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September 14, 2017



SO happy your home is safe! Very smart to put up those shutters!! The Elk are amazing! Before you know it you'll be heading South!!


Magnificent...the only word for that bull elk, but so sweet when urging the youngster to get up to follow the herd.
I'm glad your place didn't suffer the horrendous damage so many Floridians experienced. We saw it on TV up here in Alberta, of course. What with hurricanes and earthquakes the world is certainly suffering right now.
And I'm very, very glad you sought time away from the coverage and spent it with the elk!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Breathtaking shots of the elk.


So glad your FL place is OK, along with your neighbors. Hard not to worry. But the elk made a nice distraction.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

I would love to live close to a herd of elk. I have seen some close to the Sierra Nevada but not from a close distance. I have heard there are bison in San Diego county.

Michelle Banks

Oh I didn't realize that you went to Fort Meyers. I have a friend who is there year round and was not going to leave until Irma took that little jog in her path. He and his house did OK. And yet here comes more ...... When I get sad, I look at photos of Blake and they make me smile again... stay safe dear Sallie....

Stewart M

Great pictures of the elk. It must be really hard not being able to get exact details of what has happened 'down south'.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lessandra Grimley

So glad your place in Florida is safe! I grew up in Florida so went through a few hurricanes. I really pray that Hurricane Maria doesn't come into Florida! Enough is enough!

Love your elk photos - especially love the misty grassland photo!


Great shots! You can almost hear them!

Jesh StG

Yeah, animals are more tender to their own kind than people are to their kind:):) Many thanks for sharing the life of the elks with All Seasons! Happy all is okay with you and your belongings! Hope this is is a week without those kind of surprises!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good captures.


Sallie - so glad to hear your home in FL was not damaged. It's always tough when these types of events are out of our control AND we are not nearby! These elk pictures are stunning - I just love the coloring on these majestic animals.

Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, the odor was from the birds. Sigh, I guess that is just part of nature!!


A distraction was a good idea to relieve some of the stress you must have been feeling. I'm pleased to hear there were no casualties in your resort.


How incredible! I can only imagine watching such a seen from a distance Love your captures this week!


Great shots of the elk.


Glad your cottage is safe. Elk are beautiful and majestic creatures.


Sallie, I was wondering about your canal home. Glad to hear there wasn't much damage to the community. Many of Bob's family live in Sarasota and some evacuated while others stayed. None had much damage, thank goodness. We hear another storm is on the way though still out to sea. Between fires and storms, it's been quite the summer! Love the elk photos. Our son lives near the Evergreen Elk Preserve.

betyl - NZ

How awesome to be able to tell their story in photos! These are some wonderful animals and I'm glad you shared them with us.


Such a nice respite your trip to the Dean Creek was, Sallie, and exciting to see the elk and especially the buck. Your photos are wonderful.
It is good to hear that your Ft. Meyers canal cottage is intact and that there did not seem to be damage. The two hurricanes and the fires have managed to ravage a good part of the country. We watch the news and pray for all that have been in harm's way.


Glad to read your "canal cottage" made it through safely, I've been thinking about it and hoping it was ok. Glad to see the elk as well since we saw no elk in Yellowstone. I think about going back but at 82 Jules shows a slow but persistent cognitive decline and it is hard to plan more than six months ahead.

Linja in Virginia

Glad to see your resort was not severely damaged. The elk are delightful to see.


I'm happy you didn't get any damage. Our rental home in Jacksonville only sustained minor roof damage (thank goodness). We had the same feelings watching from far away (we are in Michigan). I love the elk--what a wonderful distraction. So happy I stumbled up on your blog. Dawn from www.randombitsoftrialanderror.com


Good news always about your property.
Beautiful distraction.

All the best to you.



Hi Sallie-
Those boys got some big antlers.
All of nature's creations are lovely.
Especially when left alone :)
Glad you were unaffected by the many storms we are having this year.
Have a Happy Weekend!!
Peace :)


Such wonderful creatures! I'm glad you Fla house has survived Irma. Hope your boat is okay!

ellen b

Glad to hear you are getting not so bad reports of your property in Florida. Smart to make those preparations before you left! Hope all will be well. Those elk are really something. Hunting season is coming up soon here in Washington but Elk have a way of keeping away from the fray. Hope your weekend is going well.


