June 30, 2017


Joe Todd

Love to visit places like that. We are planning on being in Colorado lst part of Sept.

Alexa T

Wonderful selection of aspects from your lovely travel, Sallie; amazing sunsets and various stunning sceneries captured! And so interesting park with statues, as well. We have these kind of statues on some alleys, different parks, too... It must be the trend, nowadays :) I like the one with the girl looking at a bush of flowers. And the old man with pigeons...
Many thanks for sharing beauty of nature and aspects from the park! A lovely Sunday and great new week ahead! Alexa


Nice to hear from you! So glad that you're getting settled in in your beautiful Oregon and that you had a good trip. Some wonderful photos you have shared with us. I'm still not blogging and will be off for a while longer. It looks like we're moving again to another 55+ community here in Ocala. Take good care and I hope to be back on the blog before too long.


Dearest Sallie; Your first pictures of "evening walks on the greenway" are beautiful with sweet evening atmosphere♫♫♫ It is such a treat for me to see these sculptures from "Benson Sculpture Park" as our city has lots of them and contest every year. I DO agree your point of the last phrase "a good thing that the judges choose art that appeals to different tastes". I checked the PC related phrase and this one I didn't know;
"the taste of mother's home cooking" and I liked it p-;)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

Clair Zarges

Sallie, I find that I'm smiling whenever I come here. I love the life you live and the places you go. And I love, love, love those sculptures!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, That is a wonderful array of statues. I love the man with the birds. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Sylvia D.

Michelle Ramblingwoods

Glad you are back safe and sound Sally...beautiful photos along the way...Michelle....


I just know you are enjoying your wonderful time in your summer home. Cool but not too hot!


i am back for a second look - focusing on all the amazing statues this time!!


Your photos are always lovely, Sallie. I also have mixed feelings about the last two, but I love love love the old man and the birds. Beautiful!
(And tell your daughter-in-law that my husband taught school in Red Deer for most of his working life. Two of his daughters are still there, along with our three grandsons. And I agree with her: it might be better to be in Canada right now. So sad that things in the US have become uncertain, and scary.)
Hugs, K


The sculptures are absolutely wonderful. I love stuff like that.


Everything looks so beautiful.
I love them.
Nature cures.


Are you playing hide n seek? LoL....I went to Oregon, you were in FL, I went to FL, and you were on vacation, then I went to CO and you went to Eugene....LoL...Just missed you by 'this' much. But I am west of where you were our paths didn't cross unfortunately. Its HOT here the part I'm currently in. Love your photos the wolf sculpture is amazing!! I agree it is so much easier when one is staying in their camper all this unloading is for the birds!


These are a wonderful mix of shots both nature's beauty as well as the fantastic sculpture.


What marvelous sculptures! Since I will probably never be there in person, I will enjoy them from your photos. Welcome home!! I hope you are all re-Oregon-ized now and out and about to see some new sights. Have a lovely weekend.


Fantastic sky shots Sallie... really too good not to photograph! You've obviously had some beautifully relaxed walks.
Love the sculptures and the thoughtful placement of them as you mention :D)


I agree with you about those sculptures, don't like the top right as well. And i love your blog layout as the photos can be placed wide to the edges.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

That sculpture park is great. I have to remember it since I have friends who live in Boulder. Good luck with all that laundry (that is the part I do not like about coming back from a trip).


Thank you Sallie - I know the family picnic will be a blast! Four generations - that is very special!

Rhonda Albom

I love the sculpture park. The statue of the man feeding the birds is my favorite.


Sallie - I loved the first picture with the sunset and the water - to die for. The heron picture in the mosaic also jumped out at me ... so lovely. Have a wonderful Fourth of July!


The scenery photos are beautiful, Sallie. It's hard to go wrong in the mountains. All the sculptures are so interesting, too. Have a good summer in the west!

lavender dreamer

What beautiful sculptures! I would have taken WAY too many photos there! Glad you are back in OR to enjoy a nice summer. It's always fun to visit your favorite places when you've been away. Take care and enjoy the 4th! Hugs, Diane

Su-sieee! Mac

If I were to visit the sculputre park I would be going "Oh, look there!" "Look at that one." "Oh my!" and on and on and on. Actually I did say that looking at your photos, Sallie. :-)


Sounds like you're having a good time, coming back to Eugene! Extremely beautiful landscapes! Love this sculptor - I didn't know he sculpted animals (have seen his work here with several children-at-play sculptures) and the man with all the birds is heartwarming! Many thanks for sharing your summer neighborhood with All Seasons. Enjoy your week!


What gorgeous photos! I hope the settling in period doesn't last too long!

riitta k

The statues are stunning, so lively. And the sceneries breathtaking.


Welcome back to OR! Loved the photos from your friend's home. And Benson Park's statues are wonderful! Hope you have a great Independence Day wknd!

NatureFootstep photography

it´s beautiful in Colorado. And such gret statues. Love the birdman :)


Welcome back to Oregon. Hard to take a bad photo of Colorado! Ha! Love the images from Benson sculpture park. Wow! Someplace I'd love to see. Happy Monday and Happy 4th!


Wow! You captured some really beautiful skies and reflections. Hope you enjoy the summer in Oregon. The weather has been strange here in Berlin, so much rain last week! But the sun's out today, even if it's not so warm.


Sallie you know how much I love living in Colorado and now you've given me a place I want to see in Loveland--that sculpture garden looks so beautiful! You also took beautiful photos of the scenery. I'm sure you enjoyed your visit with your family.

Glad to hear you arrived safely in Oregon! En beautiful summer months there!joy the


Love the scupture of the man with the birds. Looks like you had a wonderful time and the scernery was nothting to complain about. Gorgeous!



