July 16, 2017


Patrick Tillett

Beautiful photos of beautiful birds. I had no idea there was such a thing as a yellow headed black bird.


Many great bird sightings on this stopover. The Avocet is gorgeous!


Beautiful birds and beautiful lake as well.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Hi Sallie! Beautiful lake, lovely birds and wonderful post. Thanks so much for joining us birders at I'd Rather B Birdin'.


Hello Sallie, you're so right that is just the prettiest lake.
Wonderful photos and I love that beak of the Avocet. Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead and thank you for this lovely post :D)


Hi Sallie-
I love this post with all kinds of new birds I have never seen before.
The winning prize goes to the Red Winged Blackbird!
Lovely snaps of our feathered friends!
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

handmade by amalia

Stunning. I'm so glad you took us along.

David Gascoigne

Avocets are stunning birds. You can see them a thousand times and never cease to be in awe of them. As for not having pictures of your earlier sightings, it has been said by people far wiser than I, that the best picture is the one in your memory. My first sighting ever of American Avocet was of a flock of well over a hundred in south Texas about thirty-five years ago. I can still see them in my mind's eye as though it were yesterday. I didn't even own a camera then, and I have taken many pictures since, but nothing will ever replace the sheer joy of that first encounter. Great post, Sallie.


Great photos of interesting birds!
I was surprised to see white pelicans in Tennessee recently
Have a wonderful week-end!


Hello, Sallie! Wonderful bird sightings. My favorite is the Phalarope is one of my favorites. I always enjoy seeing the Pelicans. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


You always find some great places.

And the birds go along with you.



Amazing photos of the Avocet! What a beautiful area, Sallie.

Stewart M

Wonderful pictures - the avocet brings back memories of my last trip to to the US - Arizona.

Cheers - Stewart M - Geneva, Switzerland


This is the time of year for birding, ins't it?!!!

bill burke

Beautiful birds and a lovely lake. Looks so peaceful.

Magical Mystical Teacher

It's easy to see why you like to visit Bear Lake!


Parts of WI have some new lakes they didn't want. Always good to hear from you, keep me updated.

Peter B

Beautiful avocet capture! Looks like a wonderful location for a camping stopover.


Bear Lake seems to be a popular names for lakes as I know quite a few of them! This looked like a beautiful place to view birds and relax while you were on your journey west, Sallie. I never saw a yellow headed blackbird before --what a surprise!

Michelle ramblingwoods

Oh I love the lake and the birds Sallie.....

artmusedog and carol

Beautiful post and photography ~ always lovely works ~ (thought I had commented but am 'losing my mind coming to my senses' ~ or the heat is getting to me) ~ Suffice it to say ~ glad you enjoying doing wonderful photography ~ ^_^

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots and so many lovely birds.


Hello Sallie!:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment. My husband has been interested in ants for as long as I have known him, and that is well over 60 years. He used to have one of those perspex boxes to watch them form colonies inside. I showed him your comment, and he said my kind a girl!!:=)


This lake is so beautiful and looks like a paradise for birds. Your photos are fabulous.



Gorgeous photos, Sallie! And enchanting reflections, too!


It's always nice to see 'exotic' birds. And a bonus that you caught them with your camera. Hope you are settling into summer in Oregon! We're still waiting for the warm weather here.

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

Two more birds I have never seen- the yellow headed blackbird and the avocet. I hope to soon get to visit Oregon and Utah (Wyoming, too) again. It's been a long time since we have been up that way. Great shots and thanks for sharing!


Wonderful shots of the Avocet - I can understand why you never tire of spotting them. Thank you for sharing.


Funny you should winder about the white pelicans on the inland lakes - we wondered the same thing when we saw them on our drive from Ohio to Montana. I mentioned it to a local at one of our stops and he told me that they often stop at such lakes on their way to and from the ocean(s). Thanks for the unusual (for me) photo of the Avocet.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

This is a coincidence because I am going to camp at Big Bear, California this weekend. I haven't been in a long time, so, very eager to go back.


Hello Sallie!:)

Bear Lake is a beautiful place, and looks like a perfect location for water birds. Your Avocets are gorgeous, having more colour than the ones I have seen here, and the Yellow headed Blackbird is a beauty, but I also admire your Red Shouldered Blackbird, as we only have all black Blackbirds here. This is a lovely post Sallie, thank you for sharing all the birds.


I would love to see an Avocet and delighted that you saw, you clicked, and you posted! Thanks Sallie.
All your bird shots our lovely.


Such a beautiful place! Great photos...oh I'd love to see a yellow-headed blackbird! Our friend who was here visiting used to live in Utah, and told us about Bear lake. The only one I knew of is in CO...looks like this is a great one to make a stop!


