July 09, 2017



OMG, I'm dizzy just thinking about going over that gorge. Flatlander here!! It's gorgeous and the bridge is amazing.

Stewart M

What a great looking bridge - looks like another place I can add to the wish list.

Cheers - Stewart M - Grindelwald, Switzerland


Beautiful photos.
But the final line that talks about your newly learnt "skill" makes me smile.



Looks all so beautiful and interesting !


Sallie, … the voyage itself that matters. This voyage has a little too much vertigo for us. Thanks for sharing.

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

As many times as we have vacationed in Colorado, I have never taken the railroad or seen the gorge. My husband saw it when he was living near there as a teenager, but that was eons ago. I think it is ridiculous to charge to walk a bridge, but I guess that is the same as a toll on the freeway.

Colorado is so pretty in the mountains.

artmusedog and carol

Amazing bridge and gorge ~ gorgeous photography ~ ^_^

Such beautiful and fascinating country!

David Gascoigne

This kind of iconic (and magnificent) scenery seems to really typify the American west. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the first hardy settlers who arrived there and those who traversed the mountain passes on their way to the Pacific. Not for them bridges, railways, air conditioning and super highways. They must have been made of the right stuff!

NatureFootstep photography

well, beutiful place and many things to do. Not sure what I would have choosen. Beautiful images.

Peter B

This is really spectacular! Thanks for taking us along, and it's a place I would really like to visit in person. The train ride looks wonderful!


What an amazing bridge and train ride. I know someone in my house who would love that train trip. Great photos Sally.


wow, what an impressive structure and scarry looking gorge (though I would love to peek from it into the abbys and have a few photos).

Joe Todd

Neat post A few years back Linda and I were on the Durango/Silverton line. Really enjoyed it


wow that would have been so cool to ride that train. We visited here but didn't do all the stuff you did.


Wow. Deep breath. Startling view.
Our kids have been taking trains in the UK! I love other people's travel photos!!!


An amazing sight. I visited years ago and was quite impressed.

Mary Howell Cromer

That is some incredible bridge...really high, kind of well, scary ;)...I am thinking that we may have seen this once long ago, but my memory in photos is not serving me very well, as they are stuck with thousands on external hard drive. Have a great weekend~

Patrick Tillett

Fantastic post! I would love to take that train ride. Like you, I would pass on the tram. Your photos are really good and so was the info you provided.


What an amazing experience. I'm feeling dizzy just thinking about it!


What an adventure! I like the sign, too

Hildred Finch

What great adventures. I think I would have kept my feet on the ground, - a few years ago perhaps the bridge might have tempted me.... Wonderful to see these pictures Sallie, - thank you.

tom the backroads traveller

...I walked over that bridge years ago, being afraid of heights it was fun.


What a fabulous place! And a great train ride!


Hi Sallie! You have seen a lot of interesting places. Thanks for sharing.
You asked if I will go to Australia. this year. Well I hope to go. next year.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, That is an impressive bridge and gorge. I`m not sure I would have like to walk the bridge. Maybe. Thanks for sharing the train ride. Open observation car what a thrill. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

bettyl - NZ

We think alike when it comes to the trams. No thanks!

But your views are incredible from the train. Wow! Usually, the idea of the 'legacy wall' would be from the distant past and it's hard to think it was just a few years ago that the fire destroyed the park.

riitta k

Absolutely fantastic views. Although perhaps not for me, for I'm afraid of heights :) Have a lovely day Sallie.

Linja in Virginia

Wow! Looks amazing! Sad about the fire.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

This bridge is so impressive! I still do not get how it was built on the rocks. It looks like it was placed there.


That's an amazing bridge. I haven't revisited since the fire, but I remember riding the old tram across the gorge and the incline to the bottom.


They have gorges and we have mountains, yin yang. Driving on bridges always makes me nervous.

Hootin' Anni

Y'know I lived in Colorado for nearly 50 years and was at the bridge only ONCE. We walked across only. That was terrifying for me. I have a height issue!!!

Stunning photos Sallie.


Thanks for showing photos from the Canyon as well as the visitor's centre. It gives me a really good idea of how spectacular it is. I don't think I would want to go in those cable cars either!


Wow! Amazing scenery Sallie. That bridge is an incredible piece of engineering. Great photos!

NatureFootstep photography

my first reaction,,,OOOPS! Not sure I would trust that bridge :( Walking, yes, but by car?
But a beautiful place.

rupam { xhobdo }

Amazing place. Great post and photos.


