January 07, 2018



amazing web site


Hi Mom
The Coast Guard Cutter was
Probably dropping off drug
Smugglers. Panama is the only
Country that will take then.
Did you see the name? Might be
The Munro II. The first us still in Alaska


Loved this! Those iguanas are magnificent. Very nice!


Wow! Dragons up close!! What an interesting place!!

Patrick Tillett

Great post Sallie! Lots of photos, and all of them great. I was wondering if the iguana eat the deer?
It looks like a beautiful place, but like you I would gravitate to the natural side of things.


These iguanas are beautiful.
So huge.


A beautiful-day trip ! I saw iguanas 40 years ago in Mexico... and was afraid by them ! What big beasts ! I hope for you cold weather ended in Florida... not here ! We are waiting snow again this week.Amitiés.


They are big lizards.Sorry to hear you are having cold weather. It doesn't take much for us to rug up while the visitors from southern states walk around in shorts and T-shirts.


What a beautiful place. I love those iguanas, and remember reading about your cold Florida ones!


Hello Sallie!:) I would also have chosen a boat trip to La Isla reserve, and I love what they are doing to preserve the flora and fauna. The Iguanas are impressive in size, and beautiful creatures to see. Thank you for sharing some high lights of your trip, I enjoyed seeing all your photos.


Hello Sallie, I enjoyed this post and the iguanas. Thank you so much for linking up your post. I appreciate your visit and comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.


Wow the iguanas look big ! I would say like crocodiles ! I never know where you are living, so now you are back in Florida ? I have seen on TV that Florida had an unusual cold winter.

Peter B.

Yikes, the iguanas look both magnificent and scary! Great pics and thanks for the tour of an interesting location.


Interesting to see those iguanas. I would love that tour. Thanks for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week!


Making me jealous! Wish I was somewhere a little warm right now! Have a great weekend!


This sounds like such an interesting stop, Sallie I totally agree that preserving nature has taken a backseat to oil and gas profiteering in our country. I loved seeing those iguanas--they look like small dinosaurs.

tanya breese

what a great trip! i love those iguanas!!


I think you chose quite well, I'm loving the Iguanas.


I did not realize that iguanas could get so big!
I also never thought they'd be falling out of trees.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Wonderful images. Thanks for sharing. Those Iguanas are HUGE! Anytime you are in the area hop aboard and we will fins a beautiful road to go down.


Beautiful and also scary with all those igunas and crocodiles. Did those two pose for the camera :-)? Beautiful pictures.

Patrick Weseman

Great photos. The iguanas are cool. Thanks for sharing.


Lovely to see your photos. The iguanas look scary....but then maybe not....they can't help how they look! Wishing you joy and peace in the new year Sallie....

Wil Francois

These were fascinating pictures, Sallie! Thank you for sharing.


I have been to Oaxaca but not to the beach areas. Your comments about Huatulco being a place for tourists sounds a bit ironic since Oaxaca (at least the Central Valleys) is an excellent place for culture lovers (but I get that Huatulco was developed as a resort).

Lavender Dreamer

You made a good choice of how to spend your time when you were there. Those Iguanas are so prehistoric looking even more than alligators...if that's possible! heehee! It's warm this week! YAY! But I didn't mind the cold days and nights...felt very wintry for a change. Hugs!


wow!!! the iguanas are super cool looking!! and the crock, it looks like you were pretty close!! it is warming up here at the jersey shore, double digits, YaY!!!


Look at all those Iguanas! Yesterday we had 50 degrees in Breckenridge (almost FL weather)! Hope you're getting warmer by the day (and hope we get colder...).

nancy chan

The big lizards and crocodiles look so scary! I wouldn't dare go near any one of them!


Like you, I'd rather take a tour to a nature preserve than shop or lay on the beach. The iguanas look like rather fierce fellows. I'm glad more countries are realizing the importance of preserving nature. I hope it's not all for show.


I loved all the photos! Wow those iguanas!! The US Coast Guard ship is in our harbour right now as well! Thanks for sharing this journey!

Linja in Virginia

I'm not a beach person either. After an hour or two I get quite bored. Love the iguana picture!


When I was in high school I had an iguana as a pet. I'm not sure how it came to me. I believe it was through the science department at the high school where he worked as an assistant principal. - Margy


Sallie - it's nice to see that they have managed the development in a 'made-up' town - too often, development is ugly and sprawling. How interesting that the green iguanas are threatened in Mexico - on the Cayman Islands, the green iguanas are not native and are overrunning the islands! Have a warmer week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Amazing photos of the Iguanas ~ and wonderful photos and post of your trip south ~ weather has been rather frigid in New England ~

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lucy Corrander

You have been visiting dragons!

