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October 15, 2017



Good and beautiful things always never seem to look real at the first place.
But if we are mad enough, our imagination and creativity sail us to the real place



I love farmers markets. Great look into yours. Thanks Sallie :)

Michelle Banks

There aren't any flowers for sale around here except mums so I enjoyed your outing....Michelle


Flowers of powerful and energetic colours.

If they can talk, they will sure talk out loud.

"Have a good day."



I like to go to farmer's markets, although I seldom buy something, but it's just such a colorful look ! Here it was the season of pumpkin markets !


Sallie - I am so jealous! Our farmer's markets came to a close at the end of September. I was especially impressed by the flowers - such color! We have been on hikes in the woods and everything other than the trees is brown from frost!!! I am glad you explained the fellow in the middle - I thought he might be roasting corn. Have a lovely weekend.

NatureFootstep photography

loved to see all your colorful blooms. It´s a delight. Not that often seen where I live.


I hope this array lasts for a while longer, how uplifting all the colors and choices are. It's going to be in the mid-70s tmw and has been a paradise week weather wise. I may start calling my cousin, "Rita Burrito." Those roast peppers sound incredible.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, The flowers are great, especially fresh ones on the table. The chilly roasting looks like a riot. I love the balloon hats! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.


I have to say the variety and amount of the produce at your farmer's market is so much more colourful than ours! Beautiful bouquets must be a delight through the season!
Thanks for taking us around- now if only I could smell the flowers and the peppers roasting!


What a wonderful place! People who shop there must eat very well! I like your term 'real hippies.'

Wil Francois

What a colourful flowerdisplay! It must be a wonderful walk on this market among the hippies, especially when the sun shines.
Thanks for your comment on Norway.


I love farmer’s markets. This one looks exceptional. Thank you for sharing it Sallie, such an enjoyable post.


I would love the Eugene farmer's market and love these photos; so colorful and, Sallie, I can just about smell those roasted red peppers.

bettyl - NZ

My what a fantastic place! There are so many colors and, I'm sure, smells that would entice you to come see!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful images :)

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Taken For Granted

Great looking flowers and vegetables. The signs are good too.


If you can't find it here then there is no hope.

Patrick Tillett

I love street markets/fairs/fests/etc. Really nice photos Sallie! You have a great eye for signs. I especially love the "made by real hippies" sign.

tom the backroads traveller

...markets are so much fun!


I've never seen a pepper roaster like that. Would love to wonder around your market.

Penelope Puddlisms

A beautiful collection of color in your pictures, Sallie … there seems to be a last blast of brightness before flowers fade and trees become leafless. Always nice to see "real" hippies/flower children still flourishing roasting peppers and hanging around farmer’s markets!


For me, Fall's markets are the most beautiful : summer vegetables and flowers are still there but we know it's not for a longtime. Here, we still find : tomatoes (the last ones), eggplants, fresh onions and shallots , red, green, yellow, orange peppers. And winter vegetables appear : potatoes, leeks, and all the colorful pumpkins, red hubbard and butternut sqashes. Soups'time is just at the door.

Lessandra Grimley

What a gorgeous array of color! Certainly makes me want to visit this market!


The market pictures show wonderful colour! With the wind and rain we're having this week - three systems are moving in, one every other day - it's likely that most of the leaves and flowers will be gone.
I had to laugh at the "real hippie" sign. There are plenty of real hippies (old ones) around here, too.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

The produce and flowers in here are mood lifting. The weather in here is still a bit warm so it doesn't fell like fall yet. It is curious to see how chilies are roasted in the market. I have never seen that method (we roast directly on the stove fire or on the oven). #OurWorldTuesday

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

I love browsing around markets, especially this time of year when there is so much produce.


Beautiful flowers! Looks like a fun market.


oh how awesome - all those colours - beautiful


very beautiful photos!
have a nice day


I love a good farmer's market. Great photos


Wow! I needed that. Throw in some tie dye and the riot of color is complete.

Photo Cache

I love farmers market and also tie-dyed clothing, although I don't own one.

Worth a Thousand Words


this would be my favorite place to go, i really enjoy farmers markets. the colors are beautiful and they still have corn, how amazing!!

i picked 2 tomatoes yesterday from my garden but i think the cold last night will put an end to that. i have never gotten them this late in the season!!! and even at the markets, the taste is never as good as home grown!!

