September 01, 2017


Linja in Virginia

Love the pretty flowers! Seems like the country is being attacked by the weather.

Patrick Tillett

Hurricanes around one home, and fires the other.
I've never been to South Padre Island, it looks like a great place.

We talk about "full-timing" a few times a year. We're out about half time as it is. I just can't make the move...


Fires to floods...


Dearest Sallie; My dear friend, I just wondered how you are coping with hurricane. I hope you, all of your family and your neighbors are fine. My thoughts are for all the people affected!
Thinking of you from Japan♡♡♡
Sincerely; Miyako*

Sharon Wagner

I took a really surreal photo through smokey skies last summer. But being in the midst of bad air is another thing. Wildfires are so scary. Factor in hurricanes and yikes these days.

lavender dreamer

I'm stopping by to see if you've found out how your friends and neighbors are after the storm. We are fine but it was a terrible experience! I hope your home has been spared and everyone there is safe. We've seen a lot on the news about Ft. Myers. Write me if you get a chance. Hugs, Diane


Hi Sallie-
Wonderful post of memories and fantastic pictures, as usual.
Your wheeled homes look great.
Hope you are away from all the hurricanes and safe.
Have a Happy Week!
Peace :)


I've really enjoyed your last two posts and your "about" page. As a recent retiree, and owner of a replica Shasta Airflyte, I appreciate the scope of your travels. Since my husband is not yet retired (not until December), we've only had time for one trip west, right after we bought the trailer two years ago. But we plan to remedy that next year and get back to the Sierras and the west coast (I'm from eastern California). So going back over your blog will probably provide a great deal of inspiration. Nice work!


I have been reading about the severe Florida storms! I hope aid can get in quickly.
The RV sites were doing all they could too-so I do hope your canal cottage is not caught by the tidal surges.


I do hope the smoke is getting less near your Oregon home. So much turmoil going on right now. You sure did a major downsize on the RV.

Michelle Banks

I am just sick at all the horrible disasters that are affecting our country...I am glad you have good memories and I hope....I don't know what to hope for...the fires and hurricanes end...stay safe....Michelle


What a super post! I'm so sorry about all those terrible fires up your way! And now you've got to worry about your place in south Florida. What a mess. We'll get some high winds but otherwise I think we'll be OK. We also loved that part of Texas. When the kids were young, we lived in Dallas and Houston and often went to Aransas Pass and Rockport. Great times. I hope that you are well. I'm back posting and hope to continue on a fairly regular basis. Best wishes to you and I hope your home and boat survive the Irma onslaught.


those are very dramatic flowers.

Peter B

Between the wildfires and the hurricanes... lots to be concerned with right now! I do like the smoky sky color in the first photo.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Amazing colour in that sky.


Enjoyed your past travels. So many terrible things going on in the country, from one extreme to another.

Hootin' Anni

My sister was telling me yesterday about the smoke from all the fires out west...in Colorado. She said she couldn't even see the San Juan Range from her windows. How sad this all is happening abut USA.

I thought of you today when I posted some of the photos I took [a 2nd part tomorrow hopefully] about Port A, showing some of the devastation there.

Loved the images of the shrike!!!!


Right now it all just seem like too much between the hurricane in Texas to the one dropping down on Florida to the wildfires and talks of rockets being shot of in Korea. When is it all going to stop. I went to college in Oregon and hiked this area.


A very interesting post - great bird photos, beautiful flowers, and good memories of your travels!

Ruth | Tanama Tales

Hope the fire situation is contained soon. We had out share of fires here in California too. It was so hot that it was expected. I hope September brings good memories.


My goodness the weather is causing havoc over there at the moment. Sorry to hear how the smoke and heat are bad at the moment for you. Our turn is coming. We have been warned that we will have a hot summer and many bush fires. It is very dry everywhere at the moment.It must be sad to see those places you knew so well to be destroyed. Hope you can breathe easy soon. The flowers are brilliant.


Sallie I am so sorry that you aren't able to be outside because of the bad air quality. How I wish we could send you some of the rain we have had.
North Padre is just a lovely area. It was hit hard by Harvey but it will come back.
I love flower photos!

Hope you have a good week.


It is a good thing you qre not in Florida just now!

