July 22, 2017


Clair Zarges

Thank you for the lesson about sage--now I know about its place in the ecosystem. This post reminded me of the Wind River series of books by Margaret Coel, which give the reader a strong sense of place.


I so enjoyed your travels!!!!

Patrick Tillett

Mama Sage! I had no idea...
You always manage to find things and places of interest, no matter where you are. You take nice photos of them also.


I didn't realize there was so much sagebrush in Wyoming. I'd always envisioned it as a state with lots of greenery, hills and mountains as well as rivers and lakes. One day I would like to visit there.


Beautiful post.


Thanks so much for sharing these fantastic shots. I have got to make it out west one of these days. I've been to San Francisco several times but that's not the same.

Hildred Finch

Great pictures, Sallie. I have never been in those States but find them so like home with the sagebrush that also covers the hills here.

Stewart M

Nice post - I know what you mean about posting from adventures that are over - I have only been back week, but I suspect my European posts will go on for a little while yet!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Michelle Banks

I have never seen sage brush except on TV.....So different from my area...Michelle


Wow, many people have shared the same journey and experience with you, though at different times.

And memory flies at the same time.

So interesting.



Hello Sallie, I enjoyed reading about your drive home to Oregon. The pronghorn are cool critters to see along the road. Wonderful series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Hello Sallie!:) Lovely photos of your trip through various states and a great commentary. All those names, and wide open spaces, remind me of the Western films I saw when I was growing up. Interesting information about the sage bush. I'm glad it supports so many wild life species. I support our local shops, and don't... YET, shop on line. So many shops are closing in Portugal, because people don't support them. Have a great weekend!:)


Beautiful scenery, especially to this Canadian...I grew up in BC's Okanagan Valley, very similar to the photos in your collage...lakes, mountains, rivers...and now live in southeastern Alberta, sagebrush country. (Alberta borders on Montana, with Wyoming not far away.)
Lovely photos, Sallie, and I love the "Mama Sage" sign, concise but full of information.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travels

Peter B

I would like to take a road trip across Wyoming. Cool that there are so few people! I also am fascinated by the JC Penney "mother store"!

bill burke

What a wonderful trip through some beautiful states. Lovely photos. We used to live in Portland, Oregon in the 1980s and 90s. That is where our daughter lives now.

Have a wonderful day!

colleen@ LooseLeaf

So many wide open spaces. Is the JC Penny a museum or still a store? Cool.

Hootin' Anni

Been through this area many many times in my youth! The only part of Wyoming that's pretty is when you get up in the northwest corner!

Enjoyed your photos today, Sallie, and your commentary.

David Gascoigne

That western landscape is very spectacular, Sallie. I have seen Pronghorn Antelopes, but only in small herds, and with nothing like the regularity you experienced on your journey through Wyoming. They are spectacular creatures, graceful, elegant and swift, a true symbol of the western part of the continent. I hope they will always have sufficient habitat to delight all who pass their way.


That sagebrush supports a lot of animals!


Wonderful post Sallie. We didn't make it this far north on our last road trip, but I remember seeing the pronghorns on others. I found the information on the sage very interesting, and that of the first Penny's in Kemmerer. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week :)


How very interesting about sagebrush. I always have this picture in my mind of western movies of the '50s and bundles of sagebrush rolling along with no real idea of what it was. Now it do! Thank you, Sallie.


I love this kind of information about each state! I'm trying to imagine how the pioneer wagon trains endure such vast stretches of sagebrush!


i have enjoyed your road trip sallie!! the views are really beautiful and that jc penny, wow, talk about keeping it vintage!!!


Interesting stuff to know about Wyoming. I can tell now by your post why the population is so low. I didn't know that about it either.

Lady Fi

Bear Lake looks lovely!


Lots of interesting scenery.
I didn't think JC Penny still existed! Cool "vintage" find. :P


Hello, Sallie! My first impression of Wyoming on this post is a long, empty road of Wyoming. “Endless field of sagebrush” is so fantastic to see, and still more when it keeps good environment for wildlife. I guess the area would be aromatic. So nice to have lunch overlooking the lake.



It looks like a wonderful time, Sallie! Your photos are beautiful!


The difference at the state line is pretty noticeable and I bet welcome. What's up with Wyoming that no one wants to live there. The red rocks are nice but it could drive you nuts unless you've got a fast car and can put the peddle to the metal. Which you can't, so I can see why you just want to drive through. Well the deer seem happy.