Phil Slade

That all looks like a great deal of fun. I just love street food and even if the quality does vary, its hard to resist a try at least. We've had Ophelia for the last two days but we are hoping to get some settled autumn weather soon.


The range of flowers still in bloom give the market a mid summer look. So much variety of fruit and veg giving that beautiful array of colour. With food and entertainment on top, your farmers'market makes for a good day out.


I love farmers' markets. It was only recently that I discovered the big one we have in Sioux City. I had a wonderful time going through there.

nancy chan

Hi Sallie, I am glad you took all these pictures to share with us. I like your market scene. So colourful and so many things to see and buy. Have a wonderful week!


Great shots of the market. Very lovely flowers.


Your market looks like a wonderful place to spend a Saturday morning!


That looks like a really fun place with lots of fresh food to buy.

Jesh StG

Love these outdoor market, where veggies look so fresh! Entertainment and tie-dye fits here very well. Your transitioning reminded me on the following. Do you know if your place in Florida is damaged by the hurricanes or not?
Hope for the best - at least you didn't go through it. Many thanks for sharing this fun market with All Seasons:)
Have a happy and beautiful Fall in Oregon, Sallie!


If it was started by real hippies, then it must be a good one! Everything looks so wonderful Sallie. I could spend all day there.


WOW haven't seen a flower market like that since I left NYC...it was always hard to not buy them, I did buy lots of fresh veggies at street markets tho. Speaking of changing weather it's cold here right now...USSSSHH!

A ShutterBug Explores

Hi Sallie ~ Happy Autumn ~ still looks lovely in Eugene and impressive photos of the country side and the Farmers Market ~ much larger than the ones here on Cape Ann MA ~ Fun Time ~ ^_^

A ShutterBug Explores ~ aka ~ (A Creative Harbor)


How much fun that would be to walk-about-in! I would love listening to the sounds as much as smelling the smells and viewing the sights!
Thank you for the visual trip!

bill burke

The farmers market does look very nice, I know if I lived there that is one place I would frequently visit. I love roasted peppers, they are the best. Flowers are on the way out here too. I have a few that I will post soon but after that they are seldom seen.
Have a wonderful week ahead, Sallie.


Beautiful flowers and the fruit and veg looks great. I hope it doesn't get too cold too quickly!

Bob Bushell



What a lovely post Sallie! The market looks great fun....and the produce vibrant and colourful....gorgeous flowers too. I like the roast pepper idea. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoy your week!


So fortunate to live in this moderate climate where fruits, vegies, and flowers last so long. Lots of hippies remain, just turned silver. ;)

ellen b

What a great idea to roast the peppers at the market and sell them. I like it. Such lovely colors and aromas to enjoy at the Farmer's market.

William Kendall

It looks like a busy place!

Our main market is on Sundays, and it's outdoors at present, but by the beginning of December moves indoors for the winter months.


I never knew that 70's Hippies began the Eugene Farmer's Market. I feel nostalgia for that era as that is when I became an adult, but unfortunately I had to wait till this age to develop wanderlust and freedom like a hippie...lol

The flowers are beautiful and I hope you'll have a few more weeks to enjoy them, Sallie.


I love Farmer's Markets. I almost took pictures on Saturday of the one near me -- too hot! Ha! You are so lucky -- a craft market too! Happy Monday!


What a smashing looking market, very laid back and relaxed. I can almost smell those roasting hot peppers, would love to have some in my freezer.
Happy Mosaic Monday, hope your week is wonderful!

riitta k

What a colorful autmn market! Pleases the body and soul with music.


Hello, Sallie, the veggies all look wonderful. I wish I could smell the roasting peppers. The Hippie sign is cute. What a great marketplace. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


This looks a lot nicer than any "market" I've been at! Wow! That wondrous colors you have captured in your photos. And when I was looking at one photo, I almost went out of my gourd! This looks more like a big fair than a mere market. We have a market here on Saturday mornings but it pales in comparison. I have seen a lot of funny looking, rather dirty people around Ocala but can't recall seeing any "hippies." :))


What a beautiful market! We have 'real hippies' around here, too!!!!
Our flowers are done. Our leaves are still falling, despite our big storm.


What a great market. Lucky you that you were able to attend. Have a great day! Happy week!


Dearest Sallie,
I heartily thank you for sharing another stunning post of yours, your shots always fill my heart with joy!

Wishing you a most lovely Monday,
I’m sending blessings of joy on your new week



It sounds like a great place to spend the morning. I wish we had markets closer to us.

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