January 14, 2018


Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

I can't help but say..."What an incredible journey"!!!

And, I want to convey my thanks to you for sharing this post with all of us birders from I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!!!


You have beautiful outdoor views, same as me.
You are having a winter, but mine is a gloomy raining season.
Anyway, we are still enjoying in our wonderland.
Wonderland is always in our mind.


Lavender Dreamer

It really is hard to imagine the volcanoes but you got great photos. It's such a wonderful experience to be able to travel and I know you enjoyed it! What a beautiful day we had today here in Florida. We got in a hike and saw some neat birds. Hugs, Diane

Carver Sapp

What a fantastic cruise to your winter home. I love your shots as always and great seeing places I've never been to. You early Thanksgiving with family sounded like a great idea. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I always enjoying visiting yours and appreciate your continuing to visit my rather dormant blog. Hard to believe how much I used to manage to blog. I think what I miss the most is regularly visiting blogs like yours. Happy 2018!

Judy Biggerstaff

Oh Sallie, thanks for sharing your beautiful pics

Michelle Banks

How nice to cruise and end up in Florida...thanks for the sunshine Sallie...Michelle

David Gascoigne

Good afternoon Sallie: You have spoiled yourself and you will be wanting to return to Florida in this fashion every year! I have been right up to the border with Nicaragua but I have never entered the country. Not a big destination for birders although I am sure that it holds great possibilities. Have a great weekend, David.


Hello Sallie, I wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your post. I loved the egret and the piggy. Enjoy your day and weekend.


Such beautiful photos! Sounds like an amazing trip. Glad you shared some of it with us.


WOW! What an amazing trip!

Jane Cotton

Wonderful captures!


It is almost impossible to capture grand natural events like looking into the volcano and the Grand Canyon, but I'm glad u tried. Thoroughly enjoyed my tour with you.

Peter B.

Looks like a fascinating and beautiful country. Thanks for taking us along on the tour and sharing your photos!!


This trip looks awesome! Some fantastic photos as well. Thanks for linking up and I hope to see you back here next week!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

as you might know I love volcanoes. They always fascinates me. Love your "hot" images :)

handmade by amalia

Looks like an amazing trip. I enjoyed the photo tour.

bettyl - NZ

Sallie, it looks like you and Hubby had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your photos.


Wow, Sallie! the view of the volcano was worth the trip! How fascinating!

bill burke

Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your journey, I enjoyed it very much. Beautiful part of the world.


You saw a lot ! it looks really beautiful ! I wished Mr. G. would be fit enough to travel again, but he doesn't want not even going to Italy to his sister !!


I keep wondering about the pig ... you can't milk it (can you?) so I can only imagine it has one destiny and one destiny only ...

I enjoyed these pictures that captured the local culture!


I love Nicaragua. I went on a trip to work at a a school for girls a couple of years ago and hope to return this summer!


It looks beautiful - Nicaragua is not a country I know much about.



Jesh StG

Thank you Sallie for your kind comments about Yosemite's waterfall and about the aquarel:) Like the comment above, one doesn't see/hear much about Niquaragua!


Nicaragua is not a country I read about or see much of on social media. From your pictures Sallie it does seem to have that typical Central American vibe of exotic colours and exotic eats. Not to mention the exxotic wildlife that you probably saw little of.

We have been on those tours of shopping strrets, local markets, churches and wonderful buildings but very often I'm yearning to see things I can't see here in the UK, very ofetn just spensing time in some hot sunshine.


Hello Sallie!:) Wonderful images of Nicaragua, I love that colourful stall, and the picture you took of the loaded truck. You have shown quite a lot of Nicaragua culture in just a few pictures, enough to wet anyone's appetite for a visit there.
I have never been to Central America, but have looked down a Volcano before in the island of Lanzarote, and will never forget the experience, however I was not into photography then!:( Your images of the Volcanic fields are incredible, and scary,.. gives me vertigo just looking, but given half a chance I would be there like a shot. Lovely capture of the Egret Sallie.


I am really enjoying your cruise photos. It's pretty cold up here in north Florida and I'm just about tired of it!

