May 13, 2018


Jennifer Jilks

These are amazing! A food fight! tee hee

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

sure. zoom lenses is needed to capture birds :) For these images I can see you have some fine equipment :)
Nice captures! I rarely see eagles on the ground. At least not where I live.

Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

Amazing photos & terrific narration! You put us right there at the vultures crime scene. I never heard of apple snails 'til now.

I thank you for taking time to add your link to this post for us all at I'd Rather B Birdin'...much appreciated!

Margaret Birding For Pleasure

great to see adn photographs al that bird action. Have a wonderful weekend.


You were in the right place for the drama, Sallie!

Michelle Banks

Oh wow Sallie... great mother nature story in photos...Michelle

Lavender Dreamer

We see a lot of Limpkins here and they are eating fresh water clams. I wonder if they are finding the Apple Snails too. I'll have to try to look at some of my pics up close. Love seeing those Eagles..always so exciting to spot them! Enjoy your weekend!


The eagles and vultures look familiar, but no way we have a gator around here. - Margy

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, I love the Limpkins, it seems they have personality. Your eagle photos are awesome, great series. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. I appreciate your comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!


Sallie - just re-read your comment on my blog - not sure I am ready to give up my jelly bean background, even though my real jelly beans are long gone! Have a great weekend!


Wow what an amazing wildlife post. The series of photos and story are fascinating to me as we don't see those kind of birds.


Hi Sallie! Thanks for your comments today. Glad that you're doing well and I'm looking forward to your Oregon photos. Yes, that's my bike. I bought a Trek mountain bike about 12 years ago and now that we live where we do - paved trails - I decided to go to a hybrid again. It's very nice and lots of fun with all the latest gadgets. Also, it motivates me to ride more which I think was the reason my wife pushed me to purchase it! :)

Patrick Tillett

That was great Sallie! Not only good photos, the narrative totally matched.

William Kendall

The eagles are amazing!


These are amazing photos! There is such drama with all the birds -- and then an alligator just sitting in the sun. What a real-life show!

Linda in Virginia

Interesting post. I would love to get eagle pictures like these.


You captured these birds so well. We have an eagle living not too far from our farm. We see him now and again. Some black vultures have been cleaning up a spot of road kill and instead of seeing them yesterday, the eagle was having a snack. Totally surprised me. Thanks for linking up today.

Betty Crow

The eagles sure are magnificent birds. The vultures are creepy, as is that croc! Hope you are having a wonderful week.



Kay L. Davies

God bless Benjamin Franklin, a man with a discerning eye. However, I suspect the eagle was chosen for its majestic appearance rather than its choice of food.
Thanks for sharing.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


Wonderful nature drama! I loved it!


Like skins and shirts, eagles and vultures, like Jets and Sharks. And even a crocodile!


I have never seen a crocodile outside a zoo ! Just imagine to see one in our lake ! Fireman and police would arrive immediately !


It's so nice to see eagles thriving these days, Sallie. These looked very healthy. Their claws are so large and powerful-- I think that they could easily fight off a vulture or two, so those vultures took a chance!

I'm all sore from gardening today....lol We've had lots of blessed rain this week and the ground was nice and soft. Now I have to hope we don't get any hail! Weather in Colorado is always an adventure!


Did I tell you about the crazy cranes in my front yard? I think I might have, but I never figured out what they were up to.


Those are some spectacular photos of the eagles and the vultures fighting over food. National Geographic had an article a while back with a photo of eagles at a garbage dump foraging. It was kind of disconcerting at first to a guy like me who thought eagles were such noble hunters and then finding out that they are just opportunistic moochers.


You have the best bird encounters! Such a variety, too. That gator might have the right idea about eating - unfortunately, my tummy would be growling after a day!

ellen b

If only I was like that alligator I would be at my ideal weight! Love the shots of the Limpkins ...new to me...and of course the amazing eagles! Hope all is well on your side of the states!


Eek, gators freak me out no matter what kind of lens you're using, shudder. You captured one helluva moment, didn't you? Those vultures don't look as creepy as they usually do, shouldn't they have some red on top? We saw some turkey vultures on our tour last week for the BIrd Festival. That is hilarious about Benjamin Franklin, isn't it better to eat fresh meat too?
So, in a fight, don't you think two eagles could take say, four vultures?


protecting one's prey...very important out in the wild. your images are wonderful, you do see a lot of fabulous birds there in florida...these are from florida, right??? i get a little confused - your not in florida now, right??

anywho, the eagles are just amazing!! what a thrill to be able to see them so close!!

Eileen Wise

Hello Sallie, Wonderful captures of all the birds. I enjoyed watching the Limpkins when I was in Florida. I really remember their crazy sounds. Awesome Eagle sighting. Enjoy your day and new week. PS, thank for the comment on my blog.