SOOO cool!! Love this place we visited back in 1998, We attempted to walk over the bridge but then a car got on the other end and it began to buck and bounce so we hightailed it off there! I was sad to hear of the fire in 2013, I do recall hearing it was closed. Isn't this park privately owned? The train ride looks awesome!! NO way I could have gotten my Mom on that even back then; she was my travel mate on that journey.


Sallie - I enjoyed so much about this post - the cool feat of engineering (in 1929!), the river along the railway and the train! Your post brought rushing back all the wonderful memories of various train rides with the kids. My Mom and one of my sisters will be taking an overnight (sleeper car) Amtrak train from Chicago to Whitefish in August to visit us. Can't wait! On the flip side, the mention of the 2013 wildfire is a little scary - we need rain in Montana!!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog this week - it meant a lot to me!

Su-sieee! Mac

I love taking historic train rides. That bridge though. I don't know. I actually gulped looking at your photos. I have a scoring system for scary bends and heights when we travel. This bridge looks to be 3 gulps and very sweaty palms.

ellen b

That is one scary looking bridge to me. Looks like you had a nice adventure while there.

Photo Cache

I fantasize about train travel across this great country.


What an incredible place to visit, you're a braver woman than I, Sallie! Stunning photos, thanks for taking us along with you on Mosaic Monday this week.


wonderful views of the bridge and the river


Oh my goodness Sally, who would think to find this in Arkansas:) Breath taking height, and feat to build this bridge! Many thanks for thinking to share this experience with All Seasons! Have a great week!


I have to say you wouldn't get me on the bridge, I"m terrified of heights.


We've been to Colorado quite a few times, but, never have I been to the Royal Gorge. Your photos are spectacular. I can only imagine building this in 1929! Thank you so much for posting these.


What a fascinating train ride to take through the Gorge. Amazing to think of the engineering that went into the construction of the bridge and of the rail line, as well. Great photos!


Oh Sallie, you got so many magnificent photos from the Royal Gorge Train! I did not know that pedestrians are only allowed to walk across the bridge twice a day--there wasn't any restrictions when I visited last fall and walked across. We did take that gondola ride across--it was quick and a little scary but a very smooth ride. It was hard to take photos on it because of glare on the windows. I think the Arkansas River was running hard this spring so I guess there weren't ant rafters on it as yet? There was a lot of snow in the mountains and lots of run off this year! I'm glad you got to see these marvels in Colorado--there is so much to do and see here!


You were just three hours from us! Although, it is three hours over Monarch Pass! :)


ooooh sally, what a beautiful land that we live in!! you have captured the best of the world in which we live!! i adore that orange train, what a great capture!!

handmade by amalia

This is some trip! Beautiful! And trains are my favorite way to travel.


It would be so wonderful to travel on that train or go across that bridge. I really like bridges.


Two of my favorite things: Bridges and Trains. What a great adventure! America the beautiful for sure. Happy Monday!

Phil Slade

Now I managed that too - Cañon. I really envy you that trip Sallie. There is something very special about train rides - well boats, ships and even buses too. Maybe it's the not having to do the driving, routing, concentrating etc but just sit back and enjoy the ride?

Labour must have been incredibly cheap in 1929 to build that bridge for $350,000?


I'd love to take this train ride! How spectacular!!!


Hello, Sallie! What a wonderful tour. I love the views of the bridge, river and the gorge. The train ride sounds like a fun time too. Thanks for sharing your visit. Great photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!


Gorgeous views, Sallie!


What wonderful photos! The train ride sounds great. Those cable cars look awesome!


Amazing scenery but I do not like heights so I would not have enjoyed that part. YOu are bravesr than I am! Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic shots of Royal George. Wonderful coverage.


That's incredible I wonder how you keep up something like that. I wish I would have seen more when I was in CO., got a little sick of streams and no rivers. I would probably faint if I took a tram like that. Amazing photos and the best of both worlds on the observation deck and inside with AC.

lavender dreamer

I love that last photo and that brilliant blue sky. When my boys were young, we traveled out there and went on the train. I have old photos...a photo album actually! Remember those? Love your pics! Hugs from HOT FL! heehee!


Oh my Goodness Sallie, what a fantastic trip you had , and those photos are awsome, they where reminding me of the Grand Canyon trip my Daughter and I did in 2015.
Thanks for reminding me, Gordon.


What gorgeous and spectacular views, Sallie! It looks like an amazing time! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour!


Fabulous bridge, beautiful all things.


Wow! That is some gorge and bridge. I wouldn't want to look down on it.


Oh Sally ~ America the Beautiful and you are getting to see it and photograph its true beauty ~ and sharing it with us ~ Love it all! ^_^

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