September 24, 2017



Sorry I am late visiting. Bud & I had a family pet of 25 years pass away last night.

Thanks so much for faithfully linking up & sharing your birds!


Happy Anniversary, Sallie. Your photos are absolutely stunning, bursting with colour and joy!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Well Happy Anniversary---delightful images and we are back from heading off into the sunset

Patrick Tillett

Great photos Sallie! I always love your narratives also.


Hi Sallie-
Happy Fall to you too!
Time flies when you are having fun.
Congrats on your Blog's Anniversary !!

The Fall foliage in your photo is wonderful.
We haven't seen any signs of Fall, here in North Texas, yet.
No worries.
It will happen :)

Never heard of a McNab. So had to look up the breed.
I see the McNab's temperament is very cool-
"Temperament: Obedient, Hard-working, Protective, Friendly, Sociable, Well-mannered". I am almost there except for the well-mannered part :)

Enjoy your weekend!
Peace :)


Hello Sallie, I smile everytime I see that first photo. It is so cute. Pretty birds and a cute doggie, great critters and photos.

Thank you so much for linking up today, sorry if there was trouble with the linky. I am working on it and my new theme. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


I like to fall into these beautiful Autumn colours..



Beautiful Autumn colours. Happy blog anniversary. We are still waiting for rain. I love the dogs little white socks.


I don't think we're getting much colour this year. The leaves are dropping. Cold and rainy today.

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Have a nice fall.....ROFL!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!

I prefer saying autumn to fall.


Hi again, Sallie! Thank you for your recent comments. I always enjoy hearing from you and sharing your priceless gift of sarcasm and wit, especially as it applies to the red-hatted monster in the White House.

You're probably going to be heading bak down this way soon, right. But it's still hot! 92 today. Sunday, however, promises rain and 81 degrees! That would be nice just so long as it rains in the afternoon 'cause I have a golf game in the morning! :)

Be safe and have fun!

David Gascoigne

It's a great post, Sallie, with sterling images from the past. Nature is eternal and those images will replicate themselves. I was especially pleased to see the statue of Rosa Parks, and it is incredibly touching that people leave flowers. The true heroes of a country are not the ones who wear a uniform, or glory in the reflected light of their own accomplishments, but the ordinary people who act in such profound ways that society is changed forever, and changed for the better. In the pantheon of American heroism the singular act of bravery and defiance of Rosa Parks must surely rank in the highest echelon.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great Autumn colours.

Peter B

Pretty cool to use a 10 year old photo, and happy anniversary! Love that second shot of the beautiful fall colors.

Jane Cotton

Some nice images, love the autumnal colours although not so much the autumn itself. Thanks for sharing them :)


Congratulations, Sallie! Blogging for 10 years is a fantastic achievement and commitment!
Happy Autumn too and what a sight to see so many trees change colour in the Ozarks!
So far we are having a very rainy and today stormy autumn so it feels like we've missed out on the soft balmy weather of a late summer in September.
Best wishes!


Oh, Sallie, what a bright and hopeful post for your anniversary. Congratulations!
I remember the "fall" barn photo and love it. You can post it every single year and it will bring delight. I prefer Autumn as well, but, as you say, fall is more fun. I guess we are lucky to have choices. :)
It is good to hear that you've had rain. I'm sure it is clearing the smokey air and will renew the flowers for a bit longer. We've broken some heat temps here and the leaves are falling from the heat and no rain. I will not complain as others have much worse weather to contend with.
Happy Fall.

Phil Slade

Happy Anniversary Sallie. I don't think I'm far behind. Yes, autumn is here too with a couple of tail-end hurricanes promised from over the water. Back from Greece now so I will catch up properly soon.


Sallie - until reading the comments, I didn't know blogiversary is a word - I learn something new every day. Congrats! Thanks for the LOL comment about fake news and fake pictures! Are those raspberries in your farmers' market haul? Love raspberries! This week was the last week for our market - how about you? With the 'plow' part of the sign, I am thinking yours goes on a bit longer! Hope your rain continues until all the fires are out.

Michelle Banks

Congrats Sallie... That is quite the accomplishment. I had to go look up how long we have been blog friends...since 2009. Long time and I have enjoyed getting to know you via your blog for al these years....Love the photos too..Michelle


Hi Sallie, Glad to hear you still have autumn colors in your future. Ours here at high altitude are kaput from the snow and cold over the weekend. It sounds like you're liking your condo that is handy to lots of places you enjoy going.

Ida P. Krause

The Fall photo made me laugh.
Nice shot of the birds, gorgeous fall trees, and I love that they give the statue a bouquet of flowers.


The pictures are beautiful ! Love the "fall" ! Ever since I learned that in "fall" the hour falls and in "spring" it springs I never mix up the time change ! Indeed little pup is not little anymore, lol !

