May 27, 2018



Oh how I wish I had a planner like that. It is role reversal in our house.


my husband is the trip planner as well. enjoy every moment and stop along the way!!

safe travels!!

Hildred Finch

Welcome to the West!!!!


I hope you are having a safe voyage to Oregon and all your side stops along the way, Sallie! Enjoy your summer!


Hi Sallie-
I got the goosebumps reading about planning a 60th anniversary cruise, 60 years ago. Wow!
Happy Travels to y'all dear.
Happy WE!
Peace :)


Hey, where you at?

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Hope nicer weather has found you! Have a great weekend!

handmade by amalia

I hope that you are having a wonderful time.

Linda in Virginia

Enjoy your trip!


That is a lovely posting with such good news of your trip, hope you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for your comments on my blog.


Am so happy for you, and this life you live!!


How wonderful you were on a cruise, and that’s a great photo of hubby leaning over the rail. We had one too but up north to Alaska. So you are on the road again? Glad I popped in to wish you happy travels. I will look forward to hearing all about it and I hope that rain stops for you.

Amy Franks

Hope you've had a good time even with your husband wanting to tiki tour around to extra places.


Coming back to find a great and safe man's back again.

He has a wide shoulder too.


Patrick Tillett

I enjoy following you (via blog) your journeys and adventures wherever they are!

Alan Bates

My wife would be amazed that your husband is a planner!!


Take care in your trip "home" west and I look forward to seeing the places the "navigator" choose to stop and explore


Sallie - hubbies that plan vacations are another thing we have in common! (Although, once I retired, I have taken a more active role in this, such as our trip to the UK and to the Banff area in Canada last year. So, I now have a much greater appreciation for the work involved, and the lingering worry that, for example, the chosen B&B will be worthy! Yes, they are worth their weight in gold!)

ellen b

Sallie, What a blessing to have a man with a plan by your side and for such a long time, too. Fabulous. Enjoy your journey to Oregon and how nice to look forward to some new spots along the way. I am very behind in visiting but happy for my feedly that lets me know what I've missed.


Here the planner is my husband too ! thanks to them !


Have a nice trip, Sallie ! I hope you encounter more sun in a few days ! Here it's raining, raining and always raining and the temperatures are very low.

Su-sieee! Mac

A sweet post about the Planner. 60 years of adventure planning, that's a good man. Have a safe and enjoyable trip back home. :-)

Hootin' anni

Love the first picture. Makes me wanna say..."penny for your thoughts"


Your planner is a good planner, indeed! I look forward to seeing new viewpoints at some point when your journey back to Oregon allows. Safe travel, Sallie, and enjoy.


Bon Voyage. Safe travels. Enjoy the journey.


Safe journey with lots of surprises on the way.

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

how nice to have a planner nearby :) Wish I had sometimes.

I hopr the rain stops or you can ask it to blow over to us. We need it!

Have a safe trip. :)


Safe travels and enjoy! Have fun!


Happy Trails! I look forward to your next adventures and LOVE getting visits/comments from you on my blog! It's soggy here too.

David Gascoigne

Have a safe journey home, Sallie. I will look forward to catching up when you are ensconced at home again.


Shame you had rain as you left. It was perhaps Florida's way of saying "adios" or "see you soon". Looking forward to seeing your road journey and your adventures.

Bob Bushell

Have a nice trip won't you.


So you will go on the road again ! Hope for you that the weather gets better to do some nice sightseeings on your way back !
Since a few days I don't get the comments in my email ! I don't know what to do, I have to go on my blog and see who has commented ! I was surprised that no one commented when I looked in my emails. Hope I can get that settled !But how !


Dearest Sallie; What sweet words; "I'm always happy to go along for the ride! (Or the cruise. Or the flight.)" I think "ride" also means for "LIFE together"♡♡♡ I LOVE the first picture of the Planner♪
In Japan, and we are going to have rainy season in a few days around my area; which is what we need. Have a Splendid Trip together. Great to hear "Alberto" is not a dangerous one.
Thank you so much and let me say I really appreciate your thoughtful comments.
Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan to my Dear friend, xoxo Miyako*


What a nice way to end the season. Have a safe trip home.


How nice to have all the planning and organizing done for you then all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it all! Thanks for sharing some more great photos.


Glad to hear you're not in any immediate danger and you're heading west anyway I suppose. I'd love a planner and he does look as if he's drawing out stops and mileage and directions and stuff in his head.

Penelope Postcards

All three shots are wistful and lovely in their way. Oh what a pleasure to have a planner in your life and for such a healthy period of time. Safe travels to you can your husband. Looking forward to future Oregon pictures now. :)

Linda Brown

Have a great trip traveling across the USA to your summer home!



William Kendall

Have a safe trip.

A ShutterBug Explores

You are blessed with Man the Planner ~ what a wonderful life you have!
Sweet and loving photos ~ Safe journey back to Oregon ~ xxx

Peaceful Memorial Day,
C & Z


Good luck on your cross-country explorations!


I thought you'd already gone on your way! Have a great trip, stay out of the weather. I don't think we'll get hit, either. In fact the sun's shining here this morning. I'll look forward to your safe arrival up north and more great photos!

Stewart M

All a man needs is a place to lean, a view and (in my case at least!) a beer!

Looks good.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


You are going to "migrate" again. :-)

Eileen Wise

Hello, I like the view of Panama. I hope Alberto does not change your plans. Safe travels to Oregon, enjoy the trip! Happy Memorial Day, have a great new week ahead.

Mary Howell Cromer

Now you are headed back to one of my favorite places and I wish you safe travels. Your Florida adventures are always so enjoyable as well...my husby was born there while I was from the West Coast and meeting up in KY ;)

Lady Fi

Safe travels and enjoy!

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