June 11, 2017


Patrick Tillett

London is another place I've never been to. Yet!
Great photos Sallie.


Happy Anniversary and 10 years blogging.....

Sara - Villa Emilia

Hello, dearest Sallie!
Wow, ten years of blogging! Ten years ago I wouldn't have known what a blog is nor did I have a laptop. :)
I'm happy you are blogging and hope that you will continue it for a long time. Many bloggers are abandoning their blogs and focusing on Instagram, for example, but I strongly prefer the slower and deeper blogging.
Belated wishes for very happy anniversaries! xx


Dearest sallie; Wow, Happy anniversarys, Dear friend♡♡♡ I truly enjoyed reading how you started blogging and visited your first post; seen the same pictures and others(♡˘◡˘♡) 10 years must have fast like I feel for my 40th wedding anniversary p:-)
I really admire and respect how you are enjoying your life (always do every time I visit you). Take Care and looking forward reading your updated posts♡♡♡  
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*

handmade by amalia

I love London as well. Looking forward to the new photos.


Happy Blogaversary! That's quite a feat to learn to blog via email.

Hildred Finch

Hi Sallie - lovely post.
We were in London in 1985, and again in 1995 (Squadron Reunions) - I was not blogging then!!! But every night I wrote in a Journal, and when we came home I put pictures and text together in a large book, and they are wonderful to look at and reminisce. The 1995 was our fiftieth anniversary. My congratulations to you both, - so glad you took up blogging!!!

Peter B

Wonderful story about starting your blog, and congratulations!!


Gosh that is a milestone. 10 years of blogging. Well done. A nice trip down memory lane today. and your energy levels are good for an oldie. Congrats on all those years married.


Love the photos, I've never been there myself but I like the one you've shared of the warehouses? or houses? along the water's edge.

Dave @ Around Alaska

Happy Anniversary! Also, thanks for visiting my blog. You need to make your way back to Alaska!


ken schneider

Congrats! Mary Lou and I celebrated our 57th Anniversary on June 11. You got started blogging at a more tender age than did I, although I've been at it a bit longer! Best wishes!

Alexa T

Congratulations on your anniversaries; it is such a beautiful occasion to celebrate! lots of memories, great shots from june, 2007 and beautiful places to travel!
Congratulations, once again, Sallie and happy travelling!
Hugs, Alexa


congrats to you on both special anniversaries!! i am looking forward to your travel photos!!! a pretty collection of photo's!!


Wonderful London shots! I started blogging because my Mom told me how much she was enjoying doing it! Over the years, she and I have been "alone" in doing so, tough as far as relatives and friends are concerned. I upload many blogpost to facebook for those other people...and have been happy to make many new friends in the blogosphere!

Ruth | Tanama Tales

I wish I can stay 3 months in Europe. That would be a dream come true. The most I have stayed is a month. Hope this can be a reality in the future.


I hope you have a great trip. I love seeing these shots from your big anniversary trip in years past.


I visited a friend just outside of Dallas/Fort Worth and spent a week traveling around in a big ol' air conditioned white caddy and had a blast. Wish I could have stayed longer. Listened to a lot of Mexican polka which made me think of home. I didn't make it east which I thought had salt flats and desserts. The upside, lots of snakes.
You really know how to travel, three months is fantastic, although I'm sure not long enough.
Congrats on ten years of blogging, I can't wait to see pics of where you are.
Be safe and stay cool my friend.

Lady Fi

Fabulous shots of London! And warm hugs and congratulations.

bettyl - NZ

What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! We do the same thing--celebrating when it's convenient, not necessarily on the exact date.
Ten years later and things have changed so much! My 10 year blog anniversary is later this year, too!


congratulations on both anniversaries! i was in london a few years ago and loved it.
it's always so interesting to read about your travels and adventures, so i'm very glad that you went on blogging :-)


Photos are a wonderful way to relive a trip. I started my blog 10 years ago, too, and had no idea what I was doing.

London is a vibrant city to visit. I'd love to return there one day. Safe travels!


Oh how wonderful to be reaching the golden anniversary still together, and still taking travels together! Congratulations. I smiled at your description about 2 kinds of skills; blogging and personal energies. Your pictures are great, and it is also wonderful that at this stage laptop and blogging are still coping up with you!


Congratulations on both anniversaries, especially the wedding.

Blogging is kind of a funny thing. I was always interested in it from a technical point a view but had no idea what I would say. I had a secret blog for a while before I learned the ropes. All sorts of friendly advice came from generous people. We really do occupy a nice part of the world wide web.


Congratulations on both of your anniversaries! I love the pictures. My blog is almost 9 years old and I have really enjoyed it and all of the blogging friends I have made. I'm glad you made it through the rain, by the way. Hopefully the next time you are in my area, the weather won't be so bad.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

NatureFootstep photography

10 years seem to be a lot. But then...I went back to check. I found blogentries from 2000. But that was not my first blog. There are some that no longer exist.