Beautiful photos of the elk Sallie. It must be so interesting to watch them. Good to hear there was no significant damage to your Florida home. It was a harrowing few days here, but all of my family and I made it through ok with no damage. I wish hurricane season would hurry up and be over!


It's been a terrible few weeks of weather and the havoc it has wreaked but I do hope your home in Florida is ok.
Your photos of the elk are wonderful showing how powerful and proud they are!
Happy weekend!


Great photos of the elk herd, interesting to hear about the young bull and the elder. We saw similar goings on from our Yellowstone visit. Magnificent animals!


Hi Sallie, glad to hear your place was okay but know you are sad for those who lost everything. It was terrible to see it unfold on the news and knowing your connection with the state, it must have been worse for you. With Harvey and now Irma, a long way to go before things return back to normal, and for many maybe it will never be the same. My heart goes out to all those who were in the path of these hurricanes.

Patrick Tillett

Happy to hear that your place made it through the hurricane. Very smart of you guys to put up those shutters.
That bull elk, is quite the physical specimen. Pretty intimidating...


What a beautiful place to see, it would definitely get your mind off things. Hopefully your Florida home is undamaged and your friends can get back soon!


I´m glad you were not in Florida when IRMA hit it. :)

Your elk is a beautiful deer. If everything work out as planned I might see some soon. Two weeks from now I will be in Yellowstone :)


That was a very cool look at the elk. You made me feel like I was right there watching the whole thing.


Amazing photos of the elks! It is great to see so many of them together.

Penelope Puddlisms

Irma was a devil of a storm … I’m glad to hear you’re canal home is likely secure and my thoughts like yours are with those who lost so much and are still in need of everything.

I liked seeing the animal interaction in your photos … there's a fighting/territorial side to all life and also a more gentle communicative aspect that we share.


Hello Sallie, I am so glad your Florida home is OK. Watching the news on both hurricanes was horrifying. Great news your community was all safe. The elk photos are awesome, the bull can be very bossy. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Glad to hear you're ok there. Where I use to live up north we got extremes of weather like cyclones and hurricanes, the whole house use to shake but nothing like what you've had there.


I do hope your Florida place is OK Sallie. It was quite frightening watching it unfold on TV, never mind actually being there or having a close personal involvement.

We're taking 2 weeks in Greece at the mo. Catch up with you soon.


I am glad that your Florida house is okay. My brother had to evacuate his home in Corpus Christi for Harvey. His apartment had no damage so I was glad to hear that also.


What a mess down there...
I'm glad your places are good.
I love the critters!


No electricity yet that really sucks, what are your neighbors doing to get by. I remember seeing magnificent elk when I visited Oregon, it was hard to believe what I was seeing.
Those hurricane shutters seem pretty strong and should have given you some peace of mind. That's great news about your resort and must be strange to watch it from way up there. At least things are less smoky but man, when will it end? Soon I hope.
We have summer again here and it's just too hot for me, hoping it gets cool again soon.
That bull had a lot to say! Is the bird just sitting on the elk?


magnificent captures, wild animals, they are so beautiful!! i thought of you during irma, i knew you were home in oregon but wondered about your florida home. thanks for the update, it sounds like the home away from home is ok!!

bill burke

Glad to hear that your canal house made it through Irma's visit. I'm sure that's a load off the mind. Those elk photos are awesome. Sometimes the "boss" has to deliver the message to the younger ones just so they don't forget who's the boss. :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Bob Bushell

Fantastic Elk photos.


I was very pleased to learn that all should be well at your canal cottage! I did Google Fort Myers several times.

The elk photos/blog are as fascinating as always. Here we have had gales as bad as on the Western Isles.


I had been wondering how things fared for you. Terry's sister and brother in law have a place on San Marcos Island...I haven't heard how things went for them yet...they are traveling.

I'm glad your cottage was safe!


A big thanks to you, Sallie to have taken the time to send me a message ! I was so happy to know your friends were safe and your cottage not blown away ! I hope the next news 'll be as good as the first one. What a good idea to go to see the els. They are so beautiful animals.
I hope quite time is now back for you and your husband. Amitiés.
Just now I discovered snow on the top of the mountains in front of our home... Yesterday I was in Aix en Provence and it was summer....

