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June 24, 2018



Loved all of these shots, Sallie. I had to giggle a bit about drinking more at higher altitudes. The girls love to tell the story of their mom (me) getting a bit tipsy after two sips of a beer in CO. :)


Dearest Sallie; I LOVE all the sweet pictures with collage here♡♡♡ What a relief you could stay healthy with even at the place of high altitude; wonderful collage you two in the middle congratulating♪ I wondered if it would be you taking picture at the "high attitude thirst aid center" p;-)
The colorful picture of Crested Butte and sweet faces gave me smile as well♫♫♫
Happy for your wonderful trip, Dear Friend; Love and Hugs, Miyako*

NatureFootstep PhotoArt

I call that a great trip. With many good things. Both places and people. :)


Looks like a great trip! The buildings in Crested Butte are beautiful and I love your photo of the red winged blackbird

rupam { xhobdo }

Beautiful pics.


We've taken our little plane into Eugene for some sports events at the University of Oregon. Unfortunately we couldn't this year due to weather. It's a much longer trip by car from Bellingham. - Margy

JM Illinois

Family is BEST. Lovely sky shot.


Crested Butte is so colorful. Definitely best to stick with lots of water at high altitude. Sounds like a great journey to your Oregon home.

Eileen Wise

Hello, great photos Sallie. I love the pretty sky shots. Love the mosaic of you and your family. The red-wing blackbird is pretty, and is a sign of summer to me. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!


Wow that was a big trip home but lovely to catch up with family.Great shots.


I wonder if you feel more like you're going home at this or the Fort Meyers airport?


That sounds like a wonderful trip home. I would love to visit Crested Butte now. The views must have been spectacular.

Photo Cache

I wish I have the same retirement life as you do - traveling to your heart's content :)

Worth a Thousand Words


Looks like a great trip with some fantastic views! Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

Peter B.

Sounds like a great cross-country roadtrip, and you captured some wonderful memories. LOL at the high altitude "thirst aid" center! Thanks for sharing!!

Amy Franks

I'm loving those colourful buildings and flowers - good to see some happy faces too.


Wow you did see a lot again ! We have crossed these States long time ago, Colorado is beautiful !

Linda in Virginia

Looks like a great trip!


i laughed so hard at the comment that you 2 youngin's were congratulating each other for staying alive!!

your view from the plane is gorgeous...as well as that red winged blackbird, thats a great picture!!

welcome home!!!


Welcome back home to Oregon, Sallie! I'm glad you had time to visit with family along the way. I have yet to visit Crested Butte, but it is definitely on my list.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Gosh what a trip. Always good to be home. Colorado looks wonderful

FIndlay Wilde

That blackbird is just stunning


That was a busy trip home for you!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great name for it.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, What a wonderful trip with great family time. I loved the bright colored houses. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

Linda Brown

You were just 2 1/2 hours from us when you were in Crested Butte. Not far, but way too far.

Good photos!


Hi Sallie! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your way too kind comments! We seem to have a lot in common. Our eldest daughter lives in Cotopaxi, Colorado (well, at 9,000 ft) and we've been to Leadville where we took the train ride with our late Golden Retriever. What a fun place that was. Also, I lived in Duluth when I was a kid. My mother comes from Cook, Minnesota, which is north of Virginia. We moved to LA from Duluth in the middle of the winter. Can you imagine the shock. I could not even believe a place like Los Angeles existed. Take good care and have lots of fun. I"m doing fine, just needed to get away from the carn computer and do other things for awhile. :)

Betty Crow

Looks like a wonderful trip! Lots of critters. Love the butterfly shots!


In your absence, I guessed you were on migration. Now I like that – Thirst Aid Centre.

In such a large country I imagine it can be fairly easy to end up many miles from your immediate family. Our own family of 3+3 kids and spouse plus 5 grandchildren are all within 10 miles of us, a situation which has many blessings (I think).

Your comment was the first to reach me for some time via Blogger after the recent problems. Thanks Sallie, I think you brought some good luck today

betty - NZ

You sure know how to enjoy life! Those are awesome colorful buildings and the scenes from the plane are very scenic.

Bob Bushell

My favourite word, beautiful.Thanks Sallie.


I would love to visit a hiking place like that. Trails draw me wherever they are. This one you show looks extra good.


It looks like a good trip. Always good to see high-elevation shots from my part of the world (our house is at 7,100 feet)!


Welcome home! I love the picture of you and hubby congratulating yourselves on surviving the altitude. It is a big change for folks coming from sea level!!! If you hadn't told me those colorful pictures were Crested Butte, I would have guessed a sea-side town. Glad your trip was uneventful, and look forward to more northwestern photos as your summer progresses. By the way, I may not be commenting as often for the next few weeks since I will have my in-laws visiting from the UK. We are going to have a great time!


WOW those houses and flowers really pop! Almost make me want to live there. The thirst center looks good too, but I don't even know what a Manhattan is...or a martini!

Kay L. Davies

I agree, it is wonderful to reunite with our nearest and dearest (or dearest and nearest) as you have done, and so have we. It's been a busy month, but we'll never regret it.
Thank you for sharing.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

A ShutterBug Explores

Lovely visit with family ~ loving and creative photos!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Hootin' anni

Crested Butte used to be one of my 'hang-outs' when I lived in Colorado!


