March 11, 2018



It was really a wonderful trip. I like a lot your last shot: all is blue, a real dream !


I enjoy my virtual trip with you.
But when I thought I am seeing many river banks, I was fooled the other way around.
Have a happy weekend.



I enjoy my virtual trip with you.
But when I thought I am seeing many river banks, I was fooled the other way around.
Have a happy weekend.


Hi Sallie-
The pictures of the Cayman Islands are beautiful.
I enjoyed looking at the photo of the huge cruise ship.
Those things are humongous!
I also want to thank you for something while I am on this post -
Because I never go in person to make withdrawals, I never knew what my bank in the Cayman looked like, but I know. Thanks to you :)
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Clair Zarges

Lovely colors!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

such a great trip you had. I envy you in some way. But in all, have have a tendency to be seasick :) You got yourselves great memories :)


That menu certainly looks interesting!


i forgot to tell you that i love your new picture!!!

Peter B.

That does look like a busy, interesting port and a fun place to visit!


Looks like such an interesting place, I love the yellow house - very colourful!


I have long wanted to visit the Caymans, Sallie - and now I have, if only vicariously. What lovely photos and descriptions. I can't help but wonder, however, if I would be brave enough to try cow foot soup. :)


I confess I would have tried the oxtail and beans from the local place. Sounds delish! Thanks for linking up today!


looks like a great spot!! it sure does look cheerful and colorful... i like the purple and yellow house. i usually get pretty excited about the food but i am not so sure about cow foot soup?? i think i will pass on that!!!

betty - NZ

Thanks for sharing these sights with us! It does look like a great place to spend the day.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Interesting view.

tanya breese

what a colorful place! i would love to visit there! the rooster walking around was cute!

Linda Brown

What a wonderful trip you had!!!

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie, Pretty views of Cayman Island. I love the last shot of the pretty water and ship. We did the Stingray City tour during our port stop here. Great photos. Enjoy your day!


What a wonderful cruise, Sallie!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Terrific shots.


What a beautiful place! Have a great week!

Tamar Strauss-Benjamin

What lovely sights and scenes!


What a treat to read you post today, so many beautiful scenes, a visual holiday for your readers.


Years ago I knew a woman whose husband had a cash business and they often took trips to the Cayman Islands, Now I know why! HaHa.
It does look a lot like Key West--very pretty and relaxed. It sounds like yoyr cruise adventure was a wonderful one, Sallie!

riitta k

So beautiful sea & city views. This exotic place is very far from us! Have a nice week.


We went on a cruise eons ago and one of the stops was the Caymans. It was quite the change after the poverty of Jamaica and Haiti.

We went snorkeling there and my main memory is that we were all in the water and then a storm came up really quick and everybody but Heather and I got out of the water and into the boat. We asked the captain if we had to leave, and he said no, he wasn't moving the boat. I asked him, why everybody got out of the water to freeze in the boat, and he said he didn't know but that was what people usually did when it started raining. I said well, we are going to stay in the water if that is okay with you. He said it was fine with him.

Everybody else was mad at us for some reason. They were freezing in the boat and we were in the warm water.

ellen b

Cow foot soup...that sounds interesting. You really saw a lot on this cruise. I wonder how much restraint I'd have in eating on a ship. Glad you had this opportunity and that you got to come home to good weather. We had a couple nice sunny days in a row...soon we'll have a lot more.


...bit of this look like Maui!

Kay L. Davies

What a wonderful tour! I know what you mean about not wanting to eat until you get back to the ship, but I only know it because my husband wouldn't let me buy food: "Wait until we're back onboard." !! Your photos are wonderful, Sallie. I haven't been to Grand Cayman but I did go through the Panama Canal a long, long time ago. From west to east, and back from east to west, on the old Oriana. The country was quite different then...it had just been taken over by a military coup, and there were soldiers on every street corner in Panama City, with fierce-looking weapons. It was completely unlike it is now, a retirement destination for so many North Americans. Thanks for the tour, Sallie. I enjoyed it!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Patrick Tillett

Hi Sallie! Really nice photos! Thanks for interesting info also.
I have to admit that at this moment, all I can think about is what cows are standing in most of the time... I'll pass on the cow foot soup, cow foot and bean, or anything else related to cow foot.
Truth be told, if I was there I'd try it. After all, I would have my reputation of being able to eat anything at stake.


I thought they had "Crow's Feet Soup" and were having a laugh with their clientele.


Just one question, How long have you been waiting to use "obligatory roosters" in a sentence?


Yes Sally. The Cayman Islands have quite a reputation here in England as the place where the politicians and "stars" stash their money. The same people who are so adept in telling us Joe Bloggs' how and what to to think or vote and also how to run our lives.