NatureFootstep photography

love the red rocks and the deers. The sagebrush I think I can do without. But I guess it is of some use for the deers :)


Such a varied landscape across the North American continent. I grew up in an area with sage brush, and I learned a lot about it from reading the sign you photographed.
So many stores are closing. It feels like we're going backwards instead of forwards.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Love the Bear Lake photos. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

Phil Slade

So many names there from my cowboy mad childhood – Wyoming, Laramie, Bighorn, tumbleweed. I fully expected The Lone Ranger and Tonto to come galloping across your photos but then I was disappointed you found the landscape less than inspiring!

Yes, lots of our little shops are in decline as Amazon takes over the world. We do however shop at the local fish shop and butcher’s to support them. And the produce is always better than the supermarkets, not to mention the personal service.

Those cyclists are a damn nuisance. So much noise. And why do they have to go around in gangs who see and hear nothing? Beats me.


The sagebrush and the antelope, so Americana! Loved the views of Bear Lake and how cool to see the original Penneys store!

Su-sieee! Mac

I've driven through Wyoming twice and every time I think I have a memory of it, I realize that happened in Montana. I do recall trying to sleep in a hotel in Cheyenne Wyoming, all hyped up on iced tea and listening to the crazy ominous goings on next door.

I love the blue skies that you captured in your photos, Sallie. I normally see that kind of blue sky around here after a rain.


Sallie - thanks for a fun and informative post. I knew about sagebrush but not that there were so many varieties. And the first JC Penney store is still open! There is hope for us yet!


I have never heard of sage brush before. Reading other people's blogs is so interesting as they take you to a world so different to your own. Thanks for the tour.

A ShutterBug Explores

Magnificent vistas and wonderful photography and presentation ~ have travelled similar routes in the past and our country is so beautiful ~ ^_^

Photo Cache

Stops in small towns are what makes road trips very exciting.


We've traveled through eastern Wyoming, and I agree it is a monotonous ride. Western Wyoming's Grand Tetons mountains and Yellowstone National park makes up for that however :)
I actually hope WY keeps its population low and does not grow like Colorado's front range as that would be the end of sagebrush and so many wild animals. I did not know JC Penny began in Kemmerer!


Sallie, I was so happy to read your post about Wyoming. Years ago we followed the same road and stop, like you in Kemmerer. When I saw your photo of the J.C.Penney'store, I said "I saw this !". We had lunch in a small restaurant and the man who eat just in front of us looked like my father-in-law. He said us : "I don't understand why people who live in Europe come in Wyoming !" (because it's so beautiful...) At this time, several shops was closed and somebody explained to us that people drove.... to Salt-Lake City to do shopping. Incredible for us...


Beautiful tour of the place.

ellen b

Such big skies. Didn't realize where J.C. Penny got it's start. I was so surprised to see the Sears store all boarded up at the Alderwood Mall. These big stores are struggling to stay afloat. Lovely photos. Happy week to you!


Love seeing that old J.C. Penny! How fun! Would love to spend more time in Wyoming.


Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, 3 states I've never visited before today thanks for taking me along on your road trip through these different landscapes.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

Alexa T

Such informative post and lots of pictures from your vacation! Always lovely to discover and learn new things about nature and about that first store. Amazing!
A very nice day and new week; I'll look forward to see and read more about your travel! Alexa


Your road trip photos are fun to see. No trip for us this summer so I can be an arm chair traveler here. Interesting to see the first Penny's store. I worry about all our brick and mortar stores. I find it sad, and I, myself, try not to purchase on line unless I can't find it locally. I like to support local business.


Beautiful photos from your road trip

Happy Mosaic Monday

Much love...


Carry on blogging, you did an excellent job. Lovely sights.


Love your travels across the country and the Mamma Sage story.


The trip you make each half year cross country, must be a treat, if you're not driving too many miles (smart thinking:) Had not idea there were so may kinds of sage - I like it in cooking!And Bear Lake is so refreshing! Many thanks for All Seasons and not to forget the cute deer:)


what a wonderful road trip.


I just love those wide open spaces! This spring we drove back to Illinois by way of Wyoming and South Dakota and so enjoyed the stark beauty.


Sounds like a great trip! Never heard of a Pronghorn but your pics are quite beautiful!


I love Wyoming but that stretch you were in is monotonous. Northern Utah is wonderful.


Beautiful photos and loved the narrative. Penneys and Sears are disappearing - another sign of the time.


That sounds similar to our "outback". The lake is pretty.


Hello, wonderful images from your road trip. I enjoyed driving thru Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. We flew from Baltimore to Salt Lake and then rented a car. I especially loved the Tetons. The western states are beautiful. Cool sighting of the Pronghorn. That is a tiny JC Penney building. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and week ahead!


The rocks and scenery look like something out of a vintage western movie, so surreal but all the photos that you catch on a road trip make it so much worthwhile.


Great photos and a very interesting mix of landscapes. The pronghorns are beautiful. Very interesting that there is still a 'bricks and mortar' store where Penney first started. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

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