August 20, 2017



I think the sign is right about the video cameras, but not the rest. :) I can't imagine what you are going through right now but you did get some good news. Hurricanes are funny things, as they can take out everything in the path (e.g. Andrew) or they can be very selective. I hope Irma left you place alone! I really feel for those poor people with out power. We had one bad night, not much damage here and lost power for about 24 hours. We are very fortunate!

Take care and keep in touch.

Patrick Tillett

Several different subjects, all with great photos!
You always find the cool signs.
The piano in a public place is such a great idea.


Where's that eclipse post, OR woman?

Michelle Banks

Hello Sallie...You have a beautiful place to walk and to enjoy nature in....love the sign...Michelle

Clair Zarges

I'm thinking about your husband's Aunt Rosemary, who lived through almost a hundred years of history. Imagine all the changes she saw--from horse and buggy days to satellites in space, from letter writing to instant messaging, from getting lost on a journey to having a GPS in your pocket. What an amazing time span. I just hope she didn't dwell on current events too much toward the end.

Love those gorgeous hydrangeas. Funny how the beauty of the flowers have outlived the folks who planted them. That's a hopeful thought, isn't it?


Hi Sallie-
The hydrangeas are so pretty.
You guys in Eugene are doing a splendid job of spreading love.
Please spread it to the rest our this great county :)
Love that yard sign.
I saw a T Shirt with the caption - "This house is guarded by God Almighty and a Chow. If you enter for stealing or causing harm, you will meet them both" :)
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

Reader Wil

Lovely post, Sallie! I also love hydrangea, but even if I plant blue ones they always change into pinkisch red, which is also beautiful.
I am interested in dilapidated old houses like you: because of the stories that happened there.
We also have pianoes put on platforms of some stations of big cities. They are very inviting for the piano players among travellers.
Thanks for this nice post.


There are times I wished we lived within walking distance of such downtown activities as you get in Eugene. LOVE the piano and, of course, the flowers. You have some gorgeous close-ups of the hydrangea - so sad for the house.


So, God got top billing!!
The first Friday Art Walk sounds good - my city also has one, on the second Friday


It looks like a great area.


Love the sticker, looks like some west coast hippie stuff, lol. I'd say maybe it would fit around here but the alarming rise in crime seems to be right at my doorstep and shows no sign of slowing down. Hydrangeas are always a welcome sight and it looks as if they're going to burst through that fence. I know it's been awhile since I've been to your fine city, but I don't remember seeing any abandoned old homes. Loving the concept of Instant Ballet.


A cute sign Sallie. The old abandoned house must have looked lovely in its day. We always seem to see homes in a similar state when we are out and about, and I often wonder about their history. Someone's pride and joy at home time. Every now and again the land is bought, the home is leveled and a shopping center pops up, or a builder may start a new housing development. Beautiful flowers in your collage. The bus with the love sign made me smile.


It is sad to see that abandoned house! But the flowers are wonderful!

nancy chan

The hydrangeas over here are of the smaller version. I don't think the piano will last long in our country because of the rain and hot sun.


Hello Sallie!:) What a great neighbourhood you live in, the piano is a wonderful idea, it suggests you have someone in authority really caring about your community. Perhaps someone will also care about the abandoned house and renovate it to it's former beauty very soon,... I hope so. I loved both signs, and your beautiful Hydrangea collage took my breath away.:)


I think that sign wouldn't last long here, lol ! People are not so for showing their personal believes ! No religious signs are allowed in official buildings like schools etc. King and Queen yes of course, lol ! Was a nice entertainment for you !

Ruth | Tanama Tales

LOL, that first photo is so funny! I imagine how much damage the garden suffered before somebody decided to add this sign.


Love the outdoor piano. There used to be some in London a few years back and they are very cool


riitta k

A Friday Art Walk sounds great fun! It feels so good when the neighbourhood is lively & living. A sad house, but the bushes around it bloom so beautifully. The pale lilac hydrangea collage looks stunning. Have a beautiful day.

tom the backroads traveller

...I've never been to Eugene, but have heard a lot about it. I always say, 'when you loose your sense of humor, you've lost everything.' The street piano is a wonderful idea. Thanks Sallie for stopping by.


You certainly have a nice neighborhood for walking! Lovely photos of the hydrangea bushes too.


I LOVE those hydrangea bushes. One of my favorite flowers.
It's also nice to see the public pianos. THey had that once in Toronto while I was there. Always fun to see the different ones.


