August 24, 2017



You really had a perfect setting, and company, for the eclipse. Was cloudy for me but still interesting.


Thanks for sharing your eclipse experience. Thought you might be interested in my bear, Augie's, Oregon eclipse adventure. Cheers! https://augiebearseclipseadventure.wordpress.com/

Michelle Banks

Oh what a great opportunity Sallie.... We didn't experience much here.... Michelle

Kay Davies

What a wonderful experience for you and your family, Sallie. I am going to send a link to this blog post to a friend, a Californian who now lives on the Oregon coast, because I haven't heard anything from her about the eclipse.
Making a family picnic party around the totality of the eclipse was a wonderful idea, and you do have your photos as remembrance, but can find many professional photos as well, to fill in whatever blanks you find you need filling.
I didn't have special glasses, either for myself or for the dog, and there was only a partial eclipse here, so I stayed inside with her. From inside the house, I only noticed a brief twilight effect, but have very much the enjoyed professional photos almost as much as photos such as yours, taken by enthusiastic bloggers or posted on Facebook.
Thanks for sharing this once (or perhaps twice) in a lifetime opportunity.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

riitta k

You had a great experience having wittnessed this!

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

Good scouting! I hate crowds and do my best to go the long way around to miss the traffic. I heard that there were fields of tents somewhere...I forget what town. We only got a slight edging, and I only got a slight photo. LOL! I'm glad you got to experience it and make a day of it with family and friends.


Sallie - sounds like this was a win all around for you - beautiful drive through the country, time with friends, a picnic breakfast, and a (perhaps) once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thanks for sharing - we were in San Francisco with our daughter and the timing did not work out (or maybe I am just making excuses) - and so I am living it vicariously through other people!

Ruth | Tanama Tales

Wow! I am glad you were able to enjoy the totality. It didn't look that great here in Los Angeles since it was cloudy. Props to your husband for finding a great spot! #OurWorldTuesday

lavender dreamer

I thought about you and wondered how close you would be to viewing the total eclipse! Love the shadows that formed on the ground. Enjoy your week sweet lady! Hugs, Diane


We watched the Eclipse in Jackson,wy. It really was a great experience. Glad you got to see it too.


I was wondering if you would post about this eclipse.
We only had bout 70%, but mostly it was an eerie light for early afternoon.

A ShutterBug Explores

How fortunate you were to be in such a place to view the event and get great photos ~ thanks ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)

Photo Cache

Oh your captures are wonderful. We were road tripping in Oregon and Seattle last week. By the time the eclipse happened we were near the border of Cal-Oregon, so we saw not the totality. And of course my shots were not good :)


How fortunate to be able to see such a natural wonder. You did well with the photos.


Great shots. Fun times getting together for the eclipse. I even ventured out with a welding mask! It worked great!


Glad you were able to experience this special day. Obviously, we didn't get an eclipse in Germany. But I heard so much about it on FB and other media spots, that I felt like we were kind of part of it too!

Alexa T

Great series of the sun eclipse! Interesting views! A lovely day and new week ahead!


Some things are best remembered in your brain rather than by the camera. It sounds like it was an exciting once in a life time event. Nothing happened down under.

Jesh StG

You may have some disappointment that you didn't have better pics, but at least you were able to see the eclipse:):) In my neighborhood it was cloudy that day till sunset, so we couldn't see anything! Nice to have family over for this event, and happy you shared this with All Seasons! Enjoy next two weeks!

Sharon Wagner

Prime time! We, on the other hand, were socked in from our look see.


What a solar eclipse!
And it makes our life full of excitement, at least, for that short moment.
I had just missed the correct rabbit hole, otherwise I should be there with you.
And I can say then I have witnessed this rare occasion.


Stewart M

What a wonderful thing to see - I think we have one here in about 10 years!!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Linja in Virginia

Neat! We only had a partial eclipse here. It didn't get dark at all, but I think the temperature fell a couple of degrees.


I have never seen an Eclipse not because there wasn't one or several during my life, but the sky without of with eclipse looked the same because it always was so cloudy, lol !

colleen@ LooseLeaf

Aww, I had no glasses. We were out on the water and all we saw was a boat named Eclispe. The lighting was eerie like a bright dusk.


i'm glad you had fun with it. here in new jersey, it was a no show and that was fine with me!!


I enjoyed reading about your eclipse experience. It was completely covered by a big black cloud where we were. Still, there is always 2024 ;)

Wil Francois

Well that must have been a great, and impressive event, which happens only once in a lifetime.
We, in my country, are now worried about the cyclone in Texas. All those people, who have to leave their houses and belongings! May God save them and bless them.


COOL! Lucky YOU!!!


I wondered whether you had witnessed the eclipse! Your photos are excellent and the Blog fascinating. I remember our eclipse some time ago. The birds stopped singing, and darkness fell-as if the earth stood still for a moment in time.


Hi Sallie, glad you had a good day, and enjoyed such a wonderfull event. you certainly pick a brilliant spot.
All the best, Gordon.


I loved every word and picture of this, Sallie. You have captured the moments beautifully. I cannot imagine a better way to to enjoy this; well researched and selected spot, family, gracious strangers, and presence in the moment.