I can feel that you had a wonderful trip by seeing your pictures. Amazing view from the windows of the plane:)

David Gascoigne

Welcome home Sallie. I will be looking forward to lots of stories from Oregon where you will no doubt be having grand adventures - different from Florida jaunts, but grand nonetheless.


Welcome home! Thanks for this report about your journey!
Never saw a red-winged blackbird before!


Some great shots here and fun to see parts of the world I am not likely to see in real life. Thanks.Have a good week Diane

Penelope Postcards

The scene out the window is grand but my favorite thing about being on a plane is when it safely lands on the ground. Sounds like you had a great trip back. Now you’re closer to my neck of the woods, I’m looking forward to Oregon pictures in the following weeks. :)


So lovely and very nice photos! Thanks for sharing!


It all looks like a great cross-country trip and especially nice to have family and friends waiting to welcome you at all the major stops. I look forward to seeing more of your photos from at home in Oregon.

Lady Fi

Crested Butte looks lovely! What a great trip.

riitta k

What a great trip you had! Plenty of pleasant memories to remeber at home. Your photos are beautiful. Have a good start to the coming July.


Glad you're back in blogland! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! High altitudes - always have to remind myself, walk slow and breathe deeply! Wow, I've never been this high - you can be proud:) Many thanks for sharing these beautiful views with All Seasons - have a wonderful week end enjoy getting settled!


Sounds like a great trip and beautiful sights. Love Crested Butte. We've vacationed there many summers.

Hildred Finch

Welcome back to God's country, Sallie, - but it appears that you have been traveling through it all the way!!!


LOVE seeing the trip! And Crested Butte is beautiful! Glad you are home again.

Su-sieee! Mac

Hey Sallie! Good to see you back online! Your Manhattan Bar photo with the reflection of the mountains is a winner, if I was judging a contest. :-) That's also a great capture of the Siblings. They look so cute together. I can imagine them as children. Cheers to you and your guy!

Life Images by Jill

Looks like you enjoyed the trip - made even more enjoyable by travelling with friends. Happy travels!

Cherop Joy

Lovely! I don't think I've ever been up at that high elevation. I'd definitely need a lot of refreshment. I'm glad you had a great time with family and friends.


I'm glad you're back "home" Sallie. Love that photo of the four siblings all looking in different directions!

We used to live at 9500 feet and it took awhile to adjust. Drinking lots of water was a must. I mostly stick with water and tea rather than other beverages although I enjoy a glass of wine now and then.

Sounds like you had a good trip crossing your big country.


I always enjoy your travels diagonally across the country, with a little zig zag here. I find it just best not to drink when I get to very elevations. I used to feel so superior to lowlanders back when I was a forest ranger's kid. Now I am one.

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


At what elevation do the mosquitoes stop feasting?


Glad you're "home" safe and sound. Loved your photos today. Sunset was gorgeous. Family and friends always means a good time. Take care this summer and take lots of photos.


For some reason I thought you were driving but why not fly if you can. That town sure is colorful, I bet it attracts tourists like hummingbirds to sugar water, I'd be in the hanging out on the porch except to take photos then in search of a place to swim group. I bet you miss RVing, you certainly have a lot of memories and it's great you get to see those places again from a different angle.


Welcome home! Sounds and looks like you have a great time your family and friends. Fun images! Have a great week.


Thanks for sharing. Happy Mosaic Monday



A great trip back by the looks of your photos everyone looks happy! Hope your Oregon weather is good ours is currently in the steamy category!

ellen b

Welcome back to your west coast home, Sallie. Glad you had a good time with friends and family on the journey home. Do you usually drive instead of fly? Fun photos! Crested Butte looks like a charming place to stroll. Hope your transition to the west goes well.


Welcome home to Oregon and MM, we missed you. Your trip around the US sounds like so much fun and keeping in touch with siblings is a wonderful thing. See you next week!

Lavender Dreamer

Well THERE you are! So glad to hear from you and know you made the trip safely. Love the hiking photos and of course the family pic. How nice for all siblings to be together. That gets harder as the years go by. Enjoy your beautiful weather! It hasn't been too bad here this month...hot but enough rain showers to keep things nice. Lots of hugs, Diane

Eileen Wise

Hello, welcome home! Looks like you had some fun stops along the way. I like the selfie shot, you can see the mountains in the background. The last sunset shot is beautiful. Enjoy your summer! Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

Forest Dream Weaver

Lovely to see your post Sallie! Beautiful colours in the first photo. The mountain scenery looks spectacular. Have a great week! Ruby

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

You have certainly been busy! The Red-winged Blackbird is lovely.


Welcome home, Sallie ! Happy to know you meet your Minnesota and Colorado's families and you had great times with them. Now a little rest and a wonderful summer !


Glad to hear you are back home! What a lovely trip and fascinating pics., as always. Enjoy your summer. We are beginning a short, stifling heatwave....


Welcome home! So glad you had a great trip and I enjoyed each and every photo. Missed you greatly! :)

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