July 01, 2018


Patrick Tillett

Great post Sallie! Beautiful photos and great information.

David Gascoigne

I know people who used to live in Colorado, lived there for many years in fact, and when they retired they moved to South Carolina. Having visited both states, it always seems like a dumb decision to me. They lived in Boulder which seemed like a wonderfully attractive intellectual community. Perhaps the snow scared them away.

Michelle Banks

Welcome home and to a really beautiful area of the country Sallie..... hugs..Michelle




Wow! Really interesting about the aspens. I can only imagine the autumn and the aspen glow.
The wildflowers are beautiful.


Wow that's a lot of comments, hehe, took me time to scroll down. Those are wonderful photos, everything posted up, but i am thankful for the information about the aspen. I didn't know that. At least we don't have them, i am permitted not knowing that. lol.

Peter B.

Beautiful photos! That's interesting about the clonal colonies.I had no idea Aspen groves grew that way!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Wonderful shots.


Your photos of the aspens are my favorites. They are such beautiful trees! The wildflowers are cheerful, too. Hope you settle in happily at your Oregon home.


Thank you Sallie for these beautiful shots. I saw, a few time ago a report about the Rio Grande and the lack of water this year. They explained that it was linked with the lack of snow in the Colorado.
I like too the aspen's colony. Your shot looks like an impressionist painting.

Linda in Virginia

Beautiful images! There is something poetic about those trees.

betty - NZ

I sure can imagine the gorgeous trees in autumn! Your photos are fabulous, as always!


Thanks for these photos, Sallie! I'm going to Crested Butte with girlfriends July 16-20 to hike and take photos of the wildflowers. Last year, we even had a bear visit our deck. We heard that Crested Butte has the oldest aspen groves in the state. It's certainly majestic to hike through them. One of my chores on our property in Breckenridge is trimming the suckers that come off our aspens so they don't invade parts of my garden and yard where they aren't welcome. Many of our aspens on our property and in the forests of Summit County have been damaged by moose gnawing their bark. Glad you're safely home in the PNW.


Yes, I have learned these facts about aspens since moving to Montana. We have picked up some tips from our landscaper about how to transplant young aspen in the fall - wish us luck! The flowers are spectacular … nothing warms my heart like a meadow full of wildflowers!!! Happy Fourth of July!

Amy Franks

Looks like lovely scenery, can't wait to see more mountains once we move north.

Kay L. Davies

Fascinating story of the aspen and how they grow. I think I knew that once upon a time, long long ago, so it is lovely to be reminded that things aren't always what they seem.
Beautiful photos of them!
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel


it may be the only picture you have taken...but it was a really good one, one worth taking. the flowers are so beautiful, the colors so vibrant!!

the *colony* is gorgeous, i really like the perspective in many of the images. an interesting narrative, i learn something new every day!!

aren't those wildflowers amazing? growing free, abundant...the only assistance they receive is from mother nature. they thrive on their own without any help from us, it is so wonderful and your images of them are especially beautiful!!!

thanks for the email - it worked - and i am very happy!!

Kelleyn Rothaermel

Absolutely stunning! Have a great week!


I've never really explored Colorado but I've wanted to for decades. Gorgeous mountains, fascinating facts about aspens and beautiful flowers - everything I could possible want in a post.


Beautiful mountains and flowers and very interesting about the aspen colony

Life Images by Jill

I enjoyed your photos of Colorado. I can understand not having hardly picked up a camera since. We had a month in Europe in May during which I took thousands of photos, and hardly a photo since. I am sure you will get back into the routine of life soon. It's always difficult after a holiday. Have a great week and thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

riitta k

Your collage of Colorado mountains is beautiful - breathtaking views!


That lack of snow in the Rockies doesn't bode well for the SW. I am missing those big Aspen families and hope to see their golden fall colors again. Thanks for the fix.

Su-sieee! Mac

I didn't know that about aspens. That makes them even more wondrous and wonderful. I love the sound the wind makes among the aspens. I'm imagining the sound now, which transforms me to the wilderness. Ahhhh. I love the brightness of your farmer's market bouquet and the Colorado meadows. Cheers, Sallie!

William Kendall

Beautiful landscapes!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful floral and mountain shots!

