March 19, 2017


Alexa T

So lovely pictures; great moments captured, once again! Nature is wonderful, indeed! Many thanks for sharing all of these with us!
A very sunny and pleasant weekend!

Michelle Rwoods

Oh wow..that osprey is so amazing...Love the sprout house too Sallie...Michelle

Sharon Wagner

I just saw a pinterest recipe for freezing herbs in olive oil. That sounds like a good thing to do after visiting the sprout house. I can't wait till we have a garden again.

handmade by amalia

Such a great post. I like the idea of the students giving back to the community through the land.


Yes, we're at 0 C. today, and it is snowing! Thank you for your nod!!!!

I was wondering how spring unfolded in your part of the world.


I can't wait until the low 60s feels chilly to me! LOL
What a great set of osprey photos!


Sounds like our cherry tree. Three days and then a wind storm. Might be different this year


Am back - can't remember if I asked you before (my memory is also going, lol!) but I wanted to see how blogging would be at typepad... I wanted a separate blog for writing stories. Do they have any free blogs?


Yes, I notice that your post was similar to mine - my kids would say "Jinx" (meaning, you say something at the same moment). I agree, sleeping becomes harder with age:)


good luck with your new camera, i hope "we" love them. it's a big difference going from a dsl to this, but i am sure i will get use to it!!!!


Love the kids garden. Wish more schools would or could do the same. I remember sprouting too. I had about 6 different grains and seeds sprouting in my living room. Excellent photos

Selma, Ala., Daily Photo

What a great, educational tour! I love those golden blossoms, too. We have had an early short spring here. A late cold spell cut some of the budding short and killed the rest, but azaleas and dogwood and redbuds are still around.

Stewart M

Nice images - really like the osprey. We had a wonderfully cool autumn night yesterday - it broke a run of warm, no duvet, kind of nights.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

PS: I always try to keep notes and the best way for me to recover is to grab a camera and start doing my real work!


Ii'm! inspired by the success of the school's garden! A terrific way to encourage young people to share and care!

Photo Cache

Great shots. Love the name, sprout house.



Good shots


I used to sprout seed too but haven't done it in years - lazy I guess!

tom the backroads traveller

...nice pictures of chilly Florida.


Wonderful student garden! They have one in Tucson and our grandson's class visited on a field trip with me in tow as one of the chaperones, once, and that was fascinating...what they could grow in the desert! I had very little luck myself. I look forward to doing so here. Loved the osprey!


Hello Sallie!:) A wonderful post, full of colour and so very uplifting to learn about the produce donated to soup kitchens and nursing homes. A worthy and commendable project that feeds fresh farm produce to students and the less fortunate of the community. Your osprey photos are lovely, and I was happy to learn the name of the Tabebula tree, as I have seen them in the south of Portugal and admired the pretty yellow flowers. Have a great day!:)

bettyl - NZ

I always love your photos because they are usually plants and critters that are new to me. The yellow is so vibrant and gorgeous along with the other photos. Do you make it back to Oregon occasionally?


What a great tour. I love that school kids not only learn to grow healthy food but share it. I too remember growing sprouts in a jar and am now too lazy and occasionally buy them, if organic. Hope it warms up slowly for you in FL. Only 60s here in CA today and mid 40s tonight. I'm ready for summer.

ellen b

It's fun to see these new things. Glad you get out and about and share with us.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

We've had many days in the 60's this winter, Sallie, and we feel they are warm days..lol!

I have good friends who live in Cape Coral so i wonder if they know about this middle school farm. It is so nice the children learn gardening and then donate to food banks. The hydrophonic organic farm was also interesting to see. Florida is fortunate to have such a long growing season.

Hootin' anni

Hello Sallie...it's taken me a few days to sit down & visit with you. Busy time for Bud & me. Some yard work, drs. appts. and now that spring break is over...I am back to birding & on the islands!

Love the osprey with its lunch! Neat name for that tree! Oh, and I think it's wonderful what that teacher & her class has accomplished.

