February 12, 2017


Rambling woods

Great series Sallie..

Sharon Wagner

It would be great to live by water. Someday...

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Woke up. Looked at your wonderful images posted today. Going to make a cup of tea and then take on the day. Wishing you a nice week-end.


There are two bridges just like that where I used to live in Detroit. Makes me kind of miss it.


Gorgeous sky!

Peter B

What a beautiful sky to wake up to!! Enjoy your upcoming weekend.

artmusedog and carol

Gorgeous sky shot for SWF ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Happy Weekend coming ~ ^_^


Terrific sky.


I agree so much with you Sallie, and your "ordinary days are a blessing" : they are those I prefer ! But non ordinary days are a blessing too : we are traveling for ten days into north Italy : today Verona, tomorrow Venice.Best thoughts to you !


your sunrise is amazing - certainly worth getting up early for!!!

i have seen egret perch that way, makes for a beautiful picture but it does see it would be uncomfortable....

i adore seeing a bridge up. it reminds me of being young, on a bike and racing the traffic once the bridge goes down. we would always count how many cars we were in front of. i can't remember what a "good" number was...i just remember it was a good rest and so fun to be ahead of so many cars, if only for a minute or so!!! summer memories!!!

bettyl - NZ

How great that you don't have to go looking for all these pretty birds! A great variety of nature, Sallie. And, it's good to know that you aren't closer to Paradise than the rest of us!!!


Nice pictures! Seems like the situation there is a bit similar to the one in California's Desert. Tons of people come here to spend the winter. Areas like Palm Springs and Palm Desert can get really crowded. #OurWorldTuesday


Amazing bird sightings, Sallie! The eagle is not a bird I see at all so I enjoyed these!
That was a gorgeous sunset also!
Have a lovely weekend ahead!


What a wonderful collection of wild birds and beautiful skies. I'm not so keen on traffic, but I'm sure it was worth it!
Thank you for sharing :D


What beautiful skies. You're so lucky to see so many exotic birds too!


Love the woodpecker!

Andrea @ From The Sol

Great pictures and you are blessed with so many different birds. I think your Red Shoulder is an American Kestrel ... definitely a
Falcon anyway. Beautiful shots, Sallie ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Patrick Tillett

Nice photos Sallie! You sure do see a lot of wildlife (and take good photos of them also).


Wow! what a beautiful sunrise and so many interesting birds!

Kay L. Davies

What wonderful photos, Sallie. I love the sunrise photo as much as the bird photos.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travels

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Le pic est très beau ;-)
Céline & Philippe

Findlay Wilde

The red head of that woodpecker against that blue sky is just stunning. Great pictures and such a beautiful sunrise. Wish I'd been there.


Terry's sister and her husband always spend winter down there. Lucky them and lucky you!


you are right: ordinary days are a blessing. great photos.

Photo Cache

I love the woodpecker. I want to see one up close.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Great photos, Sallie! I appreciate especially the collage with the eagle and the hawk.
The traffic photo is very interesting as well. On our way to the nearest town, we need to pass a bridge that in summer may be raised for boats... and has been stuck open sometimes. Now they are building a new, high one. :)
Thank you for sharing these moments, perhaps ordinary for you, but special for us!

Stewart M

The Pileated is one of my favourite birds - saw something similar this week - but I am a long way from home!

Cheers - Stewart M - New Delhi, India (!)


so true - the ordinary ones are a blessing ! wish you a happy week and a great valentine's day

handmade by amalia

Great photos. I love how blogging allows us to see so much of the world.


this sunrise is truly soul refreshing !!!


Great shots of the birds.


Interesting post. Love the birds!


We see the pileated woodpecker now and then on our farm here in Wisconsin. You're photos are lovely and it is understandable why people escape winter to spend time in the sun.


Hi Sallie, that woodpecker could be the model for the exhibit on my blogpost, with tilandsia air plants as headress for ducks! I've always loved the bridge being lifted for the boats, only saw it in Auckland and in Strasbourg. It is fascinating for me without it.

