March 04, 2018


Mary Howell Cromer

What a beautiful journey you all had and it looks wonderful too. Those Ibis up in the trees are delightful looking birds. I like to go shelling when I am near the seashore, and one thing that I always look for, but hardly ever find is seas glass. I love it and wonder where it originated from. Have a blessed weekend doing something grand I hope~

Patrick Tillett

It really sounds like your all had a great and fun day trip. Love your photos Sallie (as always). They are great, and even better when enlarged...

Hildred Finch

Great pictures, - lovely to journey with you. Birds are gorgeous. I saw a Robin and a Downy Woodpecker today, - that's an item in my day!!!

Michelle Banks

Wow Sally...soo much to see and enjoy..thank you for cheering a gray wintry day here...

Optimistic Existentialist

I love that tortoise!!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

LOVE the ibis tree & how you collect shells!

For all the beauty & photos shared, I thank you for adding your link this week at I R B B.

Linja in Virginia

Nice photos! Pictures are a great way to collect shells or anything else that's visually interesting. That way you don't clutter your house!


I have to google that island, Sallie! It sounds magical with no cars and all of that wildlife!


What a great trip to a lovely island! Beautiful photos. So happy that tortoise is doing well there. The shells though broken have a wonderful beauty!

Betty Crow

Hi Sallie, I LOVE the Ibis Tree. :) Beautiful shots all around. I enjoy seeing the blue skies and beaches. Makes me long for warmer weather. Have a wonderful weekend!


Hello Sallie, the weather does look beautiful for your boat ride and island tour. I love the seashells. The Ibis tree is cool and I love the cute Gopher Tortoise.The water is a gorgeous color, lovely collection of photos. Thank you so much for linking up your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Gorgeous! During both the resting and eating time.

I do wonder whether our resting and eating time are as gorgeous as these.



Hi Sallie-
Nice photos and a lovely write-up!
I love to hear about places where you can't drive a car.
Not that I don't drive or don't want to drive a car ever, but it certainly is nice to have such places. I am sure the turtles and slow moving vehicles/peds/bicyclists appreciate that.
The Ibis are very beautiful.
I don't think I have seen one in person yet.
Good to see your blog posts!
Have a Happy Weekend!
Peace :)

Cherop Joy

Your Ibis photos are beautiful.

Shiju Sugunan

So beautiful! Ibis tree is my favourite.


Love the ibis in the tree! You had such a picturesque long weekend. And yes, we are retired and midweek "long weekend" trips are so great -- less crowds, lots to relax and enjoy!


Lots of interesting wildlife there, I think I'd just be happy relaxing on the golden sand.

Peter B.

Really pleased to hear your tortoise population on the island is doing well. Our desert tortoises are very rare (except as pets in people's back yards!).


wow that is a lot of shells! Lovely posting!


LOVE the Ibis on the tree. Gorgeous birds! Thanks for linking up today!


I love the ibis in the tree and they go wll with the shells. The beach looks nice. I'm in Florida now! Near St. Pete.

tanya breese

what a great trip! i enjoyed all the pictures especially the ibis in the tree! love the way you collect shells, seems so much more colorful that way!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Love the Ibis - so beautiful!


The Ibis Tree is almost Hitchcockian.


Nice weather for a cruise. We still have our ocean boat tied up to the cabin deck here on the lake. It gives it a nice fresh water "bath" for the winter when we aren't using it along the coast. We try to keep it dry with heaters run by a generator when we are home. Keeping mildew at bay is a full time job around here. Come on over to see my "marina" full of boats on this week's post. - Margy


I always wanted a Tortoise, they seem to have a quirky personality to me



ooooh please come get me!!! i could spend days going through those shells looking for sea glass!!

i have never heard of a mid-week long weekend, maybe i have not been retired long enough and we are not completely retired - that must be it!!

gorgeous captures - ibis heaven!!!


That looks like an awesome adventure! I love all the wildlife.


Well, now, thank you Sallie for taking me with you on your Palm Island boat trip. :) Your photos are wonderful and I particularly like the one with the "flowering" Ibis tree. :)


What a lovely place ! I wished I could travel as much as you do instead of sitting around here, lol !

handmade by amalia

What a bright and beautiful outing with the sea and all the wildlife. I love the Ibis, especially that photo of them perching on the tree. A conference of Ibis?


You guys really are living the life although sorry the river by you is polluted. But all that natural beauty close by and you still collect sea shells, I LOVE that. They all look so polished and new like something sold in a store.
More great bird shots, weren't they the thick birds perching on gator's noses?
That top pic reminds me of the W palms from It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

betty - NZ

Great adventure, Sallie! I love the ibis in the trees--what a sight that must have been at first sight!


What a wonderful get-away from your get-away! I love seeing all the Ibis. Also, I like the way you "collect" shells.

Photo Cache

Wow the ibis is such a pretty bird.


Hello Sallie!:) This is the way to enjoy life after retirement!:) Sailing to a remote island, with such stunning views of the Ibis, and other shore birds seems idyllic, and the turquoise water is really beautiful. Glad you had a lovely time.

Penelope Puddlisms

Those wonderful birds with beaks that look like my cutting shears. The island sounds heavenly, Sallie, and a rare place on the planet. It’s interesting about the water, as you so aptly put it, that is the actual color of water. I can also imagine the peacefulness of a place with no cars … reminds me of some areas in Venice. I don’t want us to go back to the horse and buggies days but it is incredible how cars and their exhaust have overtaken so much of the world! Thanks as always for sharing the bright spot.


