March 24, 2017


David Gascoigne

Thank goodness the young eagle survived the night on the ground, They are in serious danger of predation under those conditions with bobcats, coyotes, foxes, Great Horned Owls and other creatures of the night looking for a meal. It is a big bird but at that stage of its life is pretty clumsy and would probably be incapable of mounting a serious defence. I have to say, Sallie, that it is always a pleasure to read your posts. They are, without exception, well composed, written in stylish, grammatically correct English - all of which seems to be a rare commodity these days.


You have marvellous adventures!
And, yes, our Rideau Canal is only for pleasure now!


Oh goodness, I'm so glad E-9 made it safely back to the nest! And yes, I am certain that Momma told him that he better not stir from that spot. It reminds me of the time we saw momma raccoon and her 4 babies moving from one area to another. She had obviously told them to stay one by each of her legs as they moved. And they did. It looked so cute with the five of them moving perfectly in unison, one by each of her legs.


The first picture looks very much like a banana flower.

Oh, I love banana.

It provides me with energy and releases my tension.



The first picture looks very much like banana flower.

Oh banana, I love it.

Sharon Wagner

Thanks so much for visiting my creative writing blog and saying my novel won't end up in the trash. I hope you're right! Spring looks beautiful in Florida. We sure had a great time there in March.

Michelle @ramblingwoods

So cold and wet here that I really love your blue skies and the flowers....Michelle


Love seeing all these colorful blooms and the eaglet while it's still snowing and blowing here! Will you soon head north? We're heading for the beach in CA in 24 days - not that i'm counting!

Alexa T

Wonderful collection of images, Sallie; so interesting to see these birds from up-close and the beautiful Spring Flowers, as well. Very strange flower in the first shot. Never seen before. Gorgeous orchids in lovely collage.
Thank you for all the beauty shared! Have a great April!


This picture of the strange flower is beautiful, have never seen such a flower ! You have interesting wildlife around you ! We also have animals but they are deep in the woods and besides magpies and crows flying around the house I don't see anything ! I suspect them to have eaten all the little birds !


Kind of like when babies throw rattles or food from their high chair! I couldn't make out what was going on in the first photo. Something exotic growing?


Stunning collection of photos as always, Sallie. I love the mosaic of your spring flowers.

Patrick Tillett

Beautiful photos Sallie! I guess that is REALLY learning the hard way.


It s always hard to watch the first flights of the eaglets! They have no idea what to do or how to land. I am happy she got back up on the nest, so many don't get back up. It amazes me that they eventually become such good flyers!

riitta k

Thank you for linking at Floral Bliss Sallie! I so love your photos - have a happy bright day!


What an amazing number of flowers you were able to capture! The flower on the first photo (the one considered a pest) looks like a banana or plantain flower.


Im glad junior is ok. he really looks full grown even though he is a baby. beautiful flowers too.


Gosh, your world is so vibrant! If we EVER retire I think we need to become snowbirds.

Eden Hills

Great captures of the birds. I am surprised to hear that pretty plant is considered a pest. Great collage of flowers!


Beautiful collection of photos - the birds and flowers are beautiful!


Happy Spring. I love your mix of shots. The orchids in your photo collage are gorgeous.


That weird tree almost looks like a banana plant, but apart from that, if it's not then I have no idea.

Les Fous du Cap (France)

L'aigle est impressionnant ;-)
Céline & Philippe

Hildred Finch

The collage is lovely Sallie, - and I am so green with envy----
love the story of E-9's adventures out of the nest!


Hello Sallie! My thought when I saw the first flower photo was of a belly dancer's costume with coin belt. Your collage looks equally exotic. Lovely shots of the eagles, such a large nest must be equivalent to a mansion in the bird world I think! Have a happy week ...


Hi Sallie,

Such exotic flowers blooming in your neck of the woods. It's true: what some people find alluring, others find annoying!;)Even flower species; who knew?

E-9's parents definitely have training period down pat, don't they? It seems they've got 'high hopes' for E-9!

Thanks for sharing your spring adventures!


Photo Cache

And speaking of banana blossoms we were chatting about a delicacy we had growing up of banana blossoms. None on the table was cooking it anymore because making that dish is time consuming.

Have a great week.


I have been away travelling again, so good to come back to find Spring has arrived both in reality and in the blogging world, lovely catch up here on your blog.

Stewart M

Thats a crazy looking flower (and a cross looking hawk!)

