February 04, 2018



what lovely photos of the red bellied woodpecker!

Your great blue heron looks very like our grey heron though I imagine it's a lot bigger!

Michelle Banks

I love all the photos..I am so tired of snow with then freezing rain...Yuck.. Thank you for the article link, I appreciate it. I am trying to study more poets this winter...Michelle

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Sallie: I have a difficult time trying to comment after visiting with you here of late (with my smartphone).

Last week I tried several days. But I do stop by...and:

For linking in at I'd Rather B Birding, all of us birders are very appreciative...thanks!


Hi Sallie-
How nice to see the contrast of blue skies and the lovely water in your blog! There are a lot of beautiful winter photos out there in blog-o-sphere also, but I am a bit partial to the blue skies :)
I am familiar with the Cypress trees. We have some in Texas.
They can grow right through the pavement - I know that much.
Good to watch for them on the paved trails here.
Tripping is no fun.
Have a Happy WE!
Peace :)


How exciting to meet a blog reader! Beautiful photos. I always love when I spot Herons. Hope you are having a great Saturday.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener

Herons are one of our favourite birds to watch and photograph.


We just got home from Marco Island...I kept thinking of you and wondering if we were close to you some how!



Hello, Lovely sky and scenery photos. The Cypress Tree and knees are wonderful, I miss the Florida scenery. Love the woodpecker and the pretty Heron. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day and weekend!

David Gascoigne

Hey Superstar! It’s really nice that someone recognized you. Life can sometimes dish up a serendipitous encounter that can make your whole day. I am sure this one did.


I'm happy to know that Florida, is always so beautiful in spite of the hurricane Irma I like a lot the wood-pecker and always your wonderful skies.

Kelleyn Rothaermel

How fun that you ran into a fellow blog reader! I love how blogs can make the world so much closer. Have a great weekend!



The skies are so beautiful ! Really something to paint !!

Photo Cache

The swamp is both interesting and creepy, at least to me.

Worth a Thousand Words


What all gorgeous photos! WOW..superb..I don't know which one I shall say best -- the Heron, the Woodie or the skies?

No crocodile in that swamp? You guys are not scared to walk so close to a swamp in FL?


you are seeing some beautiful skies, sunsets and wildlife!!! your image makes the swaps look pretty!!

funny story about being recognized, that happened to me once too, i felt like a rock star!!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beaut shots.

ellen b

Wow, how fun to meet someone who recognized you from your blog. Very cool. Those cypress knees are so interesting. Beautiful evening skies and water. Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


Beautiful sky shots, in that first group of photos. LOVE the Heron. A favorite bird of mine. Thanks for linking up today!

Peter B.

What a cool thing to meet up with one of your blog followers! I love the sunset shots taken from your boat. Beautiful!!


Hi again, my friend! Re your question on Ocala: Nope. No new car. We bought a 2016 TLX and over a year ago and that's only got 7k miles on it. I couldn't afford the RLX anyway...that one is over 60K. We did buy a used RL a few years ago and they are lush, but too much money!


I had to look up "cypress knees" and yup they're those nobby things that kind of look like an old man's knees. Comforting to know amost everything has a name.

Lavender Dreamer

How neat is that! You are FAMOUS! And I'm not surprised with all the fabulous photos you share! Love those Cypress knees! It sure has been nice weather for getting out on the trails. I wish I was out there right now! Hugs!


Love the image looking up through the trees



What a pleasure to read your post just now, Sallie, and to see your photos. Sunshine, Warmth. Birds! We are colder than cold up here, with ice and snow and more snow coming. Your sunsets are breathtaking and oh, those Great Blues!

Patrick Tillett

Don't forget us little people! JK... That is very cool that somebody recognized you from your blog.
Lot's of great photos in this post Sallie.


The sky and sea provide so much space for hope.


