May 06, 2018


NatureFootstep PhotoArt

a nice place to spend a day birding :)

Patrick Tillett

Lots of great birds, and lots of great photos of them. Someday I'll get back down there. NOT during the summer though.

David Gascoigne

Such a great selection of water birds, Sallie, to really exemplify the fabulous range of species to be found in The Everglades and throughout south Florida’s other waterways. And you get to experience this every day! How lucky can you get?


A new quote from Sallie : "We are always grateful for sunshines between storms". I'll write it on my diary with others coming from the same person ! Thanks Sallie !

Michelle Banks

I never that day but you saw birds I have never seen.... Michelle


For sharing this special post with us birders this week at I'd Rather B Birdin', I thank you!


For sharing this special post with us birders this week at I'd Rather B Birdin', I thank you!


I envy you seeing all of these birds in one day! Great pics, Sallie!


I had a dream about spponbills the other night, lol.

Eileen Wise

Hello, I miss these wonderful Florida birds. The Spoonbill, Stork and Ibis are all beautiful. Love the egrets too. Awesome outing and photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. Happy Mother's Day!

Mary Howell Cromer

Whoosh, what an amazing day of birding and celebrating you all had. To see so many large birds all at once, had to be wonderful. The distant shots, as well as the closeup birds are fantastic. Did you see that we had 3 1/2' of rain for the Kentucky Derby? It was the worst weather for the running in 144 years. It did turn out nicely though. Happy Mother's Day~

Photo Cache

I want to go back and visit Everglades, but more thoroughly this time. So much good birding to be had there.

Worth a Thousand Words


What a day, doing what you love!!


I love seeing Egrets. I think they are such beautiful birds. Thanks for linking up today and have a GREAT weekend!


Went on a pontoon bird tour today and thought of you. Not only could I not ID anything but red winged blackbirds, but had no idea where all these alleged birds the guide was seeing were.

Peter B.

Wonderful variety of bird life in this area, and excellent photos. The spoonbill is one of the oddest looking birds I've seen!

Adam Jones

My favourite shot is the Black crowned night heron. Stunning.

Linda in Virginia

Thanks for sharing these awesome birds!

ellen b

You saw some real beauties! Sounds like the perfect way to spend Cinco de Mayo! Love that Black Crowned Night Heron! That spoonbill is so interesting. Hope you are having a good week.


That stork is pretty funny alright....

Betty Crow

You found some wonderful birds. I love the spoonbill.

Terri @Coloring Outside the Lines

All beauties! I am so glad for some sunshine also. I thought it was never going to stop raining here.


I agree with you about the storks - how can they perch at the top of such a tree? I suppose we have to remember that they don't weigh much .... A truly glorious collection of birds. And hurray for the spoonbill for standing out in the crowd!!!


Oh, wow - what a great photo of the Spoonbill! Those storks are amazing, too. None of them were delivering babies I guess? Looks like a wonderful area to spot birds.


Lovely post and I love the spoonbill. Cheers Diane

Kay L. Davies

The spoonbills always make me smile, and that stork on the tip top of the tree is simply awesome.
Thanks for sharing!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Such a delightful day. I am always amazed when those long-legged birds land in delicate tree tops.


What interesting birds, and so different from what we are used to. The Spoonbill was particularly unique!


The perfect way to celebrate! beautiful shorebird photos!

Liz Needle

Wonderful birding day. What a great place for a day of photography and bird watching. Love the shot of the stork.


Great spoonbill photo! I've never seen one of those before. The black-crowned night heron is pretty too.


More cool bird photos. I think I saw an egret somewhere on my little road trip, such a distinguished profile. I'm thinking of taking a boat tour of the Horicon Marsh for their Bird Fest this week and checking out all the usual marsh suspects. That spoonbill is just wild!


Your bird photos are wonderful! There are so many of these birds in your area. I wonder if the uncertain weather made the birds restless, too. Glad you enjoyed your day out birding, and the dinner afterwards.


sounds like the perfect day, you had great luck, all the way around!!

that would be a rare birding day for me, your sighting are rare and unusual for me!! i can't believe how many birds are together in one single tree, it really is amazing. if i see an egret or heron, i almost always see only one!!!

it's always nice to end an active day with a meal out, then when you get home, you can rest and not worry about cooking!!!

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Great photos!
Have a wonderful week!


Luv your bird photos, thanks for sharing. Happy Mosaic Monday.
Have a good week


A ShutterBug Explores

Love your photos of our feathered friends ~ weather continues to be erratic everywhere it would seem ~ enjoy ~

Happy Week ahead to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda Brown

This was very cool! Thank you

Taken For Granted

Fine bird photos. Really enjoyed seeing the Roseate Spoonbill. Some of those others migrate to our northern climates, but not the Spoonbills.


I can't keep them all straight, storks and cranes. They start to all look alike. I can't believe they can balance in the tops of trees like that!


Great collection of birds Sallie. I wish I could balance like that stork.

Hootin' anni

I can't believe that heavy wood stork perched on top of the tree canopy...amazing! Of course I enjoyed all your sightings you shared this time around Sallie!


Beautiful photos Sallie. Loved every one of them.


I love black crowned night herons -- one of my favorite birds. Sounds like a nice day. Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Monday!


Catch up with you later Sallie. I'm in Spain

William Kendall

Very different birds than what I'm used to, though it's possible that kind of heron also comes up this way.

Cathy Keller

Peace and quiet! A lovely post with some amazing photos! Thank you! Have a wonderful week!


Oh wow, you took great photos of all those gorgeous birds. That’s what I remember about Florida, the birdlife is stunning. Thank you for sharing these Sallie and have a great week.

Stewart M

Thats a lot of birds - Florida seems like it has a couple of seasons in one day - in Melbourne they say you can have four!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


I'd never heard of Global Big Day for Birding before today, it looks like you had some great sightings despite the showers. I think that the spoonbill is just fabulous!
Happy Mosaic Monday.
Don't forget MM is taking a 2 week vacation, hope to see you again at the end of the month.


All pictures are very nice ! so many birds to see !

Bob Bushell

Oh yes, I love those birds, too big to stand in the trees, ha ha ha.

Jesh StG

For rainy weather you and your hubby saw a lot of activity of the birds. Always fun to see the behavior and habits of a whole community of birds! Thanks you for sharing it with us at All Seasons, Sallie! Also my thanks for taking the time to email and answer my questions. You're the best:):) Have a great week!


HI Sallie you are in the perfect spot to have a birding big day! Lovely shots of all! Hope your weather settles down soon here it has finally calmed a bit..I did go birding and enjoyed a fun day out in nature!

Amy Franks

wow that spoonbill is huge and his beak equally as big!


So many beautiful big birds. They look funny balancing on top of trees. Great shots

Su-sieee! Mac

I thought that Wood Stork was walking in water, the perch his reflection covered by the tree. Such talent! I wonder if the Spoonbill is as friendly and full of humor as he looks. I hope Winnie & Thomas invited him to their wedding. Your rainy adventure has me wanting to walk in a warm rainfall. :-)
The View from the Top of the Ladder


Enjoyed seeing the birds as well as the Cypress trees in your post. Really like the photo of the roseate spoonbill, such a pretty bird!


Thanks for sharing these wonderful bird photos, Sallie. I especially like the wood storks, the roseate spoonbills, and the black crowned night heron! We are fortunate to have so many diverse and colorful species in Florida.


It sounds like a very enjoyable day- thanks for sharing! Great to see so many birds together like that - and your photos of individual birds are especially nice.

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