JoAnn  Bayne

Such tragic weather related stories these days. The smoke from the fires has reached NW WA now - the sun is blood red - we are told to stay indoors.

The memories of your trips are fabulous -the photos wonderful. Our thoughts are with those who are directly affected by these horrific fires.


Lovely memories, Sallie. Nothing worse than smokey days -- itchy eyes and sure makes breathing difficult. Stay well and safe.

Kay Davies

Yes, a beautiful photo of the sun, but at what cost?
My home province, British Columbia, seems to be burning to a crisp, affecting so many areas where I have friends, family, loved ones...
The smoke from BC has blown over the Rockies and it reaches all the way out to eastern Alberta, where I now live.
Catastrophic weather patterns, whether of fire or water, would seem to make a good case for global warming. The polar ice cap is almost completely gone, and the one in Antarctica is beginning to break away.
I am not particularly reassured by your president, who says global warming does not exist. Call me cynical? Yes.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


I HOPE with all my heart rain descends on you and all those people, the forests and the lands which are burning!


Nice collection of snaps from your many travels, including smoke and fire. Glad it's just a memory and not your current situation.


Dearest Sallie; OMG!!! Not only hurricane, wildfires in Texas and causing in such wide area... On a first glance of this post before reading, I thought I've never seen such beautiful sunrise or sunset. We had terrible flood disaster this year in Kyushu-are; nature sometimes hard on us and really heartbreaking. My prayers for all the victims.
What a LOVELY "Loggerhead Shrike" (identified by Eileen♪)and bright side of the memories. Hoping that your sky will get normal cleanness back soon.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


The fires this summer have been dreadful. And they continue as the rain holds off and the temperature continues so high.
You've visited some beautiful and interesting places on your travels. We studied Spanish in the Rio Grande Valley many years ago, and made a couple of visits to South Padre Island. I thoroughly enjoyed the beach there. There's been a lot of tragedy around the world recently.
I hope the air quality improves for you.

Photo Cache

Down here in NorCal we have had the "pleasure" of enjoying the Oregon wildfires smokes over the weekend during our heatwave that produced historic highs.

Hope your air quality up there is better than ours here.


So many places are suffering the effects of severe weather. It must be devastating to lose everything. How do you start from scratch? Excellent photos especially that flower wall.

Michelle Banks

It is heartbreaking and I thought of you with the fires. So many disasters at the same time. I watch TV and cry.... I hope they get the fires under control. I think the people in Texas will be living in a toxic soup. There are few regulations there. Oh, I fixed the link. Stay safe... Michelle

ellen b

Boy the Pacific Northwest and Montana are really suffering from the wild fires. Our skies here in Colville are smokey again. Our younger kids are traveling in Montana and had to cancel some of their hiking ideas because of the air quality due to the smoke from so many wildfires there.
We along with you are so sorry for the people in the regions in Texas that were so devastated, too. Those are some nice traveling rigs! Happy Labor day to you.

Karen, Pixel Posts

A cute Shrike, and gorgeous blooms. It's seems to be the year for wildfires, we have them in BC on the west coast.

lavender dreamer

It's been a tough summer, that's for sure! I hops this next storm heads out to sea. Love your photos and seeing your campers! We always loved having a motorhome and the smaller ones are SO nice! Sweet hugs, Diane

jesh StG

You're right, I AM on vacation, Sallie, but not far away:):)
Hard to link in this area (not to typepad:)), so that's why I skipped All Seasons this week.
Oh, stay safe! Here i Northern California it's the same way - am keeping the doors and windows closed, because at least 6 wildfires still going on.


favorites...the flowers, gorgeous!! the big ship with the augers down, reminds me of home!!

i have never seen a loggerhead shrike, it looks a bit like batman!!! happy holiday!!!

Mary Howell Cromer

The fires in Oregon, Montana, Washington and California are all so sad and I know for those who live in the areas, most frightening too. I hope that they get them contained quickly.
I got word yesterday from the Kentucky Birders that somewhere in KY they have seen a Loggerhead Shrike, but it is about a 5 hour drive from here and by the time we got there, it would be long gone.
Have a Happy week~


Loved your photo when I first saw it, not so much after I read what had caused the sky to look like that. The flooding in Texas is terrible to see, you must be very sad to see some of your favourite places taking such a battering.
Our thoughts are with those affected by the havoc nature is causing on lives not only in Texas but also in Nepal, Bangladesh and India.
Stay safe, dear lady.


