June 04, 2017



Safe travels Sallie!


Hope you are having a safe and enjoyable trip. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

NatureFootstep photography

happy travelling then. See you when you can.


Having family at the end of your trip is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Safe traveling!!!

Linja in Virginia

My dream vehicle is a self-driving camper. Have a safe trip!


I hope you are having a safe and enjoyable trip. Having friends and family to visit at the end of the trip would make it all so much more fun. I look forward to reading about it and to seeing some photos. best wishes and thanks for sharing.

Su-sieee! Mac

Happy Trails, Sally!


P.S I,ve been looking at Google to relate where all the states are, so it would be interesting to see which route you are taking to get to the variouse stops.
Take care, Gordon.


Have a nice trip Sallie ! I'd be happy to travel with you in your wonderful country !

bettyl - NZ

Enjoying the trip is the best part! Happy journeys, my friend!


enjoy your journey and travel safe :-)


Safe travel, Sallie - and here is hoping for peaceful times.


Hope you have a safe trip "home".
I love roadtrips too, it's easier to have spontaneous adventures when traveling that way.
The recent terror attacks are very disheartening, my thoughts go out to all the victims and their families.

Hildred Finch

Lovely to think of you coming West, Sallie - enjoy the trip!

Ruth | Tanama Tales

I would love to travel on a RV. It is really one of my dreams. My husband and I have discuss buying a little camper. Hey you have to start somewhere. Have a wonderful trip.


Happy trails!


Have a safe trip and take lots of photos!

ellen b

Now that travel van is something that I could enjoy...I think. The trailers and huge motor homes seem just too much to maneuver the roads and to park. 3 months in London...lovely. I was sad to see that news. Happy trails to you and glad you are enjoying the journey instead of trying to bonzai the trip!

Ida P. Krause

Hope you have a lovely trip. - If you are in Walla Walla, look me up. - Yes the Terrorist attacks all over the world are just horrible.


I wish you all the best, Sallie, for a safe and enjoyable time! My prayers and thoughts are for the victims in England.

Stewart M

We live in crazy times. I will be in Europe soon - although the news makes me wonder if its a good idea - and then I think 'of course it is'.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Thank you for that Sallie, and do have safe travels, i'm sure we will all follow your journey.
All the best and take care, Gordon.


I wished I could travel with you across the country ! Yes it is terrible what happened in London. Now you not even safe anymore on the sidewalks they just arrive with cars and knives !
But people are very courageous and don't let themselves down.


yes, terrible news about the terror attacks, it just goes round and round in circles doesn't it.

Lady Fi

The news of yet another attack in England is just heart-breaking...

Happy travels!


Wish you happy road trip.


Enjoy the journey. We'll be here waiting to hear the stories.

Pat --Mille Fiori Favoriti

Safe travels, Sallie! Long road trips can be fun but also stressful when there is traffic or bad weather. I hope your roads will be smooth sailing! Let's keep the entire world in our prayers.

Patrick Tillett

It is both sad and scary these days.
Enjoy your trip home and take some photos!

Photo Cache

So much senseless violence. OUr hearts and prayers to all the victims and their families.


Have a safe trip. I was also saddened by the events in London, the city of my birth.

Lydia C. Lee

Have a great trip.


I can't remember, how did you get down there? Do you usually keep it down there? It sounds like a wonderful adventure. Current events are truly sad but we also see people with courage and conviction fighting back. Have a safe and exciting trip and take lots of photos.


Have a smooth travel, Sallie! Nice to have a camper van for that. Wow, you were a long time in London. but London and any capital city is worth spending the sights longer than a few days! Appreciate your effort linking up to all Seasons in the busyness of prepping and traveling!! Have a lovely and speedy week:)


Happy traveling Sallie. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. We were in London a couple of years ago. I am very sad at what they are growing through, what the world has gone through because of these heinous acts. This has bought great sadness to those who have lost their loved ones, and to those who have family and friends in the hospitals still recovering. My heart goes out to them.

riitta k

Wishing you great experiences while travelling!


safe travels, you have cool wheels to get you there safely!!


Best wishes for a fascinating trip-we all look forward to your travelling posts!


Have a great trip. London was such a terrible event. But then we had a shooting with multiple deaths in Orlando yesterday. When will it ever end. Of course, London involved a bus and knives - no guns. I'm taking a break for awhile. Enjoy your summer up in the cooler regions!

David Gascoigne

I echo your thoughts, Sallie. I am wondering whether there will ever be a time when we don't have a heavy heart over the needless slaughter of our fellow humans based on perverted ideology, untreated mental issues, stupid legislation, political conflicts, etc. We can only hope, but somehow I think it is a vain hope. Have a safe journey home filled with new sights and experiences, and even some old ones to view through a different lens.


Hope you have a wonderful drive back home, and see lots of new places. I believe social media is the reason we now have so much terrorism. It seems they want the notoriety rather than trying to further any agenda.


Hello, wishing you safe and fun travels home to Oregon. My prayers go out to the victims and families in England. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Phil Slade

Enjoy your journey Sallie. Look forward to reading of yet another adventure.

Phil Slade

Thank you for your support to britain Sallie. It is shared. We will prevail, we always do.


Travelling is fun, hope that you have a FUN.


Praying with you for all the shames we hear about,
I'm sending blessings to you, sweet Sallie,
may your time with your family be filled with much love


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