Hello Sallie!:) I love seeing your part of the world, and the way you share it's beauty. Gorgeous skies, Woodpecker and Heron shots, and I'm so glad you met a fellow blogger, how great is that!:) Thanks for sharing, the swamp image of the "Cypress knees", new to me, common to you!! That's the beauty of sharing from different parts of the world.:)

rupam { xhobdo }

Beautiful pics. Loved the post.


So many beautiful views! I think there are beautiful places all around us. We should spend more time outdoors (I am trying hard to do that).

betty - NZ

Your photos are awesome, especially the lovely woodpecker.

It is a bit sad when locals get complacent about the beauty around. Hubby got a new look at NZ through my eyes when I showed up. And he's become a wonderful tour guide for local and under-appreciated areas.

Betty Crow

Beautiful area for a walk. Love the woodpecker and the heron. There is a heron that visits a pond near me on a regular basis. I have trouble finding him when he is on the shore. He stands up straight and looks like some of the dead trees surrounding him.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing bird photos. I love them. Sylvia D.


Cypress knees are new to me! Glad you finally got fed your dinner on that beautiful evening. The water and light are lovely. You are so right about the need to appreciate the beauty around us and not take it for granted.

Life Images by Jill

I enjoyed seeing your corner of the world. Thank you for taking me there. Have a fabulous week and thank you for coming to my blog last week.

JP@A Quiet Corner

On your adventure, even though I'm an avid birder, the cypress brought back memories!...:)JP

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

gorgeous area and images. Love the birds :)

Lady Fi

You live in a magical neighbourhood! Gorgeous.


It was lovely meeting you at Six Miles Cypress Slough. I was totally surprised and definitely not prepared to ever meet you in person. Thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring blogs. We missed you on the way out- but would love to talk to you again.


Can I break into song here? "It's A Small World" seems appropriate!!!

I hope you took advantage of the slow service at the tiki bar to have an extra adult beverage (or two). It seems to me the sunset was worth the wait!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

You know I love seeing all the birds (especially the Heron), and the sunset photos are superb!


There's so much beauty in your part of the world.


What is a common sight for one blogger is a joy to behold for another. Thank you so much for sharing your world.

Photo Cache

Thank you for all the beautiful bird sighting in Florida. I think I'll add bird watching next time I am in the great state of Florida.

Have a great week.

Jesh StG

This sounds like a beautiful outing you had (my kind of outing!), even though you had to wait long for your food! Can't believe you see all these birds when you're out and about (or do you specifically bird watch?). Thank you for sharing all this beauty (and beautiful collage!) with All Seasons - have a great week, Sallie!

bill burke

A wonderful series of nature shots. I really like woodpecker shots. It's grand that you caught him at lunch. :)
Enjoy your week and thanks for the tour around your neighborhood, it's a beautiful one.


We always loved spending time in SW Florida. Unfortunately, it's a bit too far away for us now, but on the other hand, much of what you show in this post is also native to us. We have the birds and the trees, and the sunsets and very crowded venues what with all the snowbirds taking up residence in the area. I swear Ocala is becoming just like Orlando and Tampa and I don't like that at all.


Lovely post -- the skies are gorgeous. I giggled at "Reds" before, during and after lunch photos. I love the herons ... one of my favorite birds. Beautiful!

Su-sieee! Mac

That was pretty awesome, Sally, about the German woman who recognized you. I can imagine her smiling every time she reads your blog at home. "I met her," she'd say in her mind. :-)

The bird with the big feet, such a cool image. I love your series of the red woodpecker. There goes Woody jumping into my mind now. Maybe he's circling the bird with the big feet to suggest the best illusion for making them seem smaller. lol As you can tell the ABC Wednesday creatures are taking over my imagination.

William Kendall

That heron is my favourite!


My, my Sallie, you're famous! How lovely that the lady recognised you and stopped to say hello, I think that's great. I have never heard (or seen) about cypress knees before today but what a great term so perfectly descriptive. Your birds are exotic to me too and I love to see the many different ones that stop by my blog on Mosaic Mondays.
P.S. Glad the tiki bar served your meal before you expired!


