April 29, 2018


Eileen Wise

Hello, I would enjoy good weather, less cars and people. Your daughter's flowers are gorgeous. Love the woodpecker, the Sapsucker is a beauty! I am sorry to be so late commenting. I just got home from our road trip and I am now trying to catch up on my commenting. Thanks so much for linking up your post. Have a happy day and weekend ahead.


There were two osprey nesting on the pontoon bird tour yesterday but I was disappointed we didn't see them.

Terri @Coloring Outside the Lines

Cool photos of the ospreys; I usually do not capture them being still! I imagine it must be fun to spend time in two different places and escape the extreme cold and the extreme heat.


I had to check the little guy in the black and white jacket and orange mohawk was a woodpecker, I thought they looked different but I like the cut of his jib.


You've given me a new appreciation for ospreys, I wish you could come on one of our little trips, neither of us can identify much past robins or cranes.


A good excuse to be eating out often. That sounds like a good idea, coming later and staying later. Probably less on the roads when you go.We just visited our daughter's family in Melbourne for a few days. WE fly these days too stressful driving all that way. Melbourne have cool very cool Autumn weather and beautiful autumn colours but we were glad to get back to warm Brisbane.

Betty Crow

Hi Sallie, I sure do like the shot of the osprey with the fish. The woodpeckers are colorful birds. I'm still trying to get a shot of the pileated woodpecker. Happy Sunday!

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Thanks for allowing us to join you from your link at I'd Rather B Birdin! Ospreys are a favorite of mine!


Beautiful spring flowers! Enjoyed all your photos. How wonderful to get to enjoy seasons in two states. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.


Sallie - just catching up from our week in Ohio ... how wonderful that you have 'two lives' and can enjoy both of them in real time through technology!!! It was very nostalgic for me to be in Ohio and witness Spring in full bloom. And now I get to do again here at home! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Hi Sallie-
Great snaps as usual.
Lovely cloud shot in particular.
Enjoy your leisure and travel.
Happy WE!
Peace :)

A ShutterBug Explores

Thanks for your visit and comments ~

Happy Weekend,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

handmade by amalia

The Florida Spring birds are wonderful - the colors!

Hildred Finch

You may be missing the spring flowers, Sallie, - but those birds surely make up for it, at least partially! Every but once in a while I see a Downey Woodpecker but never anything exotic.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing those wonderful bird photos. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great skies.


You get the best of both worlds. Lucky you! Florida is fun, but the summers are brutal. Thanks for linking up today.

Kay L. Davies

How wonderful that Oregon provided you with spring flowers via technology!
And I always love to see ospreys. I used to have a view of two nests across a river from my home, and loved to watch the osprey float on the thermals high above the water.
Thanks for sharing.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Peter B.

You are so fortunate to have "the best of both worlds"! Probably makes you appreciate the two locations even more. Great photos!!

Michelle Banks

Big fish for that osprey. I saw one once here catch a fish. Thrill of a lifetime for me.. Lovely blue skies...We look more like spring now here and my mood improves dear Sallie..Michelle

Amy Franks

It's so nice seeing different wildlife around the word, the woodpecker I love his red colours.

David Gascoigne

Hello Sallie: I think if I saw that profusion of flowers in your daughter's backyard I would be anxious to hightail it right back to Orgeon. As for your series of woodpecker pictures, it goes without saying that I am delighted to see them. And those Ospreys are pretty easy on the eyes too!

Judy Biggerstaff

Nice of your daughter to share her Oregon pics with you. Love seeing your spring birds. The Downy Woodpecker and the Red-bellied visit my feeders daily. I was able to photograph the red-headed while at the lake but haven't been able to get a pic of a pileated. Good job.


Florida must be a very beautiful peninsula.
It must be as beautiful as Penang in Malaysia.
Go find a rabbit hole and you will be here.


Pieni Lintu

Nice shots!


First of all, I love that you "come a little later and stay a little longer" - it is a bit like the famous road less travelled and brings forth it own certain type of beauty and experience. All your photos are lovely, Sallie, but oh that sky!!!! Stunning and dramatic.