Greetings from Autumn!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lady Fi

Lucky you enjoying such a gorgeous spring!


so interesting and funny your story about this young eaglet !!! i think it's a male ;-)
beautiful flowers, too, what a wonderful macro the first one would be

Su-sieee! Mac

He's a handsome guy, that eagle. Isn't that a banana blossom and those tiny yellow things bananas?


Fun story about the eaglet. I'm glad he was able to make it back to his nest. Your flower collage is filled with pretty colours. The foliage in Florida is so different from up here in the PNW.


I guess the little guy (gal) learned his lesson.

I would avoid going somewhere during allergy season also. I had bad allergies when I was growing up in the mountain west and they went away when I moved to the gulf coast and reappeared when I moved to Oklahoma. Everybody is different.


Your mosaic collection of flowers looks so exotic.


After roses, and camellias, orchids are my favorite - they show up in such beautiful patterns and colors. I felt for the baby eagle, having to spend the night on the ground (his first trauma in life!). I admire eagles, but I think I rather be a human:):) Thank you for sharing the saga of this baby eagle with ALL SEASONS! Have a great spring week Sallie - thanks for the encouragement about the sweater!

Tammy S Asad

I live in a desert country so anything that wants to grow, even weeds, is a-o-k with me. Poor eagle falling to the ground. Glad it was okay. I've watched a dove being taught to fly. It is so amazing how the parents entice them with food, and fly back and forth to show them how it's done. Scary stuff for a youngster. :)


I do like your mosaic very much. Such a great variety of blooms and color!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Love your orchid /flower collage, Sallie! Such vibrant colors.
I went over to the eagle cam through your link and all I saw was a tree bough, but I did hear what sounded like an eagle. It is amazing how fast birds grow and fledge. I'm sure this E-9 will be flying around Florida very soon and will look majestic as he/she does!


Hi Sallie, always does my heart good to see your beautiful photos. Thank you so much and have a great week.

Ida P. Krause

Such an exotic looking bloom.
E-9 is super neat. I'd love to be able to watch Eagles like that.
Such pretty spring blooms. So very different from the ones here (daffodils, crocus, tulips) - Very tropical for sure.

If you subscribe to my blog via e-mail for updates you may need to resign up as I recently switched e-mail addresses.


Beautiful flowers. I do understand about plants enjoyed in one region are considered pests in another region. Pampas grass is one of those ornamental grasses that can also be an invasive species.

Lavender Dreams

The flowers are gorgeous of course! But how interesting to read about the eaglet. I'm glad he made it back into the nest. This is a beautiful time of year to be here in FL...but we like it most of the time! Enjoy your week! Hugs!


Loved the story of E9's unscheduled fledge from the nest glad to know he seems to have learned his lesson.
Perhaps the reason that he didn't move the next day was because he's training to be a mime artist when he grows up?
I can't believe it's time for you to begin thinking about moving back "home" again, 2017 is really flying by.
Happy MM, my dear, have a great week.


I love every eagle picture I see. They're inspiring to me. I was just recently telling someone how I never get my own pictures of eagles though. They're very elusive for me.

ellen b

I wonder how long I could last watching...
How nice to be able to get information from all the people who do watch. Love the mosaic of Spring flowers. Very smart of you to wait out the hay-fever season before coming West! Hope you are having a great Sunday.

Ken Schneider

A weed is any plant in a place where it is not wanted-- no matter how beautiful it might be. We are looking forward to having our "snowbird" granddaughters visit during the Easter season. Sanibel and Ding Darling here we come!


That eagle is an impressive bird, and I always love seeing your abundance of beautiful flowers. And yes, we enjoyed Atlanta, although we used it more as a base to explore the area, and have relatives who live there.


E9, so handsome...and such beautiful blooms. I'm really ready for spring, after the gorgeous cherry blossoms!!


That is a lovely eagle story, and the flowers are beautiful too. Your climate in Florida is envious, and gardening there is easier than here where our dry season now started but feels like we are at the height of it. haha

nancy chan

Hi Sallie, the plant in your first photo looks like our local banana fruit plant. Beautiful flower collage. Have a great weekend!


Sallie, I thought my comment posted, but, looks like it didn't. If this is a repeat, please delete.
Anyhooooo - loved this post which brightened up a gloomy, misty Sunday morning here and enjoyed the adventures and photos of E9. Your floral photos are so beautiful, making my yearning for spring to stay (as opposed to fits and starts). I have had philodendron as houseplants, but, never, ever blooms. It's nice to see one in its natural habitat.


Sallie, your post has a most delighted treat as I start my day up here (cool, gloomy, March).
I love your descriptions and photos of E9 -and, of course, the greenery and flowers That first shot is framed so beautifully. I have had philodendron as houseplants, which never bloom. Fun to see one as it should be.