Wil Francois

Hi Sallie, what a beautiful post. I also like autumn with the golden clours.
Thanks for your comment. Yes the people of our group were kind and they meant well when they treated us like invalids. Lateron they noticed that we were capable to walk just as far as they did.


Hello! Nice photos! I love that "fall" photo!

riitta k

Happy blog anniversary - 10 years is a long time. Happy fall too :) I use always the word autumn... The autumn colors in your 2nd photo are gorgeous. Have a happy week Sallie!


This is one fun post. Congrats on 10 years of blogging. I'm one year behind you. Those colors in the Ozark Mts are fantastic. Are you sure that's a dog and not a pony? ;) Nice to be within walking distance of a market.


You have an all day market?!!
You have done well for the last 10 years of blogging.


Great post, thanks Sallie :) How sweet of people to leave flowers at the Rose Parks statue. Parker is a very cute pup and the bird photos are always enjoyable, as are the flowers and butterfly, spectacular scenery and the barn with the pumpkin scarecrows that gave me a smile. Happy 10th Blogging Anniversary. This is a great way of keeping in touch with family and friends when you are traveling. I enjoy blogging for many reasons but that is one of them, especially as I have several friends and relatives who take a look at what we are up to as we are scattered around the world. Great way of keeping them up to date. Here's to your next ten years of blogging Sallie :))))

tom the backroads traveller

...Sallie, it's so nice to see the Rosa Parks statue, thanks for sharing.


Love Autumn! My favourite season, especially the colours.


Congratulations on 10 years of excellent Blogging! it is a privilage to share your travels and photos!

Photo Cache

Happy blogoversary!


I didn't know before that you've been blogging for so long. One year longer than I have. I don't meet many people who have been doing it that long. I always think of this time of year as fall. Maybe if I think of it as Autumn too then I'll be more happy about it.


Love that Rosa Parks statue! Fall is a funny word for Autumn and fun to play with. I didn't know you were such a long time blogger. Me too, since 2005.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Autumn is my favorite time of year!
And as they say here in the south, "Happy Fall, ya'll!"

Penelope Puddlisms

Hahaha … come to think of it, Fall is a funny word as your first photo shows so well. I like this time of year and, like you, am glad the rain will squash the embers and clean the air. The Rosa Parks statue in Oregon makes me happy … and that people bring fresh flowers is awesome!


Stunning autumn trees landscape photo Sallie, wow! I prefer to say autumn too, but I love that fall photo, lol. Happy 10th blog anniversary! Coming over from nature notes and wishing you a wonderful day!

NatureFootstep photography

love that "fall" image. Much funnier then autumn :)

I´m quite nervous today. I´m leaving for Yellowstone tonight and nowadays so much can go wrong. I will not be happy until I´m in Jackson picking up my luggage. Will not be blogging during the trip.

nancy chan

I too prefer the word Autumn. Happy 10th blog anniversary. I am so far behind and I hope I will be able to continue blogging. Have a wonderful Autumn!

Lady Fi

Congrats on 10 years! I'm certainly very happy I found you and your lovely blog.


Congratulations on 10 years of blogging! The photo of the marigolds and butterfly is certainly worth re-cycling! Such vibrant colours. We, too, are thankful for the rain and would welcome more of it. There are still some wildfires burning in parts of our province.


Nice old and new photos - rain is a good thing and we finally got a good soaking over the weekend.


Hi Sally
I'm back to regular blogging after a trip to Italy and a family loss had me offline. Thank you for your kind words on my last post.

Love your scarecrow barn photo! That gave me a chuckle :) Autumn has certainly arrived big time in Colorado. It comes and goes so quickly. The higher elevations already got some snow this weekend!

bill burke

Fall is a wonderful time of year. I love seeing the leaves change colours. With all the smoke, the rain was truly a nice blessing. The first photo, it's quite comical. Nice photos!

Have a wonderful week Sallie.


Great photos and magnificent autumn colors. I like the statue of the lady sitting on the bench and the locals must like it too to keep a fresh bunch of flowers in her hands so often.

tom the backroads traveller

...Sallie, what a colorful post. I've been on the lookout for some 'fall' decorations like your falling guys. Autumn has a stuffy ring to it for me, I'm a fall kind of guy! Thanks for the visit, please come again.


I love every photo! HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!

Sharon Wagner

Happy Anniversary! I hope you'll have many more years of blogging adventures.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Lovely Autumn photos. Well done on 10 years of blogging.


I love autumn too. Happy blogiversary. I'm glad you are sharing your adventures.


Love your ode to fall/Autumn. I giggled at the first "fall" image. Happy Blogaversary and many more! Happy Friday.


