December 03, 2017



Well, Sallie, I am just getting back into the blogosphere, catching up on posts I've missed. Wh fun it is to start here with your cruise and to have your later posts to look forward to. The ship looks amazing and I know your photos will be exciting. Happy New!


And this is why you've been gone for weeks. I love it!! Home by cruise ship. What about the van?


Oh, I rather be spoiled in this way.

Life is good.

Happy travelling.



Hi Sallie-
You must have gotten a good trade-in value for your boat.
Congratulations :)

Lovely photos of the trip.
Sorry I haven't been here in a while.

Have a Happy Weekend!!
Peace :)


Cruise ships are amazing, like floating cities, never mind hotels!! But so nice to be spoiled for a few weeks!

Dina Johnston

What a great way to get back! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pixs.

Patrick Tillett

Hi Sallie! You guys are living large. It's great that you are trying all the different ways to get from A to B. How are you going to go back to the northwest this time? Transcontinental train? Space shuttle? Camel caravan?

It looks like a great ship and I'm glad you had a good time. I'm sure you got some great photos to share with us!

Sharon Wagner

Your room had a nice balcony. I bet it does seem like a let down to have to cook after all that catered food. Did you enjoy the canal?

Cherop Joy

I've never been on a cruise ship so it was fun to see your photos. I'm sure you had a grand time!


Hi Sallie. Sorry to say it was my school (Florida State) who got your Oregon coach. He got a tremendous welcome here in Tallahassee yesterday and we are excited to have him. I know how Oregon fans feel though because the only reason we had to hire a new coach is because last week Texas A&M lured our coach away. I really don't like this coaching carousel that goes on every year!


Geez! is that a ship or a palace :-)? It's hard to believe such big thing will float on water. It seems like a fun cruise. You are giving me idea to take a cruise.


Your trip sounds phenomenal! I would love to do something like that! Thanks for linking up today and I hope you get settled back into real life!


I would never have thought of travelling that way. But it certainly looks relaxing!

Taken For Granted

That is a huge ship. Looks like your had a great cruise.


Wow, what an excellent way to get from one side of the country to the other!!


A nice way to commute! Friends did that cruise a few years ago and loved it!

William Kendall

Quite a ship!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

wow, what a trip. Now you have so many ways to go back and forth :) I would love to do this one. When I was in Costa Rica we changed plane in Panama and had a few hours to spend. So I have seen a little part of the Panama canal, and a few birds :)

Bob Bushell

Have a nice journey.


What an exciting cruise to take, Sallie! Welcome back to your Florida home. We sailed on the Ruby Princess last January to the Mexican Riveria and loved the ship and our cruise. I'm looking forward to our next cruise--hopefully to Alaska--in the next year or so. It's a very relaxing way to travel. The ship's food was so good and the entertainment fun!

ellen b

Wow and wow! How nice to make the journey a different way this time around. Fun! Hope you settle in nicely. Looking forward to seeing your other half experiences on the other side!


Wow - that must have been amazing. I need a vacation like that.


That's a wonderful way to travel back to Florida. It's a destination in itself. I envy you.

Su-sieee! Mac

Wow, oh, wow, Sallie, what an adventure. Until now, I haven't wanted much to go on a cruise, but your photos and the idea of going through the Panama Canal, has changed my mind. I think even the Husband would agree.


Now that's commuting I would like. What a way to mix it up! We have to make out lives like vacations.

bill burke

What a grand way to travel to your other residence. Sounds like fun and of course it's always nice to be spoiled.


oh nice, I've wondered what they are like inside, some of those princess cruises come here to NZ

A ShutterBug Explores

What a wonderful adventure for you both and no driving ~ lovely photos!

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Hootin' Anni

What a treasure cruise!!
Beautiful ship, and great travels!!


oh sallie, what a wonderful way to travel, it sure beats driving. the ship is beautiful and i'm so happy you enjoyed every minute....AND that you did not need the life jackets!!!

ps...we recently drove 10 hours (in thanksgiving traffic) to north carolina and i was about to rip my hair out. don't tell anyone, i told everyone i enjoyed it ;)


Now how Cool is THAT!!! What a fun way to come back to your winter home!