I'm happy to read you spent a so a beautiful time ! Collecting shells is so funny. We think we are always a child !

Stewart M

Nice set of pictures - there are always things, large and small, to photograph by the water.

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Looks like a wonderful week! I am missing the water right now! Usually, about this time of year, we make a quick trip to Florida and then we go back again in April. This year though it will be Ireland. While equally beautifully I doubt it is going to be very warm.


Wow what a wonderful time you have, cruising and boating. It looks a lovely place with the marina, birds and beaches.

Lady Fi

Fabulous wildlife! I love that ibis tree!


As I always tell my husband, every day is Saturday when one is retired! It's a wonderful freedom. I would love to look for shells along that beach, Sallie. When I lived near Brooklyn beaches I hardly found any shell except for old clam shells. I have a big bowl full of shells I found on the Outer Banks of NC, but warm water Florida shells look so beautiful!
We saw ibises in Disney World--they were eating popcorn that people had spilled on the ground. I should have included a photo of that. I loved your Ibis tree photo!

Lavender Dreamer

I love to hunt for shark's teeth too. We found some on the beach in SC...not so many on Canaveral beach where we like to go. Love seeing all the birds and that big tortoise! What a fun trip...mid week and all! heehee! Hugs, Diane


That's so beautiful. I want a beach vacation!

bill burke

What a beautiful and lovely place. I'm sure you are enjoying yourselves. :)


I thought the ibis were flowers until I put my glasses on. The sea looks a beautiful colour. Must have been tempting to go on for a paddle.


I love places like this ... no cars except for golf carts ... keeps the pollution down. What fun! The Ibis tree is amazing. Happy Monday!


Looks like a lovely place! The ibis are amazing!

jesh StG

Wouldn't have guessed this was Florida! The ibis are such a lovely sight, Sallie - a feast for the eyes:) Charley Tortoise seems happy too. Many thanks for sharing your billionaire long weekend with All Seasons and have a happy week!

Thank you for your comment - the brisket would be a great choice for your Oregon time:)


Beautiful Florida photos, thanks for sharing the warmth and sun.


...looks mighty nice in your present neck of the woods.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh glorious to see after rain and windstorm in MA ~ Beautiful photos and presentation and how blessed you are ~ enjoy every moment!

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

ellen b

How wonderful to be able to caravan out to this spot and then enjoy all it has to offer with friends. That Ibis tree shot is so great. I'm glad they stayed put for the photo before they took off to eat. The water is a lovely blue. It's such fun to watch shorebirds. Happy March to you!


A mid-week long weekend is a new term for me, but sounds like a lot of fun. What gorgeous colours and sunshine you showed us - makes me very jealous when I look at the grey outside today. And it's cold! The ibis "tree" is fun - they seem to run around in clumps, don't they?
Glad you enjoyed your little getaway. Thanks for sharing with us.


Beautiful post Sallie....sunshine and pure light seem but a distant dream from my spot on Mother Earth right now! Love the Ibis shots and subtle colours of shells. Happy Monday!

William Kendall

What a lovely island!

Cathy Keller

Your post is a bright spot in a very dreary day here. It's supposed to rain again today. The Ohio has just started to fall! Thank you for this little bit of sunshine!


Awww I'd like to be right there..its so cold right now! Our spring has been disturbed with a bitter cold wind. Yuk! Love the Ibis tree, they are in spectacular color with the bubble gum legs and beak. I think you have the perfect set up! 2 if by sea!


Mid week long weekends are the best especially out of season. Love all the many different blues in your photographs tis week, Florida bluse are something special. Love the ibis tree and the Gopher turtle. All this and ice cream too, you really are Retired with a capital R!
Happy MM.


I do love some of your evocative place names: Caloosahatchee River, Shark's Tooth Beach. And of course I am so jealous of that tree decorated with ibis (ibises?) Must look that up.

Looks warm and sunny. If only. Mind you it is a little warmer here this week and spring clearly is on the way.

nancy chan

Wonderful to be on a boat trip, walking the beach and getting to see all those critters!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

so wonderful it seems. Love the ibis tree :)

Bob Bushell

Beautiful scenes Sallie, the best are the birds, but, you know that.


How lovely-a peaceful island to visit. You must have had a wonderful time! The pictures are amazing. (The snow cleared here yesterday, and we are back to normal winter temperatures :).


The beautiful colored sea water is perfect and all the other things sound wonderful too - good company, nice surroundings, and even some beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing - I can imagine it all!!


A fun boat trip on a mid-week long weekend, especially with the ice cream island. I mean bird island.


Livin the life. beautiful. enjoy


Wow, a 60 mile boat trip. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I am thinking of retiring. I don't think I can stand another meeting. I hope I do my retiring half as well as you.


Ah yes, the mid-week long weekend. Know it and love it.

The 'ibis tree' and the Gopher Tortoise are singular shots you don't see every day!

I laughed at your sentence about the color of water. On Grand Cayman they tell a joke about a tourist who brought three Ball jars on a boat. Why? To get samples of the different colors of blue water, of course!


What great fun you must have had! I've not been there, but I've been to Sanibel and Captiva many times and we collected some wonderful shells. You're smart to collect them that "new' way because they can easily take up too much space.

And I remember collecting lots of sharks teeth in Venice. Wonder what happened to them? Hmm.

Isn't Florid a wonderful place when there are no hurricanes and the damn politicians leave it alone. They're a bunch of Jesus' gangsters with their automatic weapons...couldn't even get enough votes to ban those! As I used to say when I was religious, Jesus Christ!

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