Gorgeous photos Sallie. I love seeing those beautiful autumn colors. I have some leaves falling in my yard, but they are all brown.

ellen b

Happy autumn to you and happy 10th anniversary! That first photo makes me laugh, so clever. I like that people will leave a little bouquet with "Rosa". I won't be complaining about rain, either. Have a great week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful post and photos, Sallie ~ It isn't Autumn here in MA yet so appreciate your photos ~ Love the family collage and the sweet dogs ~ have fun ~ thanks for visiting ~ ^_^

(A ShutterBug Explores)


Congrats on your 10th anniversary! I think I started in Feb. 2009 with the photo blog, but I'd been doing my political/philosophical blog from 2000. It is so nice to hear from you and to see your photos from years ago. Just goes to show that photography is timeless! And I'm also so glad to know that you didn't get blown away down in Ft. Myers. That was one of the scariest hurricanes in a long time. I do appreciate your comments very much - you have that blend of realism and humor that's desperately needed these days. Love the "fall" picture and the photos of fall!


Another blogiversy? Congrats! Wow time is flying...I just drove through the Ozarks, not a bit of color yet so Autumn stuck somewhere in Kansas right about now I reckon. My sister has this collection of photos of MOM sitting with or posing with bronzes, sure wish she could sit right there next to Rosa...and it be added to our collection.
Hope you "fall" right into step with Autumn, and enjoy it!!
Here in SC it's twinxt, summer leaving a Autumn coming in.


Hello Sallie, Happy blog Anniversary. The Fall image at the top is fun. I love the shot of the Ozark colorful trees and the Vermont colors. The Sculpture is beautiful. Love the vase of flowers. The pup is adorable, I love big dogs and the cute birds. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!


So happy to hear that it's raining finally, hopefully the last remaining fires will also be extinguished very soon.
I love the photo of the butterfly amongst the marigolds, if ever there was an image that says Autumn colours that would be it.
How lovely to be able to spend time with your daughter, her husband & puppy, downtown Eugene looks like a place I'd enjoy visiting. The no parking sign made me smile!
Have a wonderful week and take care.


Beautiful photos, Sallie. The first one is so funny :))

Mary Howell Cromer

Hi Sallie, and so nice to catch up before I trek down the stairs to walk the three dogs.
The Rosa Parks statue is such a lovely piece, what a brave soul she was. The Monarch reminded me that I have only seen a few this entire Summer and now that they are migrating, I am seeing more and they are so small...I hope many will make their flight.
Thankful you are getting rain and I always fear when I see the fires spreading...so many things going on with nature and we just have to wait it out and hope.
Take care~


Love that first shot of the fall pun. It cracks me up.

Bob Bushell

The old woman is superb, but they all have deserve a mention.

Jesh StG

Your take on Fall was cute! Happy blogversary, Sally! I still have to wait two more years for the 10 years. The Ozarks are beautiful - lived in MO for part of my college years. Rosa Parks looks like a tiny woman:) Many thanks for sharing the details of your blog memories with All Seasons! Have a beautiful week!


You have captured them beautifully. I like that first shot.

JoAnn  Bayne

I also prefer the term Autumn - although that fall photo was quite appropriate - and hilarious.

JoAnn  Bayne

Love the photo - old or new. The statue of Rosa Parks is neat - and love the bouquets she receives - so much nicer than the hatefulness that is going on in parts of our country right now. Glad the fires are being controlled - and great to have rain again - it has certainly been a long dry summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Love love love that sign about no parking - and towing and plowing -made me laugh. Happy week ahead - I see we are headed for 76 on Wednesday - after a nice rain shower tomorrow.

Linja in Virginia

Love the "fall" picture! Enjoyed the entire post.

Hildred Finch

Beautiful photos Sallie, - especially love the one of Rosa Parks and the idea that she is kept in fresh flowers!

We too welcome every drop of rain that comes our way. The fires are pretty well under control, but the garden is so dry...


i prefer autumn too, to me it is a "prettier" word for the prettiest season. your capture of the monarch is stunning. i was able to raise and release one this year!!

what a commitment you have made to blogging, i am so happy to have connected with you!!!


Good to hear from you! And Yea! for the rain. I love your "Fall" photo. Monarchs and Marigolds and foliage are brilliantly beautiful. Are you planning to return to Florida or stay in Eugene at bit longer?


How nice you can walk there and that they still have raspberries at the market. I really like that mirror too. I could see giving Rosa flowers when the old ones wilt. I bet the Ozark Mt. fall photo is one of your favs, it is so lush and colorful. That's a long time to be blogging, I'm not sure when I started, it was for a class and it's a blog I pay little or no attention to.
Congrats on your 10th anniversary year and the rain. Finally, a break for you guys. Here, however, I resent it every time I have to step outside. Blech, in the 90s. I would like to kneel down in protest of Mother Nature.

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