December 11, 2016



Hi Sallie-
As I look through the photos in this post, I can hear the ocean.
Kinda therapeutic, in its own way.
Enjoy the Holiday Season.
Peace :)


Absolutely lovely!

Keith Wynn

Glad that you arrived safely :)

Have a Merry Christmas :)

Sharon Wagner

Florida sounds like a great place to be right about now. Tomorrow, the high here will be -5! Of course, I was there all November. Thanks for your nice comment about my travel writing. That means a lot.

Gemma Wiseman

I find wild waters exciting, though I am wary and keep a respectful distance. I don't need a sign to tell me. I couldn't imagine not living by water worlds. Love the variety of colours and moods in this world.


oooh an ocean bar, yeah we have them here they are very dangerous if you don't know how to handle them.


I thought I had already left a comment, but apparently not--LOL. SO glad you have safely arrived at your other home and that all is well! Looking forward to seeing SUN, BLUE skies (although I am enjoying our snow right now), flowers!


You lead an exciting life. From what I'm reading from friends i the frozen north, you are in a good place.


Oh my Sallie..It is 18 degrees here and I am out several times to refill the bird feeders..I envy you....enjoy..Michelle

handmade by amalia

Wonderful photos. I have a special fondness for lighthouses.


you are ggoing back and forth but still want to take train elsewhere. :) (as commented at my blog )

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Funny about the rough bar sign! The ocean shots are fantastic.


You sound all ready for the warm weather!

Kay L. Davies

I'm looking forward to your east coast photos, Sallie, but in the meantime I do love your west coast ones. I've always loved the Oregon coast. One of my good friends moved there from the San Francisco Bay area a few years ago...she's loving it and I enjoyed visiting her there.
The best of the season to you, whatever your weather.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


hehehe, all bars can be rough!!! and that is one beautiful lighthouse!!!


Safely back in your winter abode, will be looking forward to your photos. As always I have just enjoyed a lovely catch up here. Thanks for your kind words about my photos Sallie, so much appreciated.


Beautiful, great photos!


Lucky girl ! You are back in the sunshine and your boat ! How wonderful ! I scrolled through your blog, you have done quite some travelling ! Loved the pictures of the Sea lions ! They sleep so close together that I didn't even see at first what it was ! Beautiful landscapes on your trips !


Great photos


Ohhh! Living in Florida? That sounds like tons of fun. I am sure you are going to be able to visit wonderful places during the season. #OurWorldTuesday


Enjoy the warm weather down south. Glad you found all ok.


Great photos, Sallie!

Joe Todd

Looks like you have been out and about. Pacific coast looks
beautiful. Glad you made it to Florida. Linda and I won't be
down that way this season. Snowing in Ohio right now.Just not quite as easy to get outside and do things.. Have a good one Joe Todd


wild seas!


Good to know you arrived safe and sound (and much warmer than here). The photos are beautiful.

Photo Cache

Have a sunny rest of the Holidays to you and yours. I remember the Yaquina lighthouse. We didn't go there, but we admired it from a distance.

Penelope Puddle

A brilliant escape to Florida, Sallie, at a time when icicles are dangling from the roof gutters and random snowfalls make slippery the walking paths in my neck of the woods. Glad to hear you found all was well in this sunny part of the world … makes mopping just a little easier. :)

Mary Howell Cromer

Glad to hear you all have reached your Winter's destination. Oregon seems to have received some harsh weather already this season from the news reports. We have seen no snow yet, but that may change between now and Sunday. Have a fun time~


Your coastal photos are great but even better is the contrast for you now in the warm sunny climate of Florida. Enjoy.

bettyl - NZ

Loving that coastline. I have always been a 'rules' person and do what signs tell us to!


wish you a wonderful warm and sunny time :-)
here it's getting colder without sunshine

Lady Fi

Lovely shots! And so happy to hear everything is working just fine.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Very beautiful and interesting photos. The ocean is gorgeous and who wouldn't love lighthouses!
I too am looking forward to seeing your photos from Florida. Your life there sounds good. :)
Have a happy week!


The lighthouse makes me homesick. I grew up seeing two from the seawall near my house.


Wonderful shots from the coast. I like the shot of light house.

artmusedog and carol

Glad you are settling in for the Winter and all is well ~ Lovely Oregon photography ~ Pacific Ocean is so gorgeous ~ lovely presentation too.

Wishing you peace in your week ~ ^_^


I'm glad you made it safely and all is well in your home!


There you are in the warmth and color of Florida! Just in time for Christmas on the water!


Hootin' anni

Love the lighthouse image!! I am truly fascinated by them. AND the Pacific Ocean of all the oceans is the prettiest!!


ah. beautiful, wish I could visit :)


Welcome home and so glad that most things were in good order; that's always a concern when one has been away for awhile. Love that Oregon coast but sometimes it appears rather rough and dangerous! Thanks so much for all of your comments. Enjoy the nice warm weather!


So you made it on that little journey. You must remind me Sallie how many miles that is. Maybe you could do a road map with all your stopping points so that I and others can gasp at your adventure and endurance.

Today we did a shopping trip and then a detour to watch granddaughter Isabella's Christmas play. It was a round trip of some 40 miles and I'd had enough by the end.


Nice pics. Enjoy your time and family. Thanks for sharaing.


So good that you made it to Florida-are your cuts and bruises OK., or did you need surgery? Have a lovely season in the sunshine😊, Hazel

Nancy Chan

I like the lighthouse. The sea looks very rough and I wouldn't want to disobey the warning lights too!

Lavender Dreams

YAY! You are BACK! I'm so happy you made the trip and everything is in good order. The weather looks wonderful for this week too! I love your pics and that beautiful lighthouse! Enjoy your week! Get some rest...if you can. At least sit outside in the sunshine! Sweet hugs, Diane


Even on a cold and blustery day the Oregon coast has a majesty all of it's own. You were right to avoid that Rough Bar!Fab mosaics.
Happy MM and Merry Christmas from Normandy.


Hello, it is a beautiful coastline. I love the lighthouse. The ocean does look rough, I would obey the warnings too. Lovely series of images. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

tom the backroads traveller

You have the best of both worlds...enjoy!

handmade by amalia

Is there anything more romantic than a lonely lighthouse?


Love this lighthouse -so beautiful! I love the sea side anyway. So I guess you're back in Florida (or only for the post?). Thank you so much for sharing the sea with us (I miss it a lot) at ALL SEASONS, and have a beautiful week!

Handmade in Israel

Beautiful photos! It looks a little wild. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.


Beautiful pictures of the sea. I love it in all its moods but have a healthy respect for it at places like that bar - which looks pretty frightening.
Thanks for your comment on my blog. We love visitors around here - especially ones from overseas - and I can guarantee you would be well looked after if you ever got out here!
How is that finger that you fell on?


Welcome home. Those OR waves do crash like the South African waves. Look forward to stories from FL.


It sure looks a wild coast. It must be fun living in two different places.
Like being on constant holidays.


Welcome to your winter home! Time to enjoy the Florida sunshine. Enjoy.


Great photos, but I do take your word when you say you have arrived.


seems like you just left, lol. but glad you arrived safely again.


Such a rugged coastline - I wouldn't go near that bar!

ellen b

I was wondering if you were on the other side by now. Glad things are in good shape for you. Enjoy your time in the sun!


Good for you. How is the wrist and finger? Glad all is in order and you got there just in time. Stay cozy my friend.


Welcome back east! Glad you found your place in good order, and look forward to all your FL adventures!


Beautiful photos, Sallie! I wouldn't have wanted to disobey the sign, either! :)

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