February 11, 2018



Once-in-a-lifeime experience for sure, Sallie, and you have documented it beautifully.


I have read a lot about Panama canal.
You have shared this once-in-a-lifetimes experience with me.
This is called reinforcement.



I have read a lot about Panama canal.
You have shared this once-in-a-lifetimes experience with me.
This is called reinforcement.


That is a once in a lifetime experience! Pretty cool! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!


Ships and locks can be fascinating.
I live not far from the Welland Canal - no container ships though!


What an interesting day ! I saw a film about the history of Panama Canal. Very interesting too. Have a nice day, Sallie in your Canal (happily, not the same) Cottage !


That is awesome. I've been through locks before on the Illinois and Mississippi rivers yet would like to sail the Panama Canal. Sure is a tight fit.


How marvellous. Sallie thanks for sharing your cruise ship events and photos

Have a wonderful week

Happy you dropped by my blog


Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful shots.

Jennifer Jilks

I'm not really interested in a cruise, but I like looking are travel photos. I'm a horrid traveler!!!!


Hello Sallie!:) What an amazing engineering feat, and I had no idea how many people, boats, and machines like the mules, are involved in guiding large ships through the locks of the Panama Canal. Your photos and commentary are the next best thing to experiencing this awesome passage. Thank you!:)

Photo Cache

Bucket list. Just last week the hubby and I were talking about this future trip.


great photos and post.

nancy chan

Interesting to read about your travel on the Panama Canal! More exciting to be there in person!

David Gascoigne

I have never travelled through the Panama Canal but I have walked alongside it numerous times. It was an amazing engineering feat and I remember as a child reading about how it was constructed and being astounded at the sheer volume of earth that was removed.I couldn’t even contemplate such numbers. So, to actually visit the canal was an experience that brought back memories and inspired a little awe too. As for the ships I saw going through, they were virtually all Chinese container ships, an indication of just how much of the world’s trade the Chinese have captured.

Kay L. Davies

It's been many, many, many years since I went through the Panama Canal to the Caribbean and back on the old P&O liner Oriana, but I'm still glad I stayed on deck all the way through because it was certainly the most amazing thing I'd ever seen, and on the way back through I had the flu (as had many other passengers). Those big bridges didn't exist yet, but I loved the locks, and particularly loved the tugboats. At that time, entire families were living aboard tugs and sharing the work.
Long ago and far away, but I'll never forget it. It was 1969, and the country had recently been taken over by a military coup. There were armed soldiers on every street corner, and although we knew they were there to keep the peace and not to hassle Canadian passengers, they were plenty scary to see as we passed them in a taxi.
Your photos are wonderful, Sallie. Thanks for the memories.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. You have some lovely photos here on your whole blog, I love the travel photos and wish I could travel but your photos show me the world.

Su-sieee! Mac

Sallie, that was exciting and fun to read. Thank you! You got some wonderful shots that are perfect for postcards. This may be the closest I'll get to the Panama Canal, which makes me grateful that I got to see the locks at work on the Columbia River.

Life Images by Jill

I imagine the Panama Canal to be a very busy and fascinating place to travel through. Happy travels and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.


My father-in-law has been through the Panama Canal. Unfortunately, he took no photos, so I've enjoyed yours. Looks like a nice day for watching all the activity.


Sounds confusing but fascinating. I'd no idea it took so much to get through and now you have me interested in revisiting its history. It took that many people to assist with entry, wow. How long did the whole thing take?


What a feature of engineering. Your photos and description are the next best thing to being there. An incredible experience.

Valerie, Australia

Oh - thanks for the memories your images evoke! I travelled through the Panama Canal as a 22yo (almost 50 years ago - yikes, can't believe I'm admitting that !!) on board a Shaw Savill liner, the Southern Cross, from Australia to the UK to begin a year's travel through the UK and Europe. I remember going out on deck with my camera to capture the experience, seeing the decks all wet and having the lens fog up due to the humidity. Thank you again.

Lavender Dreamer

That would be something I would love to see! It's hard to imagine it...even with photos! Thanks for sharing your experience. What a good trip you had! Hugs, Diane


The Panama Canal is such a great feat of engineering. It would be fascinating to go through the locks, as you have done. I'm glad you've shown us these photos. It would be a day to remember. Locks are certainly narrow, aren't they?