Thanks for for visiting us at I'd rather b birdin.

Klara S

These are amazing places. I'd love to visit one like that. Also I love first picture. So vibrant yellow!


Hi Sallie-
The flowers, the Eagles and the story about the sprouts are all awesome. I do sprout Mung Beans from time to time. But, it is sometimes equally wonderful to buy them fresh from a good local farmer. Such a blessing.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


oooh sallie, what a bright, beautiful, fun post!!! i have always thought that gardening and farming should be taught in schools along with a real home economics class. i love my garden and feel especially proud of the food i grow!!

now - define cold??!!

David Gascoigne

Now you know how impressed I am Sallie that you got sidetracked to take pictures of an Osprey enjoying its meal of fish! And kudos to everyone involved with the organic food operation, both growers and consumers. The generosity of the growers in supporting local food banks and soup conditions is worthy of the very highest commendation. I hope that you will continue to support these fine people, and enhance your own health in the process.

Penelope Puddlisms

What a lush garden and how wonderful when everybody benefits in some way from it. Ten tons of vegetables and fruit to local soup kitchens is a lesson in how humanity works best and what makes life worthwhile for many in need. There are starving people throughout the world. Yet water, creativity and goodwill can make a garden grow almost anywhere I think.


Hi Sallie,

What an amazingly informative and interesting tour! The tabebula tree is very pretty; have never heard of it. It's sensitivity to wind, to me, makes it that much more precious.

I am very impressed with the middle school students' efforts in taking on this most fruitful project! I imagine that they will learn things here that will prove very useful in their future. The appreciation alone, for all the hard work that goes into growing produce, and organic, to boot, is inspirational.

Thanks for taking us along!


nancy chan

A wonderful visit to the fruits and vegetables farm. A very meaningful project carried out by the students and teacher. I would enjoy visiting this place.


amazing and so so environmentally friendly ! i didn't know for really many years how asparagus grow ... shame on me ;-)


love to see people growing their own food, there's something to be said for being self sufficent.


the season for planting sprouts. Love that. And the images of the Osprey of course. :)


What a beautiful tree the tabebula is. It's new to me. The farm tour sounds interesting. I always appreciate seeing how those who grow my food work. Happy week!

rupam { xhobdo }

Beautiful post and pics.


I love that first shot - it looks like an autumn tree in full color. And the beautiful blue sky only makes it better!

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful variety of photos ~ love the yellow flowers and all of your nature shots ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Lovely Week ahead ~ ^_^


The yellow tree is gorgeous. Love all the shots and of course the eagle.


That is right Fla. does not have the seasons that TN does and even with that said, our spring and fall is very short lived! Great pics.

Lavender Dreams

Leave it to you to spot a beautiful bird! I haven't seen an Osprey lately and this one is gorgeous. How interesting to see things being grown. I buy from an organic farmer at the farmer's mkt every week...I should find out where the farm is, shouldn't I?! Thanks for the prayers my friend. They are appreciated and much needed. Enjoy this gorgeous weather! Hugs, Diane

Su-sieee! Mac

I've been kind of wanting to grow sprouts, too, lately. Maybe if I had more sunny counter space I'd be 100% about doing it. That's rather neat that the kids took over a football field for their farm.

Gumbo limbo tree is a great name. I wonder if anyone has done a limerick around the name.


I like the first photo very much. Beautiful colours


Such interesting post, Sally! And serendipitous the same subject as ALL SEASONS this week! What a great idea of the teacher to start a garden, and use it for the cooking classes - what a great way to prepare for life! These yellow flowers - stunning! The osprey is a good diversion, though:):)
Have a Spring-y week.


What a fun tour and such a treat to see the Osprey. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos Sallie. Have a great week :)


Sallie, I think this is a wonderful endeavour! And your photos are really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you have a fantastic week!