Betty Crow

Beautiful flowers and the woodpeckers are wonderful!


Those are all beautiful notes from nature.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

beautiful plaes both of them. Love to see the Osprey having lunch :)


That's a wonderful expanse of sky! I can see how you will miss the beautiful spring flowers but you will also have missed the chillier temperatures. Happy May Sallie!


Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog. I really enjoy to come here and relax and see your birds and your area. I love to see the osprey you have there. They always amaze me how far they travel. hugs Nora


Wow, lots of beauty in Florida in May! Great photos Sallie. Yep, hay fever is driving me nuts right now!

Re, my paintings, I do not have an online store. But I will do commission work, or sell to someone who sees a painting I have posted online.


A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous series of nature photos! Awesome!

Happy Week to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

riitta k

Great exotic birds, so colorful. Wish you Happy May!


I live in a country which looks like Oregon. Spring flowers are all around here too ! But wood -peckers, not the same but close relatives. On the other hand, no Ospreys !
Have a nice may time, Sallie.


The best of both worlds! We have woodpeckers like that but I had to stop filling the feeder for now because the cowbirds were coming like gangs and taking over the place, about 20 at time.


The best of both worlds:) lovely to see your daughter’s spring flowers. The old walnut tree is magnificent and I would be sitting under it as much as I could. Your osprey is a real beauty, along with those other pretty birds. Nice shot of the view also. All great photos! Thanks for sharing them Sallie :)

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Great photos! Have a wonderful day!


I like the sound of Woodpeckers ! So soon you will move again ! I am back from France where it was warm and everything blooming and here we had storm and rain and it's quite cold 47 F !!

Bob Bushell

Pure brilliance, those birds, beautiful.


You right about the alarm clock woodpeckers but you seem to have many more species than us. Just the one around here the Great-spotted Woodpecker which makes life easier for new birders. Bill can send some of his hummus. Tried to make it once but made a poor job so buy the small pots which can't be as good as a home-made one. Spring is still slow here but were promised it next week, just when we are off to the warming Med.

Lady Fi

Fabulous birds and skies! And how lovely for Oregon to finally get some flowers.

Linda in Virginia

Excellent images! I enjoyed this post.


Beautiful Oregon flowers. You share amazing photos!


It's great that you are able to arrange your schedule to avoid the allergy season. How fun to pretend that you are full-time Floridians! Your daughter's photos show the beauty of Oregon in the springtime. Enjoy the month of May in Fort Myers before returning west.

Patrick Tillett

You really do squeeze out the last nice days before you head home. We've been on the road quite a bit lately and it seems that there still a lot of Canadians down here. I was talking to a couple of them last week, and they said there was still snow on the ground where they live. As always, I enjoyed your photos and narrative.


One advantage of being retired is traveling in the off season. Powell Lake gets very busy from late June through Labour Day. While we love the warm weather, we really enjoy cabin life during the quiet months. - Margy


i hope you were kidding about deleting your osprey pictures, yours are amazing!! the birds...the blooms everything is so colorful and beautiful


Hope you don't have a no links policy or will make an exception but I had to link you to that whole osprey shark fish deal.
l http://www.counton2.com/news/national-news/amazing-florida-photographer-snaps-osprey-carrying-shark-with-fish-in-its-mouth/1148599490


You guys are kind of diagonal snowbirds, just one of the things that make you unique.

Jennifer Jilks

These are wonderful! We feel the same way about the shoulder seasons here in cottage country!


Fort Meyers certainly looks beautiful and would definitely be a great place to winter if you don't like snow. But I'd also be ready to leave before the summer heat!


Loved the Oregon spring flowers and of course Ft. Myers birds. You'll be traveling soon and I will stay here in the Florida heat. It's ok. I really don't mind. I moved to Florida at 27 and after all this time, it still feels like paradise.