Phil Slade

What I really like about your story is the way you did your homework, devised a plan and didn't just follow the sheeple. Looks like you found the quiet spot you were after for the experience. We were told in the UK that our eclipse would be partial only but that with full cloud cover, there was no point in even looking out for it!

I do remember seeing one as a boy and as you say, it was all very eerie, going cold and quiet.

David Gascoigne

Well, Sallie, I don't think your pictures are too bad at all. And they say that the best picture is the one in your memory, and I think that's true. You had a much better impression of the total eclipse than we did here in Ontario. It was pretty much a non event. Miriam and I sat out on the deck and were able to "project" a little pin hole onto a piece of white cardboard, but that was the eclipse for us! Right now we are raising five Monarch butterflies in the house, three are already chrysalises, one is about to become a chrysalis and the other is still a caterpillar, although now very big. That milkweed we planted in the garden has really paid dividends. Last evening our neighbour brought over an orphaned Cedar Waxwing she found on the road, and we are trying to do our best for it, but I fear it is not doing well. It leaves me with a feeling of frustration that I cannot do more, but unfortunately I can't.

Patrick Tillett

I'd say you did a great job of memorializing the momentous occasion.
I, on the other hand, missed the whole thing while taking a nap.

Lady Fi

Cool shots and what a great experience.


you're lucky you got to see it, no chance from here.


Very interesting narrative on your eclipse viewing. Very nice that you had family who could join you and I did enjoy your photos My son told me the roads would be impossible form the Seattle area and he had no wish to battle traffic for even such an event. Thanks for sharing your day!


Wonderful experience and very nice shots.

mary jo

We shared a special weekend with you. Your post doesn't begin to cover all the highlights (like the breakfast picnic). Thank You for hosting.


You got very good pictures of the eclipse. Much better than what you told me. You underestimate yourself. I think maybe you're the only other person I know who has gotten any at all.


This is my third total eclipse - one in North Carolina, one in Oregon and one in South Carolina. You are so right, words do not begin to do justice to this. I'm happy you were able to find the "right spot" and I loved your reflection photos. Mine will be posted Friday (and my skills were so inadequate...)

ellen b

Woohoo, good for you for finding a good spot to enjoy the eclipse! It really was a fun experience and how great that you were so close to the full deal!

Alan Bates

I viewed it at my Dad's assisted living in Idsho Falls. I have been through a partial before and it is like interesting but no big deal. I was surprised how emotional I felt when totality came and I took off my glasses and looked at corona around the moon. No photograph can do it justice. I was glad to witness such a rare event.

Oklahoma 2024! For the next time


No photos can come close to the actual experience of witnessing the eclipse - it was worth the trip for us. You've captured something special.


How exciting! Well planned!! Your photos are amazing too. We had about 60% coverage here. We are supposed to have a total eclipse here in 2024. Hope I'm still around to see it. LOL!!


something to see. I had only clouds

Penelope Puddlisms

You came to mind right away, Sallie, when I heard of the eclipse’s path. Being in Oregon I figured you’d find a great way to make the most of it and you certainly did! Funny how the moon shadow over sun photos appear like the human iris. So fitting considering all the eyes trying to get a look at this event.

bill burke

Wonderful narrative and photos. The experience is what really counts and it sound like you all had a great one. The disclaimer made me laugh.
We didn't have a chance to experience the eclipse, the sky was clouded over. :(


Wow! What an experience. I think your pictures are great. It was only partial here (87%) but I did get to see it with my neighbor and her little girl, who had fashioned a viewer out of a cereal box. I also held a colander from my kitchen in the sun and got to see many tiny little crescent shadows on my porch!


You have a wonderful memory and your photos are fine as far as I'm concerned! I think Road trip 7 yrs from now on the next one I want to see the total...I knew it was coming over my house when I agreed to come to CO with my sis...family was more important!


Brilliant series of the sun eclipse.

Peter B

So awesome that you were able to experience this! Thanks for sharing, and LOL at the disclaimer!!


What did you do for seven hours besides have a picnic and watch the eclipse?


You got some great shots! I can't imagine the feeling since I was ecstatic when the clouds parted enough to use the solar glasses on the partial eclipse. It sounds like a moment from a Sci Fi flick with the drop in temp and stillness. You certainly do it up in style. The back roads and light traffic sound like my speed too. I didn't even think about it until late last week when my cousin mentioned it and then mostly because I couldn't get glasses and it became a matter of pride. You are another creative person who thought to look down. You can definitely see what's going on in your eclipse photos, very, very cool.


Great job handling the eclipse


Hello, sounds like you had a great spot for the eclipse viewing. I love the shadow shots. We missed it, our skies were cloudy! I heard the traffic was horrible in places. You planned well. Enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!


You were so fortunate - thanks to the planning! - to witness this and enjoy it from a great location! I would really love to experience the atmosphere!
Thanks for sharing!


Whether or not you were able to get really good shots of the eclipse itself, the shadow shots are great. I do envy your being able to see totality, because in Texas we have to wait seven more years for that. Nice job!

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