great shots from Florida. I love it.


How I yearn for your warm temperatures! We are having a heat wave - at 18 degrees, which is 20 degrees warmer that yesterday's wake-up. :) Your scenery is lush and lovely, Sallie, and I'm thinking I would love Harn's marsh. I hope you return there often.
LOVE your moon shots. Wow!
Enjoy it all, Sallie, as well as the holidays.


Wow! So cool! Merry Christmas!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Beautiful, AND SUNNY Florida! [we're in an overcast, nasty week of winter right now] Love the photos from the moon to the new birding refuge. And the mergansers....fantastic images.

Thanks for stopping by to visit with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this week. [*hint Hope you decide to link this post!!]


looks so great !
merry christmas to you and the ones you love :-)


Hi Sallie, the warmth of the sun must feel SO good in this time of year. The ducks are lovely, and great capture of the egret!

handmade by amalia

Great photos. I feel a bit warmer just looking at them.

Nancy Chan

A beautiful getaway with blue sky, blue water, warm sunshine and lovely birds in Florida! What a wonderful boating holiday!

Lady Fi

That does look lovely and warm! Wishing you a fabulous festive season.


Growing up in a boating family my Mom always said, "A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into." Sure was fun and this looks sunny and warm. Much nicer than current PNW conditions. I'll have to think about joining you in FL one of these winters.

carol l mckenna

It all looks very inviting ~ gorgeous photography ~ thanks,

Happy Holidays to you ~ ^_^


I could handle bare feet and sand for Christmas!


Photo Cache

So does the humidity ease up a bit during the winter months? Happy Holidays?

David Gascoigne

Any day with a Hooded Merganser is a good day, Sallie. May I wish you and your entire family a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with joy, excitement and satisfaction. And please remind all those Floridians who voted for Trump of the terrible disservice they did to the entire world!

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Lovely photos, Sallie! This post made me smile: Your December looks slightly different from ours. :) Staying in Florida must be wonderful, but at least for the Christmas days I'm happy even with our snow.
Wishing you a very merry Christmas and much happiness and health for the new year! Blessings!


Dearest Sallie,
I'm so very grateful to you for every post of yours and for the magic and teh Beauty you always share, and with my heart filled with sincere gladness and thankfulness, I'm sending blessings on your Christmas, may it be Peaceful, Joy-and-Hope-filled as never before !

Xx Dany


Thanl=ks for the photos of the mergansers. I love them. They will be back here next spring.

ellen b

Oh yes...you have proved you aren't in the Pacific Northwest! Beautiful photos. Glad you made it to your winter home safe and sound. Yippee for your boat working well. Daughter and her hubby are in Florida right now with her in-laws. They fly back to Seattle Christmas Eve day. They can't get over how warm it is. :)


Beautiful photos. Florida looks wonderful, it's better than being cold.

kelleyn rothaermel

I know you guys are warmer by 30 degrees. My husband is counting down the days we can move to Florida though it will be a while as we are waiting for our little ones to leave the house. He will probably buy a condo there in the next couple of years.


There is far too much blue in those pictures!! What about I send you some pictures of grey skies to balance it up?

And those Hooded Mergansers are a step up from our Common or Red-breasted Mergansers for sure.

Good to hear your boat is on song and ready to go. Just take it easy with all that sunshine Sallie. And if there's any to spare, send it this way.


YES! I was thinking of how wonderful it is to be in FL in winter...great shots love the big moon!!


What a fantastic post to show off your Florida! Isn't it great to be able to share in warm weather and glorious waters? Thank you for your kind comment on Ocala. This is redneck country so I appreciate fellow travelers.


Hello, Sallie! I am with on enjoying a warm December. It has been great. The marsh looks like a great place for a walk and birding. Great shots of the Mergansers and Egret. Gorgeous captures of the moon! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead! I wish you and your a blessed and Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too. I will be lovely to have warm sunshine too:).


The blue skies, sunshine, blue water, and all the birds look perfect to me! Bare feet are the perfect finish!!


As I may have said before, you make Florida so appealing. I wish you a wonderful Christmas season and the best of New Years.

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