Photo Cache

It is quite nerve wracking waiting for the news and we always set the bar at the worst case scenario, isn't it? Glad that somehow it wasn't a worst case scenario.


That is so cute the bull nudging the young one. He is a good leader of the pack. Glad to hear the good news about your Florida house.


I was thinking of you and how lucky you were to have left the area in time ! Fortunately even your home was saved. It's absolutely terrible what happened ! We are nothing against nature. I adore your pictures of the elks ! The first elk in my life I saw in the Yellowstone park when I was 28 ! My aunt screamed "A bear A bear" but it turned out it was "only" an elk ! Beautiful animals. Later I have only seen them in zoos.


Wonderful photos of the Elk!
I am so glad your home in Florida is okay

nancy chan

Am glad that your home and all the other homes are safe. Great elk shots.

Lady Fi

Those elk shots are amazing! And glad that your friends and cottage are okay.

Joe Todd

We just got back from our Western trip this evening and had a great time. I have a few Elk photos but nothing like yours..good job. We had a lot of smoke and haze from the fires from the badlands thru Yellowstone and the Tetons. It was a little bit better at Estes Park and Pikes Peak. I was worried about you and your Florida place. Real glad to hear everything is ok. Hope the fires are taken care of. Be safe..


Gorgeous shots

ann Chin

Mum and Dad were in the Chinese generation where most people did not divorce. There might be the occasional argument and raised voice. Being Roman Catholics help. Dad went to university in England, Mum didn't have primary school education thanks to the Japanese war and being a woman.
I wrote in my book. You will think it is fiction.


Great photos of the elk and so glad to hear that your other home down in Florida escaped major damage from that horrible storm. The heat and humidity down there right now without any electricity for air conditioning must be really bad! I am sure you are enjoying the cooler temps where you are now but the smoke is bad! I hear it has even been bothering folks in Seattle. Have a good week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Sallie ~ awesome elk photos and glad to hear your 'canal cottage' is okay ~ glad you had the beautiful elk to distract you ~ ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)


I'm so glad your winter home was not damaged! To me the days after the storm when the power is off and it is hot as hades, are almost as bad as the storm itself.
Wow!! I've never seen elk!! How interesting!!


I was very worried about your place here in Florida, Sallie! From the news reports we could do nothing but fear for the worst. I'm so glad that there was no significant damage and I hope that your boat is safe and sound, too. I think the media overplays these things but one can't ignore their claptrap, either. We got more than I originally expected. The fearsome thing is that the scientists tell us what with global warming our storms are going to be fiercer and more dangerous than ever before. I'd be tempted to move to the mountains of Colorado but they have their own problems and I'm too damn old to move anywhere except from the couch to the kitchen table! :)

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: I am very pleased to know that your Florida property did not suffer any serious damage and that you will be able to return there and enjoy it as you always have. I can well imagine how therapeutic it must have been to spend time with the elk to take your mind off the disaster that occurred throughout the entire State of Florida. Be well!

JoAnn  Bayne

Wow - great Elk shots. When lived in N.CA we would drive through the redwoods and see the elk. Once time we were taking an exit off 101 and at the bottom of the exit a herd of elk was crossing the road. We were in a VW bug and it is much smaller than an elk - so we just sat quietly as they passed - they were curious but kept going. Very interesting experience. Glad your FL place is ok.

Peter B

Beautiful elk shots... really like them! Glad your place is OK, and no question that hurricane shutters are a critical safety feature in hurricane country!

jesh StG

What a difficult position to be in watching and waiting from a distance - am glad for you, there is some relief of that!
Interesting view of these elks -it looks like they have a different way of moving than deer!
My short get-away was too short - Next time, we'll have to leave for a longer period! I see your links to your memes - this week or the next? I don't think I saw your link on the linky list this week. Anyways, am looking forward to see your thumbnail coming week:):) Have a great weekend!


Life is wild and we love wildlife. I'm glad your cottage is okay. Time to head back soon?


Glad you were so fortune to not receive major damage. These storms have been so devastating all around. Wonderful shots of the elk. Do not see them in Texas.

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