Kay L. Davies

I visited Huatulco so long ago that it was just a tiny village on the way to Acapulco. Probably in the late 60s.
I didn't even know there were iguanas in Mexico, because we didn't see any at the time. I would have loved to see them. The only place we've seen iguanas is in the Galapagos Islands.
What fun that your cruise ship stopped there.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Jesh StG

Yes, I can see the iguanas are big fellows! A priceless share for all Seasons! Thank you Saliie:)
What a mystery about the guard boat! I love and hate it at the same time, that they're hiding what the cause for the long presence of that guard boat was. But I'm glad you came safely out of there!

Penelope Puddlisms

Great shots! We need people power now more than ever to preserve wildlife and the environment. The iguana pair you photographed look as if they’re smiling. They’re lucky not to be the variety in North Florida. I saw those on the news, fallen frozen in odd positions frozen out of trees during the cold snap. They’ll hopefully revive as we all do in warmer weather.


Good for you Sallie. I would much prefer to seach out the wildlife than the bargains.

Michelle Banks

I could really use some warm weather..I am exhausted from plodding out and filling feeders. The snow today was like peanut butter.....Love these lovely photos Sallie..


I've been watching a TV series of a british chef, Rick Stein who travelled through mainly Pacific Mexico sampling the cuisine and local life. A bit like you Sallie. It made me rather nostalgic for the one time we visited Mexico Caribbean side where we abslotely loved the weather andd of course the food. Hope it warms up - zero degrees here for the last few nights.


Thanks for sharing the journey. Happy 2018!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

that was a great journey. Love to see the iguanas :)
Mexico is a place I never visited. And probably never will. Great to see what you share


I think we would have chosen to see the reserve instead of the beaches or shops too, what a great place to visit. I read about "frozen" iguanas falling out of trees in Florida, I hope none of them have dropped on you!
Happy New Year and Happy MM.


Hello Sallie, pretty view of the port. I would like to tour the animal preserve. I like seeing the iguanas. Great mosaic and photos of Mexico. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

Richard Pegler

I'd have done the same as you, Sallie - I'm not a fan of beaches, unless they host interesting wildlife. A very enjoyable post, with those Iguanas impressing me greatly! Best wishes - - - Richard

bettyl - NZ

It sounds like a fun time you had and the photos are awesome, too!


Wonderful images of unusual sights. Thank you for sharing with "Through My Lens"

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

I have never seen so big iguanas before Sally. HAPPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU BOTH


The temperature hardly rose above 0C,(32F), yesterday in the UK Midlands-and today wil be the same.


I'm loving the Iguanas - such fascinating creatures!

Stewart M

Nice post - those iguanas are great. I can't recall if the reports are from Florida - but in some places in the US which are much closer than normal the iguanas are falling out of trees because of the cold. It's an amusing image, if you not at iguana!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lady Fi

Those iguanas - how delightful!


I'd be with you on the nature tour rather than the beach. But I am sorry to hear about the hand feeding. Hope it doesn't get too overrun by tourism, even eco-tourism.


It looks like a nice little interlude on your voyage. Nice to hear about people taking the long view on conservation. I know plenty of people who deny that we should preserve anything.

Su-sieee! Mac

I'm glad to see ecotourism is working down there. I'd hate to see it destroyed by development for tourists. I hope we can keep this current administration from totally destroying our nature.

ellen b

Glad you found something more up your ally to do on this stop. Dear and I aren't beach sitters. We do enjoy an early walk at the beach. Those iguanas are are really something. They almost look like statues.


We've had some big iguanas in the Ft. Lauderdale area, but not this big. And it looks like you saw some very cool places. Of course you had me with the bit about "upscale resort hotels and golf course!"


Wonderful cruise post, looks like u had a fabulous time!


If this trend, turning the government back to the environment continues, it will left to communities and individuals to keep the torch burning for nature and the animals who call it home. Mexico is not a bad country I don't care what anyone says...they have not allowed greed to out do them.

Bob Bushell

I love the Iguanas, they are unique.


Beautiful photos of your cruise. I would have chosen a tour like you did - what a commentary on humanity that a whole town has been created for tourists and ex-pats!

David Gascoigne

Kudos to you, Sallie, for opting for the tour where you had some contact with nature and where you were able to learn a little. It may have not been quite as natural as you might have liked, but it beats lying on the beach or shopping hands down. I would have expected no less of you I must say!

William Kendall

The iguanas are quite a sight to see!

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