Sallie - isn't it fascinating what you can find walking around town? Love the piano idea, as long as it's not in my front yard!


Eugene is such an entertaining town. Looks like that house had a fire.

Linja in Virginia

Love the hydrangeas! Your post comes full circle with those signs.

Lady Fi

I enjoyed the signs and that amazing hydrangea bush!


Lovely finds you got there, i love most that nice sign!


So much happening in and around town. I had to smile at your comments about the piano.


i am trying to decide which sign i like most...i think it is a tie!! i like lace hydrangeas but i don't see them too much around here. i think picture #2 was composed with me in mind!! :-)

that piano, what a GREAT addition to the neighborhood. i think you must live in a fun place!!!

Su-sieee! Mac

Love that sign. "Dwell in love." I think you right. I don't even think Berkeley would have that on its buses. that's such a pretty house to be abandoned. Hope you had a clear view of the eclipse today.


Lots of interesting things to see. Neighborhood walks are some of my favorite things to do.

ellen b

Hello on Eclipse Monday, Sallie.
Love that sign and the photos from walking out and about.
I enjoy hydrangeas in all their stages, too. Have a good week!

Penelope Puddlisms

Dwell in love is a perfect sign for the ages and for all places. I so like that old house and am wishing someone with the funds could bring it back to its still apparent former beauty!

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I too always conjecture about the history contained behind the walls of crumbling houses. What is now derelict was a home for a family, dinners were enjoyed there, children conceived, joys and hardships shared equally, gardens tended, taxes paid. It is always sad to see such homes fall into disrepair, neglected and forgotten. it would be better if they could be demolished and a fresh start made. I was happy a few years ago when I returned to the small town where I was born - at home - in a house built in 1888. It was still occupied, lovingly maintained, renovated and modernized, with a garden overflowing with vegetables. Made me feel good. People have asked me if I knocked on the door and asked to go in, but I didn't. I don't really know why, but it's their house now and they are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of it. At least Miriam got to see the house in which I was born.


That's nice, I love the man playing piano, beautiful.


Very beautiful shots of the place.


Looks like that house had a fire upstairs...but it has not stopped the beauty of the hydrangea bushes. The play me piano is such a great idea I imagine many an impromptu concert happens on a daily basis...Awesome!


The abandoned house looks sad. You can tell from the gorgeous bushes that someone once loved the house and garden.


Hello Sallie, I love the church sign and the beautiful flowers. I love hydrangeas. That house looks like it had a bad fire. You live in a a pretty town. I like the piano and play me sign. The bus sign is cool too! Great captures. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.


Oregon is certainly blessed with one of the most spectacular flowers shows in the world. Only been to Eugene once, visited a friend there who was going to school there.

Christine, Cologne

Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers, too. These are wonderful photos!


Dearest Sallie; Oh, GORGEOUS Hydrangeas♪ Its season in Japan is in June. Like its name, I thought that's the flower for the rainy season p:-)
Your two signs touched in my mind, Sallie. Especially the last one with heart shape, LOVE the phrase "dwell in love"♡♡♡
Our aunts and uncles some are still with us, we try visiting them and they look happy seeing us.
Love the activity or entertainments close by in your city. My husband's liked the colorful piano :-)
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


What a vibrant town. Thank you for sharing :).


beautiful flowers and it looks like there are plenty of interesting entertainments close by in your city. Very clever of you to choose an apartment so close to everything.

Phil Slade

It's sad that in this modern world we have to have CCTV everywhere, even more so in churches. I read somewhere that the UK is one of the most "watched" countries in the world.

Like you I would like to know the story behing that abandoned home. Surely a relative might come along and claim it. Over here the authorities would eventually get possesion, sell it and the money go to the Government for tham to waste.

I hope you listened to the Unalaska video again. It's a heartwarming tale of people valueing their wildlife despite the tiny nuisance value of the eagles.


I love that sign. How sad about the house. doesn't look to be in real bad shape, someone could fix it and oh my those beautiful hydrangea.

Jesh StG

Wow, those Hydrangea bushes are doing much better than the house! Kind of sad to see! How thoughtful of the city to allow that piano there! But I'm sure there are times you wished it wasn't there! Thank you for showing All Seasons where you walked! Have a lovely week, Sallie:)

artmusedog and carol

Lovely and fun photos of summer ~ sad about that house with its lovely blooming flowers ~ Great presentation and wonderful photos ~ Happy Week to you ~ ^_^


What an interesting city! Love the hydrangeas!!


The purple caught my eye right away! I love it!

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