Re our climates: Florida has lovelier and more pleasant climate than our hot tropics, we are so humid and hot here especially during our dry season. I actually envy your climate good for growing plants there in Florida.


Great to see all the Birds in your photos...I have not been getting out in Nature lately and it really makes me sour! Enjoy it for me, while I'm otherwise entangled.


The cloud formation is fantastic and of course I always love the birds. Great shots.


Wonderful photos Sallie. I like to watch the eagle cam from time to time. That bridge is reminding me of one from my childhood that crossed the intracoastal waterway near where we lived.


One of these days I'll be back down in Florida. I need to find the Limpkin yet! Beautiful shots. As for waiting at the bridge......it's ok...as long as there are gulls and terns flying about:) Any day you get a shot of a Pileated Woodpecker is a good day:)


Gotta love those early morning skies, and that woodpeckers - so colourful!


Can't think of a better way to start the day than to just watch all that wildlife on your doorstep. Interesting to see the other side of the coin with the queues of traffic.


Hi Sallie, we just planned a trip to the St. Pete area but then cancelled it. Seem to do that every year, can't face the drive. We're going for a weekend to Berkley Springs WVA to soak in the warm springs and lay around. I really love your birds!!

Alexa T

Hello Sallie! I love the sunrises and the warm light of sunrays through the clouds... And it must be such lovely to spend winter in a sunny place with so much amazing critters, birds... Nature is stunning, even in an ordinary week...(*-*)
Many thanks for sharing all of these and Have a great week ahead!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Now that is a sunrise to wake up to, Sallie!
The egrets look like they are fruit growing in the trees...lol
There was a draw bridge much like this one where we lived in Brooklyn, on the Belt Parkway. It did not open often, but was exciting when it did. It has since been replaced by a higher suspension bridge.
I imagine all the "snowbirds" make it crowded there. The Front Range of CO is getting crowded just by the amount of people moving here....sigh.


Sometimes it's good to be stopped in traffic. Great photos.


A gorgeous sunrise-and it always amazes me to see so many birds where you live. The photos are fascinating.


The birds look peaceful, going about their lives:) But waiting at the bridge is a familiar sight in Holland (since it is a land won out of the the sea, and every piece of land is surrounded by water) - and how much time was spent with waiting!! Many thanks, dear Sallie, for sharing these with ALL SEASONS, wishing you a week sprinkled with love and dreams:)

You are right - I live in a charming area with all the vineyards around:) Too bad, not enough jobs, so young people move elsewhere.


I'm so amazed at your stunning sky and your so lovely creatures, darling Sallie, thank you for sharing another stunning post of yours !

Wishing you a very happy Monday and new days to come
I'm sending blessings of joy to you,
with utmost gratitude,
sweet friend

Xx Dany


Awesome sunrise, Sallie.
I always enjoy your canal shots and have enjoyed them again now. We are starting to see migrators here now - slowly. I'm hoping to take a walk today to see what I can see.


Some beautiful shots here. I love all your bird photos. You have the same problem we do - everybody from the north has decided to either visit or move south! Traffic is horrendous! But I remember one day back in the mid-80s when we tried to get to Sanibel. They had closed the road because of all the traffic. Of course it was President's Day but still...


Beautiful shots of all your fine feathered neighbours, Sallie. I especially like the first one of the egrets and the ibis; they look so at home.

Enjoy your wonderful, warm weather; you are, indeed very lucky to have it!

Wishing you a lovely week,


Beautiful birds Sallie and a very interesting post. I always enjoy bridges being raised for the same reason, interesting to see. Have a great week :)


You got some great bird captures this week, Sallie, love the hairstyle on that woodpecker!
Thanks for starting my week off with a smaile.
Happy MM.


Hello Sallie, I love the sunrise, very pretty. The cattle egrets and woodie are wonderful captures. Neat shot of the bridge. we try traveling during the off times to avoid the traffic. Have a happy Monday and new week ahead!