I've never seen an osprey but what a wonderful photo! Did you hear about that guy in Florida who snapped a photo of an osprey carrying a shark that was eating a fish? I'm not kidding.
I love walnut trees, especially in the fall and the smell of black walnuts is unequaled in my book.
You stay through May, why did I think you left earlier. I bet you're missing it back home right now.
Here, we saw a big pile of that snow and dirt you get at the end of the year just yesterday and today it's 80˚, no kidding 80.


I love the photos of these lovely birds! And my favorite is that stunning Osprey sitting on the pole and eating a fish!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Best wishes

Linda Brown

Our time close you was heaven!!!


The best part of spring are the flowers. Your daughter's garden looks wonderful. Weather here is awful and I am feeling very envious when I see those gorgeous blue Florida skies.

Lavender Dreamer

This really is a great time to be in Florida...like you say! A lot quieter but still nice weather too. I think this has been the prettiest Spring in a long time. Beautiful photos...especially love the one with the water! Stay as long as you want! Hugs!


That is a long trip from Oregon to Florida! We like to pretend we are native when we visit somewhere in the off season too. I am looking forward to the time Hubby retires, except we are going to be sunbirds rather than snowbirds. lol

Hootin' anni

that dappled sky is sooo pretty! Of course, I'm favoring the bird life you've shared...but oh, the flowers - gorgeous!


I love Florida, but it has been years since I was last there. Fort Meyers seems to be a place that lots of my family members spend December through April. You have the best of both coasts!

Jesh StG

Ah, full on spring - what a delight! The flowers look so cheerful and beautiful! And all these birds!
In Europe there is a similar migration from people in the Northern countries like Holland to Spain and back in late Spring. Thank you for sharing this with All Seasons and enjoy it to the fullest!

ellen b

Your really get the best of two worlds! Love the look at the base of your walnut tree. So pretty. Great bird shots! Enjoy the "quieter" time you get with the locals for the next month!


You are fortunate to have these lovely choices at opposite corners of the US. Osprey was the first sign of spring when I lived near Mt St Helens.


It must be fun to follow the sun and avid the harsh winter months, Sallie. I can't see us as snowbirds yet, but maybe someday when our grandchildren are older. Hopefully, our health holds out! My husband and I have family in AZ, so we might consider going there for winter. It's a pretty state and booming even more than Colorado is these days. Your daughter's spring flowers are beautiful! They are way ahead of us. Our weather has been mild but we can still get snow!

William Kendall

The woodpecker shots are my favourites.


So nice of your daughter so send you reminders of Spring in Oregon. Loved your bird photos. Yes, it is getting warm on the Gulf Coast and nearing time for me to hibernate!

Penelope Puddlisms

It’s nice your daughter is reminding you of how pretty the season is at home. I’ve been hearing woodpeckers in my neck of the woods too. I admit they make me a bit nervous. They basically drill holes into trees and sometimes house sidings. But they sure are pretty … just like the flowers.


The Oregan spring flowers in your daughters garden are lovely such a shame that you miss seeing them by extending your Florida time. At least you skip hay fever season and get to see the return of the wood peckers as compensation. So bitter sweet to say good bye to your snowbird friends but what a treat those farewell dinners by the water side must be. Swings and roundabouts are what makes life grand!
Happy Mosaic Monday.


One of the nice things about you going north is missing the heat of the summer, but also that we get to see your photos of your travel and Oregon experiences. Love that osprey. They are so interesting. Once on a golf course one flew down from a tree next to the tee box, hit the water in the creek, and came up with a big fish which he took back to the tree and tore into with gusto.

But is was the photo of the bridge that brought back the most memories. We've driven that so many times over the years but probably won't ever again. Good times. May you enjoy May before you head north!

Su-sieee! Mac

The clouds in the sky look to be in a shape of heart. Something for the snowbirds saying adieu until the next year. The flowers in your Oregon home are gorgeous. Are those pink pompom poppies that I see? A few have popped out in our yard this year, too, from last year's first planting. I wasn't sure if that was going to happen. I like the little blue flowers, too. Forget-me-not's. Have a wonderful week, Sallie. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder

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