August 13, 2017



I enjoy traveling with you!!!!


The first picture of Mount Rainer is so beautiful.

I like it as much as my mushrooms.

And happy birthday to you.



Beautiful photos Sallie! I have always wanted to visit that area.


PS, Happy Birthday to you!


Hello, Sallie! The views of the mountains are just gorgeous. What a sight to see. The deer are pretty, adorable critters. Love the pretty flowers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Hello Sallie!:) It does not surprise me that you took another trip. Family is the most important thing in our lives. It's so nice that your son shows you different places, and then you share these lovely experiences with us. Your Mt. Rainier images are stunning, and I love the beautiful archway and flowers in the botanical garden, the deer, and clever sign.

Sallie, your comment on my blog made me smile. The Hoopoe does looks peculiar with it's pointed head feathers, it's no wonder you thought it was a made up bird:=)

Su-sieee! Mac

Mt. Rainier is simply floating! Love it. Your dahlia photo is my favorite. I'd like to find fabric that color for curtains.

JM Illinois U.S.A.

What a view at Brown's Point. Never been to the state of Washington. Someday.


Spectacular photos of Mt. Rainier!! I am so envious of your visit to the botanical garden. Makes me want to jump in the van too!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


Love the views of the mountain, and beautiful flowers, too!
Have a great week-end

Magical Mystical Teacher

For a view of Mt. Rainier, I'd jump in the van and go too!


Hi Sallie-
Dahlia is one of my favorite flowers. So nice to see this beautiful flower in your post.
I have seen Mt Rainier from afar, from Seattle, but your photos are from closer and they are fantastic. I would like to visit Mt Rainier again someday.
Have a Happy Friday and a Joyous Weekend!
Peace :)


I'd like to visit Tacoma's botanical garden and Mount Rainier is a so beautiful Mountain. Thanks, Sallie !.

Patrick Tillett

Beautiful photos Sallie! Such pretty flowers.
I know I've been in Tacoma, but it's been decades.
Wow! Mt. Rainier is very imposing...

Patrick Tillett

Beautiful photos Sallie! Such pretty flowers.
I know I've been in Tacoma, but it's been decades.
Wow! Mt. Rainier is very imposing...

Peter B

The photo of Mt. Rainier in the alpenglow is stunning!!


God's country.....


The mountain looks like it is floating. Its nice of your son to show you something different each time you go.


Wow Sallie! The photos that you did take are fantastic! Those shots of Mt. Rainier are breathtaking and the collage of lilies so beautiful!
So sweet to see the deer close up and what a clever sign!
Best wishes!

Linja in Virginia

Lovely garden scenes!


Nothing like a little road trip to brighten the days, especially when family is involved. The flowers are gorgeous. Love seeing Rainer.


The view of Mt Ranier is breathtaking!

tom the backroads traveller

...sad to to think that folks need to behave well.


Magical views and scenery Sallie, loved all the flowers and those deer? Gorgeous! Couldn't help but smile at all these lovely photos, thank you so much :)


Dearest Sallie; What a beautiful post starting and closing with the dynamic "Mount Rainier"♡♡♡ I AM so impressed by the sign you introduced here. I DO agree with you; isn't it wonderful if you know the way how you express yourself without hurting people♪
Beautiful pictures of summer flowers and I love black-tail deer; never seen a deer. Happy for your sweet family time(♡^.^♡)
Thank you SO much for your thoughtful comment, Dear friend.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*



Wow ! that looks beautiful with this huge mountain in the background !!

Prunella Pepperpot

Stunning photos. Mt Rainier looks like an eagle soaring over Browns Point.


Wow! The color in the first shot is beautiful. Just a hint of pastel.
Love all the flowers too, especially the dahlias. I tried some of the dwarf variety in my flowerbox this year, but they haven't been doing well. Maybe too much sun for them...

Ruth | Tanama Tales

I am a bit like you. I plan trip after trip. Sometimes I a tired but keep going. Great photos! #OurWorldTuesday

Angie @ Pitchfork & Pistil

Wow it's beautiful there! Beautiful photos! And as a flower person, the entrance to Point Defiance garden was stunning!

betyl - NZ

I would be gone most of the time if I had the opportunity! What great scenes you captured, Sallie! Love the flowers and the deer are so great to see. Love the sign!


It looks like a beautiful place, I've never been to Tacoma. That's a great view of Mt. Rainier across the water - every time I see it towering I think how it's a volcano.

Photo Cache

WE are going in that part of the coast next week for a little road trip. I cannot wait.

bill burke

The last photo shows Mt. Rainier in all its glory. I love the cool warning sign about the plants.
Have a wonderful day!


we are "road trippers" sallie...it's in our blood!! your first image is just gorgeous, breathtaking!! i love the dahlias, they are such pretty detailed flowers!!!

jesh StG

Thank you Sallie - I also love the arbor of beautiful flowers! In response to your comment about the mysterious window above the restaurant in Giethoorn Holland: You have good eyes for something that does not make sense!
Was also noticing, but forgot to write about it -hmmm, I don't know what is taking place behind that window - because it seemed so in contrast with the tidy and cheerful restaurant.

nancy chan

Beautiful photos of Mt Rainier. You take great photos. Love the dahlias and deer. Have a lovely day!

riitta k

Lovely photos! The Mount Rainier is from a fairy tale - gorgeous!


