June 18, 2017



Dearest Sallie; Happy for your WONDERFUL trip but I understand about the rain, Dear friend. I LOVE the way you expressed your feeling "beautiful sunsets and birds are amenities". Oh, I wish the mighty Mississippi River and enjoyed seeing the picture and reading your explanation‚ô™
So sorry for my belated comment.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


The black squirrel is a first for me.


Beautiful! The first shot of the mountains is a classic. I wish I was there.


Sounds like you had a nice road trip "home" except for the first few days of rain. I like your style of travelling a short distance each day and admiring the scenery by staying off the freeways. It sure is a long way though. Enjoy your stay with family.

colleen@ LooseLeaf

Are you in a camper? A black squirrel with a brown tail? WTH!


Wow. Amazing! 'full-time RVers" I cannot imagine the lifestyle!


Amazing trip photos! You have such a long way to go every year! I know you enjoy the time in your RV though and seeing the sites, but that would flat wear me out! We are here in OR to stay and they are expecting another bad winter....when you will be in FL! :-) I'll be thinking about you when I'm snowed in! :-)

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Awesome Sallie. Boy, do I know Longmont very well!!! Driven through there many-a-times growing up and then raising my own family. Reading your post today was like going home!!

Super birds, naturally!!!!

Thanks again....Sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' is always appreciated.


wow you drove a long way. but you got some great photos though :-)

Stewart M

Thats a heck of drive! Lots of coffee needed!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Hello Sallie, I know you are enjoying your visit with the family in Colorado. It is nice to see the sights from your road trip. I wish I saw the Purple Martin in my area, they do not nest around here. The Shrike is a cool bird. Cool sighting of the black squirrel. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


I also avoid highways as much as I can because as you say you see much more on other streets ! Your travelling reminds me the time when we went each 2 years to the States, each time landed at another place, rented a car and visited several States. I think we have been almost everywhere ! Love your pictures, the mountains look beautiful and the little squirrel is so cute !


Hello Sallie!:) Your first shot of the mountains is so beautiful, and that's a great view of the Mississippi river too.
Love that you took the time to photograph the birds, and a black squirrel, and that you avoid the main highways to favour the lesser roads, where there is so much more to take in, even though it takes longer to reach your destination. I hope the rest of your journey is a safe and pleasant one, and that all your family are well. Enjoy your stay, and take care.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots.

Peter B

It's wonderful that you avoid the freeways and really take your time. A much enhanced experience vs. just going from point A to point B on freeways in a big hurry.


On the road again ... I'm always amazed at the big sky, at the beach on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in Colorado, I see. You might be in Oregon by now.

Alexa T

Such lovely journey and beautiful sceneries, indeed! so many aspects captured, from heavy rains on the road to gorgeous warm sunset and the look of the cute black little squirrel; so lovely to have this chance to travel by van and to admire lots and lots of places. I never had such opportunity, (I usually travel by train/car and go to stay in balnear resorts and from there I plan to make excursions or short trips.)
Thank you so much for the virtual trip! such a delight! I'll look forward your next photos and stories from your journey.
A very sunny day and nice weekend to you! Alexa

Linja in Virginia

Ever heard of shunpiking? That's when you shun the turnpikes. I think there was a book with that name.


That looks great (except for the rain). I'd love to take my time on a trip through that part of the country - there are several states I've never visited that you're passing through.

Penelope Puddlisms

Sounds like a leisurely nice way to travel back to the west. Funny to realize not everyone has seen black squirrels since in my neck of the woods they are aplenty. Love the shot of the river … always think of Tom Sawyer whenever the Mississippi comes into view.


What gorgeous photos, Sallie! And I love the tail on that squirrel! We have a few black squirrels here in the Montreal area, but most of them are gray. Thank you so much for sharing!

NatureFootstep photography

nice tradition to capture the mountains when you first see them. As a welcoming :) Never seen a black squirrel either. But the shape seem to be same as our red ones.


Astonishing trip down in America, geat ideas.


beautiful photo at the top of the post! Lovely black squirrel too. I know what you mean about rain, we need more rain here but when it falls at inconvenient times it can still be annoying


I enjoy seeing tugboats with their barges. Great bird photos, and a black squirrel! Wonderful!
Have a great day!


Happy to see your trip is pleasant (so much ) ! I was surprised when I read that the black little guy was the first black squirrel you have never seen' Here in France squirrels were brown. But for a few decades , many of them are black : they are named "american squirrels"... From where did they come from ?,


Sounds like an interesting trip so far. We used to take visitors to Natchez when we lived in Mississippi, so much history in that area.
The first time I saw black squirrels though was in Canada. They're abundant in Toronto.


Looks like a great journey. The little squirrel is very cute and the birds. Thanks for sharing the map. It is always very interesting to look at the route. Happy traveling :)

Ruth | Tanama Tales

Like to see how you have making progress on the drive. I would like to do a long road trip one day.

Rhonda Albom

Looks like a great cross country trip. Love the squirrel; an animal we don't have where I live.


ooooh it looks like a wonderful trip so far!! the sunset is amazing, really beautiful. the landscapes, the mountains the blues and hues, what an wonderful adventure - it's nice to go slow and see everything!!

adorable black squirrel!!

Judy Biggerstaff

Nice shots, love the river, mountains and birds. Have a great trip.


Not fun to travel in the rain even if the Earth needs it. But is best to follow the "blue lines" as they used to be called. You saw some gorgeous country I've not traveled through. Although I remember seeing long barges on the IL and MISS Rivers further north. Looking forward to seeing Colorado next.