An interesting menu you show us there however I'm not so sure I fancy Cow's Feet. The British used to eat pig's trotters so I guess it's not that different but like you I think I would opt for the ship's buffet.

Maybe "an incarnation of ibis"?

bill burke

Looks like it was a fantastic cruise. Beautiful photos, Sallie.

Bob Bushell

It looks rather nice, cheers Sallie.


I've enjoyed reading about your wonderful ocean to ocean cruise. Great ports of call! I don't know about that local menu - the Cow's Foot Soup might have put me off. Lovely colours in the Caymans. Enjoy your winter home! Soon it will be time to head west again!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful series of photos of the Cayman Island ~ lovely journey!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Another beautiful extract of your trip !

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

It looks like a very pretty place. I love those tidal pools.


I had to make another comment because your comments on Ocala always make me feel so good and brighten my day! And I'd forgotten to mention the "Cow feet soup" ad. Yikes. Just the thought of it. As a kid I worked on several farms, including my grandmother's place in northern Minnesota, and when I read the ad I had visions of cowpies and cows stomping through manure strewn barns. :) Hope you have a great week. Our son and daughter-in-law are coming in from Texas, so I may not be able to post for a few days.


What a wonderful trip you had and so lucky that you don't have far to go when you get back to USA. I'd love to do a trip like that but it is too far to go to get to the ship, although there probably are cruises from here but we are not keen to cruise for too long. I'll just have to enjoy your trip with you.

Lady Fi

Looks like a lovely place!

Photo Cache

I love cruising and I love exploring the ports of call.


Ah, Grand Cayman. Know it well - it has been our scuba destination as a family for over 5 years. The harbor area has its attractions, but I wish I could have taken you to some other parts of the island - incredible beauty. When Hubby and I get tired of our new winter digs here in Montana, Grand Cayman will be our get-away!

Jennifer Jilks

I'm not a cruise person, but I'm sure it is amazing!


It looks like a very pretty, tropical place.


Beautiful photography! I'm lusting after your cruise!


What an onteresting cruise. You saw so much and did so much. Not sure about that cow foot soup though.


I've never taken a cruise, or really had the desire. But with plenty of time from point A to B, why not. Especially through the canal. Thanks for the great tour.


Lovely photos Sallie! I could use a cruise right about now.


Picture perfect. Cow foot?? Why did that chicken cross the road?

Lavender Dreamer

It really is a beautiful place to visit. I hope you took the time to stop at one of the banks and make a withdrawal! heehee! Wouldn't that be nice! Hugs!

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Wonderful blue water. I'm so glad you had a wonderful cruise. Thanks for sharing your photos. Sylvia D.

William Kendall

Idyllic shots!

David Gascoigne

Great shots, Sallie. Your cruise was obviously a very pleasant experience and perhaps you will make this you regular way of getting to Florida!

Cathy Keller

Amazing photos and the sky and water is so blue! They are just beautiful! Have a grand week!


You two certainly know how to get the most out of a voyage and I've certainly enjoyed taking this cruise with you, it has quite brightened up the long days of winter in Normandy.
Happy MM!


What a pleasant way to come to your winter home. We’ve only been on one cruise (Alaska) and tthere was sooo much good food.


I know nothing about this place so I really appreciated your photos. Beautiful work, Sallie, and it helped fill in a lot of blanks in my head. I had in mind, big banks surrounded by huge fences and guarded by fierce dogs; a place where so many of the crooks that run our government hide their ill-gotten gains. Grand Cayman is known as a tax-evasion haven.

jesh StG

Cow foot soup, I wonder how that would taste like ...! Your first capture is so clear, Sallie - amazing! I wonder if it felt strange to see familiar things from where you live at another location? I had that in Tuscany - the plants and flowers, the hills looked very much the same as in California.
Thanks so much for sharing this cruise with All Seasons! Have a lovely week!

Stewart M

Nice to see bit of the UK I have never been to!! I like that passing rooster.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Linja in Virginia

Interesting. When we went on a cruise, I ate in port whenever possible. The lunches onboard the ship were monotonous and I craved something different.

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Lovely! I was in Grand Cayman a few years back, but we never really ventured too far away from the dock because the weather was horrible that day. Maybe another time!

Su-sieee! Mac

I got curious about the number of banks there. One source said nearly 600 with 43 of the 50 largest banks there. It's a wonder the islands haven't sunk with all the money kept there. lol


Another very interesting post. I think the nicest part of all those photos is the beautiful blue sky and blue sea.


You had an amazing cruise...saw so many exotic places, awesome memories I'm sure. Lovely flowers and the colorfully painted house is really cool. I wish I had money to hide..lol I dig under the sofa cushions jic. West Indian food always seems to be the unwanted parts of the poor beast, the foot and tail. I told my Haitian friend Anthony he needed to eat a little "higher" on the cow when he ordered Ox tail and cabbage.

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