Gorgeous! It has been a long time since I have been to this park. I have forgotten how beautiful it is!


The photos of Mt. Rainier are gorgeous.


Those roses are divine, think I'd be stopping all the time to take photos :-)

Lady Fi

Wow - Mt. Rainier is so majestic! Great shots. I love the glow and also the last shot where it seems to be floating above the harbour!


It must be an amazing experience to see Mt. Rainier with your own eyes.


Beautiful shots. Very pretty flowers.

Stewart M

Great pictures - I sent some time in that part of the world many year ago - would love to come back.

Yes there are a few different species of puffin - but I have only ever seen the one in my post.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Great shots of Mt. Rainier! It's not always easy getting it to look so good. Keep on Road tripping!

Michelle Ramblingwoods

Thank you for your kind comments Sallie..I have not been good about blogging or visiting this summer. My elbows are protesting since the spring and it makes everything harder including typing. I can't have the injection and I just don't want to be in PT..I need to have some summer so I will do it in the fall. Hubby has been great helping me with the butterflies....I love this garden and the sign in adorable..You find the best signs....Michelle

Sylvia D.

Sallie, It must have been a great time to visit the gardens. Thanks for sharing flowers and the mountains. Sylvia D.


I love the second shot of Mount Rainier, seeming to float above the world below.
I may have mentioned in previous comments that I heard Mount Rainier erupt. I was living in White Rock, British Columbia, near the Washington State border.
I'm sure no one ever forgets the impact of hearing a volcano erupt, but eventually everyone (except those who suffered from the lava flow) will recover from the shock and get back to life as it was.
Your beautiful photos are proof of that.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Wow...the botanical gardens look great! Really nice photos.

Jesh StG

Mount Rainier is definitely stunning!
Oh I agree, you're a born traveller!! It makes one's life so interesting, eh? Right now my painting keeps us home, but I really miss going for a trip!Many thanks for this sharing yourlovely visit to Tacoma with All Seasons, Sallie:)
Now I'm sending this from my new Apple and difficulty remembering how to do the perma link, but luckily you know how to get back to me. Have a good one!

ellen b

So beautiful. You got some great shots. How nice that you could spend some time just enjoying each other and good food!

Phil Slade

Mount Rainier is one of thosse places that you mostly see on TV> Pleased you got there Sallie but where are the heads?

Just 250 miles? No problem as long as I have a week - both ways.

I agree about those signs. Much better to encourage people to do right rather than try and make them.


Beautiful photos and you spend time with family which is even more important.


Beautiul series Sallie, and I do love the Deer, fabulous.


Oh pish posh, your photos are fantastic. Look at that last one and the top shot made me look up what alpenglow was. Cool, btw. I also started plugging in distances from my apt to see if I'd be willing to travel that far right now and where it would take me. Door Country, maybe. The Twin Cities more accurately and no. The Apostle Islands is about 80 miles further and no. You guys have the bug for shizzle.


Great post great photos, I'm learning much from your posts,
Thank you and take care, Gordon.


You certainly find some wonderful views wherever you go. Have fun with your family!

Taken For Granted

That first shot of Mt. Rainier was taken with perfect light. You also had a good time in the gardens.

David Gascoigne

A great trip for sure, Sallie. Mount Rainier is spectacular indeed. I have never seen it from the ground but I have flown over it, and it is impressive from any perspective. And you are absolutely right about the signs - cleverly done signs without overt admonishment are probably more effective in the long run that those that simply lecture. Enjoy the week ahead.

NatureFootstep photography

a beautiful mountain and pretty flowers. A good trip.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful floral macro shots for Macro Mon ~ love the colors and Mt Rainer is awesome too ~ ^_^

Clair Zarges

This was the perfect post for me to see first thing this morning. We lived in what is now Edgewood, which is outside of Puyallup, which is outside of Tacoma, for a good many years. We could see Rainier (when it was "out") from our back porch, floating up in the sky. Thank you, Sallie, for a lovely post and for sharing your wonderful photos with us.


Memory makers for sure! These are wondrous vistas and close ups, Sallie. I have never seen black tailed deer! They are quite similar to the white tailed ones here. I love how you have cropped them and displayed them here. Wonderful.


Hello Sallie, I love following your travels. The views of Mt Rainier are gorgeous. I would love to walk around this Botanical Garden. The flowers are beautiful, love the cute deer. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


Marvelous nature sights. Thanks for linking up with "Through my Lens"

Christine, Cologne

Beautiful pictures, not only the phantastic macros.

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