Happy Day to You,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Very pretty photos of my state! We sometimes think of aspen trees as a weed. Plant one and a couple of years later the shoots are coming up everywhere!

Hootin' anni

There is nothing on earth that compares to an aspen grove with the reds, golds, yellows, and oranges all mixed in among the pine in Autumn!! Delicious.


A festival of wild flowers. How I would love to see that.

Sharon Wagner

Thanks for supporting my very first link-up! I hope you'll have lots of beautiful travel photos to share from your road trips. (even if you aren't traveling as much as before) I'm planning to post it on Mondays. It's up now.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Colorado looks beautiful! Glad you had a good time.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Stewart M

Aspens from Colorado - that seems appropriate!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


Lo y pics Nd mosaic Sallie. Have a wonderful week



Dearest Sallie; Your pictures always made me wish to visit America and Colorado; Green of The aspen grove/colony. Beautiful Flowers at Crested Butte, I wish I had this kind of nature close to my place; with fresh air surrounded with green, you will have health and longevity♧♧♧
Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week, Love and Hugs, Miyako*

Bob Bushell

The mountains are beautiful and trees are wonderful, great photos.

Little Wandering Wren

Love your colony of trees (can I say that haha?!) I am taking such a deep breath of all that beautiful countryside and fresh air. I really hope I can get to visit Colorado sometime soon.
Wren x

Cherop Joy

Magnificent scenery. I love the fresh flowers too.


Lady Fi

Those aspens are lovely! They must look spectacular during autumn.

Penelope Postcards

Forget the suitcases ... nice to see you take time to enjoy the flowers! Amazing how a single root can grandfather such a huge colony. My guess is that if my yard were left on its own without being clipped and groomed constantly it would look somewhat the same. :)


I have this grove in my book of places to go, Amazing! I read the same info, the largest living organism or Earth! And if you have a 4 wheel drive you can come to the old Chrystal Mine that I tried to go to from Marble, it is one hellofa road!! It used to be much easier, but the heavy use has made it almost impassable, only the huge monster ATV 4 wheelers can make it over.


The aspen grove/colony is beautiful, as well as fascinating. I had no idea about its clonal properties. What an amazing world we live in. Colorado is full of stunning scenery.
Flowers make a place feel like home, I think. Enjoy the Oregon summer.


Oh, Sallie, I love all your photos! We have yet to venture up to Crested Butte, but I want to go in both summer to see the wildflowers, and autumn to go over Kebler Pass and see that giant living organism of the tree in its autumnal glory! My oldest grandson (age 9) was telling me this weekend how aspen trees are often just one tree with a root system that grows under the ground. Have a happy summer in Oregon!

Lavender Dreamer

It's such a blessing to be able to travel but it sure is tiring! Nice when you have time to sit down with your photos and work on posts. CO is one of the most beautiful states in our country and I know you had fun! My report on FL...it's HOT! heehee! Hugs!


Beautiful pics, as always. I did not know about the aspens either! The mountain scenes are srunning

Forest Dream Weaver

Stunning scenery ..... and lovely photos and info about the aspens. We are only beginning to know how trees relate to each other and the land. Happy Monday Sallie! - Ruby

Eileen Wise

Hello, pretty flowers. I love the views of Colorado mountains and the pretty aspens. Gorgeous wildflowers. Enjoy your day and week ahead. Happy 4th of July!


Fascinating to learn about the Aspens. Thank you Sallie, fabulous photos!


Colorado sure is a beautiful state, That is an amazing fact about the aspen tree.


Beautiful flowers and the Colorado scenery is magnificent. Very interesting about the aspens. The lack of a proper snow pack is worrying. I hope it is not a sign of water shortages in the next season.


Yes, beautiful Colorado. I miss visiting Colorado in the summer. Thanks for sharing your photos. It makes me feel as if I had a little CO getaway!


Well that makes two of us because I learned something new today too as I'd never heard of a clonal colony before! Things things we learn on MM!!
Beautiful wild flowers what a lovely mosaic they make.
Have a wonderful week.


Oh wow, Sally a wildflower festival? Am envious! Hope you are catching up on your sleep now! Oregon is so pretty (I have heard that more) - enjoy your time in cooler weather than Florida, and of course enjoy your family too! Am enjoying your presence at All Seasons- Have a beautiful week!

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