Thanks for the update, you've experienced more in a week than I have in several years. I'm always drawn to the Mississippi and have done one of those virtual piloting programs at the Mississippi River Museum--it did not turn out well, how do they do it for real.
I looked up Gulf Shore's site and it seems like a lovely place. I guess I tend to take the Interstate just to get wherever I'm going. Your way is probably best.
Glad you're settled in with the fam. I've spent time in Manitou Springs CO and always wondered where the water was.
You' got some great shots. One of the things I loved when I lived in LaCrosse (WI) was the black squirrels, the only place I've seen them. I wonder if they are drawn to the river too


Beautiful shots indeed, do enjoy the rest of the trip. Greetings and best wishes!


that's the perfect way to travel :-)
beautiful shots and a black squirrel !!! happy week


Very beautiful and scenic place.

Linja in Virginia

That's quite a journey! Neat looking critters.

Patrick Tillett

I think your pace of travel is perfect. I also agree about staying off the highways as much as possible. I've never seen a black squirrel either. It looks good in black! Great photos Sallie!

lavender dreamer

I've never seen a black squirrel like that one. We saw a fox squirrel yesterday when we took a drive on the backroads but it had a lot of brown and black. They are neat to see. And we love taking our time on trips and really getting to see the country. (and not drive long days) I thought your most boring time would have been through parts of Texas...but driving in the rain is hard. Glad you are in CO enjoying time with your family! Hugs, Diane

ellen b

A black squirrel, so interesting. I've never seen one either. Glad you are in your home away midway from home! I like that idea of staying off the huge roads for traveling.


Wonderful collection of photos - love the black squirrel

artmusedog and carol

Lovely post and photos of your 'adventure' ~ have fun ~ ^_^

Lady Fi

How lovely to be able to take your time and enjoy the scenery. There are quite a lot of black squirrels over here - they're adorable.


This looks like a nice relaxed travel route, Sallie, and you covered so much ground already in two weeks! I see you went north to Longmont in Colorado. Pretty farms up there, although sadly the developers and gas frackers have also discovered that area. Enjoy your time in Colorado! If you come down to the Littleton area let me know and maybe we can meet up for lunch!

Su-sieee! Mac

Back roads and state highways few know about. The Husband and I like to drive those, too. Your photos and the map are giving me itchy feet to travel. :-)


If I ever travel, this is exactly how I would want to do it. Slow, back roads, real towns. All I can think of when you say 'vidalia' is those wonderful, sweet, big onions! You are living such a wonderful life.


Thanks for bringing us along on your trip. We've driven to Colorado several times and have taken a similar route. Canon City is close to where our daughter lives...if you go west to Cotopaxi and then north on route 12 and then take a mountain road you'll find here at about 9000 feet! She loves it there.

Be safe, have fun, and thanks again for these wonderful pictures and the commentary on your trip. I'm too old to drive long distances anymore, so really do appreciate riding atop your car.


Wow Sallie, i've been so busy I hadn't notice you had posted, smack wrists. That is brilliant that you posted a map to show us your route, its really interesting. Great to see more birds, and that squirrel, black with a read tail, amazing, what an adventure.
Take care, Gordon.


Your road trip sounds wonderful (apart from the rain) the RV stops reminded me of the trips we took through your NW and NE States during the '90s, happy days!
BTW I've never seen a black squirrel either.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and stay safe.


Hope its cool there will be heading to CO in about 9 days..I have my doubts since mysis moved out of Basalt to a lower elevation. Great bird shots. I have that same martin house but never get martins. Enjoy the mountains.

Phil Slade

Once again Sallie, I'm left in admiration for your capacity to drive so many miles, distances that would see me think of other things to do. However as you both show and describe, there is lots to see and to do on your journey especially by avoiding the freeways (motorways UK). That Mississippi River sure looks mighty - a road crossing that I might manage.

Wish me luck for Tuesday. I'm planning a 50 mile round trip but with lots of camera stops - no kidding.


Hello, Lovely collection of photos from your travels. The Colorado mountains are beautiful. I like the Mississippi river scene and all the birds. Cute black squirrel. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


Fabulous skies! Thanks for showing the black squirrel - much more easily seen than the grey. Wishing you happy travels Sallie!


What a shame it rained however by the sound of it, it was well needed. hope you had a good time anyway.


The first time we saw a black squirrel was in southwester Wisconsin. Actually there was a family of them. The second time was in Michigan. Both times, they too me by surprise and, although squirrels will be squirrels, they had such beautiful fur and were rather fascinating. Your photos are wonderful and it is good to hear you are doing well as you journey northwesterly.

Hildred Finch

You must be having such a wonderful time, Sallie. Being seasoned travelers takes all the pain out of cross country travel, - long hours, busy highways and lots of stress, all abandoned for back roads!! Enjoy!!!! And think how lovely it will be when you hit Oregon!


Have never seen a black squirrel either Sallie. The two times we were in FL they had torrential summer rains there - it's much more frightening there when it storms! The birdies are so cute. If you are not able to see the comment section with my new blog theme, I added some instructions to my post of Seasons! Thanks o much for sharing your travel experiences with us, and am looking forward to the shots yo will atke in Colorado! Safe travel this week:)


I would be avoiding busy highways too. It is a better way to see the area. And thank you for sharing your nature photos too Sallie... Michelle


Hello! How lovely it looks in Colorado!! You didn't mention the temperature there but I'll bet it is way more comfortable than here on the Texas Gulf Coast!! Breathe in some cool dry air for me.
We learned our lesson about avoiding the freeways when we drove to Virginia earlier this year. I-10 was an absolute nightmare. I never knew there were so many 18-wheelers in the entire nation as were on I-10.
Anyway, I'm glad you are having a good trip and enjoying the journey!

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