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May 20, 2018



Oh, these seasons of travel and life seem to go quicker these days. Wow. That owl is quite stately, Sallie, and I have enjoyed all of these photos.


Thanks for your sumptuous share of photos Sallie. Have a nice week

much love...

Lavender Dreamer

I love owls and it's fun to see them when you can. I still haven't seen one in the wild...but one of these days! Neat to see your hubby and his brother. They DO look just alike in this pic. We've had a good Spring and the rain has been needed but it's always hard to start preparing for more 'inside' projects. I'd rather be outside! lol Hugs!


Sallie, thanks for sharing your awesome photos. Have a safe trip back to Oregon. Happy Summer!


So pleased that we got to see these happy memory photos of your 2018 Florida staycation, Sallie, happy days that will be waiting for you again next year. Perhaps your in laws will decide to make the semi annual move to Florida too after seeing all that the Sunshine State has to offer. I know that I'd be there like a shot if obstacles such as visas/finances/pets could be overcome!
Safe travels back to the NW, are you cruising back or driving?
Happy Mosaic Monday.


Lovely photos Sallie....wishing you a safe and happy journey back to Oregon!


That is a handsome lizard.

Things that are common at one place may not be that common at another one. That's why we can always have a new to-see-list whenever we go traveling.


Anni @ I'd Rather B Birdin'

...and Alberto is heading your way?!

Terrific photo collages Sallie!

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

Love the Frigate birds.I have seen them a few times on my trips. Would love to see one up close. :)Your season is to early with rain. Ours is already summer and hot but it should be spring and a bit chilly. Crazy!

handmade by amalia

What fun to look back on all your adventures, Sallie, they all look like good times. I wish we had some summer rain, we never do, and precious little this winter either. Big sigh.

Eileen Wise

Hello, Sallie! I always loved the Frigatebird, they are cool to watch in flight. I love the lizard, very cool. The Owl is a beauty!The beach looks too crowded. You do have the best of both world time in Florida and then in Oregon. Both are beautiful states. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks also for your visits and comment. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Sharon Wagner

All good things come to an end. I bet it is getting pretty hot in Florida. Safe travels when you leave! I enjoyed your end of season shots.


What a great roundup of your time in Florida in photos and journal-like entries. You will be able to look back on this post and relive your enjoyable times there. I'm glad you enjoyed your winter in the sun!

ellen b

It's always a surprise how fast your seasons go in your two homes! It's nice that you can make the most of both places you live in this big country of ours! Love the owl. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Is it already time to go back to Oregon? It seems like you just got to FL. Time seems to pass more quickly nowadays. It looks like you’ve had a full winter of fun with friends and family. I always enjoy the FL photos.

Peter B.

It's fun to go back and share photos that somehow didn't get shared previously. Cools shots of the owl and the lizard!


That is quite an owl! They are my favorite birds. Thanks for linking up today and have a great holiday weekend.


I think the owl prefers to be overshadowed. I wish I could sleep like that!

Judy Biggerstaff

Love those colorful umbrella tops and that red shirt. Have a safe journey back to Oregon.

Linda in Virginia

Nice shots! Looks like you enjoyed yourself.

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Great photos! YOu heading up North!

Michelle Banks

Wonderful post Sallie...It is just so beautiful there and I know how much I appreciate the sun that we have had even with the colder temperatures...Michelle


I remember watching the Frigate Birds along the Caribbean, they are huge. I always enjoy your birdwatching activities. Safe journey to your other home.

Betty Crow

I like the owl. He's pretty impressive even though he doesn't have bright feathers. Happy Wednesday!


I love that lizard with localized colors!


i will miss it here, you see a lot of wonderful birds and wildlife in florida, but i suppose it is time to ship out, it must be getting hot there! i think it would be hard to maintain 2 homes.....

your image of the sparrow is especially beautiful as is the lizard. he is an odd looking guy to me!!


A very nice recap of your time in Florida this spring, Sallie. It looks like your bit of paradise! I'm sure you enjoy the warm weather there this time of the year and all the wildlife you see daily--you take amazing photos of them all! I hope this summer does not bring hurricanes to the east. Are driving back to Oregon soon? Safe travels when you do.


Wonderful shots of your time in Florida! Loved the owl and that cool lizard. Neat boat too.


Lots of nice birds here - I especially like the "leftover" owl.


That poor sparrow looks as if its in maximum security prison. I want to be a boat person, whine. That's amazing those hurricanes took place last year and people are still cleaning up, you are lucky your boats and house were okay. That lizard is pretty, not something you would normally say about lizards. I hope you have a safe yet fun trip home.


lovely photos, beautifully coloured lizard


Beautiful images. I do love owls and am glad to see this specimen. It's sad to see the beached and damaged boats. The west coast is looking lovely these days and I'm sure you're anticipating the change to cooler weather.

Kay L. Davies

I love owls and sparrows, and I couldn't have imagined a lizard like that if I tried!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


That lifestyle sure looks good Sallie.So glad to hear that you emerged unscathed from the hurricanes although it's clear from that picture someone lost a really nice boat there. I remember those frigatebirds from our trip to Mexico when they put on amazing shows chasing the gulls up and down the beach. I remember I was busy trying to examine the Laughing Gulls, and I think Franklin's Gulls, when the frigates would come and frighten all the birds off the beach.


Lovely series of photos!