I saw terrible pictures of Texas on TV ! Poor people who have lost everything ! It's almost a miracle that there are not more dead people !

Stewart M

We often get smokey skies here in the summer - its never a good sign.

Stewart M - Melbourne


Interesting shots of the place. Very pretty flowers.


Oh dear! It is very distressing when you press the wrong button and your comment disappears!!
Great pic of the smokey sunset but not good to have to live in that for too long. we have had a very dry and hot winter so there are dire predictions for any fires out here for the summer,
your pic of the flowers in the hanging wall is beautiful = and seeing things like that always makes me want to get into my garden!


Sallie - Montana also is plagued with fire and we are expecting a front to come through tonight - normally you would think it would help but it just brings wind that fans the existing fires. At this point, it seems like all we can hope for is winter and some precipitation. It really helped me to see the bright flowers at the end of your post - no matter how dim things might seem, there is always a bright spot!


I love how your readers know their birds!


I can certainly understand how your times in these areas become what you call home, Sallie. Having just been to Houston once, I feel a distant relationship to it. 3 or 4 months would make it even more so. I can barely imagine what everyone impacted by Hurricane Harvey must be going through with so much more to come.

We've actually had a haze and smokey smell here just outside of Chicago. Reports have it coming down from a fire in Canada. Nowhere near what you are experiencing.We are really reminded these days of what a force Mother Nature can be.

Have a good Labor Day and hope the air quality improves asap.


Beautiful flowers! Where I"m from I'm use to cyclones, hurricanes and crazy weather but I've never experienced forrest fires - that must be scary, stay safe.


Good luck with those wildfires, hopefully some rain will come and help. My city has seen devastating wildfires in the recent past. Nice lookback shots!


Oh do be safe from the smoke and all ~ So sad to hear what people in this country are going through ~ so sad for the critters too ~

Your photos are lovely and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog ~ Happy Weekend to you.


David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Not to be too pedantic about this but the bird is more precisely a Loggerhead Shrike - one of two species of shrike in North America, the other being Northern Shrike (or Great Grey Shrike as it is also known). The situation in Texas is indeed catastrophic. I too have stayed in Rockport and from what I have seen on television it has pretty much been destroyed. The ongoing issue is that more storms of this ferocity are inevitably going to pound that area, so I have no idea how people can expect to rebuild in the same place. Coastal Texas may have to give up on the idea of it being populated.


Lovely photos and memories Sallie! I have family and friends in Texas and they have fared pretty well compared to what I have seen in the news. One of my friends was using his big truck to rescue people in Houston until the water got too high. It's heartbreaking.


The flowers end the series like an exclamation point. I lived near Houston for a time, have some family there. Have been to Corpus Christie, Padre Island and spent lots of time in Galveston. I hope the government and Trump administration wakes up to climate cbhange and Trump stops acting like an epic flood is the biggest and better of floods.

bill burke

The flowers are gorgeous. I remember the fires in Alaska when we lived there. Every summer we would have them. Some people had respiratory problems. It is just bad wherever those fires occur. Nice bird photos. I like seeing them and taking photos but I can't identify them either. I'll have to find a bird ID book.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

Bob Bushell

The first one is a bit over the top, ha ha. But, the second is perfect, I could live there. And I love Great Grey Shrike.

Phil Slade

I’m sorry to hear that you’re stuck indoors for a while Sallie. As you say though, compared to what has taken place in Texas, your problems are somewhat trivial. It's most distressing to watch it all on our news channels.

I do like that picture of your RV parked up at Fulton, Texas – it looks a lovely, comfortable and spacious vehicle. I looked again and realised that it’s actually a cab and a trailer. A great idea but it would never fit on our UK roads and would get stuck down some country lanes.

Not seen your Loggerhead Shrike but is very similar to our European Great Grey Shrike or Southern Grey Shrike that we see in Spain.

NatureFootstep photography

sad to hear about fires in your area. Other palces is flooded, it is not fair :( My country has been dry but we have been spared from fires. :)

riitta k

Oh, I do hope that the smoke diminishes. It is irritating. The wall of hanging baskets is stunning. Have a lovely Sunday Sallie!