Thanka for sharing your lovely photos. Have a nice Monday



It is always fun to meet someone you know but didn't realize you knew! If this STATS thing is right I have more European readers than Americans! I always enjoy your collages and that one up there is really calling my name, it says "come enjoy the warm water Sondra, get out of the cold"....lol
Have a great week.



Thank you for my weekly dose of sunshine and escapism!The UK Midlands weather is extreme this winter-hot to icy in a day. It has been lovely and sunny but icy with a biting wind yesterday. I have just put out extra food for the birds :).

nancy chan

Beautiful sunset and blue sky. The red bellied woodpecker is a pretty bird!


Hello, Sallie. Beautiful images of the birds and scenery from your park visit. Love the woodpecker and the heron. You and your blog are famous around the world, that is cool. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!


Lovely to see your photos of warm and interesting surroundings.The little woodpecker is beautifully captured.I really like the swampy bit! Sallie,thank you for your kind comments about my artwork - it's always good to have positive feedback. Have a great week!


I had to look that one up - the one I thought a typo.

Fancy you getting recognised like that, completely out of the blue. You see Sallie, blogging really does make us all members of a rather small but celebrated family. Thats what I tell myself when struggling for inspiration.

Cathy Keller

You have some very lovely photos! I especially like those of the sunset! Wow! Have a wonderful week!

Villroses hage

Lovely birds and cypress knees :)

Stewart M

Glad you got your food - eventually! We had a funny experience in the holidays, we had service that was too fast! We all wanted to just sit, have a drink of some kind and talk about the day - when boom! out food arrives! My teenagers were then distracted rather!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Beautiful Florida Photos, Sallie! I enjoyed seeing the woodpecker eat his lunch, the other birds, and the beautiful golden sunsets. What a surprise to meet someone who reads your blog, all the way from Germany!

Bob Bushell

The birds are beautiful, especially the Woodpecker, superb.


What a stunning sky on the Florida coasts, I'm truly feeling in awe, thank you for sharing always such Beauty with us, darling Sallie!

Wishing you a most lovely new week ahead,
I'm sending blessings on your way



What a chance meeting that would blow your mind. You are right about being more aware of the local wildlife. Its like us and kangaroos/wallabies we have hopping around the village and neighbouring forest. We admire them every morning walk.
Isn't it annoying having to wait ages to be served when you are hungry. We had to wait an hour last time because there was a big group at one table that was served before us.


It's all part of the beautiful scenery you enjoyed there - it's so good to get out to new spots.


Great photos and you live in a very lovely part of the world. For me, water views are always the best. l

Linja in Virginia

Lovely skies! I've been recognized a couple of times and I was pretty much flabbergasted too.

Hildred Finch

Lovely to hear of your out and about doings, Sallie, - things are things I really miss as I get older and more confined in this winter weather, - and I miss my companion so, -- A wonderful coincidence that you should meet a fellow blogger friend. If you would come this way i would guarantee that I would be quite sure to recognize and welcome you!!!!!

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh it all looks so inviting ~ Gorgeous photography of nature in your area ~

Happy Week ahead to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Don't let fame go to your head now, Sallie.
I adore herons and can't see them enough.
Those water photos are making me want to burst. We got a good blanket of snow yesterday and someone immediately smacked into my car. Then I was almost squashed by an ATV who was speeding toward the lake (which is frozen over although I'd like to see one of those idiots head out into open water).
It's the height of snowbird season, is it? Smart snowbirds, wish I was there too.


Good Morning from Japan Dearest Sallie; What a beautiful nature you have in your neighborhood and full of great collages in this post☆☆☆
LOVE these birds and your wonderful arrangement.
I DO agree with what you said about the lady's fresh surprise for the heron. Even though 'The Moment finding the new one' is irreplaceable(*^.^*)

Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


Beautiful post and I love all the shots!


Lovely photos Sallie! I always enjoy seeing birds and you got some excellent shots. The skies are beautiful too, especially the sunset.

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