March 09, 2017


Klara S

Lovely pictures of sunrises.


Lovely set of photos!


i just wanted to thank you for stopping by, i always enjoy your comments!!!

Reader Wil

Thanks for your comment on polling day in the Netherlands. This was a successful day for our prime minister. His party was the greatest one of the 26 parties, It is a liberal party, not left or right- wing.We said "no"to the ideas of mr. Wilders. He wanted our country to leave Europe, to abolish the Euro, to shut down all mosques, to forbid women to wear head-shawls and all muslims to possess Korans.Ridiculous ideas.
After the results of the election were known, our P.M. received congratulations from Angela Merkel in Dutch(!)from France, Belgium and ,from Denmark in Dutch as well,and from the UK.
We were all happy with the results, and that we didn't surrender to the claims of the Turkish government.


Perfect musings to go with your gorgeous photos Sallie.


I left a comment Sallie but it hasn't worked.....
I loved your post, the beautiful birds and the sky shots too.
But most of all I love the vege garden and your lovely Lady Scarecrow guarding her patch!

Michelle @ramblingwoods

Oh I love your choice of quotes to go with the photos Sallie....Michelle

Joe Todd

Great photos and words.. All we can do is live in the day.. Snowing outside here in Ohio.. LOL


Beautiful photos, Sallie, and I love the quotations!

Patrick Tillett

Great words, plus great photos = Fantastic Post!

Do you think that scarecrow is scary? I sure do!


Great quotes. The cold freeze just killed our early flowers. I needed them this year more than ever. Warming soon...


Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.

Mary Howell Cromer

Excellent photo shares and your quotes are some of the finest...very beautiful post. I hope that you are enjoying a marvelous day and week. Hugs~

Les Fous du Cap (France)

Très belle série printanière ;-)
Céline & Philippe


Dearest Sallie; Wow, I LOVE all of your recent awesome photographs and MUSINGS (♡^.^♡) I need to read the quotes and saying again later, Dear, friend. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." is the one I think kind of popular who knows English. I remember I thought this saying is much better than the Japanese equivalent. "There are even bugs which like to eat Smartweed", haha sorry for the funny direct translation. And the one from Dr. Seuss is my favorite♪
Thank you so much for this WONDERFUL post☆☆☆

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


So many great quotes! A lot of them got me thinking. Like Ansel Adams said it is sad to fight the government in order to save our wild and natural places. #OurWorldTuesday

Ken Schneider

Beautiful images and especially appropriate given the present political situation, Sallie. Nice to see the storks! After seeing the Wood Storks vacate much of South Florida I just learned of a new rookery not far from our home with 30+ nests.


you have mentioned your daffodil envy in the past ;)

Klara S

Beautiful collection of pictures, but I like skies the most. Have a good week. Thank you for visiting my ​blog too. Please, come again. Greetings from Poland.


I'm loving the scarecrow - very clever :-)

David Gascoigne

Thanks for a great series of quotes, Sallie. I will file them away and be sure to use some of them. I will be giving a presentation tomorrow on the plight of aerial insectivores and when I think how we have screwed the lives of these poor creatures I shudder.

Linda, Shenandoah Valley

Great shots and the quotes are right on!


Oh, Sallie, this is just what I needed today. Both the words and the photos are perfect.
These are all good quotes and I will copy them to my Commonplace Book.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

All lovely photos and powerful words, Sallie! Let's hope our environment is protected for future generations.

nancy chan

Love your sunrise shots. Beautiful photos and quotes. Have a beautiful day!


Hi Sallie-
Beautiful snaps of birds and scenes.
Peace River - Wow. I love the sound of that.
Can we make that river flow all around the world?
I wonder...
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)


Wonderful photos Sallie! I always enjoy seeing wood storks.


Beautiful shots and such perfect quotes to go with them. Boy the Ansel Adams quote has never been more true than it is now.


You've combined the words of others with your own wonderful images to create a post full of beauty and thoughtfulness.


Beautiful sunsets.

Sharon Wagner

We always call storks "Grandpas" because of their weathered appearance.

Alexa T

Very, very inspired by your post, quotes and pictures! As always lots of beauty and positivity shared with all of us!
Best regards and a very lovely and creative new week to you! Alexa


So serene and peaceful, what a wonderful world!
Thank you for bringing these beautiful pictures and mindful words to MM this week.