David Gascoigne

Hi Sallie: It’s a great series of images, laden with birds, so you are obviously taking your elevation to Certified Bird Nerd status very seriously. This is all very commendable, of course. I was especially interested to see the feature on the Limpkin, and I confess to having forgotten that it feeds on apple snails. This is also the only food of the Snail Kite, once called the Everglades Kite, and I know that it has not done well in Florida in recent years, precisely because of a precipitous decline in the pomacea snail population. Do you know if it has made a recovery? There used to be a healthy population of Snail Kites on Lake Okechobee but the lake became so polluted with the runoff from sugar plantations that the snails died out and the Snail Kites went with them.

Cathy Keller

Oh my, but the eagles are just beautiful! Just takes your breath away! Have a grand week!


wow, that must have been exciting to watch! Great photos

Photo Cache

I believe all birds are beautiful, but vultures have faces that only their mother can love :)

Penelope Puddlisms

I agree … vultures definitely are underrated and are great trash collectors. Don’t know why but the food fight reminded me a bit of the goings on at the local buffet when the pickings are slim.

Terri @Coloring Outside the Lines

How neat to spy the two eagles on the ground..that, to me, is a rare find! Have a great week!

Su-sieee! Mac

I felt deja vu when I saw the photos of the vultures and eagles photos and read about interaction. I must have seen something like that and thought something similar. I've often wondered too why vultures get a bump rap. I don't know how many times I say look an eagle and been told that's a vulture. Hmmm, you've got me thinking, Sallie. Maybe my V letter will be for vulture.

JEN Garrett

Reminds me of Gary Larson's "There's a Hair in My Dirt" - a great illustration of how we tend to vilify some species and glorify others. But really, neither is good nor bad just a vital part of nature.

Dina Johnston

Great action shots! Most of the time birds are just sleeping.

A ShutterBug Explores

Fantastic nature shots ~ love the eagles!

Wishing you a Happy Week ahead,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Thank goodness for the zoom lens. Awesome sighting, especially with the action. Life is about survival.


So much live action. No doubt you need to keep one eye looking out for an alligator, just in case he hasn't eaten recently.


Great photos! I have never seen an eagle in real life. We have a lot of hawks around here, but no eagles. When she was about 4 or 5, my daughter saw a bunch of vultures perched on top of a tall church and said "Look mom, black eagles!" and they have been black eagles to us ever since. lol Vultures stink, but I do like to watch them gliding gracefully through the air.


Amazing pics! What a great spot for Birding. I am lucky to see two blue tits in my garden :).

Taken For Granted

Wonderful Eagle photos. If you see an Alligator they are not much of a threat. It is the ones you do not see that cause problems.

A ShutterBug Explores

Love nature captures of our regal feathered friends ~

Wishing you a happy week ~
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Look at all those eagles! Incredible! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

I enjoy seeing Eagles and Vultures, but you can keep your Alligators, thank you very much!
Have a wonderful week!


Great fun and photos. I do love eagles but they aren't birds I see often.


Lovely set of photos and the stories attached to them. Thanks for the visit, Africa has some amazing birds and very colourful as well. I miss them living in Europe now. Have a good week Diane

Bob Bushell

Beautiful creatures Sallie, and an Alligator.


What a wonderful and interesting report !


Very interesting "live action" and interesting observations and photos of the eagles and vultures. I definitely couldn't manage without my zoom lenses!!

Lady Fi

Wow - what an adventure with the eagles! Great shots.


Sallie - what a fruitful outing!! All that free entertainment. And you shared it with us, too. I've heard that thing about Benjamin Franklin, and I've never understood how such an intelligent man/inventor came to that conclusion about eagles; he must have had a reason. In any event, it doesn't affect how I feel about them! Enjoyed all the shots and the story! Happy Mother's Day and enjoy your week!

Amy Franks

I've never heard of Apple snails, how come they live in the water?

Jesh StG

Thank you for capturing for All Seasons what happened there on the lawn:) Yeah binoculars and strong lenses is a must to catch this little incident! It's true what you're saying - maybe it's the bald eagles head that they're symbolized as "majestic. For the rest they both look like big birds:)Didn't know that alligators didn't have to eat every day!
Enjoy some more explorations coming week!


Yikes! Let's hope the gator had just eaten something big and tasty ... don't him chasing after you ...even if you are far, far away...they can be pretty darn quick when they want to be...

Linda Brown

WOW! What an amazing thing you got to see. Well, many things, but that fight between eagles and vultures...WOW!

Happy Mother's Day, Sallie!


What great fun, Sallie! You brought a smile to my face. These birds are so interesting. I've not seen a fight between eagles and vultures before. I really like vultures - they do such good work for the world! Hope that all is well with you and that you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

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