Dearest Sallie; The beautiful sunrise sure is "morning eye-opener"♪ And I also agree that "Ordinary days are a blessing", especially as getting older year by year p:-)  
I AM really surprised that the Egrets and ibis are on the pine tree (leaves look longer than ours). Worried about the leaves get stuck into their biddies :-) OH, hawk and eagles so close (two-for-one). And about the egg, Nature isn't it? I wish to see that kind of lovely woodpecker♪
What a contrast you showed by posting "traffic congestion"; I can see how people wish to spend in your area during the winter.
It would be amazing to see the bridge being raised (♡^.^♡)

Have a wonderful new week♫♫♫
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Beautiful pictures ! I am running short with outside pictures due to the bad weather ! Ever since I am retired I don't mind waiting in a line, I just look around me there is always somebody who has his finger in his nose !

Phil Slade

After two visits to Canada I never did get to see Pileated Woodpecker - just their hole making in a series of trees. Such is life. I have some identical pictures of Cattle Egret sat atop identical pine trees in Menorca, Spain. A wonderfully successful species.

I don't envy you those traffic tail-backs. Over here we try to avoid going out before 9am and after 3pm to avoid the workers and school rushes.

Handmade in Israel

Wonderful photos! The hawk shots are amazing.


Hello Sallie, oh yes "Ordinary days are a blessing" such true words.
Beautiful sky photos - glorious colours.
I liked seeing that funny awkward Ibis in the pines - it must be a favourite spot ... the limbs don't look that sturdy.
Wow, those Eagle shots are great.
Thanks for your week's roundup, always lovely to see what's happening. Cheers now :D)


Beautiful morning photos and great bird photos - we don't have anything like that Woodpecker out here! But the traffic - I think that would require more patience than I have at present!

Hildred Finch

:Love to hear what you're doing, Sallie. Terribly envious....! Great photos. Occasionally we get a sharp shinned hawk around here, and all the little birds scatter.

Lady Fi

Gorgeous sky shot!


I remember waiting on bridges like this in Florida and being fascinated. Did you ever see anyone miss it or fall through? The worry wort in me would always be thinking this. I love the description and photo of the awkward ibis. An Eagle Pasture, how exciting. We spotted an eagle yesterday but my lens and position weren't good and I certainly didn't get pictures as good as yours.


This woodpecker looks great. I like them for the big work they do with their beak to build a nest.
(I think your comment for my second last blog was meant for my last blog)


Hi Sallie-
Thank you for your very nice comment on my post. I really appreciate it.

This post of yours is very nice. Lovely photos of birds and other things.
I agree-everyday is a blessing.

Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


What a gorgeous greeting to the day. That one bird looks like like a kestrel. Too bad about the eagle egg but how very cool to watch them so close by as well as the web cam. That's certainly not ordinary.


Beautiful sunrise view and great shots of the bird.


I don't know a thing about birds but it seems kind of cheeky for a hawk to be hanging out so close to an eagle's nest.

Beautiful picture of the sky. I love the color.

Lavender Dreams

You took some wonderful photos! And you are right...how nice to be here now while the weather is so fabulous! We've spent time outside every day lately. We have a hike planned for tomorrow! Hope you enjoy the week to come too! Hugs, Diane


Such a pretty place you lived in. For a second I thought there was snow on the rooftops in that first photo, then I remembered where you are!


The lifted bridge, a common thing in the town I lived in before my present town. :)

Seem like a great day after all.

Re your question. I will hang the exhibition 12 h from now. :) I have to sleep first :) I will share some post during the week.

artmusedog and carol

All wonderful nature photos ~ looks very inviting since New England is due to have another blizzard ~ raining currently ~ snow later ~

Elizabeth Warring is a great one to look up to ~

Wishing you a Happy and Creative Week ahead ~ ^_^

ellen b

Wonderful shots of the birds. Cattle Egrets...interesting. I guess waiting for a bridge is a lot more interesting then a red light. We have a few of those here in the Seattle area, too. Have a good week!

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