The horses you asked about are ponys :)

Lydia C. Lee

Are you going back to London on this trip? Go to Alice Underground - it's so fab! And book for Skygarden - best free views of the city - but you have to book! (Congrats on 10 years on the blog and the wedding anniversary)


I enjoyed the story of how you fell into blogging, thanks to your son. The photos of London are super, and remind me of our own visits there. I hope we can visit again one day. I know what you mean about time, energy and wi-fi connections. It all plays a part when on the road. Happy traveling Sallie. I'll look forward to your next post when you have a chance.


Hi Sallie-
Sorry I haven't been by in a while.
Glad to see some photos of London.
Don't forget to say Hello to us in DFW, if you get a chance.
Happy Week & Happy Travels!
Peace :)

lavender dreamer

I started my blog for the same reason...to share photos with friends and family instead of emailing them to everyone. What fun the blog has been! LOVE photos of your big trip! WOW! Aren't you glad for all of those photos! Oh...and while you are in East TX...say hello to my relatives! heehee! Be safe and enjoy your trip! Hugs, Diane


Great photos and congratulations on your anniversaries!


Happy Anniversary -- both of them! So much fun to look back and see what we were doing and your trip to London was very special, indeed!

Penelope Puddlisms

Congratulations, Sallie! I looked at your original blog and found it so interesting. The wonderful apartment and the computer being so bulky just a short ten years ago. It all seems like yesterday. Time whisks by like a butterfly so it’s makes me happy to see people treat themselves to new adventures.


What a great gift your son gave you! And Happy Anniversary. I started blogging way before I had my Blogger blog as other sites closed down and deleted our Blogs! Hope your trip has been fun!!


Bon voyage! I look forward to photos from your part of the world :).


What a lovely story Sallie, and good to have such memories, unfoetunately London is not quite as safe as it was back then.
Enjoy your travels, Gordon,


Congratulations on your anniversaries what a way to celebrate, I loved the story of how your blog began and will be checking out that first post tout suite!
I find it too difficult to blog whilst we're on vacation that I that actually write & schedule some posts to go up beforehand, much less pressure that way.
Happy Mosaic Monday, safe travels.


I'm not even traveling across the country and I find keeping up with all the blogs difficult! Enjoy this time. Looks like you had a great stay in London back in the days. :D


Wonderful old memories of London.


Hello, I love your London photos. The views have changed since my visit there in 1985. I am so glad your son set up this blog for you, blogging is a great way to keep in touch with family and share your adventures. Happy blog Anniversary. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

Phil Slade

Similar time to me Sallie. I think blogging keeps the mind active. Not so sure about the body though.

I glad you liked London but I think you would see it vastly changed in those few years. Of course up here in the north of England we reckon nothing to London or Londoners. I guess attitudes are much the same all over the world abpout folk from the big cities.Enjoy your trip

Mary Howell Cromer

WOW 2009, you were born into the blogging world a year ahead of me and as soon as I heard about it, I couldn't wait to begin. I am so happy for your friendship and that there is such a thing as blogging~

Stewart M

Nice post - I find it hard to believe I have been blogging since 2009.

We have a big UK trip happening soon - I may cut and paste the final sentences of this post a few times when I am there as well!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Good 'ole' London Town, you can't beat it.

Linja in Virginia

Congratulations on your anniversaries! Taking a trip is a great way to mark an occasion.


Am happy you are still in Blog land, Sallie! Had not heard about the word blogging when I started "Myspace" - I think a year later I moved to Blogspot, to do real blogging:) London is the right place for such a momentous anniversary!
Many thanks for sharing these happy memories with us at All Seasons! Have a smooth travel cross country:)


Congratulations on both anniversaries!


What wonderful photos - and memories - these for you and for me to see. Safe travel and I'll be looking forward to whenever you post. I've actually been absent for a bit and hope to do a post soon.

ellen b

Oh how nice. I'm going to have to go back and check out your first blog post. . Yippee for your son setting you up. My younger brother set me up in blogging. Happy trails to you as you make your way across the states!


Sallie, your photos are beautiful! I really enjoyed this tour, thank you so much for sharing.


Wow, love those London photos. We've not been there. Ten years ago, we celebrated our 50th in Paris and those photos are still up on our Paris blog. This month, we celebrate 60 years but neither of us feel good enough to do much. Some of the kids will come visit which will be nice.

And thank you so much for your kind comments on my new blog. I was simply tired of being an "Ocala" blog - I'd been doing that since 2009. So, this new one is just to do whatever the heck I feel like. And you know just the right things to say. Me and Ansel Adams? That's undeserved but high praise indeed.

Stay safe, have a great time and I shall be checking out your blog on a regular basis. By the way, Lois and I started dating (her mother was a good friend - we worked in the same office; I was part-time, still in school) in August of 1954! She was 15 and I was 17. Crazy, huh? Thanks to Lois - and I mean that - we're still together and still in love.

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