Wonderful series of images. Great quotes. Love the scarecrow lady!!!!!!! Happy Monday!

Stewart M

Dr. Suess makes more sense by the day - and it seems that photography was not the only skill possessed by Mr. A. Adams.

Cheers - Stewart M - In Melbourne, but jet-lagged!


true words with beautiful pictures - happy week, sallie :-)

handmade by amalia

Wonderful photos and wise quotes. Dr. Seuss, you are my favorite!


Love the quote in your comment for SEASONS this week that everything has a hole, and that is where light comes through!So simple, yet so meaningful!Thanks you Sally for this lovely post, and sharing the stork with Seasons today! Have a happy week!


Lovely photos.


I love Dr. Seuss! Great photos, as always...

Hildred Finch

Thank you for wonderful quotes, Sallie - I especially like the first one! And thank you for beautiful pictures, - a lovely post!


Always love your photos and I am a fan of the garden lady now. Maybe she will come and volunteer in my garden this growing season :) Great quotes too.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Sallie...this is all so beautiful. From the birds to the scenic views. LOVE the Ronni quote also.

Thanks so much for adding your post link to this blog page and sharing it with us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' this weekend. Your participation is always appreciated.


Your world is beautiful!


Awesome post! Love the photos and the quotes!

Penelope Puddlisms

All such beautiful shots and quotes, especially the one that says, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not". I recently spoke with someone who still doesn’t believe in global warming or at least human impact on global warming. I think when such a deep lack of understanding and/or intolerance or racism rear their heads we no longer have the luxury NOT to speak up.


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, and Alice.


Hello, I love this post and your lovely photos. The birds are all beautiful and I love the gorgeous sky shots. Scary times ahead for sure! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Great pics and I love your quote from Bennett,strange and unsettling times we live in.


beautiful sunrise/sunset pics Sallie.

Gemma Wiseman

Great collection of birds enjoying their world and beautiful skies beginning and closing this post.


your skies are so gorgeous, definitely worth getting up early for!!


Wood stork is a beautiful bird until you check out the face then you kinda wonder...it's like staring into the face of Political promises, may look good but then.... I have been in shock since the Reps took over and are trying to destroy what I hold dear, I will never understand how anyone in their right minds can support that? I don't mind stepping on toes, its part of who I am as an environmentalist!
I checked the range on your crested caracara they from the last post...seems they are year round in a little pocket in South Central FL, I have never seen one, would love to tho...if I get that way you must show me where you saw it!


Wonderful posting! Hope you have a happy weekend. I love the collage and the lake is beautiful.


Love those lake shots!


Superb photos and your selection of quotations could not be better! Hope you have a wonderful day!


A great series of photos!
Love the 'garden lady'!


Hello Sallie, beautiful sky captures. The wood storks are one of my favorite Florida birds now. Great quotes and wise words. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Very wise quotes indeed ! Nice pictures too !

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Wise words and wonderful photos!
Love the pretty gardener in the collage. :) If that's a scarecrow, it must be the loveliest I have seen.
Thank you, as always, for your comments... and the answers to my questions.
Have a happy weekend! Hugs!

Phil Slade

It's now official of course. A group of scientists have recently confirmed that closeness to nature is good for us. I kid you not Sallie. I hope they didn't get paid for their staggering discovery.


Read about American Skylarks here at



Beautiful birds, and what about the skies, fabulous.


Lots of great pictures, and I think the scarecrow was my favorite of them this time.


Great photos, especially first one


Beautiful, beautiful photos Sallie! The South is definitely calling my name here in the gray, rain soaked PNW!

Lady Fi

Lovely skies and I love the storks!


Thanks for sharing these lovely views and inspiring quotes


Beautiful shots. I like the variety.

ellen b

Such beautiful photos of your world. Amazing skies!


Such pretty photos, and some great quotes.


Gorgeous skies!

artmusedog and carol

Amazing and colorful sky shot ~ thanks,

Wishing you a peaceful weekend ~ ^_^

Photo cache

There is so much beauty in nature.


Beautiful photos and words.

Magical Mystical Teacher

The shots are sublime, the quote from Ansel Adams sobering...


your first sunrise image are mind blowing. :) So beautiful, you must have stopped for a while to enjoy it. :)

Peter B

Beautiful sky shots and some wonderful quotes!


Love your skies. Similar to mine this week.

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