I have a tendency to snap the dog not the human as well. All that scenery is gorgeous it must have been tough to leave. How is the laundry coming along, haha. The one mountain photo is the first mosaic looks like it's glowing, very cool. The guy with the walking stick and pail looks real, I had to look twice.


Gorgeous photos, Sallie! And I love how you display them. Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you had a great weekend! :)

Reader Wil

Dear Sallie! How wonderful your photos are. The skies are breathtaking, and the other photos ofnature are reall brilliant. The statues are so great and so lifelike.Thank you for sharing!

bettyl - NZ

What a great place for photos--I would love to visit that sculpture park but I'd probably have to be dragged out! Glad to hear your are getting settled in for the season. I look forward to more photos, Sallie.


You got some awesome photos, I just love road trips with my camera.

Phil Slade

Hi Sallie. Your trip took less time than I imagined it would. Guess you ate up those miles quicker than I would stopping for every single new thing I saw.

That sculpture park is very unusual, or rather the actual exhibits are are as you suggest, an eclectic mix. I do like the boys on the bike and the man feeding the birds.

I hope you are settled in at home now and have put away your wanderlust for now.

David Gascoigne

Based on your pictures you obviously had a great road trip, Sallie, but I would imagine that you are glad to be back home for a while and settled in. Years ago we had friends who lived in Boulder, Colorado and we visited them there. I have fond memories of great walks with them and meeting their many friends who represented a wide range of disciplines at the university. They have subsequently moved away, but I am sure they have many fond memories of their period there - one of which will not be the couple of feet of snow they had one September! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

ellen b

Welcome back to Oregon. Love the name of your post. :)
Lovely views from Colorado!

artmusedog and carol

Sallie those sculptures are magnificent and your collage of photos are divine ~ what a fun trip you are having ~ enjoy every moment ~ ^_^

Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog ~ ^_^


My God, Sallie!
Those are some amazing statues and flora and fauna.
Have a Great 4th!
I am intrigued by the dog's harness.
Any idea what kind it is, by chance?
Peace :)


That sculpture park might end up on my bucket list. Great pics of Colorado. I am not very good about taking enough pics of people.


it is good to hear that you are getting organised in your summer home! The photos of Colorado are stunning-and I find the sculptures fascinating.
Enjoy your summer-we have had a few days nearly 100F., then back to central heating, then fairly warm...


Hello Sallie, I just wanted to stop back and say thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. I enjoyed this post, the dog and statues. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!
Wishing you an early Happy 4th of July!


nothing wrong with you sallie, i do that all the time. how about 50 blooms but not one picture of the overall garden - kinda' the same!!

i'm glad you are home, safe and sound - although i must say, i enjoyed the journey. awesome sunsets, they are magical, aren't they?? and how about that heron, not so shabby either. thanks for always bringing that camera along, i enjoyed all of it!!

Mary Howell Cromer

How beautiful are the scenes in your mosaic and the sculptures are all magnificent. I want you to blow a kiss to the wind there in one of my favorite places...Oregon <3


Magnificent captures. Love your mosaics and the sculpture park is fascinating.


Lovely post Sallie your pictures are wonderful, and good to know you arrived in the North West safely.
Take care, Gordon.

Lady Fi

The scenery and skies are pure magic!


Beautiful place. I like those statues.


So good to see you posting - and such a lovely post it is!
I love Colorado and love your photos of it and I know I would enjoy the Benson Sculpture Park, especially the man with the pail and walking stick. :)
Here's hoping the unpacking and resettling goes smoothly.


Welcome home. I love how, most of, the statues just seem to belong and be part of the landscape. I'm sure you'll be resettled in no time.


I'm glad you are safely to the end of your trip and back in your summer place. Also - very glad you are sharing some great photos with all of your readers. The scenery is magnificent and the sculpture park is so interesting. I like some - but have questions about others. It is good that we all have different tastes!

Hildred Finch

Great pictures, Sallie. I especially like the gentleman with the birds, - reminds me of our youngest son who talks to the animals while the swallows flutter by!


Enjoyed my tour with you Sallie. Stunning scenery and those sculptures are impressive.


You've got some nice shots of my favorite state here - it's always a joy to be walking in that weather and scenery.


Lovely things you have found, I personally is two boys riding along, fantastic.


Hello Sallie!:) Such beautiful views, and delightful images throughout your post. Those sunsets and the Colorado mountains are stunning. However it is always nice to arrive back home.:)

I love the life-like sculptures, they are works of art, but like you, did not much care for the one on the top right,...is it a ram, in a coat,..not sure!

We also go for walks in the early morning when it is cooler. Our temperature will rise again this weekend,to 38 degrees. Enjoy your weekend.:)


Hello, beautiful images and scenes from Colorado. The sky shots are beautiful. I love the cute dog. The park statues are wonderful, what a neat collection. Great post. So glad you arrived home in Oregon safely. Enjoy your summer. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!


Magical photos, Sallie! I envy your trip through Colorado. I play golf with two friends who came here from Boulder and both of them said they loved it there. But I think I could not stand the Colorado winters. Such a beautiful city, though, and that park is delightful. Love the statues. It struck me as strange to hear you talk about Eugene as your "home." I guess I think that Florida is your home, or should be! :) Enjoy your summer, keep taking great photos like these, and know that Florida will be waiting for you, unless of course, the orange-headed monster really speeds up global warming (which is possible!) and we all sink into the sea. Fortunately, Ocala is at one of the highest elevations in Florida (about 100 feet), so I figure we'll have everyone from South Florida heading this way and then we'll all sink from the weight of things! :)


Woo hoo, was about to email you to see where and how you were. Glad you're back, will chat more later.

Peter B

I love those Colorado skies!!

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