Such a beautiful lake filled with lovely animals. Great photos indeed. Warm greetings!

Penelope Postcards

Bear Lake looks so lovely and luminous and I can easily imagine surreal in its blueness. The adorable avocet, indeed all local critters, must be very content living there.


Beautiful birds ! Such big once I see very seldom here, but I have no lake around either !


As a kid, we lived in Price, Utah and we spent a good amount of time at Bear Lake. It was a favorite place for us.


Many thanks for sharing Bear Lake with All Seasons! Beautiful, and the Avocat is a cute and pretty bird! From your comment (thank you!), I can see we like to do similar things (is it age? smile!), but unfortunately I do have to do the cold, since it's where my house it! Am proud we slowly are getting used to it - and get a fair use of all my heavy sweaters:)


Fantastic Birds! And breeding plumage on the Phalarope! What a nice birdy spot if I ever get in that area I must look for it.

ellen b

I can see why it's a favorite stopping spot for you. Fabulous bird shots. That Avocet is special...


How I would love to see the birds in real life but I have enjoyed them immensely in your lovely photos. Thank you Sallie.

lavender dreamer

I've never seen the Avocet...I wonder if we have them here in FL. I've never been to Bear Lake but my husband has and I've seen his pics in a photo album. Sure is a beautiful place to go on a trip. Enjoy your week! It's still hot here! hahaha! Hugs!


Such pretty birds, and that lake is beautiful.


I had never heard of some of these lovely birds-fantastic photos. I just saw three types of gulls today...

Photo Cache

The avocet is such a beautiful bird. I have not seen one in person yet.

A ShutterBug Explores

Love the Aocet ~ what a pretty bird! Lovely photography ~ ^_^


Oh that looks a gorgious place Sallie, and those Avocets are stunning, I think our UK avocetsare gorgious but can't hold a candle to the American ones.
Take care, Gordon.

NatureFootstep photography

your Avocet is so nicely colored. Ours is black and white. And never show up where I live. Also love the Wilson's Phalarope. Gorgeous birds.


a beautiful lake, it is disappointing when you don't capture the color you see. it happens to me with sunsets - you have to be there!!

amazing birds!! the avocet is a beauty, what a shape!!!

Phil Slade

First of all I do love that name of Bear Lake. Doesn't need much else to tell me waht else you might see there - hope you stayed near the car. I remember seeing a Wilson's Phalarope here in England many years ago after it became a Transatlantic waif, but they are a real rarity. Good to see that avocet too and I get the impression it is much bigger than our own European Avocet.

The lake was well worth a stop.


The Avocet has such a pronounced curved beak, must be quite the fisherman. Red Winged Black Birds are the birds I notice most around here, especially on trails of any kind. My cousin has photographed pelicans on the WI River, which amazes me. Is Bear Lake a swimming lake? I hope you are all settled back in and enjoying your summer.


Gorgeous images. Beautiful lake and I love avocet! Happy Monday!


What an interesting bird! I don't think I have ever seen one before.


What beautiful birds the avocets are with that lovely curved beak. I hope I get to see one of those one day. Great camera captures!


Your oustanding images charm me more and more, darling Sallie, thank you for sharing such wonders !

Wishing you a most lovely new week,
I'm sending blessings across the many miles


Sylvia D.

Sallie, Love the bird photos. The Avocet was a new one for me. Have a great day! Sylvia D.

Joe Todd

Great place for a 'stop over" finally quit raining in Ohio


Thanks for sharing these lovely photos
Happy Mosiac Monday

much love...


Pictures of some very cool birds. And the pictures make them look even cooler. I know how hard it is sometimes to get pictures like these.


Hello, Sally! Beautiful views of the Bear Lake. The birds are awesome. I love pretty Avocet and Phalarope. The Yellow-headed Blackbird is beautiful. I remember stopping at a Bear Lake wildlife refuge on the way to the Tetons. I wonder if this is the same place.
Wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.


Beautiful bird captures to begin Mosaic Monday, I really like the way that the reflections add extra depth.
Happy MM from Florida!

tom the backroads traveller

...nice pit stop!


Your scenes are so peaceful and have so many birds!


What a beauty, the lake. With the birds, hippee.


What a lovely spot! lots of beautiful birds too.


Very beautiful birds in and around the lake.

Su-sieee! Mac

I like the way the avocet walks, almost like a cowboy. LOL Have you ever been to Goose Lake, which borders eastern CA and OR. Your photo of Bear Lake reminded me of it.

Linja in Virginia

Lovely birds! The reflections really make the pictures special.


Beautiful lake and the Avocet is very special. There is a similar bird out here in Australia but I have not been lucky enough yet to see if or photograph is.

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