October 22, 2017



An absolutely gorgeous symphony you play Sallie :)


A symphony, indeed! I love all the colours. We are getting pretty brown pretty quickly!


Dear Sallie - What a glorious autumn! A symphony of autumn, indeed! Your season seems to be one month ahead of mine. The foliage is beautiful tinted with gold in the afternoon sun. I enjoyed not only the peaked colored leaves but also lovely various blooms. Have happy days ahead.


Kay Davies

I'm back although I've already commented.
...Oh, Sallie, I loved the story you shared in my comments. That's just wonderful about your brother and Louis Armstrong, and I shed a tear or two at the thought of your brother's funeral. I'm so grateful I still have "all both of my brothers"!
I did see Louis perform once, but certainly didn't get to sit beside him. (I'd have fainted, probably, would have gushed if I'd dared).
I am definitely going to share your comment with both of my brothers, Clint the trumpet-player and Rob who could recognize Louis' horn when he was a toddler.
I was very disappointed when Clint joined the navy (Royal Canadian Navy) and, for some reason, pawned his horn. He never did explain that to my satisfaction.
Hugs from here.
Your west-coast (now Albertan) blogging friend,

David Gascoigne

Good morning Sallie: The colours of fall are surely one of the most anticipated aspects of the changing seasons in the northern hemisphere. I missed the peak here in Ontario, which people from other parts of the world come to marvel at, but the colours in the mountainous regions of Slovenia were pretty decent too. I have to say that my visit to Slovenia and Croatia was more than adequate compensation for not seeing the maple tree in my back yard turn to gold!

NatureFootstep photography

it is gorgeous, really, almost beats spring shots. As colorful but still different :)

Peter B

Love the orange leaves against the blue sky, and pretty light in the city gold photos!


I love it that you find beauty in the weeds.
My father was a Range Management guy in the US Forest Service. My Grandparents came to visit when we lived in Arizona. We went on a drive into the forest and my grandmother kept talking how beautiful the wildflowers were and my Dad just kept his mouth shut and then later told us that the flowers were weeds. That always struck me, the difference in outlook.


I'm all for colorful weed. The City of Gold collage is outstanding, loving what you've done with the sun shining through and lighting everything up. The bottom tree photo actually looks like flames. I don't know what that flower is either, some kind of pansy? Sure is purdy and you showed it off well. It's been raining so much here this week I thought I was in OR.


Love the fall colors Sallie! Michelle


Gorgeous Autumn photos!


You have some gorgeous fall colors, in these photos! Our leaves are changing, but slowly. The weather is turning, so hopefully the leaves will follow suit! Thanks for linking up today!

Terri@Coloring Outside the Lines

Beautiful colors everywhere! Thanks for letting us tag along!


So many lovely colours! Beautiful!


You live in the best of both worlds. Even the weeds are pretty. And so many flowers still. I'll be going out to get more goblin and mountain parkway color scenes over the weekend. The sun is painting here too.


Sur is colourful. It must be lovely to walk through the colourful scenery.


Thanks for all your comments, Sallie! I loved this post and the treatment you gave several of the flowers with that faded edge look. It doesn't seem to matter whether you're in the country or the city, you managed to find some gorgeous flora to share with us.

I'm guessing you'll be heading back this way before too long. Wishing you a great trip and I hope that you find everything in good order and that you can get out on that boat and have a super times enjoying our Florida winter. It went down to 55 last night will be 44 Friday night. Yea!!!

Kay Davies

Autumn colours! I love them. Here in southeastern Alberta, our leaves turned muddy yellow, then fell. Any that remained were blown off by a huge storm that left many without electrical power for 20 hours (including us).
Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


All so lovely! Gave a fantastic upcoming week!

Life Images by Jill

gorgeous autumn colour - enjoy!

handmade by amalia

Such lovely colors. Autumn really is the very best of seasons.


All the pics looks colorful and beautiful:)


A fabulous post Sallie, loveall those Autumn colors and pretty flowers.


Hello Sallie, you have found so many gorgeous colours! I love your city gold and city pink and purple collages. A lovely post. Cheers, Sue :D)

bettyl - NZ

Thanks for the wonderful autumn colors! It's a good reason to get out and about, just to find the lovely flowers and trees. Your photography and editing are really great, Sallie :)

riitta k

Gorgeous golden autumn colors. Maybe the pretty flower is a dahlia? Wishing you a good & happy week.


Beautiful fall pictures. I get kind of depressed in the fall for some reason, but I still enjoy nature during this time of year very much. Seeing things like your flowers help quite a bit.

Ruth | Tanama Tales

Fall colors make me happy! Saw plenty of them last weekend on the Eastern Sierra. Last year, we visited past peak but this year we got there during the best time. #OurWorldTuesday

Lady Fi

Wonderful autumnal colours!


Beautiful fall colors - you're lucky to be able to get out between your rain showers.


Fabulous array of colours....and lovely light. The golden light through the trees is stunning....even better to be there of course! Thanks for sharing this Sallie. Enjoy your week!


oh lovely, I miss those colours.


Autumn colours are wonderful!!!!

Sharon Wagner

Vibrant! The older I get, the more I appreciate fall color. Today, the winds are fierce and blowing our color all over the place.


Such a stunning array of autumnal brilliance! Yes, that pink and white pretty is very sweet, indeed. I wonder what it is, too. Thanks for sharing all your stops on your lovely fall walks.

Happy Fall,

nancy chan

Gorgeous autumn colours. We are praying for some rain because we are having hot weather now.


It's good to see you have so much autumn colour Sallie. And blue skies! there's a bonus.Here I am again sat inside on yet another grey morning with the rain beating down on the conservatory roof. A Storm Kettle in the Atlantic they say - don't worry it's headed our way, not yours.