Klara S

Majestic bird. Beautiful collection of flowers pictures too.

Penelope Puddlisms

The self-discipline of the eaglet is pretty impressive … its parents must be the no-nonsense type! Once the bird successfully flies, there will be no stopping it though. Florida flowers are such colorful eye-candy. Buds are just starting to bloom in my neck of the woods. With the unexpected snow we had late in the season, I’d say west coast buds are cautiously optimistic.

Sara - My Woodland Garden

Such amazing flowers - and yet the third photo is my favourite. The cute eaglet, the large nest and the fabulous tree... the photo is a piece of art.
Thank you for sharing. Have a great week ahead! xx

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Stunning flowers!! [That one 'plant' at the beginning, looks a lot like a banana tree...is it?] Dunno for sure, but 99% sure.
Oh your flowers...gorgeous.
And your eagle images, Sallie, wonderful, absolutely wonderful!!

Thanks so much for adding your link, sharing with all of us other birders around the world!!

Have a great week ahead--
Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Phil Slade

It's very easy to slip into anthropomorphising, even though we know (and the scientists tell us) that it is unscientific. I dont have a problem with it as I think our link with seemingly distant relatives is stronger than we think. After all, we all originated from the same stock down in the oceans all those many millions of years ago.

Of course eagles don't need to eat every three or four hours like we do, so I guess those folks stand many hours to see the adults arrive when they might get THE picture they are all waiting for.


Loving the flowers. Beautiful colors. I used to date a guy in Jacksonville and his dad had Shrimp Bushes? NOt sure if that is the correct name but the blooms looked like shrimp. Totally cool. I had thought about getting one to bring to TN but it would not have made it up here. Thanks for sharing.


Good morning Dearest Sallie; Oh my! The magnificent tropical first flower is a pest for the owner(^^;) Yes, the GORGEOUS collage of flower is the perfect message of "Welcome Spring" or salute(thanks for your friend p:-) Enjoyed the Wonderful Orchids in there♡♡♡
And I truly touched to read your explanation how the egret grows!!! Your sweet Anthropomorphising words gave me smile♪ 
Have a wonderful Sunday and coming weekend, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Aw he is a beauty! Hope he has a wonderful life...love all the flowers...the cold spring after a warm winter has stunned our plants...some got frost bitten, and others just stopped opening.


Great photos of the Eagle!
Love the beautiful flowers!

Laura Hegfield

Gorgeous flowers Sallie! Thanks for checking in on me and your kind words o comfort.


Wonderful images. I love the Raptor, fantastic.

Handmade in Israel

What an interesting story about the young eagle... and such wonderful photos!

Daniela L.

I'm sincerely feeling in awe watching at your stunning flowers, lovable Sally, thank you for sharing your wonderful nature with us !

May your Spring be filled with so many blessings



Your first photo is stunning, Sallie! So lovely to see the birds, too. And I absolutely love your collage! I hope you have a great weekend!

Villroses hage

Majestic eagle!
Wodnerful plants!


Thanks for your comments, my non-snowbird friend! I appreciate so much your common-sense approach to life, politics, Florida, etc. And your comments are right on. So thanks for taking the time to visit and speak out. TooJay's is good in Spanish Springs. It's gone to hell in Lake Sumter Landing and we haven't yet visited the one in Brownwood. That chess set was found on Amelia Island last summer at the Plantation Resort which we visited (couldn't afford to stay there).

Hope all is well with you and I wish you and your hubby smooth sailing!


Wonderful shots. I like the first shot.

artmusedog and carol

Wonderful Spring time photos ~ the Eagle is fascinating ~ gorgeous flowers ~ thanks,

Wishing you a fun weekend ~ ^_^


It's fascinating reading the continuing Eagle saga!


A really fun post, Sallie. Love the eagle shots!


Hi Sallie, such gorgeous plants.. the first one is most interesting! I love the collage of photos too :D)


Hello Sallie, I love the beautiful plant and orchids. I am glad the E-9 eagle was not hurt from his fall. Awesome shots of the eaglet. Missing the hay-fever season sounds like a great idea. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


wonderful! You are much ahead of us. Even if the birds started to arrive it is just the beginning. Your post gives hope. :)


I like the idea of your lovely warm spring. Especially watching young E-9 grow into its wings. I can certainly imagine that parent to youngster conversation.

riitta k

Your first photo is very artistic! And the flower collage with all the sparkling colors a salute to summer & life. Wishing you a great weekend.

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