A ShutterBug Explores

What a trip! Wow! Awesome photo series! Stay warm ~

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

nancy chan

You have visited some really interesting places. I enjoy seeing the photos! I don't think I would dare go so near the volcano!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Wow! Thanks for sharing these photos - I enjoyed every one of them!
Snow and ice this morning here in north Mississippi


I don't know much about this country but it looks intriguing from your photos.

Linja in Virginia

Beautiful photos! The only time I took a cruise the stops were terribly short. I was very disappointed.

Cherop Joy

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your photos of a place I probably won't have a chance to visit. It is lovely to travel the world through the eyes of others.


Wonderful photos of a gorgeous country. Seeing all the sunny skies makes me feel like I've had a bit of a vacation. Volcanoes are pretty spectacular to view!


I love how you captured scenes of the local life in the villages.

Great shots of the volcanoes. When we went to Hawaii a few years ago we saw volcanoes, way off in the distance. Not the same thing.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for the visit! Sylvia D


I wonder what that fruit is in the last photo? I hope that piggy wasn't going to market! It must have been fascinating to see active volcanoes. Stay warm, Sallie!

Bob Bushell

That looks really nice, and the sun, worth a lot. Pictures are beautiful Sallie.

ellen b

Wonderful. As the saying goes "you're not in Kansas anymore" or Florida or Oregon. Glad you could get close to see the active volcanoes. The pig is cracking me up. We have some sunshine here again in the Pacific Northwest. Have a good week Sallie!

Su-sieee! Mac

Oooh, I am enjoying your cruise adventures, Sallie. When you were at the volcano, did you wonder what to do if it decided to burp while there? That's what I was thinking when I was at the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, walking and watching the steam rise through the cracks of the crater.

Mary Howell Cromer

Oh My Goodness you all are the travelers...what beautiful image shares. I know that you must have enjoyed every day on your recent journey~

Richard Pegler

What a wonderful place to visit, Sallie. I'd love to see those volcanic fields. Nicaragua is a place that I can only dream about! With my best wishes - - - Richard

William Kendall

Beautiful shots, especially the volcanic shots!


Wonderful tour, I always enjoy taking a trip with you


Wow! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week!


Hello Sallie-
What a fantastic trip and fun experience y'all had!
I loved all the photos and your write-up.
I would love to go to Nicaragua one day too and enjoy it.
Looking forward to your future posts on travel to exotic places.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

Lady Fi

What amazing rocky scenery! Very different to beaches and what you might expect. I like it! And what a superb shot of the egret.


What beautiful and fascinating scenes. In UK Midlands, it was almost dark and wet until noon. We are promised rain and gales all week, with freezing temperatures and possible snow :).


What a great trip, Sallie! Volcanoes -- fascinating -- all that power underneath us just waiting to get out! Happy Monday!


The volcanoes would be on my list too if offered...I'm sure you saw a lot of and got a feel of the local culture while on the bus ride too, off the beaten path. We continue to have lower than normal temperatures here, it's just dang cold!


Hello Sallie, wonderful images from your tour of the volcanoes and the town of Granada. It reminds me of nearby Costa Rica. I like the egret fishing too. Thanks for sharing your trip. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!


I really enjoyed your latest shore excursion, what a great tour guide you are! Volcanoes are scary but stunning examples of the ferocity of Mother Nature.
Happy MM.

Jesh StG

It looks like a beautiful country and with raw nature such as these volcanoes - stunning captures Sallie! Thank you for sharing these enriching experiences with All Seasons! Hope to see more of it. have a great week!


Lovely bright colors of the landscapes and it looks as if a lot of the architecture copies many of the bright primary colors of the landscape. The volcanoes look very interesting but a bit scary as well!

Stewart M

One of the problems (!) of being a blogger is that I keep finding more and more places to visit! Central America looks really good!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


You were having way too much fun. Love all the photos Sallie, and I didn't realize Nicaragua had so many volcanos. They look a wee bit scary. For some reason, though, my fave is that egret fishing! Glad you had such a great trip and made it home safely!


i find that as pretty as pictures are, they rarely really capture the beauty and spirit of what we see - what we feel and what we have experienced!!

i am not familiar with Nicaragua, it's is a beautiful place. your pictures represent it nicely!! i would love to see a volcano some day!!!

Patrick Tillett

Hi there! Thanks for the photo tour of yet another place, I'll likely never see in person. It looks like a very interesting place to visit. Thanks for including the great information also.

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