William Kendall

The owl particularly stands out to me.


Thanks so much for your visit and comment, much appreciated.
Love this post and some great photos, I especially like the lizard. We were in Nevis last November/December, and although Nevis and St Kitts got off pretty lightly from the terrible hurricanes, I have a friend who was in the BVI for the worst of the storms and he tells me it is total devastation. Luckily his house which is well built survived all but one broken window.
Have a good day Diane


The owl is so gorgeous!
You had an interesting time in Florida with all these outdoor activities!
I'm relieved you escaped the hurricane!

Stewart M

Thats a great owl! It has been a while since I have seen an owl - maybe I should go out more at night!!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


That's a lovely series of shots. Nice to go back over the season and remember all the different things you have seen and done.

Lady Fi

Wonderful shots! That owl is delightful!

Photo Cache

That beach looks supercrowded.

Worth a Thousand Words


Lovely re-cap, Sallie. As you know, I like doing these sorts of posts because it's a great way to celebrate the memories all over again! I suppose it's bittersweet for you, knowing your Florida phase is ending … but Oregon is right around the corner! Loved the umbrella shot!

Su-sieee! Mac

So many neat photos, Sallie. Among my favorites are the umbrellas, the owl, that red-headed lizard, and the bird on the barbed wire. Bird on the Barbed Wire would make a good title for something. Maybe a song, which starts with a flutter of wings, a chirp, chirp, a TWERP (for Ouch! because the bird got to close to the barb), another flutter, another chirp, chirp, TWERP. Couldn't resist. Have a great week. :-)


Soon I'll be reading west coast stories. Both are great. - Margy


What a delightful post. Sounds like a great time and you captured the beautiful places so well with your photography. I thought about you when I was in Key West. I wondered if you were still in FL although I know your winter home in FL isn't in the Keys but still I wondered if we were actually in the same state perhaps photographing some of the same birds since they do move around. I wish I could fly under my own steam without requiring an airplane. Although birds don't have an easy life it's easy to romanticize for me.

David Gascoigne

I know that you had a great time when pictures of Magnificent Frigatebird and Great Horned Owl took second fiddle! Lots of memories to take home to Oregon.

Linda Brown

I'm so glad your boat and home were not damaged in that hurricane.

Soon you will be in your lovely garden apartment in that beautiful town on the other side of the USA

Jennifer Jilks

I loved all these. happy trails, changing your space.I am so happy here, I'm not a good traveler!

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely series of photos ~ my favorite is the owl!

Happy Day to you,
C & Z

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

A great selection of photos! I enjoyed seeing them!


Great photos! I especially like the owl. They are hard to find and harder to photograph during the day. What kind of lens did you use to take your close up photos?

We had friends who went to South Texas every year. Like you, they started with a fifth wheel and then bought a home, I think theirs was a double wide, in a senior commnunity. They spent the last week or two getting it ready to shut up for months. Worth it though, they sure loved going there. I hope your projects aren't too involved.

Jesh StG

Those capsized boats are a heart-wrenching sight -feel for the owners! Oh you saw an owl - I have yet to see one:) Do you ever have that you are back in Oregon and wished you could hop over to FL for a day or so, and visa versa? The beach here, while living on the mountain, I miss! So, thank you for sharing these activities and save me some shells, Sally:)
Also, thank you for your comment about my grandson (I have only two, versus five grand daughters!)

Bob Bushell

Absolutely stunning pictures. I love the birds and the Lizard.

Penelope Puddlisms

What an awesome shot … the sea of umbrellas look like flowers in the rain. Parts of Florida have indeed been through a lot and it was a bit sad to see a vessel tipped over and not taken care of in the water. Resiliency, recovery and courage are all I can think of in these times. Now I’m looking forward to your Oregon pictures.


Ohhh nice Frigate bird!! I can't believe it's time to move already...you guys had a great winter & Spring season!


What a full wrap up and the season goes so fast. Love the umbrellas, birds, boats and color. You live such a rich life it seems!


Magnificent wildlife images. The season just seems to fly by, just like the birds.

Mersad Donko Photography


Time flies!, It seems like you just got there!! Oh well, time for new adventures.
Hope you have a wonderful week.


What a nice description of you stay in Florida. Thunderstorms are not so nice, probably it's time for you to move (like the birds) I love owls they have such funny faces !


Great records of a wonderful season! I love the Owl, especially.
Have a happy trip back NW.

Amy Franks

There's something special and mysterious about owls, we don't have them here but we do have moreporks.

Alan Bates

I would say you had a successful season. As you are heading on your diagonal trip to your summer home we will be heading down to the Alabama for our summer vacation.


It looks like a beautiful part of the world to enjoy and share with friends and family.I'm glad you showed those bird pics - especially the frigatebird - which we see out here too. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful post. Can't wait to see what lies ahead for you in your adventures.


What a superb post, Sallie. Love all the bird photos, especially that owl! And all the photos of you with your friends enjoying the Florida lifestyle. In that third grouping, of you and your hubby and another couple...I swear I've seen that woman before. But I often think that of people so maybe not. She sure looks familiar, though.

Thanks for your kind comments, and I agree with both of your observations!

Enjoy every day because those go by so fast. I'm finding I can't do a lot of the things I used to do and that really makes me frustrated. BTW, you would love Mt. Dora! It's really a wonderful little town and has tons of shops which I'm sure are your kind of shops!

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