Hildred Finch

Great pictures, Sallie. I was particularly impressed with the Middle School garden and am encouraged by the trend to home gardens that I see happening here (and hopefully everywhere). I try so hard to buy local, now that I just grow veggies in pots, - one never knows what preservatives and growing chemicals have been added to food grown thousands of miles away.... Love the yellow blossoms!!


Beautiful spring shots. Good to see this farms.


I loved each photo! Yellow is so spring! And that wonderful experience with the school kids! The eagle is a delight!


Oops. You're a snowbird. Sort of. But I think of you as a native Floridian. Crazy, huh? We've been here 32 years so we feel like natives.


Thank you for this fine tour. All that "real" food does my heart good. But I've got to go to Publix today. Aargh! We've had a cold spell, too, but it seems to be over. And hopefully, soon the snowbirds will fly away, far away. :))

Phil Slade

All that sunshine and it's cold. Forgive me Sally but I reckon those people who live in Florida all year round should be sent north on a compulsory tour for 2 weeks in January/February. Like the idea of the "tourist tree" - I think thdey have similar things in Spain named after their visitors from Northern Europe.


Hi Sallie,
I bet the farm tour was a lot of fun and eye-opening. Love the idea of a garden planted and tended by school children. Fun to see the ospry in the tourist tree (great story about the tree and its name). Happy Monday!


I really enjoyed taking the farm tour with you today, what the middle schoolkids are doing with their gardens is amazing, I wish them every success.
Had to smile at the osprey in the tourist tree!
Happy Mosaic Monday and stay warm!


Hello Sallie...wonderful and inspiring post! We still have a while to wait for new season veggies. I love how you tuck the osprey into the tour - they look quite tame. Amazing sprouts too! Thanks for sharing the visit...
Happy Spring to you!


Hello, Sallie! This farm tour sounds interesting. The middle school garden is an awesome idea, glad it is doing so well. The tree and blossoms is beautiful. Great shots of the Osprey. I will miss the warm Florida weather, we have snow on the ground here in Maryland.
Happy 1st day of Spring. Have a great new week ahead!


I like the idea of the tourist tree. Whoever came up with the name has the kind of sense of humor I like.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Wow, you do have exotic and interesting trees there! I needed to google some of them immediately.
The "tourist tree" amused me too. It's snowing when I'm writing this... yes, we northerns love the sun, perhaps even too much.
What a joy to read about the Trafalgar Middle School's Garden! I couldn't imagine anything better young people could do. Thank you very much for sharing!
Have a great week ahead!


Beautiful tree, and a pick your own, ha ha. Gloreous pictures.

Handmade in Israel

Such beautiful yellows and blue skies! That "tourist tree" made me giggle... and then I thought, how painful!

Lady Fi

What a great post! Local-sourced food and sustainable farming are so important, so I was glad to hear about these farms. I especially loved the middle school idea! And those yellow buds - wow!


Beautiful yellows


Oh, how I enjoyed seeing these photos and reading this, Sallie.
I particularly enjoyed the middle school garden. The teacher is right, in my opinion; children will be more inclined to eat what they grow.
Have a great week.


Good morning Dearest Sallie; Special post for ’FOR THE BODY, MIND; AND SPIRIT’♪  
I checked tabebula tree with pc's picture page. Beautiful yellow flower and yes, looks like daffodil.  Wonderful collage with green frame from Trafalgar Middle School's Garden. Such beneficial place the field turned into for both students and the local people (win-win game♪)Great to see the Osprey protecting its food on the 'tourist tree' p:-) The other day I found Osprey in the river which is my first luck except at the national park. Wonderful to enjoy Organically Raised Food. I love the sweet sign of the sprout house(♡^.^♡)
Finally starting to comment, so happy to read this bright post.
I hope you will have a wonderful new week.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Wow what a neat thing for the school kids to do with all the produce.


An herb garden is always a good thing to be growing even if you don't grow anything else. Lovely garden plants in your post today! Our lettuce is coming along pretty good but something ate the cabbage plants and the Brussel Sprouts!
Good shots of the Osprey!! We have had a much colder March than February.

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