A lovely post Sallie and fabulous photos. I have read about the fires in Oregon and do hope they are contained soon. So much going on with the aftermath of the hurrican also, which is just awful and hard to put into words. RV'ing is a wonderful way to see the country and to get to know it, a great way of broadening ones horizons. I have enjoyed your travels and always enjoy my visits here. Thank you so much!


When I was in Idaho the early part of August, it was so smokey that my eyes hurt. It cleared out some but still obscured some sights. On a clear day you can see the back side of the Tetons in Wyoming from Idaho Falls but it wasn't that clear.


I hope your skies are less smokey too. But I'm glad you have so many good photos from the past.


I had no idea that was going on. Our local news has been warning about smoke here and but they keep saying fires in Canada are drifting down to WI. I thought I was hearing it wrong when they said it was "smoky" outside but they kept saying it.
I found a map which shows you surrounded by MANY fires on three sides with one fire icon to the west. Incredible. They briefly mentioned fires in CA just now on PBS but it was pretty dismissive, like oh yeah, more fires in California.
Stay inside, use a mask outside. I'd say flee but you appear to be blocked in, holy smokes forgive the pun. I bet gas is through the roof there, it went up about .30 in a day here and from what I hear that's nothing.


All you have are beautiful photos.
And these make you so rich nowadays.



Sure hope they get the fires put out soon so your air quality gets better. be safe.

The Crow's Nest

Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the birds. Happy Saturday!


I've been reading lots of news stories on the net about the flooding,,,,I keep hoping that some of the areas I enjoyed so much in TX are being spared like Sea Rim, and Goose Island SP, and San Padre Island. I have NO TV service where I'm staying so I have not been able to get a feel for the complete picture of what's happening down there...One of the Facebook Groups I read is Rio Grande Birding, that's south TX they were spared, the flooding in Houston seems to be Harvey's ground zero... I also heard about the smoke and fires in the NW hope it clears out soon, some haze has developed in the valley here we wondered if it's from the fires. Lovely post and lovely photos! Stay safe!


Bonjour Sallie,
I'm very sorry for all the disasters your country encountered these last days ! Water is frightening and fires too. I hope all is finished now, but how long is the time to rebuilt all the destroyed things.
Here, in south of France forest-fires are frequent. So it is this summer, because of heat, extreme dryness , wind and above all pyromaniacs.
Yesterday, I saw too splendid petunias in a mountain-village a few kilometers from here. I love them.
Have a nice Sunday.

Penelope Puddlisms

There were many, many forest fires also in the interior of BC so, similarly to Oregon, my neck of the woods in the southwest corner was socked in from smoke residue for quite some time. There’s too many dry places where it should be raining and too much rain in places not used to coping with so much water. It’s the water that worries me about Texas floods now. Sadly, all those hapless people were/are wading in water that is a cesspool of diseases. They are in my thoughts ... my heartfelt best wishes to them all. Thankfully, it looks like they are getting lots of attention and support from everywhere.

Lady Fi

Sorry to hear about the wildfires. Those flowers are simply gorgeous!


Hello Sallie, my thoughts and prayers go out to Texas and the storm victims. I know that area is a big attraction and birding festival, I hope clean up can happen and all is back to normal quickly. Thanks for mentioning my blog, I was happy to help with the Shrike. BTW, I like your new smaller road trip van. I think I could drive that size. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Hello Sallie!:) Your happy memories of the places you stayed are treasures indeed. So sorry about the air pollution. We have had horrendous fires in Portugal this summer, many hectors of woodland destroyed. whole villages, and many fatalities, but not near us. S. Texas has been on my mind ever since the Hurricane, and my prayers are with the people of Texas. I do hope our blog friend Ani from Corpus Cristie is safe.
Great shot of the Shrike, and the pretty flower cascade.

Alexa T

Indeed, stunning post, pictures and amazing memories to cherish! so sad to read about wildfires.
A good weekend to you!


An amazing post Sallie , wonderful photos of your travells, you must have lots of fond memories, and my goodness havn't you downsized LOL.
All the best, have a good weekend Gordon.

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