Panama is on my bucket list. This is a wonderful series of photos showing what it's like to go through the locks. So interesting!


Such a fascinating process and you got some wonderful photos! I have an old photo of my Dad when he was in the Navy during WWII sitting on the deck of a his ship while going through the Panama Canal.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

wow, how interesting to go all the way through the canal. Lots of images from the canal I have not seen before. When I was in Costa Rica I had the pportunity to see a fraction of it. And it was not compleated at that time. A great memory Sallie.


these pictures are really amazing, i felt like i was right there with you!!

i never understood the power of tug boats - they must work - but they seem so tiny in comparison to the boats they rescue. good that they are there, on standby!!!

i really enjoyed your captures, an amazing trip and experience!!!


Wow! I've been in smaller locks, but this must be amazing. What a great trip! Happy Monday!


I don't imagine that I shall ever take this trip myself so was especially pleased to travel through the Panama Canal with you today. Boy, those are real close quarters aren't they, such a tight fit, very snug! What a great anniversary trip you had.
Happy Mosaic Monday.

Stewart M

We watched - and helped - a canal long boat move though a canal when we were back in the UK in July - I suspect this is a larger affair!


Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Wow how interesting ! Your photos are always so nice !


I've never passed through the Panama Canal (or any canal for that matter) but my aunt and uncle did some 30 plus years ago and they were excited when they described that experience. Their oral report and a few photos, though, did not capture the massive amount of work on the part of so many people to assist ships like yours through the canal. S thank you for these extraordinary photos. I can so much better imagine the excitement that this experience created. Fun times!


An interesting account of your trip through thre locks there Sallie. The canal is one of those fascinating places that I've only seen on TV with ships sailing with yards of each side. There are so many places on earth that I would like to see but reading of others' experiences and seeing their photos is the next best thing.

Lady Fi

Interesting and pretty!

I went through the Panama Canal as a child, but unfortunately, have no memories of doing so.

Jesh StG

Whoa, love that you took captures of those big locks for All Seasons!
I will never forget, when going through them in the Suez canal and there by the rock of Gibraltar with a steam ship (am not sure if it was a steam ship or not - 1955) in Spain as a little girl - the whole atmosphere and sound of super big machines is unforgettable!
About your comment: you don't have to be ashamed of using the dryer - for us it's a money issue, and not wanting to put away our gas dryer yet. Yeah, I remember in our early days of marriage and living in Northern Europe bringing in the clothes in the house as stiff as a board! Whatever works best, is the way to do it:):)

ellen b

An amazing journey for sure. How nice to have an on board guide to educate on the canal process. Also nice to be able to enjoy brunch during the long process. We've watched the operation of the Ballard Locks in Seattle and it's scary how close everything gets...
We had sunshine today and yesterday here in the PNW...woohoo!


What a great thrill that must of been...it seems an amazing process to witness first hand. When countries co-operate great things happen and that is how we progress.


Some day....oh someday I want to see...in real life!


I have been through locks on fairly small boats - I had not really thought how complicated it might be for an enormous cruise ship. They clearly have it down to a fine art. What a lifetime experience for you! Thanks for sharing!


Fantastic and fascinating - that is one thing I would really like to see and experience. The little row boat looks so tiny beside your big one.


The whole thing looks grand and formidable - I'm impressed!


Wow that would have been an exciting experience. thanks for sharing. makes me want to go to youtube and hunt for panama canal.


How exciting for you! Your photos are great. Thank you for your visit.

William Kendall

Beautiful shots! I'd love to see it myself someday.

David McCullough's book The Path Between The Seas chronicles its history, and it's an incredible story.

bill burke

Very interesting to see how it works. It sounds very exciting to be there and actually see it. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

Bob Bushell

Absolutely stunning photos, I love the first one Sallie.


Fascinating to see exactly how the trip works! What an exciting journey. Have a relaxing week now :).


It's really quite complicated isn't it? Great photos and explanation.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh Wow! Great photos of the Panama Canal ~ what a trip!

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

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