Welcome back and what a fun way to return! The ship looks amazing. I've never done an ocean cruise, but my daughter and I did a European river cruise last summer and they do spoil you!


Hello, welcome home to Florida! What a cool way to get home to Florida. The cruise through the Panama Canal sounds wonderful, I have been there and Grand Cayman is lovely too. Great port of calls. Beautiful photos of the cruise ship. I am looking forward to hearing about your cruise. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!


Wow girl you made this trip in style! Fabulous images of your temporary home away from home and I'm so looking forward to seeing more from the excursions that you took.
Welcome back!


Hello Sallie,
What a great way to travel from one home to another! Cruises are great because you only have to unpack once and the boat takes you to all kinds of places. Have the bed made and the food prepared is also very, very nice. Enjoy getting settled back into "real" life.

Lady Fi

Wow - what a great cruise! The interior looks very elegant! Can't wait to see more pics!


Ah, now this is way too cool!! I always love reading about your diagonal route as you go to and from your two homes but this is wonderful. We went on an Hawaiian cruise a few years ago and loved it. I think a two week cruise would be just the ticket and I would love 15 days.


What a great way to travel to your FL cottage. Thanks for sharing these photos. I look forward to seeing more.

nancy chan

Hi Sallie, great photos from your cruise holidays. I am looking forward to my first cruise holiday booked for next year. It is good to be spoiled and pampered during our holidays! Have a beautiful day!


How clever - let someone else do all the driving! (and the coffee and the bed-making and ...) This collection of shots is a great teaser for your future posts on this topic! Happy Sunshine State to you!


Looking forward to hearing more about this trip. An ingenious way of getting from one side of America to the other. The ship looks huge and it sounds as though you have been thoroughly spoilt.

Lavender Dreamer

How wonderful! I've never been on a cruise but everyone that talks about them...loves them! What a neat way to return to your Florida home. The weather here is fabulous right now. We hiked yesterday and it was cool! I'm glad you are back! Sweet hugs, Diane

jesh stg

Agree -so nice things are done for you for a while:) What a magnificent ship, Sally! Happy you got to go and thanks so much sharing this trip with All Seasons! Am looking forward to see more!


Glad to know you had a wonderful cruise.


What an excellent way to go!! We took a Princess cruise a couple of years ago and enjoyed it very much. We laugh even now about how much we slept. It was lovely. Glad you are safely home.


Thanks for sharing Sallie. Happy Mosaic Monday

much love...


How cool is that ! Thanks for sharing!


A great cruise, and what a way to reach your winter home! Did you leave your Camper van or send it ahead??? Your adventures must take some careful planning.I am glad you had a wonderful time.


What a beautiful cruise, Sallie ! I'm happy for the both (the two?) of you. Welcome in your winter home now and "bon courage" for all the thIngs you have to do.


That looks like a great way to get back to your "Canal cottage" I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!


Welcome back to our Sunshine State! And it appears you took your time to get here! Sheesh! But what fun. I think you two are inveterate travelers. It's in your blood! Thanks for sharing your photos of the boat. It's quite beautiful. My aunt and uncle sailed through the Panama Canal about 30 years ago and had a wonderful time, also! Nice to have you back in Florida!

Linja in Virginia

Nice pictures. I only took a multi-day cruise once and I was disappointed. The coffee was horrible so that put me in a foul mood! I like short cruises of just an hour or so.

Penelope Puddlisms

It sure is easy to get used to freshly brewed coffee being ready in the mornings and never having to make a bed … not to mention the views and interesting stops. What a wonderful way to return to Florida, Sallie. Time certainly does fly though. It seems like just yesterday you were traveling to Oregon. You’ve got the best of both worlds!!!


WOW...how wonderful!! You def took the long way around ...what a voyage! Can't wait to see more. Welcome back east!


Sallie - you're already in FL. I thought you'd be traveling by way of CO. I have a friend who just spent a month at sea. She and her husband cruised from San Diego to Australia. She's been sending me photos of the food! You and Bill will have to adjust slowly back to real life!

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: Nice way to go from one residence to another. Did you have your vehicle shipped to Florida before you left?

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