Thank you Sallie for these beautiful bunch of colours. Here it’s the same. Our garden is in pink anf lavander but all around us all is golden.No rain here but sun and sun again for two monthes.


I am amazed to see Crocuses in bloom this time of the year, Sallie! Those purple gardens are very pretty as are the autumn colored foliage. We are seeing the end of autumn color. It has been windy and many of my tree's leaves have blown away.We amy even have some snow again this week. It is supposed to be a La Nina weather pattern this winter so that may mean more snow for us--not such a bad thing!


your autumn colors are so beautiful and you are right about those weeds...mine are colorful too!!

Photo Cache

Wow, you have really good colors. We normally go to the Napa Valley for colors, but I might be too sad to go there now and see all the destruction.

Linda Walcroft

Wonderful! I enjoyed seeing these bright colors!

Su-sieee! Mac

We had a good amount of rain last week, too, probably yours that headed south. The photo of that sweet flower looks like a painting. I like it when photos come out like paintings. I didn't go outside at all today, so I felt cold even though it was quite warm outdoors. Tomorrow, I shall, for sure. Have a great week, Sallie.


Lovely so see all the fall colors in your neighborhood. I'm seeing a bit of red and gold in Kanab but really haven't taken photos. You call wild blackberries a weed?


Sallie - I enjoyed the fact that you organized this by tone - great idea. I am prone to organize all my posts chronologically - maybe I need to take a page from your book! Like you, I have been tiptoeing among the raindrops - for me, I choose carefully when I go for a run to stay dry. Fall croci!! You have explained a mystery for me - I have seen croci around town and thought it was a shame that these were coming up in the wrong season - now I know! Have a wonderful week.


Oh so pretty, Sallie! Our fall was so short - I'm enjoying your colors. I took a long walk today, and it was sunny but very windy. All the colors are gone now - except for the blue CO sky. I can't believe you're seeing all those blooming flowers at the end of Oct!

lavender dreamer

It's so nice to see how many flowers bloom this late in the season. We were surprised when you we hiked...it looked like Spring in some places. Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane PS It's cooling off here and SO nice this week!


Such beautiful fall colors and lovely photos! The flowers are pretty too. It has finally cooled off enough for me to walk in the afternoons now, so I'm happy.

bill burke

Wow! Amazing colours, autumn in its glory. Awesome photos, Sallie.

A ShutterBug Explores

You have much more Autumn foliage and it is beautiful ~ Lovely series of photos ~ ^_^

Love and light,
A Shutterbug Explores aka (A Creative Harbor)


Yes I agree - even the weeds have a beauty of their own - a lovely post.


WOW! That red is amazing! Fall is just a beautiful time and your area has some of the most diverse colors!

Bob Bushell

They are colourful, the autumn beauties.


The colours are wonderful. A surprising number of flowers still blooming in the gardens. I agree with you about having the freedom to make the most of sunny days.


This is definitely the season when one must be flexible about walking times, or have really effective rain gear! The colours are looking so beautiful in your area, and here, too. I do love autumn. It's a season to enjoy sunny days outdoors and cozy pursuits indoors.


Beauty abounds everywhere in autumn. We finally have some color here too.


Oh my - these are such glorious colors and compositions! You are getting much more vivid color there and I appreciate seeing them this morning.

William Kendall

Lovely fall colours!

ellen b

Wonderful fall colors and flowers and scenery! Happy week to you!


WOW such brilliant colors in your photos..love it! Here it is still green for the most part...a late fall here.


Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love your fall images. There is very little color change where I live (green and brown) and I really miss the seasons. I describe the seasons where I live as summer, summer, summer and who knows!!!!!!!! Happy Monday!


Hello Sallie, the fall colors are looking gorgeous. I love the pretty flowers too. We are seeing some late bloomers here. Pretty collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Beautiful! I love this time of the year!
Have a great week!

Michele (Finch Rest)

Oh, my, isn't autumn just breathtaking?

Your pics are stunning.

Happy Moasic Monday!

Stewart M

We are in deep spring here - lots of blossom and the first real hints of summer - same world, different season.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


really gorgeous! Love this season. have a great week!

Jesh StG

You are more North than we are, so turning colors is much more intense (envious:) ) Am surprised Sallie, still so many flowers are blooming and it's almost the end of October! Many thanks for sharing with All Seasons the beauty that's surrounding you! Have a great Fall week!

MaryBeth Schwartz

So beautiful. There is something special about Fall colors. I believe the pretty flowers with the dark leaves is dahlia.


Very pretty colours.


When the sun shines through the trees the scene is breathtakingly beautiful, so fresh after the rain.
Happy Mosaic Monday.


Beautiful autumn colors - we simply don't experience seasons like that in this part of the country. The flowers are very lovely too. I think most gardeners around here just gave up a few months ago. It has been so very dry and most can't afford the water costs to keep a flower garden going. And NOW the rain has started again in the form of very heavy showers. Just north from here got thoroughly washed out again by some extreme storms - according to media reports 30million dollars in damages and we are warned that veges are going to jump in price until at least Xmas, I am lucky that my own area simply got shut in with rain for a while. So thank you for your lovely scenes.I can enjoy it all from a distance.

Hildred Finch

October is so fabulous, and so variable. It rains all night and when you think you are in for a miserable day the sun comes out, the clouds turn white and part to show that beautiful brilliant blue October sky. Love it!!! There are so many shades of gold and rust and red and yellow....glorious. So are your pohotos...

Clair Zarges

Thank you for sharing all this beauty!

tom the backroads traveller

...It's a symphony of Autumn color, that's for sure. Here in Western New York our fall colors are a bit dull. Thanks for stopping by, I hope tomsee you back again.

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